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    Fight Night

    Thank YOU so much for reading 😉 Thank you for the encouragement and continued support!
  2. RosieWorships

    Fight Night

    “Geezus, Cage! Get him off the fucking fence!” I yell. I see your arms wrap around Sanders’ middle section yet again, but the little shit has been holding on to the cage all goddamn night. I’m not sure what the hell the ref is doing-- if he’s been paid off by Sanders’ team or if he really just doesn't see it. I see you duck your head as you release Sanders’ but it’s a second too late and his left hook lands successfully on the side of your head. I wince as I see the red spray and your head whip to the side. Feedback comes from your right ear, trickling down the side of your cheek. You should have been able to block that punch, but you’re right eye is swollen shut. It’s been your downfall since the start of the fifth round. “C’mon baby! You’ve got this!” I scream at the top of my lungs again, willing my voice to reach you over the roar of the crowd. I’m not sure if you actually hear me or not, but I see a nod and a grin spread across your face as you throw a blind punch to Sanders’ abdomen. I smile too as I watch the air and spit get forced out of his mouth. That seemed to be all the encouragement you needed as you struck another blow. You manage a composed left hook to his cheek, being able to see out your left eye. Surprisingly, the punch knocks Sanders’ head to the side with enough force to cause him to go down. You’re on him in a heartbeat, relentlessly delivering jab after jab with your left hand. It doesn’t last long though as you’ve left your right side vulnerable. Of course Sanders attacks with a low blow the second he gets an opening. “Oh for fucks sake!” I scream, tugging on my brunette locks as I watch the referee shrug and do nothing. Sanders’ fist lands on an already bruised region in your rib cage, I see you cry out before doubling over in pain. Your knee drops to the canvas, a taunting smile plays on Sanders’ lips as he stands over you. I try to bolt forward as I see his fist reel back. He screams as he throws the punch and it lands satisfyingly across your face. Your head snaps back and then your entire body seems to go limp. “Cage!” I scream out but the body guards you’ve hired hold me back. Aside from the sound of my own frantic sobs, there’s a pin drop silence in the stadium-- no cheers or waving signs or even any flashing lights. It’s like the entire venue stands still as they gape at the jumbotron zoomed in on your motionless body. Not a single muscle twitches and if it wasn’t for the steady rise and fall of your chest, I’d probably have thought you were dead. My eyes sting as they flick over to the ref. He lets out a breath before rushing to your side. He starts tapping the canvas on a countdown and the crowd finally seems to blink out of their stupor. “One!” his hand slams next to your head. “Two--” I wrestle out of Aaron and Julian's grasps as I see you push up to your feet. I fly down the steps to the ring as the referee blows his whistle and the three ring bell signals the end of the round. Your coach shakes his head as he sees me approach. “It doesn’t look good, kid,” he says. But I ignore him as I rush into the cage, pushing past the sea of trainers and paramedics to get to you. “You can’t be in here,” the referee snarls as he sees me enter the ring. My hair flies out around me as his large hand grips my upper arm and whips me around. “And who’s going to stop me?” I growl. My eyes narrow slightly as I press my chest against his black and white striped shirt. His nostrils flare as he looks down at me but there’s no way I’m backing down. “How much are they paying you anyways?” I tilt my head to the side with a derisive snort. I can feel his grip immediately loosen and I wrench my arm free. As I turn back around I sigh slightly in relief. You’re sitting up now at least, and somewhat back to your feisty self. I can see you swat at the hand of an EMT as he presses his fingers to your ribs. “Cage!” Immediately you look up at me and a tight smile strains your lips. You raise your left arm to catch me, and though I know you’re in tremendous pain, you know I need this. Need to hold you, feel you. I hiccup slightly as the tears fall freely now. “I should have let you take that pill,” I cry. I shake my head sadly as I pull the the tiny yellow tablet from out of my back pocket. “I’m so sorry baby, this is all my fault.” “Hey, hey, hey. Stop that,” you shush me as you cup my face with your hands, turning my head slightly to look up at you. “This was not your fault,” you say. “This was nobody's fault but my own. Sanders is prepared. He’s faster than I anticipated, stronger. He has moves--” “Yeah, illegal ones!” I cut you off as I angrily grind my jaw. “He’s such a coward!” I shake my head and sigh. At this point, I’m thinking it’s even a miracle you’re still alive. I hear the ref tell the med team to get out and I lean forward to press my lips against yours. As I suddenly pull back I shove the capsule into your mouth. “Baby-- mmph!” I clamp my hand over your mouth as I reach down for your red and white sports bottle. “I need you to win,” I whisper against your ear. I tilt your head back before pouring the water into your mouth. With just a single gulp, you immediately start to look better. The swelling around your eye diminishes and if I’m not mistaken, your muscles look a little more pumped. Suddenly I find myself being pulled backwards by a pair of sweat-soaked brawny arms wrapping around my midsection. Glaring bright lights flash in my face as I feel a set of thin lips press harshly against my own. “Soon I’ll have taken his title, his money, and then-- I’ll even take his girl!” I push back against Sanders’ sweaty chest in disgust. Snarling before slapping him hard across the cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I see you rise. Your slightly ballooning pecs heave as you roll your head back and forth against massive shoulders. Even your shorts seem to ride up now, revealing deep cuts in your thick powerful legs. The changes are too subtle for anyone outside of the cage to notice, but I can see them. And as Sanders slowly starts to back up, I know he does too. I blink once and swear you look even bigger. The veins crawling over your biceps bulge as they pump even more power into the mounds of muscle. You grin at my gasp as I watch you flex your entire body. Your lats flare out, almost like you're growing wings and your traps rise just a little bit higher. With two long strides, you move forward and pull me back from Sanders. I can feel your body hulking out around me, filling ever so slowly with even more insane muscle. “Call it,” you growl. Sanders looks over at the referee and gives a tiny shake of