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  1. Hi Everyone, I've been having a lot of pain in my forearms when working out but since I don't have health insurance at the moment, I haven't gotten it checked out (I'll get it checked out with my next paycheck don't worry). The pain, located in the center of my forearm and NOT in the elbow or wrist, is a throbbing, sometimes burning sensation that can last for a few hours. It flares up immediately AFTER setting a weight down (no pain during the exercise) and also whenever I rest my arm on something. I can't tell if the pain is in the bone, muscles, or tendons. One weird thing about it is that I can hit the bone as hard as I want and there's no pain, but if I even just lightly put some pressure on my forearm it hurts like crazy. Any thoughts on what it could be? I was thinking stress fractures but I'm not sure *Yes I will go to a doctor, I just am looking for some thoughts or advice so that I can go into my appointment with an idea of what the problem might be lol
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