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  1. RosieWorships

    Story commissions?

    I do. The story 'Nate & Matt' on my profile is a commission I just finished up.
  2. RosieWorships

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Three)

    A quick, fun spin on a classic Christmas song. Hope you enjoy💋 Three “I really can't stay.” --But baby it's cold outside. “I must get away!” --But baby… *grunts* ...it's cold outside. “This evening has been...” -- Been hoping… *you glance down at me, flexing a slightly larger bicep* ...that you'd drop in. “So very nice.” --I'll hold your hands... *I watch with wide eyes as you place my palms on your slowly rising traps* ...they're just like ice. “My mother will start to worry.” --Beautiful… *your veins pulse as they snake down and wind around your meaty arms* ...what's your hurry? “My father will be pacing the floor.” --*Your biceps and forearms fill with even more mass and power* ...Listen to the fireplace roar. “Really I'd better scurry.” --Beautiful... *You bring both arms up, groaning as you curl those massive forearms and flex* ...please don't hurry. “Well, maybe just a half a drink more.” --Watch me explode through the top floor... *You lean forward then, overcome with lust and this need for more. Pulling me flush against yourself, your arm getting stronger as it wraps tightly around my waist. Suddenly your body pulses outward in all directions and you fling your head back letting out a deep moan in pleasure.* “The neighbors might think…” --But baby, *growls* it's bad out there. “Say what's in this drink?” --*Your large hand slams the door shut behind me* ....No cabs to be had out there. “I wish I knew how…” --Your eyes… *You pause slightly as your shirt bursts at the seams, ripping down the middle as it fails to contain you* ...are like starlight now. “To break this spell.” --I'll take your hat… *you smirk as you feel my lips wrapping around one of your pecs, bulging and expanding-- Bigger. Rounder. Fuller* ...your hair looks swell. “I ought to say, no, no, no sir.” --*You're body is getting so huge, so BIG and STRONG, taking up even more space* ...Mind if I move in closer? “At least I'm gonna say that I tried.” --What's the sense in hurtin' my pride? *I try to open the door again, but with a deepening growl you pull me against your chest. “LOOK at me,” you bellow. “Look at what you're making me! So BIG! UNGHHH!!! So fucking HUGE! LOOK at what I'm BECOMING!” “I really must go.” --But baby, *your head rolls back against your ever broadening shoulders, your deepening roar sends shivers down my spine* ...it's cold outside “The answer is no.” --But baby... *you move forward, easily lifting me as though I weigh nothing* ….it's cold outside. “Your welcome has been…” *I gasp as the thin fabric of my leggings barely serves as any barrier at all between my throbbing, wet core and your hard, pulsing prick. --How lucky that you dropped in. “So nice and warm.” --Look out the window at this dawn… *But as we both see the massive head of your growing cock, slowly peeking out the top of your waistband, you and I both know exactly where I’m looking.* “My sister will be suspicious.” -- *You don’t miss a beat, your musk slowly starting to beat down my defenses* ...Gosh your lips look delicious. “My brother will be there at the door.” --Waves … *you shrug your colossal shoulders, causing ripples to shoot across your shoulders and pecs* ...upon the tropical shore. “My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious.” --Gosh… *you pull back, leaving me panting and waiting for more* ...your lips are delicious. “Well, maybe just a Netflix show more.” --Never such a blizzard before “I've gotta get home.” --But baby, *I find myself moaning in your lap as you continue to grow* ..you'd freeze out there “Say lend me a coat.” --It's up to your knees… *your chest pushes out as your cock lengthens and shoots up between us* ...out there. “You've really been grand.” --I thrill when you touch my hand… *Your thighs grow thicker, fighting for space against each other and your testosterone filled balls.* “But don't you see?” --*You moan loudly now, your body shuddering with a final expansion of muscle and growth* ...See how you do this thing to me? “There's bound to be talk tomorrow.” --Think of my lifelong sorrow… *I feel your arms tighten around me, thicker, heavier, stronger.* “At least there will be plenty implied.” --Stop! Just stop! *You growl and I look up at you confused. “You're not leaving me, not this Christmas Eve night or EVER!” You lean in to kiss me, thick, dense muscle hulking out all around me.* “I really can't stay,” *I whisper, but this time, you can see I don't mean it. I lean in to nibble on your lips… and your nose… and your...* --Baby, it's cold… Baby, it's cold outside!
  3. RosieWorships

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Three)