his head. The ref turns to you, and a look of fear flashes in his eye as he watches your ever broadening frame rise and fall. “Call the fucking round, now!” I shiver at the deepening timbre and authority in your voice. Your arm wraps around me, tightly, pulling me in for a long, needy kiss. You release me suddenly and shove me out of the cage. Pointing to somewhere behind the crowd. “Wait for me, and be ready.” Your tone leaves no room for discussion. I slowly head up the stairs, listening to the sounds of you beating Sanders into a bloody pulp. I hear him let out a scream, so guttural and ear-splitting, I know you’ve broken something of his. I barely make it back into the tunnel when I hear the MC and the ring of the final bell. “And winner by way of TKO- Cage Jamison!” I can hear the crowd erupt into a roar of approval, but I don't turn around. I proceed to the locker room and wait , just like you tell me to. A few minutes go by when the door opens abruptly, your large frame fills the entire doorway as I catch glimpses of the media frenzy behind you. I jump up immediately and rush to your side. “Fuck baby--" I gasp, but you cut me off with a growl. Your eyes burn with need and you look so damn big, so intimidating and strong. I know it's pointless to argue. Especially as you kick the door to the locker room shut behind us. I notice how your nostrils flare and your chest heaves as you look down at me from your impressive six-foot-five height. Somehow that tiny pill had turned you into a hulking demigod.  "I warned you to be ready for me." My eyes widen at the deepness in your voice. I push slightly against your monstrous sweat slicked body, but you don't stop moving forward. "So, I'll only ask you once baby-- are you?" I tense as your warm breath fans against my soft skin. "No," I say weakly. "I just--"  You nuzzle my earlobe as your big, warm hands roam the length of my body. I'm barely able to think as your strong fingers slide up underneath my shirt and teak one of my rock hard nipples. "You just what?" You whisper. The muscles in your back and shoulders go rigid as you slam your other hand along side me, boxing me in.  I'm trembling visibly, shuddering with each passing second. I'm unable to focus on anything but your touch. Your thick, muscled quad is shoved deliciously between my thighs. Every bulge, every flex ignites something inside me that aches for more. My hands greedily explore the planes of your chest before dipping down below, pressing my fingertips into the ridges of your six pack. It's your massive arms though, that I love the most. Slowly, I drag my palms over the bulging peaks. Your body vibrates with the immense potential of your strength. You look down at me and smirk, knowing how easily you could dominate me-- knowing I wouldn’t have the strength to resist you. With a soft moan I tilt my head to the side. "Just--" was all I could manage to reply.  "Just remembering that you're mine?" As your lips crash into mine, they leave a wet trail down my jaw to my exposed neck. Suddenly you pull away, your fingertips caress my cheek. You raise up to loom over me again and with one look at your face, I know you’re going to take me-- right here, right now. “Cage,” I whimper. "You belong to me." I gasp as your lips assault me and your strong fingers dig into my hip bone. If I don't have bruises there tomorrow, I'll be surprised. As your lips hungrily trail down my jaw to my neck, my brain refuses to form sentences. Hell, it was difficult to even think of words. "Wait," I finally cry out. Arching my back, I shove against your heavily muscled and very naked torso, but this action only seems to arouse you more. Snarling with excitement, you pin me even harder against your body. It’s as if you’re trying to show me your strength-- your dominance. I can't help the slight moan that escapes my lips. My body melts into yours. "I’m not going to be able to stop,” you warn. Your voice has grown so much rougher, more deep and sexy-- it’s hard for me to deny you. My flesh feels like it’s on fire as you wrap my legs around your waist. I’m practically aching for your lips to lick and soothe my searing, white hot flesh. I clutch at your impossibly large shoulders, massive traps and thick, bulging delts-- unsure if I can pull you any closer than you already are. I need to feel you, worship you and marvel at your superhuman, overpowered body. Your hand lowers between us and I feel your fingers shove my thong aside. I hiss slightly as you cup me roughly before letting a digit slip between my swollen folds. "Cage!" My voice returns full force as I feel your hardness pulsing between my thighs. I need a moment to mentally prepare but you give none. Your breathing becomes ragged and your lips quickly move to mine. Your tongue demands that I give, that I submit, but we both know that's not in my nature. I shove against you once more, but you grab my wrists with one hand and pin them high above my head so I can't move. Pulling back, your burning gaze angrily meets my own. I watch as your eyes take on a darkened gleam. "You enjoy this, don't you?" Your chest swells with pride. "Your body wants me. Craves a strong, powerful man that can either protect or dominate you." I struggle against you for a moment, the words, "you're delusional," fall from my lips. With a roar, your hips move against me before sliding your erection over my damp sex. I'm not even sure when you had shredded your pants. "Don't lie to me baby girl," you snarl. "I can sense your excitement." As your head falls against my neck, you let out a groan as if in agony. "I need this." Your voice grows softer as you rock your body against mine seeking entry. "I need to be inside you." I feel you lower me slightly before raising your hips to impale me. "Oh shit," I moan. Apparently even your cock had been affected by that pill. You feel longer, thicker, harder. Usually I loosen up after a few good strokes. But fuck, not tonight. I’m panting now, the air is ripped out of my lungs by your forceful thrusts. I can feel every thick vein and hard ridge as it slides deliciously inside me. Your grunts and snarls signal me that your close. Suddenly your arms pull me closer as my body spasms against you. “Oh god, Cage!” I shout breathlessly as I hold on to you for dear life. A second later your head flings back and I can feel the heat of your cum splash hot and thick directly against my quivering walls. “Fuck, baby. I love you so much.” Your forehead slumps against mine as you try to catch your breath. “And after tonight, no one will ever threaten to take you from me again.” As my head falls against your pecs, I feel your right arm tighten around me as your left hand gently strokes my hair. “You’re safe now and in case you forgot-- we’re also thirty-five million dollars richer.”
  3. RosieWorships

