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  1. RosieWorships

    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    That's better. Hahaha I wholeheartedly agree! I especially get butterflies when he says, "C'mon baby girl, come sit in my lap." Then proceeds to wrap me up in his big, powerful arms...
  2. RosieWorships

    The Interview

    *This was a fun one to write. Thanks @eoin for another commission! ~Rose* With a look of confusion, Josh glanced down at his phone before gazing back up at the ill maintained building. Perhaps he had inputted the address wrong, or maybe his phone had lost it’s navigational signal. Either way, this just couldn’t be the right place, he thought as he eyed the old warehouse again. Certainly a modeling agency should be in a posh location downtown-- not some building that looked like it might blow over with the wind. The twenty-seven year old was surprised to find that the door even opened when he gave it a push. As he ran his fingers through his dirty-blonde hair, he walked somewhat stiffly to the desk at the end of the empty hall. There was a strange scent that greeted him as he glanced about. He couldn’t quite place his finger on it, but somehow it seemed to place him more at ease. His mouth suddenly went dry though as he looked around at the pictures on the walls. While most all of the other models seemed to be fit and rather attractive, there was one very strange thing they shared in common-- They were all naked. Every. Single. One of them. Josh’s head was spinning as he turned from one picture to the next. Giant cocks, fake tans and smiles greeting him in every one. He was about to turn around and head as far away as possible, when the receptionist suddenly stood from her chair and called out. “You must be Mr. Matthews,” she said as she met him with a warm smile. As she extended her hand, Josh found himself caught up in her hypnotic stare. “I am,” he nodded, his arm enthusiastically pumping hers up and down. As he gazed into her icy blue stare, he was hit with a wave of that scent again. Maybe he should at least stay and see what they had to offer. “Please, call me Josh,” he said as he returned her smile. “Alright, Josh.” The woman gave him a nod of her own before gesturing towards another hallway. “We’ve been expecting you,” she was quick to add. “So why don’t you go ahead and follow me.” Josh silently trailed behind the receptionist, smoothing the front of his shirt as he went. As she lead him into another room and over to a chair, Josh swore he could smell the stench of sweat and sex. Almost immediately as he thought that though, the scent disappeared and the one from the lobby returned. “It’ll be just a moment now,” the woman said as she crossed over to the other side of the room. She gave a quick knock on another door before asking, “Can I get you anything?” Josh gave a lick of his lips as he spotted the big water cooler next to her. “Maybe some water?” he suggested. “Of course.” With a smile the receptionist filled a cup and brought it over. He didn’t even realize how thirst he was until he had gulped down the entire thing before she even made it out the door. A moment later Josh was nearly startled out of his seat as the door next to the water cooler suddenly flung open. Dropping the now empty cup, Josh stood as a man and woman dressed in business attire entered the room. They seemed friendly enough as they shook Josh’s hand, immediately shutting down any nerves he might have had. The two quickly got down to business as they began asking Josh some general, model related questions. “It says here that you’re about six feet, is that right?” The man asked. Josh nodded his head before turning to the woman. “It also says you’re about a hundred and eighty-five pounds. You look very fit,” she commented. “If I had to guess, I’d say your biceps are about sixteen inches?” Josh had to admit he was impressed. On the many interviews he’d had most women never even came close in accurately guessing his measurements. He always figured it was because they didn’t really care about muscle or size. One look in this woman’s eyes though, and he could tell she was something different. “That’s right,” he replied as he gave a little flex. He watched the woman scribble something down in her notes, seemingly unimpressed. “Uh, why don’t you tell us a little more about yourself.” The man brought Josh’s attentions back towards himself. “Do you have any body hair, tattoos, piercings or other noteworthy blemishes we need to be made aware of?” “No,” Josh shook his head, “I’m in top physical form.” He gave a little smirk then as he felt the woman’s gaze travel down the length of his body. “What’s your sexual preference?” “I’m--” Josh almost answered until he felt a slight buzz in his back jean pocket. He apologized profusely before putting the cell on silent. That didn’t, however, mean he was going to answer. “With all due respect, I’m fairly certain you can’t ask a question like that,” Josh frowned. “Aren’t there things like anti discrimination laws?” The man and woman gave each other a look before turning back towards Josh. “You’re right,” the man answered. “Besides, it doesn’t matter anyways.” Josh was about to ask what that meant when suddenly the woman interviewer butted in. “So, Josh, how often do you visit the gym?” “I, uh--” Josh shook his head a little as he felt his body bubble with energy and heat. His entire being vibrated as his muscles seemed to tense. “Certainly you must go every day,” she continued. “Such a strong and attractive man…” With a signature start his biceps, forearms and triceps all began growing larger. The muscles in each throbbed for a moment and swelled before reshaping into thick, rock-hard mountains. His arms looked absolutely enormous compared to the rest of him now. His hands cracked and bulked too, growing bigger until each one could grip halfway around a football. There was such an overwhelming sense of newfound strength and power-- it sent Josh’s mind reeling as he tried to grasp what was going on. “Not to mention, a chest like that...” Josh’s chest heaved forward as he grunted, his shoulders snapping out broader with each ragged breath. His body seemed to be making even more room for such an explosion of muscle. As his chest formed into hardened plateaus, they became so swollen with strength that a well-defined line formed between the two impressive pecs. They didn’t stop growing either, even as the top buttons of his shirt suddenly shot off. “And what about those lumberjack abs?” As the male interviewer watched what was happening to Josh, he exhaled violently-- barely able to keep his focus. Josh, however, was less than amused. “What-- what the hell are you doing to me?” He yelled out in pain as his midsection thickened, causing his shirt to strain even further. As every muscle imaginable began bulging out of his core, each button popped off in a downward path. The man and woman seemed to ignore him though as they continued with their string of questions. “For such a tall man with powerful legs, you must have a favorite position…” “All of them,” Josh growled, his voice sounding much deeper than before. From his hamstrings down to his calves, his leg muscles swelled easily ripping his jeans. His limbs creaked as he grew taller. The vertebrae in his spine popping as his height increased. His feet slid across the ground as his legs pushed out longer, muscles surging in great strength as they did. He could feel his ass reforming into powerful slabs of meat as well. With Josh’s transformation nearly completely, the two interviewers looked at eachother again with a grin. The man gave the woman a nod as she turned back towards Josh. “It must be really difficult to focus in the gym with such a thick, mighty cock...” “Fuck!” Spit instantly flew from Josh’s mouth as both of his eyes fluttered closed. “Oh god!” His head rolled back and forth across his broad shoulders as massive fits of pleasure racked his body. As his dick began to throb, each pulse seemed to increase it’s thickness and girth. His rock hard member was pressing so tightly against his pants it hurt. “It is pretty fucking huge, isn’t it?” Josh groaned in agreement. As he pushed down what remained of his pants and briefs, a beastly appendage of twelve solid inches slapped out against his abs. “You have such a thick back too,” the man remarked. “It must be too difficult for you to shave?” Josh smirked as he looked down at himself, a dark hair swirling across his abs and chest. He casually started to display his muscular power, flexing his mammoth pecs, first