    Two The little bell above the door jingled as he walked into the bakery that he hadn't visited in nearly a year. His mouth watered with the familiar scents of gingerbread and chocolate, but it wasn't the delicious treats he was after. No, his taste buds hungered for something a little more. “How can I help y…” The smile fell from her face the moment she spun around. From behind the glass counter, he could see the way her fist clenched, so angry and full of life. “What are you doing here?” she spat. “Dolcezza--” his lips spoke the Italian pet name he'd given her so many years ago. But her face pulled up into a frown, only seemingly angering her more. “Don't you have somewhere else to be?” Her tone was mocking as her eyes narrowed at hin. “New life, new muscles, new girl.” He grinned at her then, bringing his arms up in to a double bicep pose. “I begged for you to come with me,” he reminded her, grunting as he forced his arms to peak harder and higher. “And you should know by now, no one could ever replace my girl.” She shuddered slightly under his gaze and he knew then that she was silently thanking the Maker that the store was dead on this Christmas eve. “We’re closing soon.” Her eyes lowered to the ground for a moment as she tried to regain her thoughts. “What is it that you want?” “You.” With a snort she shook her head before moving from around the counter over to the front door. “Should have thought about that before you decided gear was more important than your daughter and I.” He smiled to himself, knowing it would always come back to this. “I know you don't understand, dolcezza. But I needed to get huge.” “I do understand! Hell, I kind of want that too!” She paused at the honesty behind her own words, and he could see a bright blush creeping up her neck and cheeks. “But right now we just can't afford it, especially when we have a toddler who can rival your calorie intake.” “I know!” He snapped, answering her truthfully. “I fucked up babe, and I'm so fuckin sorry.” He grunted then, feeling a drop of sweat trickle down his brow. “I just-- I took an experimental drug and I need you-- Ungh!” Doubling over he clutched his stomach. But it wasn't pain he was experiencing. “You did what?!” He grinned slightly as she rushed to his side, her arms encircling his waist as she looked into his eyes. He knew deep down she still cared for him-- And soon there would be even MORE of him to love. “I know we don't have the money, but I'm just so selfish, so goddamn greedy!” Slowly his body expanded in all directions, his winter coat straining as he suddenly began to grow. He smirked at her as he saw the look of lust in her eyes. “I know you want this. So help me baby… help me GROW.” Shoulders broadening, chest widening, his pecs thickened as his muscles grew more powerful with each passing beat. “M--more,” he moaned still unsatisfied. His coat began to rip as his jeans burst at the seams. He reached out for her then as the rest of his clothes completely disintegrated. Thick, pulsing veins raced around his meaty forearms, his biceps had grown so large they looked big and strong enough to crush almost anything. His thighs were equally impressive, with the power to rival the mightiest of oaks. He knew he was growing addicted to the strength, addicted to the sensations of growth... Bouncing his big, juicy pecs he watched as she licked her lips. He towered over her now and he showed no signs of stopping. His cock began to rise as he grew, and a loud, deepening moan slipped out as his head flung back with the pleasure of unstoppable growth. In the reflection of the glass door he could see his own inhuman reflection. “F-- Fuck, I'm so big,” he roared. Lifting her towards him with just one massive arm. He shoved down her leggings, ripping her panties with his powerful hand. “And just so we're clear,” he leaned in and whispered. “I'm going to have you screaming profanities so hard when you cum, Santa will definitely be putting you on the naughty list tonight…" Sorry, no smut in this one.. but good things come to those who, well, keep reading!
  4. RosieWorships

    Celebrities, Bodybuilders, Wrestlers, etc.

    Gotta represent with Chicago and show some love for my boy Kyle Long. Then, Jesse Palmer- it's hard to find a pic of him shirtless. But I mean c'mon, check out those thighs! And lastly, who could resist a little bit of Brock O'hurn? At 6'7" you could be climbing those mountains for days 😈💋
  5. RosieWorships

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Three)