    Knowing When to Throw in the Towel

    I support your decision, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, right? ❤ Haha But seriously, forget the bullies! They must be lonely and insecure, narcissistic individuals. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent~ E. Roosevelt
  4. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 2

    *blushes* aw, thanks 😘
  5. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 2

    *Taps chin thoughtfully* but maybe there isn't a part 3, and that's why Jayson and the goddess have... disappeared! Hahaha Kidding. Kidding. Thanks, Pops! 6' 4"- 360lbs, wonder how big our main character will get in the end. Who still remains nameless atm. Feel free, ANYONE, to give me suggestions 😆
  6. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk Part 2

    The Price of Milk- Chapter One Chapter Two There was a slight hiss as the door shut behind me and immediately my eyes adjusted to the dark. I moved forward through the thick, heavy fog, my eyes landing on the same luxurious brunette from before. “You get a few seconds to suck each breast once and not a moment more.” While it was obvious that she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever laid eyes on, to her I was clearly just another client. “After today, if you decide you want more, it’s a grand a breast,” she explained. Her voice was cold and mechanical, but I still had no idea what was going on. “I’m sorry, but a grand for what?” For the first time since I had walked into that room, her bright blue eyes darted up to my face. As she flipped a thick curl over her shoulder, I watched as those long, beautiful legs uncrossed before crossing over one another again. “This one will make you taller,” she began as she pointed to the right side of her chest. “It will increase your package,” she gestured towards my crotch, “while clearing up your skin, making you look more handsome and manly.” “This had to be a joke,” I snorted. I swung my neck back and forth as I immediately began looking around for the cameras. “The left side is the one most men decided to take.” The goddess on the bench carried on as though this was a perfectly normal conversation. She looked me dead in the eye as she continued to talk. “You will find that the milk on this side will give you increased muscle mass, strength and endurance. Like I said, it’s usually a thousand dollars a session but I’m doing this as a favor for Jayson. He trusts you, and that’s good enough for me. Be warned though, this information does not leave this room. Jayson is more loyal to me than you-- if you tell anyone about this, he will be forced to terminate you.” “T-- terminate?” I gulped nervously before taking a step back. I suddenly felt more like I was standing in front of the Don, than this gorgeous brunette with an hourglass figure. In nothing more than a black sports bra and some tight fitting shorts, I could tell she was tall-- maybe even close to six feet. She also had wide hips, soft curves and ample breasts. Though it was clear she had never skipped out on her cardio. “I uh-- I really think there’s been some kind of mistake--” “You want to grow right? Bigger than Jayson?” While she seemed more preoccupied with something underneath one of her perfectly manicured nails, I on the other hand, couldn’t hide my embarrassment that Jayson had shared my most private and intimate secret. “Well, I uh--” “Look, I get it,” she said, her hand falling back down to her lap. “Magical breast milk that could make you grow? Has to be too good to be true. But in all honesty what have you got to loose?” As she shrugged her shoulders, I realized she had a point. “If it works, it works. And this just turned into your lucky day. If not-- well, at least you got to suck on a pair of gorgeous tits.” I stood there for a moment, staring at her blankly as she cupped both of her breasts before letting them fall back against her smooth, tight core. She was right. Fuck, I knew she was right. I mean, what else could explain Jayson’s sudden, huge growth spurt? With a lick of my lips, I took another step forward. “So besides Jayson, have you ever transformed anyone else? Maybe someone a little more-- famous?” “Are you seriously asking me for references right now?” Her voice raised incredulously as did the brow over her right eye, but there was a subtle tug on the corner of her lips. “Believe it or not, I actually operate under a client confidentiality law.” I nodded my head as I moved directly in front of her. “You’re right, and I’m sorry,” I said. “I swear I don’t know what got into me.” “It’s alright,” she answered before motioning for me to get on my knees. As I did so, she leaned forward a little, arching her back and right breast towards my face. I too moved forward, my mouth parting ever so slightly while my eyes fluttered closed. As my lips wrapped around the warm, soft flesh I could feel the woman slide closer, whispering in my ear, “Morgan Aste.” My eyes widened as I felt her milk flow into my mouth. It was much sweeter than I was expecting and surprisingly tepid. But what shocked me the most was her declaration that she’d had a hand in growing such a massive muscle monster like Morgan. I was lost in my own thoughts when I suddenly felt her hand tap my shoulder. “That’s enough,” she said, and I felt her pull back out of my mouth. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly disappointed. From what I had witnessed while I had been hiding out in here, it looked like she had let Jayson drain her entire breast. As I looked down at myself, I brought my hand up to my face. The goddess laughed slightly, before covering her mouth. “Unfortunately, it’s not instant.” She answered my unvoiced concerns. “After you’re done here, Jayson will take you back out to the weights. You’ll train hard for at least one hour and when you wake up tomorrow, that’s when you’ll notice the difference.” I nodded my head and turned to the left just as the woman leaned back on her arms. I couldn’t wait another second as I devoured her breast with my lips. This time as I felt her milk let down into my mouth, I couldn’t help but groan a little as the warm, sweetness exploded across my taste buds. It was like honey and euphoria erupting inside me all at once. My hand cupped her tit as she arched into me, causing me to pull more of her breast into my mouth. I swore I could feel it changing me instantly, coursing through my veins and making me grow. My cock stiffened in my gym shorts as I envisioned myself packing hundreds of pounds of muscle onto my frame. My limbs thickened, lengthened and though I was on my knees, I could almost feel my head brushing against the ceiling. I growled deeply as I continued to suckle at the woman’s gorgeous chest. This was all I had ever wanted, to be the biggest and strongest motherfucker on the entire planet. I pictured myself growing out of the room, out of the building, hell I was as tall as a skyscraper and as wide as a mountain. My fantasy ended all too soon, when suddenly I felt a sharp sting against my cheek. “I said that was enough,” she huffed. The slap echoed about the steam room and immediately I pulled back. The buxom brunette looked flustered as she uncrossed her legs and stood up. As she pushed past me, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had imagined the tinge of pink on her cheeks or not. I stood slowly and trailed behind her, vaguely aware of the words she spoke to Jayson as she passed by. He gave her a quick nod and a kiss to her cheek then turned to me with a grin. “Ready to get huge, bro?” The behemoth grasped my shoulder and before I knew it, we had returned to the area with the weights. Jayson pushed me hard and when all was said and done, I found I had completed two hours of some intense lifting and cardio. As I grabbed my stuff out of the locker and headed out to my car, I realized I was sore as fuck and could barely move. “You should grab a bite to eat and then hit the sack,” Jayson called out to me as he too headed towards his car. Eating was the furthest thing on my mind right now but Jayson seemed pretty insistent. “Trust me,” he said, pausing for a brief moment as he attempted to cram his long legs into his prius. “You’ll be thanking me in the morning,” he smirked then slammed his car door shut. I watched with envy as the motion seemed to shake the entire vehicle. I climbed into my own car and sighed as I watched him drive away. Fuck. Even if this did work, where in the hell was I going to come up with two thousand dollars? With a shake of my head I started my car. I drove through the KFC drive thru and took my bucket of grilled chicken straight to my bed. I had just devoured my third piece of juicy white meat when my eyes suddenly drifted shut. Visions of hot, bulging muscle and unrivaled strength seemed to consume the entirety of my dreams. *** When I awoke the next day, I was more sore than I had ever been from any work out before. My limbs felt like they were weighted and stiff as I shifted out of the bed. The bed squeaked in protest as I sat up and swung my legs over the edge. I didn’t think much of it at first-- --Until I did. Suddenly I shot up out of the tangle of blankets and sheets, heading over to nearest full length mirror stumbling and tripping over my own two feet. While my waist seemed to be a little thinner, I noticed how my big, round pecs seemed to hang over my abs... Wait a minute, I thought, my fingers rose to scratch at my beard. “I have pecs!” I blurted out. “And abs!” As I brought my right arm up, I curled my bulkier forearm towards me. I couldn’t help but smile as my left hand rubbed the growing peak. I flexed my thighs next and saw my quads burst with distinct muscle. Not only was my body looking harder, and stronger, I was a little taller too and maybe even a little more rugged or handsome. With a smirk into the mirror, I pushed my shorts down and grabbed onto my thick, meaty cock. I had already had a good seven inches before, but as I watched my own bicep pump up as I jerked, I realized that everything the brunette woman had told me yesterday was true. I began to imagine myself growing even bigger, my eight pulsing inches now leaking with pre. As I ran my hands down over my flexed pecs and much stronger thighs, I instantly exploded. Spraying cum all over my chest and chin. Glancing back at my alarm clock, I cursed silently before hopping into the shower, rushing to get dressed before heading off to work. I didn't have time to stop for breakfast and smirked to myself at the thought. Jayson would have grown last night too, and clearly had anticipated my little self worship session would consume my normal morning routine. Fuck. He must be so fucking huge this morning. I could feel something stir between my legs at the thought of his biceps now shooting up to twenty inches. I wondered if he too woke up alone, or if that gorgeous brunette was right now, making love to her creation. I shook my head a little and adjust myself down below. I was slightly disappointed that nobody seemed to notice much of a difference in me this morning. But honestly-- it didn’t matter. In fact, it only seemed to make me crave more. I knew once I hit the bank and headed back to the gym tonight, I was only going to get bigger. And then? Then maybe people would finally notice. Seven o'clock couldn't have come soon enough and like the rest of the auditors on my floor, we grabbed our shit and headed for the doors. I moved with the sea of people out to the parking garage and slid into my Honda. I had a few stops to make before I could hit the gym. The first one of course was the ATM where I promptly withdrew all two thousand dollars. It left me with a little more than five cents to my name, but without a shadow of a doubt I knew it was worth it. I headed home and grabbed a bite to eat, changing out of my work clothes to dawn my gym shorts and much tighter shirt. While I had grown substantially larger over night, I knew I still wasn’t anywhere near the caliber of Brandon. So even though it was killing me inside, I waited until the clock read nine. Only this time when I got there, neither Jayson nor my milk goddess were anywhere in sight.
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    The Price of Milk