together, then one at a time. “I figure why fucking bother?” he replied with a slight snarl. “Can't be a fucking bull without a little fur!” His voice was so rich and deep, and as he slowly stood, it became clear that his six and a half foot, heavily-muscled body would never fit through a doorway again. His shoulders were impossibly wide, neck-- thick like a bull. With a frown Josh suddenly cringed as he felt the bones in his face begin to shift. It barely even tickled the now powerful man, the only evidence that a change was even taking place was that one look at him revealed his cheeks and chin were now much more chiseled. “You need a new name,” the woman said as she tapped her chin thoughtfully with her pen. “We have a film that we would love for you to star in.” “You’ll be starring alongside, Jack,” the man explained. “He’s relatively new here as well.” With a nod at the woman he eagerly suggested. “Why don’t we get Josh in costume, let him read over the script and have him and Jack do a little one on one?” Before he knew it Josh found himself in yet another room. As he was being fitted for his police officer’s uniform, he couldn’t help but flex a few times as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He knew his very image personified the word power. Hell, he had worked hard all his life to form such a staggering V shaped taper. As he lifted his arms and brought his hands in closer to his face, his big chest stuck out with pride at how huge and calloused his fingers were. Everything about him screamed that he was huge, hairy and veined. Even the massive bulge in his pants currently stretching the fabric to its max. It turned out Josh was a natural in the spotlight. The second he stepped in front of the camera and caught sight of the cute, boyish looking Jack-- his dick sprung to life. It was also, coincidentally how the woman interviewer came up with his new name. “A prowler has been reported in your neighborhood, breaking in to his victim’s homes while they’re asleep. I’d like to camp out in your living room and try to catch this guy.” Jack was just as convincing as he looked up at the new, muscle-daddy pornstar, Officer Steele. “Gosh, officer," he said. "Do you think I’ll be safe?" "You will be with me here,” the muscular cop grinned. “The guy is young, around twenty-three and kind of big. He's about three hundred pounds of solid muscle, possibly a roided out bodybuilder, or something." "And you’re sure I'll be okay?" Jack blinked. "What if he tries to overpower you?" “I don’t think we’ll have to worry,” Officer Steel laughed. As he turned his back towards his co star, he motioned for the smaller man to help remove his jacket. “Give me a hand here, will ya?” he said. Both men seemed a little surprised at how much effort it took to get the jacket over his massive arms. As he turned back around, Josh could see Jack immediately bone up. The buttons on his short sleeved shirt looked ready to pop, the fabric itself stretched way too thin across his insanely thick pecs. “You think that punk will get past me?” Officer Steele boomed. “Four hundred pounds, twenty-one inch neck, twenty-nine inch arms--” It was clear Josh was very proud of his massive muscles as he rattled off his stats. “I bench a thousand pounds just to warm up,” he stated as he continued to flex his huge, bulging pecs. For a moment he forgot his next line, as even Jack seemed caught up at gawking over Josh’s display of raw, magnificent power. As the script suggested, Jack explained that he was just about to get ready for bed. “I should come with you,” Officer Steele began as he crossed the room. He towered over his co-star, placing a huge paw around the smaller man’s neck. “Sometimes the perp likes to sneak in through windows.” The two quickly made their way into the tiny bedroom-- but upon further inspection, perhaps it wasn’t tiny at all. It was just that Josh was such a huge, monster of a man. His phenomenal display of muscle and power dwarfed everything around him. Jack shivered a little as he began to undress. “You scared?” Officer Steele’s voice grew husky as he approached the younger man. "A little nervous," he admitted, nodding ever so slightly. "Then come here," he said as he opened his arms. "I'm here to protect you." Jack took a step forward. “Closer,” he said quietly. His huge hands wrapping around Jack’s waist to steady him. Neither of them said anything as the silence grew thick. The camera zoomed in on Josh’s flared nostrils before panning down to the flexed muscles, bursting out of his shirt. "Feel my power," he whispered when he finally spoke. He gently pulled Jack even closer so that his hard-on crushed against one of his own granite like quads. As he slowly lifted one of his gigantic biceps, he flexed and contracted the muscle before ordering his co-star. "Feel my arms." The Officer’s shirt looked ready to burst as it tried to contain such superhuman girth. He flexed his gargantuan arm several times, only seemingly satisfied once he finally split the useless sleeve. "Do you feel safe now?" His voice seemed to thunder about the walls. "Yes, Officer," Jack croaked, he was barely able to catch his breath. As Jack began to undo the hot cop's shirt, his hands hands instinctively moved over the huge pecs. “You fucking like these muscle tits, don't you? Did I tell you I can bench over a thousand pounds?” He flexed them over and over, making them dance. “Reach in there and grab on to these monsters!” Jack made quick work of the rest of Josh’s shirt, pushing the two halves open to reveal two staggering mounds of rock hard, striated muscle. Relaxed, they overhung his ripped abs by nearly a foot. "Two thick slabs of pec meat for you to worship" he said thickly. “Go ahead, give them a tweak.” Jack gingerly reached up and cupped the muscles, marveling as he measured their phenomenal weight in his hand. At this point Officer Steele figured he might as well take off his pants. As he turned his wide back towards Jack, he bent down and slid the costume over his monstrous thighs and calves. He couldn’t help but flex his big, muscular ass too. "You like this, don’t you?" The officer smirked as he towered over Jack and bounced his pecs some more. He didn’t even wait for an answer as he suddenly his a front double bicep pose. Josh’s cock began to throb and leak as he realized his biceps were bigger around than Jack’s head. “Fuck, I’m so massive!” He roared then hit a front lat spread. Immediately Jack climbed on him, using the Officer’s huge muscled frame to hang on his arms. "You are huge," Jack moaned in agreement. "The biggest fucking muscle stud on the face of this planet! Hard like granite, and so fuckin' strong!" For nearly an hour, Jack caressed every thick bulging muscle, gently kissing, licking and worshipping every rock hard inch of the superhuman physique. Jack quickly figured out that Josh was most proud of his pecs. Often cupping the back of his head and encouraging the smaller man to suckle on his giant teats. He would moan and groan while Jack worshipped his absolute power. Jack was totally hooked on Josh’s giant muscles. As he slid down from the big Officer’s torso, he knelt down in front of Josh. His tongue darted up the mighty shaft, brining himself closer to orgasm-- it was such a treat to make love to such raw, sexual power. Suddenly the hot muscle cop reached down and put his huge hands under Jack’s arms. He stared deeply into Jack’s eyes before slowly bending down. The little man was surprised by how tenderly the hulking officer kissed. His hot tongue swirled inside Jack’s mouth, his breathing deepened. And then, without warning, he thrust his throbbing pole between Jack’s legs. He lifted the hundred and ninety pound man completely off the ground with his penis. Flexing his muscle dick as he bounced Jack up and down. As he held Jack up effortlessly, the entire room seemed stunned and amazed.The two kissed again momentarily, before Officer Steele hit a double biceps pose with Jack suspended on his cock. It was obvious by the loudness of their moans that both men were more than ready to cum. With a roar like a true alpha, Officer Steel came. He pulled Jack into his muscles who in turn came all over his flexed, rippling abs. With his dick still hard and throbbing, Josh carried Jack over to the bed. It was evident that the hulking muscle cop was nowhere near satisfied as he climbed onto the bed and gently pushed his throbbing cock between Jack’s legs. "You're safe now," Josh whispered as he nuzzled Jack’s neck. As he stroked the fur on the Officer’s arms, Jack drifted off to sleep...
