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    I love lifting and wrestling. I'm an older fellow, so I just like to talk to guys about lifting, wrestling, or other geeky stuff like comics, etc. It would be really cool if I found a wrestling or lifting buddy. I'm also into MACRO.
  • What are your stats?
    Six feet, 260 pounds. 18" arms, 36" waist. The pic in my profile is from a year ago. I was about 10 pounds lighter and didn't have my fourth tattoo.
  • What are you seeking?
    A workout buddy would be ideal, but I know that won't happen. It would be cool if I made some friends online and in person. A wrestling buddy would be nice as well.
  • What are your dream stats?
    Ten Feet tall and JACKED!
  • Favorite Stories
    Well. I like a lot of the ones by London Boy. As long as they are age appropriate.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Dorian Yates. But I like these guys as well: Mike Miller, Branson Lilly, Vincent Urbank, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, Kevin Nee, Terry Hall, Mark Felix, Brock Lesnar, Zeb Atlas, Ginger Muscle Bear, Bobby Lashley, Eddie Hall, Naser El Sonbaty [RIP], Mike Mentzer [RIP], Brian Shaw, Travis Ortmayer, Nick Best, Dominic Filiou, Mark Henry, Paul Wight, Ezekiel Jackson Bobby Lashley, Shawn Hernandez, Matt Morgan, Bully Ray, Ryback, Sheamus, Brian Schoonvel, Louis-Philippe Jean, Jack McIntosh, Tobias Ide, Marshall White, Brandon Morrison, and Derek Poundstone--the entire WSM roster--BIG boys! Yes.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Wrestling, macrophilia.

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