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    fantasy profile.
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    6'2, 260lbs (muscle and fat but i wanna slim down)
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    People to have a good time with and RP some good growth.
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    6'2, 220lbs
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    Chesty series
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Calum Von Moger
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    muscle growth, muscle inflation, nipples (big ones, sensitive ones, etc), sucking on nipples, massive pecs, just lots of pecs, daddy/son, coach/jock, clothes ripping, werewolves, big hairy alpha beasts, nuzzling, werebears, romance, tenderness, cuddling, muscle worship, muscle milk, male lactation, gentle muscle men, romantic love and marriage, sex

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  1. Hey, waiting for a response, man!

  2. hi beasts! this guy just got a tumblr! feel free to follow me there for hot pics <3


  3. damn...that avatar!  talk about pectacular!  I could watch it all day...wanna feel that.

    1. MuscleStrengthFreak


      let's roleplay! Skype or in chat room, bud.

    2. MuscleRoleplay


      add me on skype! my username is my name on here ;)

    3. MuscleStrengthFreak
  4. Phenomenal Avatar Gif! Where did you find it? Perfect Pecs!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MuscleRoleplay


      We should RP sometime! :)

    3. cutlerfan


      Sounds good! I like a variety of things in RP.

    4. MuscleRoleplay


      hit me up on skype! live:muscleroleplay

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