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  1. Very impressive. @tinytank90 good luck with the silicone
  2. I tend to only pump full package now having started with just cock. It does feel amazing, especially with warm water all warm and stretching. Like GreatGrowingGuy says do your research and talk to some pumpers. I have the bullmaster and haven’t looked back, amazing tube, great quality, great results. If you can afford it Definetly get it when you’re ready. Feel free to hit me up if you’ve got any questions.
  3. Depends if you want to pump cock only or cock and balls. Thickwall.co.uk sell good quality reasonable tubes and pumps perhaps that’s your first stop
  4. Yes it’s temporary, everyone reacts different some will go back to normal size quicker than others. I find my cock returns quicker than my balls. The one change you notice is that the time reduces to get bigger, as your skin stretches especially with your balls. Give it a try.
  5. Hey guys first post thought I’d contribute some of my pics. Hope to catch uo with other pumpers and lifters.
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