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  1. celibonk89

    The Merger

    Hot. Sexy. And straight to the point. Excellent job
  2. celibonk89

    The Kid

    Well I can’t argue with that 😊
  3. celibonk89

    The Kid

    Awesome read! Really got the juices flowing. Great job!!!
  4. celibonk89

    A Fine Bromance

    Wow really liked this one! Excellent work big guy!
  5. celibonk89

    Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    I had a few close calls a hand full of times at the gym - all while working abs. I’d get a sensation in my lower abs and crotch, like a tingling of getting hard but not actually getting hard. Two times the sensation got so intense I had to cut my workout short to go home and resolve the issue. After a while, Google showed me that it’s a “coregasm” which usually happens to women but is an unexplained event that causes exhale stimulation through core workouts
  6. celibonk89

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Wowza those gains are great to see
  7. celibonk89

    Becoming A God - A Fight for the Power

    Very nice, really liked the build up and world building in the beginning
  8. celibonk89

    Summer Vacation (Parts 1-5) Now With a CONCLUSION

    Absolutely loved this read! Really steamy and I could really paint the picture. The vegimite thing was a cute surprise and now makes me want try it lol