  3. RosieWorships

    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    Thanks! Always striving to make the next chapter hotter than the last 😊 You're probably right! I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted his stats to be. 5'10" 300 lbs then yes, his biceps should be closer to 23 or 24". If he's 6'4" and 300lbs, his biceps would be right around 20". There are also other variants like body fat and whether or not he likes to work his arms. For my man, I'll accept nothing short of 26 inches. I think you forgot something, lol... 🌹😱💪 Thanks! 🥰
  4. Amazing writer.


  5. Well, it's still Valentine's day for another 10 minutes here. Just uploaded a special holiday edition for 'Beyond Massive Part 4'. Hope you enjoy! 💋

  6. RosieWorships

    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.” I look up at you and smile as we wait for the seating hostess to return. I can’t help but giggle as you give your massive twenty-one inch arm a little flex for me. Your hulking frame leans down and whispers, “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby girl,” before kissing my cheek. You smile back as you pull away, but I can see the look of desperation clearly written on your face. I know how you think that if you don’t get food soon, you’re going to faint-- or god-forbid you might even shrink. I can tell by the way you impatiently shift your mass from one tree trunk sized leg to the other. Soon enough you ask again. “How much longer do you think it will be?” I chuckle slightly and just shake my head. Perhaps your little Italian girl has been feeding you too well. You’ve come to expect bread and oil within ten minutes of sitting down. At the very least, in your mind anyways, there should always be a little antipasto or something. When I silently wave you off with my hand, you grow even more antsy. “But I’m hungry,” you whine. “HUNGRY!” “You’re always hungry,” I finally quip. And it was true. Since starting you on those testosterone injections last week, you practically fed every two and a half hours. Which was why I gladly choose the Brazilian Steakhouse for our romantic dinner this evening. My plan is to get you filled up enough that maybe we can actually focus on ‘other things’ tonight instead of me being in the kitchen. Thankfully the young blonde makes a sudden reappearance and ushers us to our seats. I grasp your arm a little tighter than normal when I see her ogling my man. As usual, you seem entirely oblivious-- I’m not sure if I should feel grateful or annoyed. I know where your loyalties lie, but sometimes, for my own sanity, I really wish you would tell the gym sluts where to shove it. As I take a seat our waiter moves to push in my chair. I can only assume that you must glare at him as he suddenly scrambles away. I feel myself and the entire chair lift slightly off the ground as you push me in with the greatest of ease. And just like that I get butterflies all over again, as though we were back out on our first date. You sit down after planting another kiss to my cheek and eagerly flip the card over next to your place setting. I watch your eyes grow wide as the large skewers filled with delicious meats cause your mouth to salivate at their mere sight. With the green side facing up, the servers begin loading up your plate. Apparently they didn’t get the memo that when you said load up your plate, you meant load up your plate. "What is this? The vegetarian portion?" You mutter under your breath as server after server pass you by. "There isn't even enough meat here to fill a cavity," you complain. "Babe, stop." I try to hush you as my cheeks grow warm, but I know that as a rather large alpha male you aren’t afraid to speak your mind. As another waiter with a rod of roasted steak passes by, you reach out and snag the man by the arm. "Sorry, sir. I thought you were done," the man quickly apologizes. Though a look down at your card reveals that the green side is still visible. "Would you like rare, medium or well done?" he asks. "All of it," you snap while crossing your arms over your huge pecs. The waiter looks irritated for a moment, but places his metal plate next to you before beginning to shave off some of the meat. "I don't think you understand," you growl as your large hand forcefully wraps around the tip of the skewer. "I'm telling you to leave the whole damn thing." "You can't be serious--" The server begins to protest. But with an animalistic snarl as you glare at the man, he not only drops the truss with the meat, but drops it and runs. I see you glance at me apologetically, but I don’t plan to say a word. With a shrug of your broad shoulders, you quickly go back to eating. I know it takes a lot to keep your large, three hundred pound body fueled throughout the day. After a few more hours of watching you scarf down entire skewers of meat, I find myself stumbling over my own two feet. If it wasn’t for your thick arm wrapped tightly around my waist I would have certainly fallen by now. I almost trip again when I suddenly feel you lift me up. “Wow.” I hear you actually chuckle at me as you help me up into your truck. "You are clearly, way more drunk than I thought," you say as you lean in and buckle my seat belt. "I'm not drunk," I argue. But with an all knowing smirk, you nod your head before shutting the door behind me. "I'm not!" I insist as soon as you hop into the driver's seat. I smile at the sound of your deep, booming laugh. “Oh, you're drunk, babe," you tease. "But I'm not complaining. I had a pretty good time myself tonight." As you pluck up my hand and interlace our fingers, I smile again. At five-foot-eight I would have never considered myself tiny, but the size difference between my hand and your’s is staggering. Then again, everything about you is. "I know I tell you this all the time, but fuck. I just want to grow so massive for you," you say before brushing a light kiss across my knuckles. "I’m going to get on that stage in 2020 and fucking dwarf your precious Ramy." "Oh my god, he’s not my--" I try to say, but you’re quick to cut me off. “I don’t ever want you thinking about another man’s muscles,” you growl. "Oh. And, baby?" I hum in response as I turn to meet your heated gaze. "I fucking need you." I shudder involuntarily as your large hand slides up my thigh. "You'd better be ready for me when we get home," you warn. "It's been over six hours since I’ve had you last, and I fully intend to make up for lost time." With a smug expression I lean back against the seat, stealing glances at your pumped up muscles every once in a while out of the corner of my eye. I wonder if you ever grow light headed from the amount of blood it takes to fill out that enormous outline stretching your slacks. Truth be told, I have a few plans of my own once we get back-- some of which involve handcuffs, your balls, and a whip. Maybe for once in your life it’s you who needs to be prepared for me. Tires screech as we pull into the driveway, and I actually find myself lurching forward as you throw your truck into park. As your calloused hands grip me roughly around my bare legs, you leave no room for protest as you easily pull me over the center console and into your lap. "Fuck, baby girl--" you push through clenched teeth. My hands splay across your impossibly broad chest. "I fucking NEED you." With a lustful glance down at my lips, your mouth greedily slants over my own. Your breathing is ragged as you smirk down at me, leaving me panting for more. “And just so you know, you’re going to need your big strong bull to carry you around.” “Carry me?” I swallow hard, even as my tone presents you with a challenge. With a simple nod you reply, “When I’m through with you tonight, you’re going to be walking funny for weeks.” Your long legs uncurl from inside the truck before you effortlessly stand with me still in your arms. “God damn, I need to get you up the stairs.” I whimper in agreement as you set me down. My legs threaten to turn to jello when suddenly you hear me gasp. We had just rounded the front end of the vehicle when two men greet us with ski masks and a gun. "Now if you all can just remain calm, then nobody has to get hurt." As I cling to your massive arm, I can feel you trembling with rage at the sight of them. "We're not looking for any trouble," one of the two say-- I cry