    Soon! 💋 Thx 4 reading 😊
  8. RosieWorships

    The Price of Milk

    Chapter One I sighed heavily as I sat out in my car, staring ahead at the neon yellow and purple lights. I had joined the Planet Fitness about a month ago, back when I had been excited about my decision to embark on this journey of growth. The place was huge, with over three levels of equipment for me to get lost in. And the promise of a judgement free zone had really suckered me in. I was, in fact, quite obsessed with growth. I'd dreamt of building a body like Ferrigno or more recently someone like that kid, Jeff Seid. But at five foot six and barely a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet, it was proving to be more of a challenge than I had originally thought. No matter how many calories I consumed in a day, I couldn't seem to gain any weight. My endurance had improved exceptionally, I could lift smaller amounts of weight for longer periods of time, but nothing I did seemed to bring on any change. I was fed up and broke from constantly trying new supplements. I was on the verge of quitting and not to mention, the whole anti-bullying campaign had turned out to be a joke. I was such a dumbass, thinking things would be different here. I had even signed up for the elitist ‘black’ membership, and look what that got me. A whole fat lotta nothin’. With a shake of my head I stepped out of the car, turning slightly to slam the door behind me. I longed for a day when the vehicle might actually rock back and forth from the force of my own power. But I knew that could only happen if I actually dragged my ass inside. There were no magic potions or pills that could help me, and I really didn't have the money for ‘juice’. I was going to have to rely on good old fashioned hard work, here. And with a signed contract that agreed to an automatic twenty-three dollar withdrawal a month, I wasn't about to let that money just circle the drain. I threw the hood up on my jacket as I headed in, wishing that I could just shrink in on myself as I trudged up the stairs towards the locker rooms on the second floor. I had found that if I waited to work out until after nine, the real gym rats were usually gone by then-- probably tucked into their nice warm beds, cuddling a different woman every night. Needless to say, women didn’t usually give me a second glance, much less a first. “Fucking hell.” I blew out a breath as I rounded the corner by the free weights. I froze in my tracks as my eyes landed on Brandon and two of his muscle-headed goons. My arch-nemesis must have gotten a late start tonight, I thought. Easily the three biggest guys in the gym, and they knew it too. At five-ten, Brandon wasn’t the tallest of the three, but he was the widest and probably out muscled Nathan and Jeremy by thirty or forty pounds. I had found myself standing in the middle of a three-decker-muscle sandwich more than once, and let me tell you, it was not a pleasant place to be. I quickly snuck back behind the wall, and prayed I hadn’t been seen. Thankfully, there was more than one way to the locker room. I pushed open the doors to an area I had never been through before. Infrared saunas lined one wall and massage chairs another. I couldn’t help but smile a little, I had forgotten they had these here. A massage actually sounded quite nice right about now, but it would have to wait. I kept walking, my eyes focusing on a sign at the end of the hall. I realized then that I had yet to use the ‘elite members only steam room’ perk either. My hand reached out for the handle, but the door didn’t budge. Evidently, I needed to swipe my black key card in order to get in. “Holy shit man, check out your pump!” Sweat broke out across my upper lip as I fumbled with the key hanging around my neck. It would be just my luck that Brandon and his buddies would be heading this way. The door lock released and not a moment too soon. As I slipped inside, the steam immediately enveloped me. I blew out a breath as the three large figures passed by without a second glance. It didn’t take long for me to figure out I wasn’t alone though. As I slowly turned around, I suddenly found my eyes widening in disbelief. It was too dark to make out any faces, but through the mist I could see a hulk of a man kneeling before what appeared to be a goddess of a woman. With his heavily muscled arms wrapped tightly around her, I watched her bite down on her lip as she squirmed in his grasp. I heard the soft moans she tried to hold back as her long legs wrapped around his narrow waist. A moment later she was arching into him, the man’s mouth latching onto more of her breast. It was then that he let out a deep, animalistic groan of his own. It was almost erotic in a sense as he finished sucking on her tit. I could feel myself stiffen as his tongue gently swirled around the darkened skin before lapping at her nipple. I couldn’t take anymore. My lungs gasped for air as I burst from the room. My member was still rock hard, but I couldn’t let myself explode. If I thought the torture from Brandon was hell now, I could only imagine how much worse it would be with a large stain in the front of my pants. At the sound of running water, I continued on my way to the locker rooms yet again. I quickly shoved my stuff into the first one available before darting back out towards the equipment. I took a seat and moved the pin up to a weight I felt more comfortable with. Today I had planned to hit my chest, and if I was feeling good enough afterwards, maybe some tris. I tugged on the cords, the weight gliding easily enough. But I was unfocused today, the steam room incident still had me up in arms. It was on my third or fourth rep when a massive body suddenly blocked my line of view. “It’s good to see you’re still here, man,” the deep voice sent shivers down my spine. As I looked up, and up, and up, it dawned on me that Brandon wasn’t the Alpha anymore. “Jayson?” I could feel my eyebrows scrunching together as I looked up at the other man. “What the hell happened to you?” I found myself blurting out. What I really wanted to know though was what the hell was he on? I was dumbfounded as I gazed up at the monster before me. He hadn’t been nearly this big a few weeks ago, but I was sure it was him. I’d never forget those baby blue eyes. “Just a new supplement I’ve been trying out.” He shrugged like it was no big deal. I admit I’d only seen him around the week back when I first had joined, but the gains he had made were impossible, and probably illegal too-- right? Right? He was so fucking huge, now. I watched him load up an impossible amount of weight before laying down underneath the bar. It seemed dangerous and stupid, to do something like that without a spot. However, as I watched, it became obvious he didn’t need any help as the weight moved effortlessly up and down in his capable hands. I shook my head as I tried to go back to concentrating on my own work out. But god-- those muscles. Those arms! My eyes involuntarily travelled back over to those incredible wings that seemed to overhang each side of the bench. It wasn’t fair, I thought. He had grown so much in such a short amount of time. I wondered what it must be like to be such a beast. “Well if it isn't the shrimp!” I could feel the color drain from my face as Brandon suddenly appeared on my left. His smile was as wicked as the cheshire cat as he pressed down on the bar I was using with a single hand. “It’s lucky for me you’re here actually,” he said. “I was wondering if I could borrow your face since my ass is on vacation!” I barely had time to notice Jeremy and Nathan closing in on my right before Brandon lifted me up by my baggy shirt. I remember thinking that I really needed to get my testosterone levels checked before bringing my hands up in defense of Brandon's gigantic fist. I waited for what felt like a million years, but surprisingly, the pain never came. “Put him down,” Jayson rumbled. “Unless you want your membership revoked.” Slowly I slid one eye open and then another. As I had suspected, Brandon was no longer the biggest man around. “You think I really care?” A cocky Brandon snorted in response. “There’s plenty of other gyms out there. And better ones too.” “Good--” Jayson nodded. With a smirk of his own, he brought his arm eye level with Bradon’s face. “--then maybe one day, you’ll be able to grow as big as me.” It was all we could do but watch in amazement as he pumped his massive arm. The bulge seemed to grow taller and harder before our very eyes as veins wider than my finger crisscrossed over the reddened peak. “Yeah, maybe one day,” Jayson taunted. “But not any time soon. I feel like I’m going to hit a huge growth spurt tonight.” I could feel the lines in my forehead crease for the second time that day. No body just grew overnight. But the way he said it-- so confident. The first of the goons to snap out of Jayson’s trance, I watched as Jeremy gripped Brandon’s shoulder before whispering something in his ear. Shortly after, the three nodded at each other in some sort of unspoken bro-code, eyed Jayson warily and then headed down the stairs. As they disappeared from my line of sight, I could feel my shoulders slump forward in relief. “Stick with me kid and you'll be alright.” My body jerked forward from the force of Jayson’s thump against my back. “Easy for you to say,” I mumbled under my breath. “But you’re not the one getting tossed around like a rag doll all the time," I pointed out. Jayson studied me with an intense scrutiny then, his blue eyes boring into the depths of my soul. “You wish you could be as big as me, don’t you?” he asked. I could barely nod my head as he shoved his arm in my face. With a whimper on my lips I could feel myself growing stiff. The peak of his bicep swelled to even greater proportions then before-- seventeen and three quarters, or maybe eighteen inches now. I longed to be that big. I wanted-- no I NEEDED to be that big. “Bigger,” I muttered, my voice barely above a whisper. “Stronger,” I groaned. I found a blush creeping up my neck and cheeks as Jayson lowered his head. “What did you say, little guy?” he asked. A smile tugged at his lips. “I want to be bigger,” I said again. “Even bigger than you.” My feet had suddenly grown very interesting as I lowered my gaze. I had, for the first time in my life, just spoken my deepest, darkest desire out loud and practically to a stranger. As if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Jayson’s large hand tightly grasped my shoulder. “Follow me,” he said, and it was almost pathetic how quickly I obliged. It felt like I was trailing behind a large silverback gorilla as we re-entered the area with the steam room. Like a lightbulb going off inside my head, I suddenly became fully aware that Jayson was the man in the mist. For a second I began to have my doubts when he told me to wait outside. I found myself asking what I was even doing here as I watched his impossibly wide back struggle to fit through the door. I ran my hands through my hair, tugging on the ends with a grunt. Was I really willing to risk jail time over this, or liver failure? Hell maybe even cardiac arrest? I turned my back towards the steam room but couldn't walk away. There was truly nothing I wanted more. “She said she’ll see you now.” I startled a little at the sound of Jayson’s voice. As I attempted to brush past him, his vice like grip tightened around my upper arm. “She’s kind of doing this as a one time favor for me though, alright?” I nodded my head, but in all honestly I had no idea what I was signing up for here. As my eyes flicked over Jayson’s powerful body-- once again, I decided in that moment though, I was willing to find out...
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    Just Add Water