    It will be 12 *different* stories every few days. 😊
  6. RosieWorships

    Nate and Matt

    A comission I did for @eoin. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! It was a pleasure writing for you 💋 Nate and Matt Nate took a final walk around ‘The Game Stop’, looking wistfully at the second-hand video games and equipment around the small store. Not that he could afford anything on his poor college student budget, but it was fun to dream. With a heavy sigh, he was just about to walk out when something up top caught his eye. “No way,” he muttered, stretching up on his tiptoes to grab the almost brand new looking tablet off the shelf. At first glance he thought it was an Ipad Pro, but it was too good to be true and it turned out he was right. The silver engraving on the back revealed the words CVac Pro. Some strange knock off brand, he thought. Nate powered the tablet up but much to his disappointment, it had been restored to factory settings and the main screen was entirely blank. Flipping it over, he glanced at the price tag. Surely he could spare ten dollars and with a shrug of his slight shoulders he eagerly headed up to the teen at the front counter with the money and his bargain find in hand. “Seriously, could you get any more pathetic?” Nate cringed as he looked up, knowing all too well the face behind that growl. Just as he suspected, the buff red head moved closer. Matt wasn’t much taller than himself, but what the jock lacked in height he made up for in width. “Matt, I--” “Don’t talk to me you little shit,” the red head snarled. Nate took a step back at the menacing scowl on his ex best friend’s face. “Wouldn’t want you to suddenly fall in love with me or something, would we?” Matt’s mockery cut Nate deep. The two had been inseparable until the day Nate had decided to come out. After being friends for so many years, he had at least hoped that Matt would be more open. Even if Matt hadn’t shared the same feelings for Nate that Nate shared for Matt, Nate had never thought that his confession would destroy their friendship. Lost in his reminiscion from at least five years ago, Nate didn’t even have the chance to pull back as Matt’s big hand suddenly snatched the tablet away from him. With a laugh Matt read the lettering on the back. “A CVac Pro? What kind of loser brand is that?” He howled, clutching his stomach before tossing it back to Nate. The tablet vibrated slightly and had he not been so flustered, Nate might have actually noticed the screen light up with a notification. Matt didn’t seem to notice either as he slammed his big shoulder into Nate before pushing forward. “Do me a favor,” he snarled, knocking the smaller man out of his way. “The next time you see me, head the other way.” So many emotions bubbled up inside Nate as he fled from the mall-- rejection, jealousy, arousal, defeat. During his earlier years in college, he had tried and failed to fall-out-of-love with the big red head. He’d experimented with other boyfriends, some bigger, some smaller-- but ultimately everything always came back to his infatuation with Matt. Maybe one day, the buff ginger would come to his senses and realize he was nothing without Nate. Finally back in the shelter of his apartment, Nate sat down on the couch before once again turning to the new tablet he had just purchased. A frown marred his normally handsome face as the front screen showed an announcement that an app had successfully downloaded. He swiped to the right, and stared at the app on the homescreen. “Chronivac.” He said the funny word out loud, wondering exactly how to pronounce it. He had never heard of such an app before and as his index finger tapped the icon, Nate held his breath. It would be just his luck that the app was actually a virus. He tapped his foot impatiently as he waited, but immediately he found himself impressed as the screen to came to life. It didn’t appear to be malware at all, but rather a very detailed software program for designing video-game avatars and such. Much to his surprise there was a character already preloaded on the platform. Nate found himself blushing slightly as he looked at what appeared to be a very naked, cartoonish version of Matt on the screen. With a shake of his head, Nate tossed the tablet down on the couch before moving to pace back and forth. Off to both sides of the screen there had been different kinds of sliders. On the left, ones for personality-- while the right seemed to control the character’s appearance. There was also a seperate section where he could type stuff in, maybe cheat codes or something like that, but he wasn’t exactly sure. Nate huffed as he sat back down, making some quick adjustments on the lit up screen. For the most part everything seemed to be on a ten point scale, with ten being the highest and zero bringing the trait to nearly non existent. The first one he slid down was the character’s aggression from a ten to five. Certainly that would make Matt a little more pleasant and calm, even if it was just for a video game. Next he began playing with the sexual orientation settings. There were just so many to choose from and some of them he didn’t even understand. Obviously the main two, hetero and homo, were on opposite ends of the spectrum with many choices in between. As he began sliding the bar down from heterosexual, he paused briefly on demisexual and pan but ultimately decided on bi with a male preference-- just one slot above full blown gay. If this actually worked, it would be nothing short of a miracle. Nate sat the tablet down again, but realized he wasn’t done. No matter how much he changed Matt’s personality or, though he hadn’t yet, Matt’s physique, he understood that their friendship would never be the same. A thought occurred to him, and Nate suddenly clicked on the other screen. He started typing in, ‘make Matt and I friends again’, but wouldn’t it be so much better if they had never gone without? Nate held the arrow down until all of the words disappeared, and with a new boldness he typed in ‘Matt and I never stopped being friends’. Immediately there was a whirlwind of hot air around him as Nate pressed the enter key. He could feel new memories of him and Matt pressing into his mind, one’s from the past five years that hadn’t been there before. Dropping the tablet on the couch, Nate clutched his head. There was no way this could be happening. And yet not even a second later his cell phone pinged-- a message from Matt lighting up the screen. -Be there in 5 Nate’s heart skipped a beat as he read the message over and over. It wasn’t until he heard a loud knock on his front door that he realized this was all actually real. His palms were sweaty and his knees