out as the other grabs hold of me. You snarl loudly at first as you try to keep me in your grasp. The man points his gun at you but when that doesn’t scare you, he turns the gun on me. Reluctantly, I feel your hand release my arm. “I have cameras,” you grit through clenched teeth. “And they’ve probably already alerted local PD.” “Too bad we already thought of that," the guy with his grip around me speaks. "Disconnected from the box out back,” he supplies when you give him a questioning look. With a nod I watch as your head rolls back and forth across your shoulders. If I’m not mistaken, it looks like your pecs are jutting out from your chest, forcing your white dress shirt to stretch to its limit. It's hard to say for sure in the cover of the night, but in no time at all it looks as though your body has been blasted with enormous size. "You should have left the cameras on," your voice drops an octave as you take a menacing step forward. You don’t even have enough time to remove your pants or shirt. "Oh shit!" One of the dirtbags squeals. "What the fuck is this?" It sounds like a hail of gunfire as your bones crack in realignment. Your back and quads inflate with so much size that your clothes explode off you as you stand up to an incredible seven feet of intimidating height. Muscles bulge forward as they fight for space on your already dense frame. Your forearms expand to the size of a normal man’s legs. As your lats grow into massive wings, your traps rise up towards the bottom of your ears. With every inhale of breath you seem to expand a little more. Your muscles inflate with even more definition and power. The two seem to be paralyzed in fear momentarily, mouths hanging agape as you flex your unbelievable biceps. It was as though the power of the gods had just slammed into your body. Bigger than most and with tremendous power. In the blink of an eye, the two disappear. We know they’re smart enough to never return. My body is still slightly in shock though. You’re absolutely massive in the moonlight as I look up at you. Thick muscles cover your body making you look primed and ready enough to take down a bear. Your chest bulges forward as you turn towards me and in just a few strides, you close the distance between us. The look in your eye is almost inhuman as you bend down. Without the utterance of a single syllable, you gently tug me to my feet before tossing me over your shoulder. I try to stop you, your name tumbles past my lips, but with a swift, hard slap to my ass I quickly fall silent. You don’t set me down again until we’re in the confines of our bedroom. "You're mine!" You snarl the words as you pull me flush against your naked self. Your huge, warm hands roughly paw the length of my body. Long gone is the playful, happy lover from before. And in its place stands a sex-crazed manbeast utterly given over to his carnal desires. Your muscles ripple as you tower over me. “I warned you to be ready for me." You nuzzle my earlobe as your strong fingers run down my arms. My eyes widen as I feel the intrusion of your hard cock pressing against my lower back. "I'll only ask once-- are you?" I can feel myself tense as your breath fans against my skin. "No," I reply weakly. "I just--" I’m barely able to think as I feel your thick fingers traveling south. "You just what?" you whisper. My hands tremble as my entire body shivers. I’m unable to focus on anything but you and your muscles. Everything about you from your possessiveness to your strength gets me going. With a soft mewl I tilt my head to the side. “You know you fucking own me, baby girl--” You pull away slightly as your fingertips caress my cheek. As your lips leave a wet trail down my jaw to the curvature of my breasts, I can sense a ‘but’. "But I've known since the day that I first found you--" You raise up to loom over me before gazing down into the pools of my soul. "Your little pussy belongs to me." Scooping me up into your massive arms, your mouth wastes no time in latching on and attacking mine. Your tongue gently sweeps across my bottom lip suggestively, but I know its all an act. If I don’t voluntarily allow you access, you’ll just take it-- greedily. I’m so caught up passionately wrestling your tongue, that I gasp slightly as you suddenly toss me on to the bed. You’re not very gentle as you remove my clothes, using your unyielding power in forcefully ripping them from me. As you look down at my naked body, willing-- ready-- wet-- I can see something inside of you snap. You kneel down at the foot of the bed and gently slide me over. "Oh god," I shiver as you begin kissing my mound. I can only whimper in pleasure when the tip of your tongue suddenly traces lower, dragging over my clit. I feel like I’m going to explode as you alternate between sucking and flicking your tongue over my bud, never letting me focus on just one sensation for long. I’m so wet by now, I can only assume that I'm dripping. "You taste so sweet, Valentine," I hear you mutter. With one strong hand holding my hips tightly in place, your other moves up my chest. It closes over my right breast to knead it softly. Your rough palm grates over my hard nipple as your head dips lower. I can feel you lapping up my juices as you moan in hunger. You stand up then, towering over my naked body both in height and impossible width. I can see how your cock throbs as you groan loudly before taking my hand and guiding it towards your thick shaft. My fingers instantly wrap around you and squeeze lightly, stroking along your length-- up and down. It pleases me to see you suck in a sharp breath in response. Your head rolls back against your massive shoulders as your hips rock forward with need. "Fuck, baby girl. That feels so good." I watch as a surge of precum wets the tip of your cock before dripping down over my fingers. With a devilish smirk I tighten my grip and stroke faster. The action makes you shudder even as my own hips shift restlessly on the bed. "I don't know what it is you do to me, but need you so bad," you breathe out. “I need to cum for you again.” Your kisses are rough as you fall on top of me. A strong, powerful arm pins me easily to the bed. As the mattress dips down under your incredible mass, I realize that I’m helpless against you, deliciously hopeless against the savage beast you have become. Suddenly your large hands wrap around my thighs, parting them as far as they can possibly go. My breathing is labored as my eyes meet those of my huge muscle bull. I can feel my heart beating wildly in my chest. With a yielding sigh, I lift my hips. "I need to be inside you," you whisper, "because you're mine… only mine." I gasp as I feel myself struggle to accommodate you. Your massive body dwarfs me entirely as you begin thrusting frantically like the animal you now are. Your bulbous head parts my lips before viciously sinking in. It moves ferociously inside me, harder-- forceful-- hungry-- sending unbelievable waves of pleasure though my body. I wrap my thighs around you in encouragement before tossing my head back and arching into you desperately. My adonis of a man, you always fill me so deeply-- ruining me for anyone else, just in case. There is no need for me to even utter 'I'm yours.' You know-- you know you fucking own me. "So gorgeous." You buck the last little distance, slamming your cock fully into me before rotating your hips. "So sweet." You pull back slowly and slam into me again. "So utterly and completely mine." I scream loud enough for the neighbors to hear me before throwing my head back and arching up sharply toward you. I can hear your pants as you piston your hips harder. The sound of each impact wet with our juices. "Cum for me, now!" You growl and press your forehead to mine, ramming your cock into my pussy once more. As you plant your full length deep inside me, you suddenly arch your back with a primal shout. “Cum for me, baby girl! Cum for all this fucking muscle!” “Fuck, baby! I’m cumming!” I scream in response as my body tightens around your cock. The pleasure is so intense, it rips through my body and leaves me slick with sweat. You shudder wordlessly atop me, hips rolling once more. As the waves of pleasure subsided, you cradle me against your chest. "Best fucking Valentine’s gift ever," you rasp against my ear. "But, I still need to grow so much bigger..."