    Thank you! Honestly this means a lot to me 😊 And don't worry, I have quite a few more stories planned! If only we could find someone who could draw some corresponding art work... lol
  10. RosieWorships

    Just Add Water

    Hands running through his dirty-blonde hair, Andrew moved around the kitchen island as he headed over to the fridge. He’d intended to slam back an ice cold one before heading up the stairs, when a white envelope with his name scrawled across the front suddenly grabbed his attention. He ripped into it, briefly skimming over the words then looked down to see a brightly wrapped candy sitting next to where the card laid. He chuckled slightly as he took the chocolate in hand-- an overly muscular man with a sponge-like center. As he plopped the chocolate into his mouth, he remembered thinking that the scent seemed a little off. Suddenly, his face puckered with a sour expression as the chocolate melted on his tongue. Immediately he went over to the sink and filled up a glass of water, gulping down two before finally getting the disgusting taste out of his mouth. Turning back around, Andrew picked up the wrapper again. An eyebrow raised on his face at the words ‘Just Add Water’. What a strange name for a candy bar, he thought. Shrugging his shoulders he headed up to the bathroom, pausing for a second to strip out of his clothes. A tiny smirk drew across his lips as he looked down at his flexed chest and arms. Though he had been training for roughly a year, he felt like he’d barely made any progress. It was frustrating at times, not seeing any real results. But as he entered the bathroom where Morgan was still in the shower, he glanced at the mirror-- shocked to see more of an athletic build than the lean swimmer’s body he’d sworn he had sported just that morning. He struck a double bicep pose in the mirror then quickly turned around. Smiling back at himself over his shoulder, he wiggled his eyebrows knowing who would appreciate such a pump. “Baby, I’m home!” Morgan jumped slightly as Andrew popped open the shower door. She didn’t turn around right away, instead letting her hips sway in a tantalizing manner. Andrew licked his lips as streams of water cascaded down her back, pooling in the crevices just above her luscious ass before rolling down her long, sexy legs. Sometimes he wondered how he had scored such a fox, he tried not to dwell on it too much though and instead used that as fuel to help him get huge. He was pretty sure even Morgan was unaware of how big he really wanted to get. Andrew was pulled from his thoughts about overshadowing Mr. Olympia, when Morgan slowly turned. Her hands casually trailed down over her breasts as she rinsed away the remnants of the shampoo. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing that body of yours,” he growled lowly. As he stepped into the shower, he quickly pulled Morgan against his chest. He smiled at her gasp as his prick grew and brushed against her lower back. He had to admit his cock was feeling harder than ever, hard-- angry and red. Maybe that testosterone booster he started taking last week was finally starting to kick in. "Got your present," his lips smiled against the side of her neck. "Such a clever girl." "I'm glad you approve," Morgan smiled back. Aside from his feet, his forearms were the only other part to have hit the water yet. Oddly enough, as he nuzzled Morgan’s neck, he couldn’t help but think how they were looking enormous and vascular as shit. “Must have been arm day?” Morgan rasped. Apparently he wasn’t the only one to notice. “Legs, actually,” he shook his head. He could see Morgan wince slightly as his grip around her tightened. His impressive forearms were digging into the soft flesh around her waist. With a tilt of his head he looked down at his wife-- he couldn’t be sure, but he was positive she had never fit under his chin before. “Baby, you’re burning up,” Morgan’s voice sounded concerned as she suddenly wrestled out of his grasp. “You’re voice sounds a little deeper too. Are you getting sic--” Andrew watched Morgan trail off as she turned around, her eyes darkening instantly as they roamed over every inch of him. He smiled to himself a little as he began to step forward, he’d known she would enjoy his post workout pump. As he reached out for her, he entered the stream of water. An unusual but pleasant warmth spread throughout his veins as he pulled Morgan close. Suddenly his body began to pulse, every cell bursting with strength as his muscles divided and swelled on his frame. “What the hell is happening to me?” A look of terror flashed in Andrew’s eyes as Morgan pulled away. Ever so slowly his body continued to swell-- his chest ballooning out into large pecs as his biceps and triceps expanded into mountains. Below his chest he could feel six ridges of power turn into eight hardened bricks, his shoulders also bulked up as his quads fought for room as they grew into each other. The sensation was too much and Andrew staggered back. With his body completely out of the water, the growth seemed to stop. His breathing was heavy as he looked down at himself. “What the fuck just happened?” Morgan whispered, drawing Andrew’s gaze back up towards her. With a sly smirk he let his hand run down over one of his swollen pecs. “See anything you like, baby girl?” Without a shadow of a doubt, Andrew knew Morgan was growing wet. As he slowly flexed one massive bicep and then the other, Morgan practically attacked him as she rushed forward into his arms. He was so much bigger now-- so much stronger-- he caught her with such ease. A part of his brain nagged at him that he should be concerned with why this was happening, but with a single glance at his awe-struck wife, that worry was quickly replaced with dark desires for even more power and more bulging muscle. Andrew tossed his head back as he felt Morgan’s hands brush across his shoulders before trailing down to his pecs. As her hand lept over to the top of his arm with fascination, he curled his meaty forearm upwards, flexing his bicep into a solid, veiny ball. Maybe, and only if she tried really hard, did Andrew think she could possibly get both hands around his peak. “Damn,” he heard her mutter. His lips pulled back into a bright grin as she pressed her lips against the burning, skin-tight flesh across his chest. He couldn't even begin to describe his feelings as he watched how turned Morgan was by his own growing muscles. Tightening his arm around her, Andrew helped stabilize Morgan as she rose up on to her tiptoes. Her scent filled his head with a buzz of excitement as her lips grazed the stubble on his chin. Suddenly Andrew let out a deep groan as Morgan gripped his shaft. He tried to pull back, but his wife refused to let go. As she pulled him closer, Andrew could feel his body move back under the spray. A low steady moan shook the tiny bathroom as Andrew’s body began swelling again. The familiar heat coursed through his veins as pounds upon pounds of muscle packed onto his frame. “Fuck yes!” Andrew bellowed. “More! Ungh… MORE!” As his voice dropped in octave, it occurred to him that the entire process seemed much more intense. The scene before him grew even more erotic as he realized that his wife’s fingers, still gripped tightly around his rod, were beginning to separate as his shaft thickened and lengthened before their eyes. The small veins that had snaked around his body just moments before, seemed to double in size as they pulsed with each beat of his heart. Thoughts of unbelievable power consumed him as his