were shaking, yet he flung open the door and put on his best smile. “Well it’s about damn time!” Matt snarled as he pushed past Nate into the apartment. “For a second there, I almost had to wait.” Nate chuckled nervously as he watched his friend barge into the living room. As he sat down on the couch Nate’s eyes almost bugged out of his head-- the tablet! But Matt could have cared less as he tossed the thing onto Nate’s coffee table with a four pack of IPAs. “Brought my own beer since I know all you ever have is that watered down shit.” “H-hey now!” Nate sat down next to Matt, a hurt look on his face. “I actually kind of like O’Doul’s.” “You know who like’s O’Doul’s? People who are too stupid and poor to buy a real man’s beer.” Nate cringed as he watched Matt pop the top off his beer bottle, letting the lid fly halfway across the room. Matt glanced at Nate with a smug look on his face but made no move to go pick it up. “Kind of spruces the place up, don’t ya think?” Nate could feel his blood beginning to boil as his heart beat thumped in his ears. With an angry scowl he swiped the tabet off the table and didn’t even hesitate to open up the app. Matt glanced at him over his beer, but Nate was too preoccupied at the moment to care. His fingers swiped left and right at a furious pace across the screen-- fully submissive, lesser intelligence. Nate looked up at Matt as his hand moved over towards the right side of the screen. Suddenly the muscles on the cartoonish looking avatar pushed out as Nate slid the bar from jock up to meat head. A nice red patch of fur began spreading across the character’s chest and abs too. It pushed out thicker and fuller the further Nate slid the setting. Soon even a full beard appeared across the strong squared off jaw. Just like before, a whirlwind of warm arm suddenly blew through the apartment. Only this time it seemed to focus more on Matt as the waves hit him hard. The red head shot to his feet, seemingly grunting in pain. His clothes exploded off of him as within minutes the jock added pounds upon pounds of muscle to his frame. The now amature body builder stumbled over towards Nate’s bed, his tighty-whities transforming before their very eyes into that of a white jockstrap instead. Crawling up onto the bed on all fours, Matt glanced back at Nate over his much broader shoulder, wiggling his rounded perfectly muscled ass. “C’mon baby, you’re not going to let all this hard work go to waste are you?” Nate could barely see the ginger’s lip sticking out in a pout, as his full beard hid some of that bottom lip. With a shake of his head and quite a bit of shock, Nate looked down at the tablet in hand before glancing back up at his clueless friend. This app, this very powerful, life-altering, amazing app had just transformed Matt into the perfect boyfriend-- and he couldn’t help but wonder what else it could do. He took a step closer towards Matt and smiled, but paused abruptly when the tablet gave a slight buzz. As he lifted the screen up to his face, he noticed a second profile had now been added. One with his very own name and appearance on the tab. Nate’s finger hesitated before clicking and opening the new screen. There seemed to be much different sliders on his profile, and an update to the program suggested that they’re were now new templates that could be uploaded as well. He quickly flipped through them-- a picturesque white sandy beach, a dimly lit dungeon with chains, or an apartment-- much like his own, but a little bit bigger and nicer. With a simple shrug, Nate selected the last one, and went back to the previous screen where he increased his confidence and wealth. The odd warmth passed through the apartment again, but this time, Nate felt a slight headache slam into him along with the heat. As the apartment seemingly morphed around the two men, Matt seemed to grow even happier as he now laid on a king sized bed in a much more luxurious room. Matt beckoned to him again and this time Nate bounded forward without any trepidation. Matt easily lifted Nate onto the bed with his huge, bulky arms, teasing Nate’s soft, brunette hair with his strong fingers before flipping him over. Immediately the big ginger went to town rimming Nate’s hole and within minutes he found himself writhing under the larger man’s grasp. Nate was a moaning and groaning mess as Matt pushed his tongue deeper. “That’s right, eat me out you fuck!” Nate screamed while pinching one of Matt’s hard nipples on his wide, muscled chest. “Make sure you get me good and ready for your huge dick this time, babe. I can’t have my precious hole hurt by my big, brustish slave!” The now eager to please, completely subservient meat-head, began to lick and nibble with more enthusiasm than before. Though Matt was the taller and more heavily muscled male, it was evident that Nate was the power-bottom master. And if Matt didn’t please him well, Nate vowed to never pork his asshole again. Finally convinced that he was prepped enough, Matt flipped Nate onto his back before spreading his long, toned legs. Matt placed the head of his meat against Nate’s rim before looking up for permission-- a simple nod. With a long sexy moan, Matt forced all of his cock in at once. “Yes! Fuck! Your dick feels so good! Now pound my ass and make me cum crazy hard!” The big red head did as he was commanded and grabbed on to Nate’s hip. “Fuck babe, you’re always so tight!” Matt responded. “The best!” Caught up in the moment, Nate reached out and wrapped his arms around Matt’s thick neck before kissing him fiercely. Matt almost came right then and there from how perfect everything was, but he knew better. He knew that Nate needed to cum first or he would lose. Matt pounded into him faster, and with a low guttural moan Nate could feel himself grow close. Nate could feel the big man lean forward, his lips brushing against his throat. Knowing Matt, he was trying to leave a hickey or two there. Wetness suddenly splashed against Matt’s abs as Nate let himself explode. “Now fill me with your cum!” Nate demanded. “And don’t you dare stop pounding until I get all of the cum from those big, testosterone filled balls.” He knew that with those words Matt wouldn’t be able to resist, and with an eruption that could rival a volcano, the larger man released a torrent of cum. After a little while, Matt started to slow down his pace as his cock jerked with a final spurt. He flipped Nate onto his chest with his cock still plugged into him. “I love you,” he whispered, before kissing Nate on the top of his head. “Love you too babe,” Nate smiled, moving his way up to Matt’s mouth before kissing him hard. The two laid there for a bit until finally Nate decided to get up and take a