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    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    Thanks! Hopefully pumping out another chapter tonight for Valentine's. Thanks!
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    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    Glad you enjoyed! Part 4 coming soon!
  9. RosieWorships

    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    “Good Morning, baby girl,” you mumble against my neck. As you roll over, your strong arms encircle me and pull me towards your chest. “Somebody must be feeling much better this morning,” I remark with a little wiggle of my ass. Your cock never ceases to amaze me. Even now with your boxer briefs keeping your hardon pressed tightly against you. I roll towards you as you sit up and lean against the headboard. My hand rubs across your broad shoulders and wide, muscled chest. I see how your adam’s apple bobs up and down as my fingertips brush down your thick, veiny arms. The room seems to grow hotter, smaller even as my eyes lock on to yours. “I want to play a game, ok? One where I finally turn you into my big, muscled beast. Think you can handle that?” I ask-- innocently enough. You sit up straighter as you look down at me. “What kind of game?” you ask. But I can see how the corners of your lips twitch upward in amusement. With a grin like you’ve never seen before, I place my knees alongside your legs. “I think my big man could use a little one on one lesson in self control,” I smirk. “The rules are simple. Don’t cum until you’re told, and you’ll continue to grow.” I watch as you lick your lips before nodding your head. Already I can see how your fat cock strains your briefs. I hope you can last long enough for me to turn you into a massive bull. You close your eyes and lean your head back as my fist begins to pump up and down. Immediately it grows even harder in my hand. The muscles in the base of your cock are already twitching. “I know you’ve been dreaming about this for weeks, baby. The muscle, the power, the growth-- it's intoxicating.” I hear you moan slightly as I wrap my free arm around your thick neck. “I know how badly you want to grow for me. Grow, baby. Please.” I beg. “I need you so fucking massive.” You groan deeply as my thumb rubs in the glob of pre cum that dribbles from your tip. “Don’t cum yet,” I scold gently as your cock jerks. But I quickly realize that it’s actually the growth beginning to take over. I smile up at you as I resume stroking your big, fat prick, but it’s growing more difficult for you to see me over your expanding pecs. Thick, heavy veins strain down around your arms, winding over the expanding muscles as your biceps and triceps fight for space against each other. As your shaft continues to pulse wildly in my hands, I watch as both arms continue to blow up with more rock, hard mass. At this rate, I’m not sure how much longer either one of us will last. “Fuck, baby,” you growl in warning. The deepening pitch sends shivers down my spine. “I need more… bigger. Please. Make me so much bigger.” I nod my head as I tell you. “We're only just beginning. You’re going to grow so much bigger and stronger for me,” I say. I buck my hips once, unable to control myself. I know how your moans are about to deepen to new lows. I’m playing a dangerous game here, but you know that I know. Especially as I smile up at you with a gigantic wink of my own. “Your cock is so hard, baby,” I moan as my closed fist glides up to your tip. “I know how badly you want to slip into my cleavage and empty those full, heavy balls. All that cum you're saving for me, for your growth…” You’re so painfully erect I wonder if you even realize that your muscles are growing. I watch with ernest fascination as six, thick slabs of solid muscle carve their way out of your torso. They’re topped off with two of the most juicy, round pecs I have ever seen. I can feel your cock pulsate, the engorged veins sticking out. "You can’t cum until I tell you,” I remind you before giving your shaft a hard tug. “This dick, these muscles… they’re all under my command now." A soft whimper escapes you as my hand pulls back from your cock. “Please, I need to--” you stammer. “No.” I reply forcefully. “You will cum when I say you are allowed and not before!” The pleasure of my hand and now the absence of such bliss, seem to have scrambled your ability to talk. “I… I won’t cum,” you grunt. “Good,” I nod my head before taking hold of your angry, red prick once again. It jerks under my gaze and by now leaks massive amounts of pre. I slather it all over you cock head and begin pistoning my fist up and down the bruised glans. You won’t be able to take much more. And neither will I. I keep my focus on edging you closer, watching as your tip swells and swells. The next time I look up at you, your eyes snap open at my gasp. “Oh my god, baby. You’re-- you’re--” “I’m fucking huge.” Your deep voice booms about the room as you bounce your chest. Insanely huge balls of veiny muscle bulge on your now massive arms as you bring them up into an incredible flex. With my hand still gripping your cock, you place your much larger one over mine and continue to force me to stroke. “Bigger. More. I. Need. MORE!” With a snarl you lean forward and wrap a huge arm around my waist. You pull me against your thick, broad chest before kissing me deeply. My lips move down the side of you neck while the fingers on my free hand pinch the strong, pulsing veins that crisscross over your shoulders and delts. You grunt loudly as another wave of growth crashes into you. I don’t stop, but my eyes grow wide as I watch the veins snaking around your biceps pulse with a little more power. I can't help it, I moan slightly as I rock my hips against you needing release. I'm absolutely gushing, and you can feel the wetness all over your enormous, growing quad. Every pound, every inch is rock hard and bulging. You feel me shiver against you with immense pleasure and the next time I grind into you I watch your head fling with a roar. My hand grows more sticky as you grow more desperate for release. “I can’t…” Your voice rumbles deeply about the room like an incoming thunderstorm. I think about letting you cum but as I look up at you, I decide I'm just not done. I withdraw my hand from you cock as your hips buck forward, “tsk, tsk,” I shake my head. “I didn’t say you could cum.” You huff but nod your head when suddenly the growth seems to intensify. “What-- what the fuck are you doing to me, baby girl?” We watch as pounds upon pounds of mass and power pile on to your ever lengthening and broadening frame. Every part of you swells larger, bulges harder. I feel your chest rumble as you seem to expand with pure power. “Look at me!” You growl. “I’m so fucking immense!” I hear you growl and watch you flex, my hand cupping one of your huge pecs as I silently marvel at the weight. My head darts forward and my lips nibble on your bicep peak. You turn your head and inhale sharply, the scent of my honey shampoo filling your nostrils. “That’s right, baby girl. Worship these muscles.” I shudder again but this time with the realization of just how much you’ve grown. As I lick and kiss every inch, I can feel your balls growing heavier. “Am I big enough now?” I’m surprised by the desperation in your voice, but I know how badly you need to cum. As I look up into your handsome face, I nod my head and climb into your lap. My voice is shakey, my breathing ragged. As I slowly slide down onto your massive cock, your entire body gives a monsterous shudder. “Yes, my bull,” I moan in response. “I need to feel you filling me up, fucking me with your huge muscles and all your might.” You certainly don't need to be told twice as torrent after torrent of warm jizz detonate from your cock. Your screams of pleasure are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before and after what seems like hours, you finally come down from your high. As your hand strokes my cheek, you smile down at me. “Damn, babe. You certainly weren't kidding when you said you needed me big.”