chest bulged further out. He was vaguely aware that his back had widened rather quickly as well-- he would never fit through a doorway like a normal human again. He knew he was growing into a freak, but the idea only excited him more. Especially as he had to widen his stance as his legs grew into the size of the largest tree trunks. Holding up his arms, Andrew noticed how his biceps were looking humongous and he wasn’t even flexing yet. His abs also continued to expand outward and soon even his obliques and serratus muscles were looking ripped and defined. He looked down at Morgan once again, taking note of how he had to be at least seven feet tall. With the greatest of ease he lifted her up, her arms wrapping around his telephone pole neck. But even that was proving to be more of a challenge as her arms slowly separated from his expanding might. “Fucking hell,” Morgan moaned. “You’re getting so big.” As he looked over at the glass door, Andrew’s lips pulled back over his perfectly white teeth. “I am, aren’t I,” he teased. With his wife securely in one arm, Andrew flexed the other. He had to be one of the biggest bodybuilders-- fuck, one of the biggest humans alive at this point. He relished in the feeling of his wife’s tits pressed against his rock hard pecs. His own nipples were so much larger than hers and still growing as the shelf of muscle made them point downwards. As she slid her hand in between the deep separation, Morgan gasped as Andrew suddenly flexed. A mischievous glint sparkled in his eyes as he refused to release her hand. With a step backwards Andrew exited the stream-- his growth immediately seeming to subside. It was just as well too, he thought, seeing as how he was probably the biggest man around. He had no idea how or why this was happening, but for some reason his mind kept running back to his wife’s gift. His powerful arms quickly encircled her, trapping her against the brawn of his chest. He loved the feel of her lips as her tongue swirled around one of his massive pecs-- but even more so, he loved the feel of her tiny body shivering under his touch. Andrew growled slightly as he pulled both of Morgan’s hands behind her back. As he pushed her up against the shower wall, he kissed her passionately before biting her lip. A short gasp escaped her mouth followed by a moan. Even she seemed to be getting turned on by his extreme growth. With both of her wrists resting in one of his large hands, Andrew kept her firmly pressed against the wall with the weight of his body. She writhed against him as his hand moved south, stroking back up over her hip bone before cupping her breasts. She tried to shift out of his grasp, her muscles tensing against his incredible hold, but he was just too damn big now-- too strong-- too fucking powerful. "It feels so good to be big." Andrew moaned deeply against her ear. “And I know you’ve secretly always wished for this too.” Morgan gasped as his thumb and finger rolled over one of her rigid nipples. “I bit you're absolutely soaked for me, aren't you?” Moving her hands above her head, Andrew gently lifted Morgan up before wedging his muscled thigh between her legs. As a thick finger began probing her folds, he looked down into those hazel eyes-- filled with equal parts pleasure and needy desperation. Andrew's forearm tensed as he increased the pressure on her clit. His curved fingers continued to stroke deeper-- faster-- until finally she grew breathless. Slamming his hand above her head, Andrew caged Morgan in as he looked deep into her eyes. His nostrils flared as her body grew weak. It seemed the only thing keeping her up was his leg pressed deliciously against her throbbing, wet sex. Andrew fisted her hair as he pulled her tight against himself for a hard kiss. His other hand quickly reached around and smacked that firm, rounded ass. The water from the shower caused the slap to echo about the room. With a playful hiss, a devilish smirk suddenly overtook Morgan's normally angelic features. Suddenly her hand grabbed his shaft, ripping Andrew from out of his trance. As she began to stroke and pump him, his open palm slammed against the wall beside her, crushing the tiles with an unbelievable force. As Andrew dragged in clipped, ragged breaths, his massive body began shaking with need. With a single hand wrapped around her waist, Andrew lifted Morgan, lowering her slightly before raising his hips to impale her. "Oh my god," she moaned, her hands digging into his steely-hard traps. "So big. Ungh! So. Fucking. Huge." Something inside Andrew snapped at those words. Overcome with a sense of primitive pride. He groaned his pleasure as he buried deep inside her. She was warm and soft, and the feeling of her growing tighter around him as her walls contracted was absolutely divine. As she began to beg and moan he started to thrust harder. He could feel her moans turn into breathless gasps-- feel her whole body quiver and shake as she felt his full length, curved upwards, hard and thick. With each incredible stroke, she trembled as he brushed against her g-spot. Andrew grinned, knowing it wouldn't be too much longer now. He began to fuck her harder and deeper, briefly registering the feeling of Morgan melting into him. His lifted his arm up, striking a bicep pose. Fuck, this felt amazing. Morgans moans became higher and more breathless, whilst his own grew lower and more animal-like. He watched her gorgeous, round tits bouncing up and down as he pounded her harder and harder on his cock. In the slight fog of the shower steam, he could see her eyes start to roll back as the pleasure began consuming her body. "Cum for me, Morgan," Andrew growled, his voice had grown deeper and more gruff. "Cum for me now." The moment she heard his command, Andrew could tell that waves of orgasm were flowing through her. Her entire body convulsed as her moan turned into whimpers. "Oh my god," his wife cried out breathlessly. "Oh god! Andrew!" Morgan had never acted like this before, and hearing her call his name suddenly pushed him over the edge. He tried to keep pounding into her in order to keep her orgasming for as long as he possibly could. Hot, thick streams of cum started to pump out of him, the sensation causing Morgan to shake again. Andrew couldn't help but smile as another desperate, animal-like cry escaped her gorgeous lips. A few minutes passed as Andrew continued to hold his wife. He noticed how she was starting to shiver since the shower water had long since turned to ice. Promptly after setting her down, Morgan popped open the shower door and stepped out. Andrew immediately tried to follow, but he had grown so large, he found himself trapped inside. “Hey, babe?” Andrew could feel his lips twitch into a frown when Morgan didn't answer. As he moved over to the shower door, he realized he needed to bend down in order to glance out. What he saw on the other side though immediately turned his blood more frigid than the icy shower water swirling down the drain. There, dressed all in black, was a rather large man with a ski mask covering his face. Morgan stood paralyzed as he smirked down at her, leering at her naked body as she shivered in fear and disgust. Her arms moved to cover her breasts when all of a sudden Andrew cleared his throat. Twenty minutes ago the man would have been bigger than Andrew, but now? Now? "You picked the wrong couple to fuck with, boy!" Andrew bellowed. A wicked smile spread across his face as he stepped back into the running water...
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    Wrecked Up