shower. He couldn’t help but muse about how perfect his life was, as he rinsed the remnants of soap from his hair. Who would have thought that some ten dollar tablet from a thrift shop-- Nate froze-- --Tearing the shower curtain back as he heard Matt frantically curse. Nate didn’t even bother to dry off as he ran back into the bedroom. A horrified expression crossing his face as Matt stood there violently shaking and shouting at the CVac Pro. “What the hell did you do?” Nate screamed as he aggressively ripped the tablet from Matt. The screen was lit up with a bunch of error messages while the CVac Pro vibrated non stop. The program seemed to be frozen as the tablet grew hot to the touch. Apparently, Matt had uploaded some sort of preset function, but he had pushed all of the sliders over to max. The biggest whirlwind of warm air yet, suddenly blew into the apartment causing Nate to double over in pain. As he dropped the tablet, Nate saw the words ‘leather daddy’ scrawled under the massive avatar under his own profile tab. He could feel Matt’s arms snake around him in a comforting way, but Nate angrily shoved him off. Running back for the bathroom, Nate could feel some of the physical and mental changes already starting to take hold. “Argh! Fuck!” He screamed as his shoulders rammed into the doorframe. His voice was like a low rumble of thunder as he growled and continued to push his way into the bathroom. Making it in only one the wood around the frame finally cracked and gave way. Wave after wave of changes crashed over him as he stood in front of the mirror. The first thing he noticed was the hair missing from the top of his head, but it didn’t just disappear-- no! It seemed to redistribute itself all over Nate’s body, growing thicker, darker and a little more dense. Nate ran a big paw down over his chest stopping to scratch at the jet black fur sprouting from his pits. Another wave of heat crashed into Nate and he grunted, squeezing his eyes shut in pain. When he opened them again he couldn’t believe the reflection in the mirror was his. Nate flexed his chest, watching as his already enormous pecs expanded even more. His arms were getting larger, his legs thickening as they fought for space. His face was changing too as his jaw grew more square. With one swift motion, Nate brought his arms up and flexed a double bicep into the mirror. He looked at his own image in amazement, his forearms and biceps were huge and growing even larger. Veins throbbed over them, skin rippled as it was pulled taunt. As he continued to feel the waves of heat slam into him, he swore the muscles all over his body seemed to crawl, flex and grow taking on a life of their own. He growled slightly in pain again, only this time he fucking liked it. His immense pecs continued to balloon outward, round and full, exploding against his massive arms. Nate’s erect nipples pointed upwards. Nate stood up to his full six and a half foot height, now fully embracing the changes and the pain. In a matter of minutes he had been transformed into some kind of hairy, muscle beast. He felt so horny, so alive, so-- powerful. “Nate?” Matt gasped as he stood in the doorway. The three hundred and fifty pound mountain of muscle turned to him with a smirk. As his massive cock rose and his balls began to swell, Nate’s face suddenly changed from a healthy boyish glow to that of a middle-aged man. “You’ve changed me,” he growled. His voice so deep it sent visible shudders down Matt’s spine. “N--n--no..” But gone was the warm brown twinkle in his eye, as he fixed Matt with a very stern grey. He took a long, satisfying deep breath, as he turned further towards Matt. A grin drew across his lips as a strong leathery and sweat mixed musk burned in his nostrils. With a quick sniff, Nate’s hand brushed the septum piercing above his top lip before giving a tug to the ring pierced through his left nip. A similar ring adorned his right nipple as well only further adding to Nate’s new persona as ‘Daddy’. Nate stared menacingly at Matt as he stepped forward, his cock springing to full mast at a hard thirteen inches. He was caught off guard as a fifth and final wave rolled over him. Memories suddenly erased while others imposed-- Nate could feel himself growing more aggressive and horny while dominant and kinky. Visions of him chaining Matt up and pissing on him consumed his thoughts. He wanted to fist his little slave, demanding that the boy worship his big, alpha muscles. His head rolled back against his broad shoulders as he let out a rumble deep from within his chest. He wanted to grow even bigger, stronger, fuck! There wasn’t enough gear in the world to quench his hunger for more. Suddenly an intense tingling sensation coursed through out Nate’s body. He looked down then, feeling his pecs strain as he flexed. A leather harness had materialized around his chest, while a matching black jock struggled to contain his more than impressive bulge. His large muscular bubble butt was left on display, the chaps only seeming to accentuate Nate’s huge, furry ass. “N-- Nate?” Heavy, leather boots scuffed across the floor while Matt cowered underneath him. But that wasn’t right. “It’s Nathan,” he replied gruffly. “But I’ve told you before boy, you call me Master.” “Ye- ye- yes, Master,” Matt whimpered and almost immediately he fell to his knees. As Nathan turned awkwardly to pass through the much-to-narrow doorway, Matt leaned up, his big doe eyes looking pleadingly at Nathan as his hands brushed against the giant cock. With a snarl Nathan wrapped his big hand around the man’s scrawny neck, hoisting him into the air with one arm while carrying him out into a much bigger bedroom. Dark mahogany woodwork and red walls greeted the two men as Nathan sat down on the edge of his bed. With Matt draped over his enormous quads, Nathan brought his huge paw down across Matt’s rounded ass. “How many times have I told you not to touch Master’s possessions without permission?” he bellowed. Nathan spanked Matt a few more times, stopping only one a bright red handprint was visible across both cheeks. As he stood Matt and himself up, Nathan sauntered over to the dresser before pulling out a metal collar and cock cage. “Put these on,” Nathan said as he tossed both items back towards Matt. He licked his lips as he watched the cage lock tightly around Matt’s plump cock before wrapping his hand around the kid’s neck and kissing him roughly. Lifting the ginger easily with his huge, burly arms, Nathan tossed Matt over his impossibly broad shoulders before heading out of the room. “Fuck, boy. Daddy’s hungry,” he groaned, slamming the door closed behind him as he headed down the stairs to his dungeon.
  7. RosieWorships

