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  1. Kolbold

    Cd Muscle Growth

    There are a couple along the same lines: Hypno Huge, and Hypno Huge 2. Check them out in the old archives pre-2007.
  2. Kolbold

    Looking for a Story

    Guys, Looking for an old story about a guy who becomes infected via bodily fluid contact by a beast and becomes one himself. The story is set in an apocalyptic setting. The guy is a scavenger and holes up in an abandoned/wrecked building. I thought the title was "The Afflicted" or the "The Infected", but no such luck finding. One notation had commented that it would make a great movie. A little help here? Thanks much! Kolbold
  3. Kolbold

    Story about alien abduction

    You'll find the story in metabods.com--"The New Job". Enjoy!
  4. Kolbold

    A Strange Occurrence at Fort Morgan

    Most definitely! Would like to find out more? May be immobility?

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