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    The Price of Milk Part 6

    I hope so too but he drank all that milk... You didn't actually think I was going to just let Teddy have all the fun... did you?
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    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    I believe he prefers the term, 'monster' lol Thanks! A major compliment from a distinguished fellow author. Not sure if I'll be working on this or The Price of Milk next. Either way, I'll have something out soon. Thanks for reading!
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    The Price of Milk Part 6

    Previously in 'The Price of Milk'... Part Six- I had to find Rose-- needed to find her. And not just because I swore I was starting to shrink. Though I was entirely convinced that I was, I checked my measurements multiple times a day. I would wrap the fabric tape around various body parts and always sigh in relief when the number was the same. I knew it was all just in my head since my gains and strength had actually gone up. Sure I seemed to only be gaining a few pounds a week, but for someone who had never grown any muscle at all, that was phenomenal. Yet at the same time it was insignificant to the size I attained after drinking Rose’s milk. My head hung in defeat just thinking about how badly I had screwed things up. I hadn’t seen my gorgeous goddess in over a week-- it was killing me inside. I had let old fears get to me and came to realize too late that none of this meant anything if I had no one to share it with. Even if she agreed to take me back but never grew me again, I had decided that just being with Rose would certainly be enough. I still couldn’t believe that in one week I had found the perfect woman and let her slip between the cracks. I had to find Rose-- needed to find her. If only to apologize for fucking everything up. I laid down on the bench, having loaded the bar with four plates on each side. Three hundred and seventy pounds seemed like a good warm up weight and with any luck at all Rose would come strolling in. That first day back to work had been a trip, after being with her all night. The muscle I could hide, but it was always my height that gave everything away. Lifters- I had told everyone on the entire floor at work. They add two to three inches and these shoes have thick soles. I had fooled a few of my co-workers, and the ones who really seemed to notice, I was sure were just jealous. Everything seemed to be going great too, until I was sitting in a board meeting and my dress shirt buttons popped. That day I was sent immediately for a drug test, of course it all came back normal. I still had to find Rose-- I needed to find her. But even if I didn’t grow anymore, I think it was time to find a new job. Perhaps something where I could set my own hours and show off how good I was in math and spreadsheets. I hefted the bar up before pulling it down to my chest. As my eyes fluttered closed I couldn’t help but picture Rose. I wish she was here, watching and witnessing all this power. Sure I still wasn’t nearly as big as Jayson, but somehow that just seemed to drive me to want more. I needed to get massive for her, needed to be big enough to protect her from anything. The rest of the world would look puny next to me-- my playthings. And as long as there was still breath in my body, no harm would ever come to my Rose. With a slight shake of my head, I continued to crank out the reps. I need more mass, more power. Just more. More. MORE! I may not have been as big as her piece of shit ex, but there was still comfort in knowing I wasn’t the smallest guy anymore. I had just re-racked the weight in order to sit up and adjust the volume on my phone, when unsurprisingly, there was a tap on my shoulder. I barely even bothered to turn my head. All week guys had been coming up to me, who had no business trying to lift the weight they were, and asking if I would spot them. I didn’t mind helping them out, hell, I probably understood better than anyone that you’ve got to start somewhere. But somehow it always ended up with me doing ninety percent of the work. “Hey--” My eyebrows furrowed deeply at the sound of the familiar voice. But there was a tone of awe and respect that I had never heard from it before.“The name’s--” “Brandon. I know.” With a glare that could have curdled milk I turned my head to look at him. I was slightly surprised to note that even while sitting, I barely had to raise my head in order to be level with him now. With a roll of my massive shoulders I slowly stood up. Brandon’s jaw practically hit the floor. “Geezus, Teddy!” One of my big delts knocked him out of the way as I moved to load up more weight. “I’ve told you, it’s Theo,” I grunted. As I bent over to add on a few more forty-fives, there was a loud rip-- probably from my shorts-- but I didn’t care. I had to find Rose, needed to find her, and then nothing would ever contain me again. Sleeves would tear, pants would shred. I would get so fucking powerful that things would just pulverize in my hands. With thoughts of my growing mass I turned back around. “You’re still here. Why?” I demanded. Clearly this was new territory for Brandon and I. For a moment he looked like he was about to put me in my place, until he suddenly realized I outmuscled him by a lot. At a little over six foot two and two hundred and forty five pounds, Brandon understood now that I was a force to be reckoned with. My back was so broad, my pecs were so thick, and even the former alpha seemed to have trouble keeping his eyes off my arms. He watched me crank out another fifteen reps, easily, then took a step forward. “It’s her, isn’t it. Rose is somehow helping you grow this big.” It was less of a question than what I would have liked. I nodded my head slowly at first but I needed to play this cool. If Brandon knew how to find Rose-- “She is,” I answered, deciding not to lie. “She has a nutritional supplement that really seems to be helping me out.” I watched Brandon as his gaze swept upwards, following the peak of my twenty-one inch guns. It rose higher and higher, with one, big, fat vein pulsing down the center. He licked his lips once, hell, I think he even drooled. “I knew she was growing that ass wipe,” Brandon’s voice was like a scratchy growl under his breath. I didn’t appreciate his tone, but he literally had nothing on me. “A month or so ago, back when Jayson first started showing up with these massive gains, Nate and Jer looked up his address in the Planet Fitness database. We waited for a while but it looked like he hadn’t been there in months.” Of course I knew that was because he hadn’t, he had been living with Rose for the better part of last year. But that wasn’t the take away from all of this. It was the database. Fuck! Why hadn’t I thought of that? “Let me talk to her,” I offered. “See if she’d be willing to give you a little.” Brandon nodded his head even as his eyes lingered on my big, juicy pecs. “I was going to ask if you’d mind if I