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Three)

    *Through out the entire month of December, I will be posting 12 short MG stories. Each one will be a little different, and hopefully everyone will find something to enjoy! Let's begin... One “Oh, Nick!” You could hear your mother's laughter floating up the stairs along with a couple of odd sounding grunts. There was a loud scuffle, and what sounded like a moan. But this time there was no mistaking the man’s deep booming voice. “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” Your head shot up, and with another laugh you heard your mom frantically try to shush the man. It was a little too late though, considering your interested had already been piqued. So flinging back the covers, you pulled on some flannel sleep pants and crept out of your room. With a shake of your own head, you knew better than to sneak down and spy on your mother. Afterall, at nineteen years old you yourself were insistent that their needed to be boundaries. But there was just something about that voice. Something you needed to see for yourself. You hadn’t been home for a few months, and much to your mother’s disappointment you’d been unable to make it around Thanksgiving either. But as far as you knew, your mother didn’t have a boyfriend. And your father? Well, you didn’t even know his name. You continued to tiptoe down the staircase until the man in question along with your mother finally came into view. You were quite impressed with how authentic looking his Santa suit was-- a deep crimson colored satin outlined with the purest white fur. Your mother however, at only thirty-seven years young, while still sporting a firm and curvaceous body you wished she’d had on a bit more clothes. In nothing more than a lacy black bra and a matching thong, she sat in the big man’s lap moaning for more. As he brushed one of the curls back from your mother’s pretty face, you caught a glimpse into those familiar pools of his, like steaming hot chocolate. You even let out a slight gasp as the hat finally fell from his head. A strong, squared off jaw and perfectly sculpted cheekbones, you were surprised by how handsome this Santa looked-- and young! With his salt and pepper hair styled into the perfect fade, you found yourself snickering. Wasn’t Santa supposed to be old and fat? But this guy couldn’t have been much older than his late forties and even from here you could see how his musculature rippled underneath that red suit. Much to your horror you could feel your cock start to harden as the man pulled your mother in for a long, rough kiss. “Tell me darlin, have you been a good girl this year?” He asked as he finally pulled back. Your mother could only whimper in response as the man’s huge paw dove between her legs. “Then let me be your first present tonight.” And with that Santa stood, towering over your mother as he brought her along to her feet. You could see a sparkle in his eye as he looked down at your mum longingly. Without waiting a beat she pushed the red fabric down from Santa's shoulders, already snug but now it seemed to be growing tight across his ever bulging body. Wait, that couldn't be right. But it was. Santa was actually growing right before your eyes! His pants grew tight as he adjusted his stance, massive quads filling them up as they fought against each other for space. As your mother gently caressed the man's growing arms, his muscles surged even more. His pecs jutted out. “Oh-ho-yes!” Santa groaned, and with the greatest of ease he lifted your mother to his massively chiseled chest with a single gigantic arm. Santa's abs were growing more sculpted too, pushing out with not four or six but eight powerful bricks. As his quads exploded to the size of oak trees, you found yourself wondering how the material of his pants hadn't ripped. That wasn't all that seemed to be growing as you finally spotted a red, angry prick poking out the top of Santa's waistband. Your mother, while looking positively tiny pressed against his thick, growing pecs, noticed it to as she tried to grip more of it with her hand. She seemed to struggle at first, until finally she reached beneath her and shoved down his pants. His fat cock slapped free, easily as big around as a pool noodle while his enormous, softball sized nuts dangled between mighty trees. Your mother's moans of approval could be heard as Santa suddenly hunched forward and flexed. With all his might, the man was massive! Absolutely beyond powerful and huge. No way would he be fitting down anymore chimneys that night. You looked down at your own pasty white arms, the muscle there resembling something more like mosquito bites. How you wished you could grow big and strong. With a moan you gripped your steely hard length. Just the thought of yourself growing bigger had it pulsing harder and longer than ever before. As Santa laid your mother down on her back, you knew you should have fled back up to your room. But you couldn't tear your eyes away from such a magnificent sight. Looming over her on all fours, his perfectly round striated pecs hung over her face. Her lips affectionately wrapped around one of his rock hard nipples while her nails scraped the mass across his back. Lats flared so wide, his wingspan looked more like a veiny mountain range now. His thirty inch biceps creaked and bulged too. Excitement shot through you and clearly Santa too, as he easily shredded your mother's bra with his new found strength. “Did you remember to leave out any milk and cookies?” he rumbled. He gently kneaded one of your mother's large breasts before bending forward. “Afterall, I'm a huge, growing man. And baby, I'm hungry.” You pretty much lost it after that. Standing up and leaning against the railing as you watched Santa work over your mother's perfect tits before moving down to eat out her pussy. The staircase creaked loudly as you adjusted your stance. And you were so horny, it took both of your hands to get around your thick, growing shaft. Your head flung back as you let out a deep, sexy moan. You looked back up in shock though, your voice was much deeper than just a moment ago. As you looked down at your cock in hand, you saw how your veiny forearms bulged with power. “Oh fuck yes. This feels so--” “Andy?” Your mother gasped as she and Santa spotted you on the staircase. “What are you-- oh no, not you too!” Santa stood up then and pulled your mother close. A mischievous twinkle sparkled in those eyes, the same color as your own. “That's my son,” you heard him exclaim. “And don't worry boy, Santa knows where all the naughty girls live.”
  8. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 4

    I really enjoy writing this one! Thanks for reading, and the encouragement is always appreciated 💋🌹
  9. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 4

    Thanks everyone! I'll be taking a quick break to focus on 12 mini Christmas MG stories, but I'll be back soon and rest assured Teddy will grow bigger and better than ever! 💪
  10. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 4

    It's definitely coming... 💋
  11. RosieWorships

    Stories featuring boxing, fighting, wrestling

    More along the lines of MMA than traditional boxing.
  12. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 4

    Haha, thanks! Need a little milk to help wash down all that pie? 😈💋💪 A fan I totally spared from pitchforks! 🤣💋
  13. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 4

