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  1. I cant figure out how to search the after 2007 archives
  2. anybody remember the name of the story where Jimmy Olson grows muscluar and kicks Supermans ass?
  3. here is an excerpt. I have a file but it has a bunch of symbols on it Then, I felt� something, move down my arm. It was like something was slithering under my skin, moving down my forearm and then up to my shoulders. I could do nothing as it kept sliding over me, moving across my chest and then down my stomach. The haze of happiness intensified as the slithering reached my crotch, making me shudder and my eyes close. I barely felt it move down my legs, too busy enjoying the aftermath of it touching my crotch. I slid my hand towards my crotch, ready to start groping when I realised where I was and tried to pull myself back together.
  4. What about Presidential Power?
  5. I wish this had continued. I just read this now
  6. rixxflix

    Santa Shapes Up

    always loved this story
  7. I can't see the link, I would like to read this as well. Thanks
  8. no effort needed if you can read Spanish
  9. well you are certainly out of your writers block
  10. thanks, but where do you put 8902-p1.html ect. ?
  11. part 4 and 5 is not there on metabods
  12. Is it Alpha Teen? here is a bit. Doug suddenly smashed his fist into the wall. Ian covered his ears and practically squealed at the site of it all. His brother’s entire body suddenly bulged, like every muscle was flexing at once. Ian never thought any human could be so scary, he never imagined what a man of his size could do, and frankly he never wanted to see it again.“I have an idea..”Dougie just turned around with a big fat grin..“what..?”Dougie grabbed the car keys from his backpack and walked past him.“Its time we upgrade the package” “Upgrade the package?”Ian mumbled watching Doug thump off, taking pause to view his brothers massive hole in the wall. While he still wanted nothing more then to watch his brother grow, this was the first time Ian really thought about the real power his brother could deal.. and it was frightening. Ian took a gulp and followed Doug back to his room. He still didn’t understand what he meant earlier, but he had a feeling though he was about to find out.Knock knock“Oh, sorry dude!”Ian quickly covered his eyes, shocked at what he saw. While his top was covered with a tight black shirt, Dougie stood there with his huge muscle ass and hairy ox legs totally naked. The muscle bound teen just grinned and quickly pulled on a pair of briefs.“Don’t sweat it bro, you can look now”
  13. well thats not very nice. Maybe he's from a foreign country
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