worked in--” As I held up one of my large hands to silence him, I quickly stood up. “You can have it,” I told him. Because right now I had other more important things to do. With new determination I headed back down to the front desk. It was just my luck that the attendant had headed off towards the tanning beds. Apparently there was a complaint of a big, sticky mess. I shuddered at the thought as I moved over to the nearest computer. Like everything lately, it took me a moment to adjust to the new size of these big, fat fingers. I felt like a monkey typing away on the keyboard, but soon enough I had Rose Montgomery pulled up. To my surprise, she didn’t live that far away. I held my phone up to the computer screen and snapped a shot. It couldn’t have happened soon enough as the attendant suddenly came back. I could tell by the ashen color on her face, that the mess in the tanning bed was exactly what I thought. Some guys truly had no self-control. I grabbed a hot shower and threw on some clean, form fitting clothes. One thing I hadn't fully taken into consideration at the beginning of all of this was the cost. Not just for the price of the milk, but my food and clothing bill were considerably much more expensive now as well. With this new muscled up body, it took nearly three times the amount of food to keep me fueled all day. And as I continued to grow, it seemed I just kept hulking out of everything. Despite all of that, I still needed to find Rose. I pulled out my phone and plugged her address into my GPS. As I made the short drive over, I rehearsed a speech for her nearly a dozen times in my head. I made my way up to the door, and let out a breath I hadn’t even realized I had been holding. The second she answered though, I forgot everything I was going to say. I wanted to pull her into my arms at the sight of the dark circles under her eyes. Her chocolate curls looked frizzed out, her stained sweatshirt looked like it hadn’t been changed. She looked stressed out and like she hadn’t slept in days. My Rose, my poor, sweet Rose. I caught the wince of pain on her face as her arms brushed against the side of her chest. She was a hot fucking mess, but she was my mess. And though she might have been angry, I could tell she was relieved to see me. “Rose, I’m so sorry--” I barely had time to catch her as she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. I almost immediately hardened, half in part due to the gorgeous woman wrapped around me, and half due to the fact that I hadn’t staggered at the weight. I was getting so strong, so powerful, and I was certain I was about to be fed more. As I took a step into Rose’s place, she untangled her legs from around me and I set her feet back down on the floor. “I’ve been having to pump,” she informed me. Of course I had no idea what she was referring too, but I trailed behind her nonetheless. My eyes widened a little as she opened the freezer and I caught sight of over two dozen little bags. They looked like a bunch of tiny, white popsicles but instantly I figured out what it was. I looked between the bags and Rose, my heart doing somersaults in my chest. Just how fucking big could I get if I fucking drank it all? “You’re full right now too, aren’t you?” My voice was deep, and husky with lust. Rose merely whimpered as she nodded her head. It was evident that she’d been waiting and needing for me to take her. Especially as her hand reached out to stroke me through my gym shorts. “Look what you do to me,” I smiled down at her. “I’m always so fucking hard for you, baby girl.” Rose drew close enough to feel my breath hitch as she began stroking me faster. “I want you so bad,” she whispered, her hand plunging past my waistband as she leaned in to kiss me. I met her lips with my own hungry desire, but suddenly hissed and pulled back as she fondled my sac. “Fuck woman, the things you do to me.” I growled before diving for her neck. As she gripped my impressive length from top to bottom, I let my tongue glide up to ear. “You’re mine,” I whispered then attacked her mouth with a fiery passion. Her tongue danced with mine before exploring all the corners of my mouth. As our lips came together again and again, each kiss lasted a little bit longer, until I finally held her in my arms and kissed her deeply. “I’m going to fuck you-- long and deep and hard.” “Yes, baby. Please. I want that.” I didn’t need to be told again as I lifted her into my arms. I walked over to the wall and pinned her there-- ripping her top to shreds before feasting on her breast. As I needed it with my hand, my thumb brushed against the tip. Her nipples were just as stiff as the big hard cock she still had in her grip. As I suckled on her tits, I imagined how much bigger I was going to get. My strength and size were already impressive, it was evident in the way Rose’s feet dangled in the air. Something about all of this sparked my desire for this woman even more. I flicked at her nipple and expanded my travels over to her other breast. I ravaged every last drop of the precious milk Rose had to offer. I made good on my promise too, making sure she came multiple times screaming my name. As her dark green eyes fluttered into a peaceful sleep, I left a bright red mark over each one of her breasts. “Sleep well, little one,” I whispered, before tucking her head against my hard chest. I could feel the darkness beginning to consume me, but this only made me excited knowing what was to come. I hoped that when I awoke in the morning, I would finally be a beast. I’m not sure how much time had past before I heard a loud crash out in the other room. I turned my head to the side, but Rose was still peacefully sound asleep. I wiggled my arm free and sat up, hearing the bed groan in protest to my weight. I could tell I had grown substantially again. I was getting that distinct bodybuilder waddle, and my thighs were having some difficulty moving forward without crashing against one another. I closed my eyes as I ran a hand down my chest. Fuck, I must be so fucking huge, I thought. My self worship was cut short though as I heard the noise again. I turned the corner only to hear a loud slurping coming from the kitchen. It was entirely dark save for the dim light illuminating the massive shadow in front of the freezer. My eyes grew wide as I glanced at a nearly shirtless back-- bulging and throbbing with hard, dense muscle. Completely unaware of my presence, the beast continued to rabidly chug Rose’s milk. He growled like an animal as he mindlessly ripped open another bag. I cleared my throat then, and watched as the monstrous man finally turned around. My face paled as Brandon’s arm, completely engorged with muscle wiped away a thick, white stream. “Heya, shrimp,” he smiled. “Did you really think I’d let you have all the fun without me?” My heart immediately sank as the world went dark.
  13. You know I love how huge you're getting me, baby girl

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      And you know how much I love growing you massive, babe. 