    Part Four- -You know he's cheating on you... right? My thumb hovered over the yellow SEND button as I adjusted myself under the sheets. I looked down at my bare torso for a moment, admiring the impressive pump from my intense workout earlier. My pecs were down right massive, jutting out from my chest a few inches, while my arms looked freakishly vascular. Something I had definitely never experienced before, along with traps that actually rose as I shrugged. I gave my left bicep a little flex, a peak the size of a softball raising there as my right hand finally pressed the button. I let out a breath I hadn't even realized I was holding. My whole night had been spent back and forth texting Rose. There was something about her that I foundintriguing, and it wasn't just because her tits produced muscle growing milk. I'd asked her to come over, but she had declined- using Jayson as her excuse. And it's not exactly like I could get mad at her if she refused again or said no. Sighing heavily I leant back against the pillows of my bed, my thoughts quickly becoming one jumbled up mess. I could think of nothing more than Rose and my continued growth. I wanted to dominate that woman, bring her the most amazing pleasure that she absolutely deserved. But even now I was still so fucking small. Soon though, soon I would be as big as him. I could feel my dick beginning to rise in my pants. The idea of uncontrollable growth edging me on. I nudged and played with my cock, quickly bringing it to full mast. Fuck, it was so much thicker and longer than it had been before. But that wasn't the kind of growth that the rest of me craved. I didn't want to seem ungrateful, but next time I'd definitely be putting all two thousand on the left. I had just started to doze when suddenly the familiar whistle of my texts went off. My heart skipped a beat, hell I think at one point I might have even flatlined. Either way, I slowly lifted the phone to my face and swiped right, then held my breath again as I opened my messages. One word. A single syllable response was all it took to deflate me. I jumped out of bed, tossing the phone down on the mattress. -Fine... I glanced back down at the tiny, white screen again. What the hell was I thinking-- she was actually on her way. I looked around at my cluttered apartment, quickly springing into action as I kicked dirty clothes into the closet and under my bed. I stumbled over to the kitchen sink next. No way would I have time to wash all those dishes, so I threw a few towels over them and hoped for the best. I had just finished flipping over the couch cushions when there was a quick knock at the door. With my mouth agape, I suddenly felt the cool air against my body. Shit, I had forgotten clothes. “Just a minute!” I hollered as I rushed back into my room. I pulled on an orange under armour tee shirt, but damn was it tight. It would have to do though, I thought to myself as I hurried back out to the front door. I took a few calming breaths and counted to ten. “Hey,” I smiled as I leaned against the door jam. I shook my head at my own poor attempt in trying to be sexy. I hadn't had much experience with dating and women. Ok, lie. I hadn't had ANY experience at all. “Wow.” I watched Rose's mouth fall open slightly as her eyes roamed over me. “How did this-- wow!” My eyebrows creased as I looked down at her. And then it hit me. “I grew a little again, didn't I?” I left the door wide open as I ran to my bathroom. Rose hesitated for a moment but then quickly followed, making sure to shut the door behind her. I smiled a little as I flexed into the mirror. This was definitely more than just ‘a good pump’. The growth-- the hard, dense muscle underneath my veiny skin. While I was entirely disappointed that my shirt didn't rip to shreds, the sink seemed so much lower to me than usual and that was exciting enough. Not to mention I suddenly realized I had been stumbling all over the place due to the new girth in my thighs. “So what did you mean when you said you grew a little again?” Rose asked as she slid up to me, placing herself between my reflection and the counter. I knew that before all this she was just under six feet, so the fact that I was looking down slightly at her now could only mean one thing. Fuck. I couldn’t help the groan that escaped me as her hands brushed across my shoulders and pecs. “Uh, yeah.” I tried to focus on answering Rose, but her fingers were like magic and the girl definitely knew what she was doing. “When we were at the gym earlier, I grew a little while I was working out.” “Wait-- what?” Rose paused as she pulled back, my body tensing with the loss of her touch. I nodded slowly but didn’t miss the look of concern in her eyes. “I mean, it wasn’t much but--” “You have to understand, Theo, that isn’t normal.” “Because muscle growing tit milk is totally normal in itself?” I shot back. “You have a point,” Rose tilted her head, a slight smile spreading across her lips. “But it’s just-- I don’t know. With you everything feels different.” “How?” My hands had never felt bigger as they slid down her toned arms. I gave her elbows a squeeze as I pulled her closer. Her face flushing as her chest brushed against mine, my head lowering towards her lips. “How?” I asked again. I was so close now, I could smell the scent of honey in her hair. “Usually it takes a few days, sometimes a week for the milk to regenerate. But after you--” She paused as she looked up at me, and for a moment I thought I would lose it as she batted those big doe eyes. “After every time you drink, my body seems to regenerate in an hour or two.” “So you mean--” It was my turn to trail off as my eyes glanced down at her magnificent chest. Her breasts, so full and round, just bobbing under her chin. She nodded her head, looking up at me with a soft whimper. I could see the look of need on her face. The lust in her eyes. “Do they hurt?” “Sometimes,” she admitted. “And this week they’ve been so much fuller too.” I clenched my fist as I turned away. So that was how Jayson had gotten so much bigger in just seven days. “What does your boyfriend think you’re doing right now?” I suddenly asked. “He never came home--” My lips slanted over her mouth, capturing the rest of her words in a passionate kiss. Behind her I gripped her tight, firm ass in my hands, pulling her flush against myself before rocking my hips into her core. I smirked at her gasp, letting her feel exactly what her milk had done. The only thing that overshadowed my desire for growth was my primal need to pleasure this woman. Easily enough, I lifted Rose with my