    I'm on the run from you again, even though in the end we both know you'll find me. You hate it when I leave, hate coming home to find my bags packed and an empty house. But I can’t stop. I’ll never stop. Maybe one day you'll quit coming after me, just forget about me and finally let me go-- But today is not that day. And quitting is not in your nature. My stomach churns as you stand with a scowl just outside the door. It's been battered in, partially destroyed and nearly hanging off the top hinges. Fists clenched by your sides, I watch as your massive chest heaves with every shallow breath. I’ve never noticed before how you needed to turn slightly in order to move your shoulders past the frame. You just barely cleared the top as well. Another four more inches or so and you would have needed to duck. As your eyes lock onto mine, I immediately begin to feel like your prey. Though everything in my heart screams for me to run, my brain knows better, knows to stay still. A low, beastlike snarl suddenly tears from your lips, and despite the sheer size and power in your body, I know you’re also built for speed. “Damon--" My head is swimming as I stagger slightly, but this only seems to anger you more. I can sense your disappointment in me, knowing I've had a little too much to drink. The air grows impossibly thick as the hair on your forearms seems to stand on end. I almost think my mind is playing tricks on me, until the top buttons on your blue dress shirt suddenly shoot across the room. You're furious, muscles pumped and primed, coiled in anticipation with what I might do. “How many times do I need to tell you, baby girl? You can run, but you can't hide.” Your voice is deeper than normal, but it always seems to take on that edge right after one of your fights. It causes a shiver to shoot up my spine. Even as I watch you angrily stalk forward. "Not here," I beg. "Please, not in front of everyone." As my eyes dart towards the back door, I can feel you move close. "Damon," I warn, gulping as you stare down at me from your towering height. A cocky grin spreads across your face as your eyes roam my body, clouded over with lust. You step towards me as I step back, but the glint in your eye screams that you enjoy a good chase. I've seen that look before, its the same one you get in the ring right before you annihilate your opponent. "You know running from me will only make it worse," you growl. You start to make your way around the table, but I counter your movements, doing the exact opposite of everything you do. I finally find myself right where I want to be but you snarl in response and my eyes grow wide. The room fills with gasps as you easily flip over the solid, oak table between us. "You better get him to chill the fuck out," a friend hisses in my ear. I can't help but wonder when the woman had got up from her seat. "Damon--" I try again. But I know talking to you is pointless after a big match. The beast inside you demands control-- it feeds off of dominance as adrenaline and power flow through your veins. I shiver slightly as you continue to study me, watching my every move with calculated precision. In the blink of an eye, I suddenly find myself unceremoniously tossed over your shoulder. I scream for you to put me down, and when that doesn’t work I switch to calling you every name in the book. You’re like the Terminator though, as you continue on your way through the tiny, brick house. I even knee you once in the chest, but all that earns me is a chuckle and a sharp slap on the ass. "Don't break any more of my shit!" My friend yells as you kick open the back door. I can hear some of my other friends voice their concerns but I know nobody will dare to get in your way. "Are you sure she'll be ok?" Someone else asks. The question is met with a sarcastic assurance. "Did you see all the yummy muscles on that man? I'm sure she'll be just fine," another giggles. It isn’t until you storm out the back door, that you finally let me down on my own two feet. ‘Own’ seemed to be a relative word here though. You may have set me down for the time being, but your arms never once loosen from around me. And with that, I don’t spare another second. My hand reels back before slapping you hard across the face. “What the hell, Damon,” I screech. “You can't just come in here like that and think--" "Baby, I'm sorry." I watch you sigh before running both hands across the top of your close cropped hair. "But can you at least just tell me what it is that I’ve done?" I snort looking back up at you as the same fight that we’ve had for the past five years comes full circle again. "You know exactly what.” I narrow my eyes, the tone in my voice sharp with irritation. “I mean geezus Damon, you practically kill people for a living." My hands run up and down along my arms as the cool Chicago winds whip all around us. "I saw you land that KO tonight. They’re calling it another career ender. But congratulations!” I clap my hands sarcastically. “You’re still the undefeated champ.” “And what exactly would you like for me do?” Your voice raises incredulously. “Lose?” With a shake of my head, I spin away from you. If I don't, I know my eyes will betray me. My body most definitely too. "I just-- I don't know anymore, D," I mutter. My arms hug my chest as the cold begins to seep into my bones. Of course I don’t want you to lose, but fuck. The guy you destoryed tonight was just a twenty year old kid. At six-foot-two and two hundred and sixty-four pounds, I know you’re at the top of the heavyweight division, and strong as a fucking bull. Your thirty-two undefeated wins are impressive, but how long until someone steps into the ring stronger, faster, and younger than you. You move up behind me then and I immediately feel your warmth. Your big, bulky arms encircle me again, but this time I don't have it in me to pull away. "I know I'm not perfect," you begin. "And I promise I'll probably make over a billion more mistakes." I can't help but smile as my head leans back to rest against one of your massive pecs. "I’ve been thinking about this for a while now,” you begin, pausing for a moment as your arms tighten around me. "And if it means that much to you, I’ll retire at the end of the year." My head jerks to the side but your arms keep me from turning around. “Are you serious?” I ask. I can feel your strong fingers dig into my hips, spinning me around to face you as you nod. Even in the dark of night, I can see that your pupils are entirely blown. "Damn, baby. I need you so bad.” As you take a step back, I notice how your muscles seem to ripple under the moonlight. "So what's the problem?" I ask. "You're drunk--" "I'm not that drunk," I argue. But as your eyes focus on me, seemingly weighing your options, I know you won't touch me again. At least, not without a little bit of coaxing-- "I swear to god, Damon Alexander. If you don't get your ass over here and take advantage of me right this second, I will go to the nearest bar and have my way with the first man I lay eyes on--" With a roar that shakes me to my core you immediately move in front of me. Your large hands grip my thighs as you lock my legs around your narrow waist. "Don't you ever leave me again," you rasp. Your mouth leaves a sloppy trail of kisses across my collarbone while your large hands completely cover my ass. I can only moan in response as you press yourself against me. If it wasn't for the fact that your strong hands were keeping me immobile, I know I would have ground myself against you. "Promise me you’ll stop running." You groan, giving me exactly what I want as you move your hips against my core. I hiss slightly as you suddenly slam me up against the siding. After your first couple of fights, I had quickly learned to be prepared. As you came down from the rage of the adrenaline you were always so primal, so rough and raw-- it was just lucky for you that I fucking loved it. "I'm gonna make you scream my name so loud," you growl. Your breathing is so ragged it causes moisture to pool between my thighs. “People all the way up in Canada will know who you belong to,” you warn. As I feel your thumbs hook around the waistband of my panties, I know what’s coming. There’s a sharp sting against my legs and without even looking down I know you’ve shred my g-string. I might have been mad about it too, if I could focus on anything but how much I needed you right now. As far as I was concerned, the faster you could soothe that growing ache in my belly, the better. "Wet for me all ready," you goan. As you look me in the eye, I nod my head with a whimper. Excitement suddenly shoots through me as you balance me in a single hand. Your unrivaled strength, even as you’re working your pants down furiously over your muscled thighs, is such a turn on. As your fat cock springs free, I moan as I feel it pulsing between us. Sometimes I still can't believe that you, this huge beast of a man is all mine. All. Ten. Fucking. Inches. I bite down to keep from screaming, my vision blurring as you pierce me in a single thrust. It’s slightly painful at first, your engorged, rampant dick bottoming out as it fills me to the hilt. Slowly-- steadily-- relentlessly and with an insane amount of power, I can feel you pull your entire length out of me before ramming home again. Without a doubt you're making sure I'm forever wrecked for another man. At some point the pain gives way to pleasure and I try to enjoy the ride as I pull you closer. I want to feel every one of your hulking muscles pressed against me. I had never felt more safe in my life until I had met you. "Oh god," you hear me breathe as the tension builds deep in my core. I’m so fucking close, you can feel my walls starting to clamp around you. "Damn, baby. You feel so fucking good," you growl before suddenly quickening your pace. You begin pounding me faster, and then harder-- the scent of your musk fills my nose. "Cum for me," you order. Your voice is harsh as you push the words between clenched teeth. Immediately my body begins to obey and waves of pleasure slowly overtake me. Not too long after I can feel you lengthen inside. Your large hands hold me up by the ass, squeezing and yanking me down in sync with your pounding. Any second now I know you’ll explode. As if on cue-- "Oh god. Yes. Oh fuck!" You chant. As a second orgasm crashes into me, I toss my head back and as predicted I come screaming your name. My body convulses around you, shaking and tensing as euphoria floods my senses. A moment later you follow and with a final grunt you empty your seed inside me.
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    Full Moon Rising Part 2

