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  1. rairf

    AJ & Noah

    I’m not sure what you mean by this. I’m not pressuring the author to release chapters any quicker than he has been.
  2. rairf

    AJ & Noah

    Oh my. As I sit here fanning myself, I have to say you've given us yet another amazing chapter, @muscleaddict. Has Noah had his heart checked lately? I just want to make sure he's well enough to have the full bodybuilding show experience.
  3. rairf

    AJ & Noah

    This is such a perfect snapshot of AJ's sweetly cheeky nature. Is it possible to swoon and be turned on at the same time?
  4. rairf

    AJ & Noah

    I am so completely in love with these characters. You've managed to create real depth of personality in both AJ and Noah, which is no easy feat. I've also been thinking about the timing of your posts- the serial format gives me such a sense of anticipation. I look forward to reading each new chapter and always want more. It's so refreshing to have this experience. You're a terrific author. I've been around since the old site, but only came out of lurking to comment with this story. I really hope you're considering publishing this on Amazon- I'd love to have a copy of the complete product when you're done posting it on here. As always, thank you for another tantalizing chapter!
  5. rairf

    AJ & Noah

    I love this story so much. The balance between AJ & Noah is beautiful- the way they care for each other rather than the imbalance of power that we often see in stories featuring bodybuilders (though that can be exceptionally hot as well). Thank you for taking the time to create such a romantic, sweet, funny, sexy story.

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