newfound strength and deposited her on the counter. I could feel my dick stir, though it was a simple task, it was something I knew I wouldn’t have been able to perform before. As I pushed her legs open, I let my fingers tease the fabric separating me from her pussy. Her head rolled against her shoulders as she arched her back, and suddenly I saw two wet spots beginning to form. With a fistful of fabric in each of my hands, I shredded the front of her shirt, my eyes greedily drinking her in. I looked up at the longing gaze on her face then back down to her breast. Without the utterance of another word, I took most of her into my mouth, engulfing the whole areola and firmly latching on. I began to suck hungrily, hugging Rose’s torso as I feasted on her left breast. My tongue swirled around the stiff nipple in my mouth, viscerally begging her body to relinquish its delicious milk. Suddenly I felt the sensation of liquid. Slowly but surely growing from small squirts to a more gathered puddle. I was always amazed by how incredibly sweet her bounty tasted. Like ginger and vanilla, or coconut-- or perhaps a light hint of all three. I gulped down her milk as if I had been in a desert, savoring the warmth and rich, creamy flavor on my tongue. Time did not exist as I nourished myself on this woman's breast. And as more of the liquid gold collected in my mouth, I couldn’t help but imagine how this was only going to help make me huge. It was like my own personal heaven, but all too soon her chest was becoming lighter in weight. I gave one final, strong suck, grunting and groaning as I felt the last ounce of growth dribble down the back of my throat. I shifted her in my arms gently as I slowly let her breast slip out from between my lips. “Fuck, Rose,” I growled, the wet nipple brushing against my chin. “That was amazing.” *** I slept terribly that night despite Rose being curled up by my side. My dreams were more like nightmares as I had visions of Brandon draining my milk goddess’ breasts. The sound of his clothes ripping and the floor creaking and groaning in protest underneath his titan weight haunted me. He had just stepped forward with a taunting smile, when suddenly my eyes flew open. A scream of frustration catching in the back of my throat. Sweat poured off my body, every limb feeling like it was weighed down. At first it was hard for me to even move, but then a smile quickly spread across my face. I longed to jump out of the bed to see my progress, but Rose was still sound asleep. Her head resting against one of my large, solid pecs. I lifted the thin sheet that covered us and smirked even more. My cock shot up in length, thickening and getting longer, as I realized I could barely see it over my bulging chest. I could feel the veins snaking across it, pulsing thicker as I ran my hand from the base to the top. Shit, it was just so fucking hard. From beside me, Rose slowly began to stir. She had looked so peaceful as she slept. Her long eyelashes fanning her cheeks where a splattering of freckles seemed to adorne them along with her nose. As she popped up, I chuckled lowly as she slowly rubbed the sleep from her twinkling green eyes. “Oh my god, Teddy. You’re fucking massive,” she breathed. I had previously hated when people called me that, but there was just something about hearing it tumble from those full, luscious lips. I wanted to impress her even more, make her scream my name over and over for days. Lifting one of my huge arms, I brought it up into a flex. “I fucking love this,” I groaned, watching the peak of my bicep rose to greater heights. “Yes! More!” I roared, watching as the veiny ball of muscle swelled even bigger. I sat up a little then as did Rose, her eyes roaming my body as the sheet fell to my waist. I could feel how my lats flared across my massive back when I shrugged. My thick traps raising as I did, encompassing my neck with enormous muscle nearly to my ears. Rose looked incredibly sexy as she bit down on her lower lip. Her hands swept over my biceps, pinching and trailing up the pencil thick veins that criss-crossed over my arms. I let my own hand run down along her sexy backside, lifting her up slightly as I pulled her onto my lap. As soon as her core came into contact with my steely hard fuck meat, Rose’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped into an o. “Geezus Teddy, you’re as big as--” “Don’t say his name,” I growled, and immediately Rose pulled back. I hadn’t meant for my voice to sound so harsh, and something I never wanted to see again flashed across her face. “I’m sorry,” I apologized, fisting her hair and dragging her mouth over mine. When we finally broke the kiss, I noticed how she seemed to struggle to straddle over my now redwood sized legs. Fuck. FUCK! I could feel the power in my calves as well. And without even looking I knew my enormous quads would have that tear-drop shape that would make my knees look sunken in. I admit I was caught up in a moment of self worship with my own size and power, when without warning, Rose suddenly flung back the sheets. Her eyes sparkled in excitement at the sight of me, and I watched in eager anticipation as she crawled closer, pushing her way up between my thighs. I let out a deep moan as Rose hugged her warm, soft tits around my large, angry prick. With a mighty twitch, my cock throbbed as she pumped her breasts up and down. A pearl of my pre-fuck glistening at the tip. It was obvious that with just a few more strokes my shaft was going to blow. I couldn't believe how much pleasure I could receive from one woman's breasts. “Oh god, Rosie!” I yelled. “Fuck! Oh fuck yes!” I could feel my prick lengthen as cum travelled up my cock. “I’m gonna-- I’m gonna--” My head flung back as I roared, grunting and growling while I came and flexed. Another tremendous quiver encouraged a second stream. The hot surge of thick spunk rocketed between us, exploding and landing between my bulging, sweaty pecs. My breathing was ragged as I watched Rose sit back. Her eyes were filled with so much need as she offered up her full breasts once again. "Please Teddy, I need you to grow," she moaned. No way I could argue with that...
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    The Price of Milk Part 3

    This is by far the best compliment a writer could ever be presented with. Thank you so much, and I'm actually posting Part 4 right now! 😊
  15. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 3

    How HUGE can you dream? 😈 Haha, but in all seriousness, thanks for reading! 💋

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