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  1. Not an existing story, the story will be about some any hunk guy living normally until he takes off his clothes and looks at the mirror and sees his ripped body, his mental disorder triggered as his horny and quite destructive(and a bit of a showoff) split persona emerges as his time in the night has come, the rest of the story is up to the author, anybody got anything similar to what I described? I there aren't any I'll just make my own, though I already wrote this type of story on my phone but didn't publish it yet bcuz its a pain to rewrite it all...
  2. Hmm...I had a friend who had a wolf type breed dog who I am VERY suspicious with, his name is Max, a common cliche-d name for an everyday canine, I visit said friend's house to play Smash and other video games we have on our shelves, we're not really roommates, we're coworkers for an indie video game studio and just so happens to live in the same street. Back to the topic, on March 20th my friend's dog Max went missing and we noticed the living room window was shattered, broken...we thought it was a robbery but nothing was stolen, luckily my coworker left his apartment to visit his family since his father was hospitalized from an accident, after observing the crime scene before the cops show up, numerous traces scratches, displaced couch, smashed coffee table, white substance/goo(?) , suggests that there was an aggressive commotion, we come to the conclusion that a stray animal or critter may have stumbled upon the apartment, like a raccoon or a squirrel, Max probably fought it off chasing the unsuspecting intruder while guarding the apartment for one day, Max must've probably chased it out of the window, for a wolfdog Max is bigger than an average canine and probably caused the window to break when chasing the critter off, anyways after a few days, the police found him lying injured in an alleyway not so far from the apartment, we recognized that it was Max and took him back home, he had a few minor scratches and was bruised by the hips, we cleaned him up and put him to rest for a few hours, we took turns looking after him. After that, it will all go downhill, slowly but surely, Max begins to behave...strangely, One time we played a game of Smash, Max just stared at out window, mindlessly. I dont know whats gotten into him, he usually interrupts us playing our game, constantly climbing unto our laps but now he looked dreadful, not to mention, Max looked bigger than before, on a saturday night I brought a couple of beers to watch some Netflix n stuff, I saw Max across the room giving me a serious side eye, I didn't even know dogs could do that, over the next few days, I walked to work with my coworker, and there he was, looking at us suspiciously behind the window of the 2nd floor apartment, It was really strange, I never known him to be stoic like that. But on THAT night is the night I lost my marbles, on April 19th , I accidentally slept over because it was Friday, we were up all night playing video games, after we slept on the couch and left the TV on, I woke up in the middle of the night, we both were under a blanket...??? There's no one else inside the room, we were both tucked in like kids that accidentally slept on a couch and then suddenly woke up on their own bed, the TV was turned off too, I thought that my friend did all this but he's a heavy sleeper and very lazy, I stood up for a glass of water, I tip toed to prevent the sleepy head from waking up since the wood floor is noisy, but then...I saw Max, in the kitchen, staring blankly into the window, the light of the Full Moon bathes Max like a majestic beast, I hid behind, weirded out, but as his body vibrates, I can hear his bones cracking, contorting, as he grew and grew, veins popping out of his front legs as it slowly mutates to more humane proportions, Its muscle mass widens, growing and growling, His feet slowly stood upright and transforms that into human legs as its muscle mass grew too, few minutes after transformation, his front legs fully transformed into human arms armed with well built and large veiny biceps, his torso morphs as it contorts and its pectorals and chiseled abdomens pop out of his furry skin, His face transforms into more human-like, traces of Max's snout is gone, kaput, he has long spiky majestic hair that goes down to his arms, I can barely see his face as the room was so dark and only the light of the full moon envelops him, Max has fully transformed from a wolfdog to a 7 foot tall ripped muscle BEAST barely even looks like a dog as his body was more human than a dog! I whited out, completely shocked, I was petrified, Max stood naked now fully human-like, he kneels down to grab clothes, he wore them, a tank top that my friend used to wear, and a blue ripped jeans than I never saw before, he wore clothes but my god he looked awesome, he looked like that character from a manga I used to read, so badass, his spiky long hair look like that of Goku's, he opened the kitchen window and grabbed his bag from the dark, and jumped out of the window, I looked out and saw Max gradually leaping from rooftop to rooftop leaping higher that what a puny human could do, I was still petrified, very very confused, I walked back towards the couch and slept as I fell flat on the floor. The next day my friend cooked up some dinner, still confused and whited out from what happened, I turned the tv on for morning news, and I saw...HIM, Max sleeping on his little bed beside the game console, I stared at Max blankly sleeping on his bed looking very exhausted, The morning news told that there were very beat up people on the streets with cuts and bruises, there are 60 people in total that were dazed somehow last night, recent report suggests that these people were criminals, some even had death rows, I looked back at Max but now...he's staring at me, looking at me with that same side-eye, I gulped and hoped that what happened last night was not a dream, as of now I'm still shocked, I'm thankful that I found this thread, but I read some other encounters from other users, but they do not mention that animals like canines can still get afflicted by Muscuthrophy, I am deathly afraid that I we have a rather unique strain of this curse, the one that also affects animals, and I am afraid that its just living by a few meters away from me...
  3. Kinda like the Shazam, but with a slow transformation and not instant, doesnt necessarily go to the superhero style, A kind of a muscle growth where a guy gets electrocuted and grows few pounds(or more) of muscle, I made a finished story about it but not published yet since its full of writing errors and wrong grammars, Anybody got a story about it?
  4. Typically a story about a well fit guy that transforms irresistibly into a beefy muscle guy under the light of full moon. I know a similar story titled "Full Moon and Muscle" but it sank into the sea of lost information and other abandoned posts or possibly even deleted, the story was made by Tekzilla and I believe he already deleted the stories, I did read its first two parts but I was told it has 5 parts and cant find the other three, either this lost story or a were-hunk story that I just described.
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