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    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    It’s still entirely dark outside when I slowly lift my head off of your chest. My fingers graze softly over the dark hair that sprouts up before running across your wide, freckled shoulders. I give a tight squeeze to the massive delt that threatens to eat the rest of your arm. It’s impenetrable though, and without even looking, I perfectly trace the pattern of the tattoo that’s inked into your skin. You give a slight moan as both our cell phones begin to vibrate on the nightstand. As I look up at you, you smile down at me. Your strong hand glides down to cup my ass. “Time to grow,” you growl playfully before pulling me towards your mouth. I moan as your lips slant over mine, indulging in the feel of your body before pulling away. I practically have to wrestle myself from your grasp, but you know that you have to let me go. As you turn on the light I stumble out of the bed. I can hear you grunting as I exit the room. I don’t even need to turn around in order to know that you’ve started curling the ninety pound dumbbells we keep by the bedside. I sneak down the hall and out to the kitchen, wincing slightly as I turn on the big, overhead light. It’s a crazy schedule we keep, waking at 3am for you to get in slight pump and a snack. But if it gets you bigger than Ramy-- or as you’d prefer, bigger than a dinosaur-- then all of this was worth it. And just so we’re clear, I will get you bigger than Ramy. I carefully toss two bananas and a tablespoon of peanut butter into the protein shake I have whirring in the blender. When I’m satisfied that it’s well blended, I don’t even bother to pour it into a glass. I know my big, hungry man will have it all chugged down in a matter of seconds. I did my research when we first started tossing back and forth this idea. While some suggested that this was ridiculous, you and I both knew you had the testosterone of at least ten horses racing through your bloodstream. We’d also been keeping a close eye on your waistline. So far we we’re entering into month two, and all of your gains certainly seemed to be muscle. “--Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.” You give me a cocky grin as you set the one hundred and ten pound dumbbells down. No doubt you want me to come and check out your massive pump. But first things first and with a hand on my hip, you watch as my eyebrows slowly raise. As you give a slight shake of your head, you push the weights back under the bed. “There,” you chuckle. “Happy?” I nod my head and stroll forward, stopping only once I'm between your thick thighs. “Very,” I smile. “You know I can barely move them.” With a satisfied grunt, you take the blender jar from my hand. “And that’s how I want it,” you say. “I want to be your powerful, roided up beast.” As you toss the shake back, my eyes watch as your mighty adam’s apple bobs up and down. I decide right then and there that this late night ritual has to be working. You are entirely fucking massive, I think, while one of your arms slowly encircles my waist. You pull me against your wide naked chest, nostrils flared, breathing is ragged. I find comfort in your warm skin and your impossibly, hyper-masculine form. As you keep me trapped and surrounded by your brawn, I tremble against you. Your free hand moves south, brushing my hip before plunging between my legs. I clamp them shut as hard as I can. You chuckle again, a deep, rumbling noise. I squeeze my thighs tighter around your wrist, but you’re just so damn strong. You respond by pressing you finger harder against the button of nerves between my legs. Then growl slightly as your arm stiffens around my torso. Your hand steadily draws me mad. Each stroke causing me to loose a little bit more consciousness. You always yell at me for being shy, but if I’m being honest, it’s almost embarrassing how wet your muscles make me. I try my damndest to stop from coating your finger in the unsanctioned slickness that is slowly working its way out of my core. Its of no avail though, as I’m completely subdued in your powerful grasp. I fall limp against your insanely broad shoulder and you continue your assault on my most secret part. I can tell your finger in drenched now by the way it glides effortlessly back and forth. I don’t turn my head to look up, I don’t need to. I can tell by the way your chest puffs out that you’re gloating. With a newfound enthusiasm you begin to slide your finger back and forth across my clit. If you were testing the waters before, certainly you're diving straight into them now. Without warning you suddenly plunge a finger in, but it's the thickness of the digit that causes me to hiss. I jerk and raise my head, but you’re so far gone it doesn’t even register. Lost in the sensations of lust, I’m positive you don’t even realize that you’re growing. Determination is evident in the movements of you finger and as I watch your body nearly double in size, there’s a tension building in my lower belly that I've never experienced before. “Oh my god.” I whimper as your bicep and forearm tightens around me even more. For a moment I wonder if you even notice, but then I see you glancing down at your own arm. The pulsing vein bulging up thick as hell. “I told you that I just needed to get huge for you.” With each breath your chest expands a little more. Your legs thicken, your arms swell and harden. “My muscles are going to get so fucking massive for you.” You growl into my ear slightly as your finger pumps in and out of my hot, wet sex. “Fuck, baby. I need the power.” Slowly you start to rise-- --With my ass in your growing palm and your finger still buried deep inside. My toes can barely touch the ground, but that doesn’t even matter. I’m so fucking aroused by this display of your power. My walls begin to tighten and contract, almost as if working to guide your finger in deeper. In the height of my ecstasy I begin to fuck myself on your finger. I can’t say that I’m surprised by my own behavior or your’s. A fierce, low groan escapes your chest, and I hear you draw a deep breath as if you'd been holding the noise in for a long time. You’re enjoying my pleasure, and for a moment I wonder if it's possibly even more so than your own growth. “I’m going to destroy the gym,” you say. “I’m so fucking strong, I’ll rip doors accidentally off their hinges.” You words cause a surge of wetness to drip out of me, no doubt down your fingers and wrist. My cheeks flame in embarrassment but I know you love every second. As you swipe one finger across my clit, the resulting contraction inside of me causes you to draw the digit slightly out and then back in. With a deepening chuckle, you suddenly stop moving your fingers. “I fucking love how my baby girl gets so horny for all this muscle.” I don’t want to admit it to you at first, but with widening eyes I realize I’m gently fucking myself with your finger. In fact, I almost think I might die as I push myself onto that single digit like its the center of all pleasure in the fucking universe. You refuse to move though, and I think you enjoy the fact that I’m using you to get myself off. “I want you to cum for me baby,” you groan deeply into my ear. Your finger rubs back and forth against my clit and it feels as if you have all the time in the world to bring me to climax. Too bad I can feel how painfully erect you are. Any second now I fully expect you to slam me down on this bed. I imagine the head board will ram violently against the wall as you exclaim how you’re just getting so fucking powerful. Lost deep in my own thoughts of your growing mass and size, I can feel a wall break as your finger slides deep into me one last time. Suddenly there's light and tightness, darkness and stars, oxygen, electricity, and a million other things that I never knew all made up the kind of mind blowing orgasm that leaves you gasping for air. When my muscles finish clenching and I stop wiggling on your hand, I collapse against your chest and acess how you must be the biggest motherfucker in the known and unknown world. As you withdraw your hand, you smear my wetness across your pecs like a badge of honor. I attempt to get down off your lap to collapse into our nice warm bed, but it's futile. Your calloused hand stays clasped around my waist. Your words-- gravelly and resolute-- emerge from your warm, powerful chest. “You are mine, in entirety. Do you understand?" I’m unsure what to say at first, but I know better than to argue with a four hundred pound monster. "I understand." I say, as your earthy colored eyes peer deep into my soul. “Good, girl," you nod. "Now I'm going to make you scream."

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