    Glad to have made a convert 🤣 My other stories won't be furry, promise 💋
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    Full Moon Rising Part 2

    Full Moon Rising Part One- Full Moon Rising Part 2- "Did you have any problems finding what I asked for?" Hailee tugged the collar of her coat closer as she stepped out of the warm apartment building towards Dominic’s partner, Doug. It had been two weeks since she had found and bit her mate, and finally tonight he would undergo his first shift with the full moon. "The thickest tungsten chains in all of Chicago, coated in silver." Doug gave the duffle bag a little shake as he nodded at Hailee. "If this doesn't hold him, I don't know what will," he was quick to add. Hailee nodded her head, offering Doug a weak smile before moving to take the heavy bag from his hand. The entire department had been in an uproar about Dominic’s transformation-- and understandably so. It’s not everyday that a grown man goes from five foot eleven to six and a half feet overnight. She had suspected that most of the other officers had just been envious of Dominic’s late growth spurt-- which is what they were referring to it as now. While everyone else had resorted to ostracizing the now beastly officer, Doug had just seemed genuinely concerned for his partners safety and health. “I want to thank you,” Hailee began. “For everything.” Doug tried to brush her off insisting it was no big deal, but Hailee was persistent. “No, I mean it,” she continued. “Dominic almost lost his job because of this. If you hadn’t suggested the blood tests and then helped me to get that doctor to agree that Dominic suffered some late production in his pituitary gland--” Hailee trailed off as Dominic’s large silver Range Rover pulled up to the curb. As her big man hopped out and rounded the rear end of the car, Hailee saw Doug's jaw fall open a little at the sight of him. "Did he get-- even bigger?" The awestruck man muttered. "Overnight?" With a nod, Hailee answered. "It's the moon preparing him to withstand the physical transformation his body will undergo in a little bit." “I don’t understand,” the other officer shook his head. "How come you don't look any different?" As the large alpha male approached the two, Hailee just turned and gave Doug a smile. "How do you know that parts of me haven't?" She countered, shooting a wink over her shoulder as Dominic wrapped his arm around her waist. Ushering her over to his car, Dominic effortlessly lifted Hailee with a single arm before helping her slide into the seat. As he leaned over to strap in her seat belt, Hailee almost opened her mouth to protest. But seeing as how this was his first shift, she figured the mark on his neck had kicked the mate bond into overdrive. She saw no need to test the temper of a weremale on the verge of shifting. Besides that, there would be plenty of rage later on. "So now what?" Dominic asked as he took the driver's seat next to Hailee. "Ok, so don't freak out--" With a sideways glance, Hailee began plugging in the coordinates on Dominic's GPS as she spoke. "--but there's this house over in Englewood--" "Englewood?" Doug shrieked slightly as he suddenly slid forward. "I don't know if you've heard, but that's a place I wouldn't even visit during the day!" "Oh c'mon," Hailee shot back. "You guys are cops." "Even more reason to avoid it, unless you want another hole to breath out of." Hailee glanced at Dominic for help, surely the hulk of a police officer would be on her side. But even he shrugged in response. "I hate to admit it, but the Pillsbury Doh-Boy is right. You might as well just paint a bullseye on us." As he swiveled the GPS mount towards him, Hailee watched as a frown etched itself into his normally handsome face. “How about we head out to the suburbs," Dominic suggested. "There's that old mental hospital in Manteno that's been abandoned for years." "We'll never make it in time," Hailee responded. As she placed her hand on top of his big forearm, Hailee's eyes pleaded with him to look down. Dominic gasped slightly at the sight of the much thicker hair now coating his arms. As he looked disbelievingly into the rearview mirror, he nearly yelped at the sight of his lengthening ears. "I think she's right." Doug tapped the big man gently on the shoulder. There was a noticeable change in his demeanor as he sat back in his seat. "We need to get you chained up, and fast." Hailee watched as Dominic's massive shoulders slumped in defeat. She could feel his displeasure and hesitation through the mate bond, but he remained silent as he turned off the expressway. As they pulled up to the house and unloaded the car, the sun just barely peeked over the horizon. "We need to hurry," Hailee called over her shoulder as she hustled up to the front porch. Dominic trailed slowly behind her as did a nervous looking Doug. She could sense that her mate wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of being here, and to make matters worse, the goldenrod Cook County Condemned sign posted in the window surely wasn't helping either. "You've gotta be shittin' me," Dominic cursed as he pointed at the sign. “And why the fuck do you have the keys?” "Not now, Dominic," Hailee gritted through clenched teeth. He was always so possessive-- so controlling. "Besides, we've got bigger things to worry about right now. Much bigger," she smirked as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down. A blast of musty air hit them as she opened the door. The place was tiny, maybe only eight-hundred square feet or so, and you could literally see the rest of the house from the living room-- save one heavy looking steel door towards the back. Where there should have been carpeting someone had laid a bright green synthetic turf and the lack of furniture and holes in the walls only helped to further the assumption that the house was formerly used by junkies and thugs. "Follow me," Hailee murmured as she headed in. Dominic’s and Doug's impressed whistles echoed about the small room of reinforced steel. The ten by ten cell had never seemed small to her before, but the moment her mate shifted, Hailee wondered how much room they would actually have. Hailee tossed the duffel into the middle of the room before kneeling and unzipping the bag. As she pulled out the chains, a slight hiss left her lips. "What happened?" Dominic was by her side in an instant, pulling her hand towards him. As she looked up at him, she couldn't fight back the mist that was forming in her eyes. "I'm so sorry," Hailee cried. With a shake of her head, she pulled her hand back into her lap. "I shouldn't have bit you," she confessed. "Everything about tonight--" the words caught in the back of her throat. "You're going to hate me in the morning," she whispered. Dominic laughed before tipping her chin up towards him. "That's-- impossible." There was a slight pause in between his words as his eyebrows knitted together in concern. "You are-- the best thing to ever hap--" With a horrific scream Dominic suddenly fell back against the ground. "Grab the chains!" Hailee yelled as she pulled a glock out of the bag. She made sure to slap an extended magazine into the pistol, before handing it off to Doug. "Silver bullets," she informed him. "You shoot him in the head if he gets free." Hailee felt helpless as she watched her mate writhe against the floor. She knew from personal experience that the first shift always took the longest, beginning the very moment that the sun set and not ending until the moon hung high in the sky. The word painful didn't even begin to describe the feeling. Bones cracked and elongated while organs shut down in order to shift about and enlarge. The human could literally feel every torturous second of every minute of every horrendous hour. And if that wasn't enough, there were also the mental changes that accompanied the entire transformation. It was absolute torture for the human, but bliss for the wolf. Not only did it feel like your body was being ripped apart, but at the same time your mind was being drowned in a deep, dark cave. The human felt like they were going blind, losing most of their other senses as well aside from the snapping of bones and sinew. They tasted copper-- salt-- vomit. Their skin going from burning to freezing to the numbness tingles of a limb that had fallen asleep. But for the wolf, the mind was just starting to come alive-- blooming with life and excitement. As the monster gradually took over and the human withdrew, the experience suddenly became pleasurable. The wolf would suddenly find himself filled with adrenaline and endorphins. Even the fever seemed to bring on a strange sense of comfort, like a high that fed into the beasts saveragery. Kneeling down beside him, Hailee used the hem of her shirt to dab at the sweat across Dominic's brow. Her hands pulled his head into her lap as her fingers attempted to relax him. It had been a challenge at first, but she and Doug had managed to get the shackles around each one of his limbs. As she looked up at her mate's partner, she could sense his nervousness, especially everytime Dominic released an agonizing scream. "I don't understand." Doug shook his head as his eyes raked over Hailee. "He's been at this for over an hour, but you haven't even slightly changed." "The first transformation is always the worst," Hailee explained. "The next time won't take nearly as long and each month after that it should get a little easier." Doug winced as Dominic let out another ear piercing shriek. "No offense, but I don't think I ever want to become-- well. You know--" With a nod, Doug gestured towards the big man with his pointer finger before returning sympathetic eyes towards Hailee. "There is absolutely no way I would ever volunteer for this," he exclaimed. Hailee's gaze dropped towards Dominic as she held onto him the best she could. With her slender arm draped tightly around the front of his broad chest, Hailee mumbled almost inaudibly as guilt tore her up. "He didn't have much of a choice either," Hailee replied. "That night in the alley, my wolf immediately recognized him as her mate. Before I even had a chance to register what was going on, I found myself pulling away-- a fresh bite festered with venom on his neck." "Well, I wouldn't beat yourself up over it too much," Doug shook his head as he spoke. "Dom's repeatedly told me how meeting you was the best thing to ever happen. And personally, I think he kind of enjoys it-- the power, the might." The other officer suddenly looked down at Hailee thoughtfully before tilting his head to the side. "Speaking of which, why don't we need to restrain you?" Doug asked. Hailee smiled before answering as she looked down at the large cop. "I've been at this a lot longer than he has," she shrugged. "And after six years of shifting, I find that I have a little more control over the hunger than a newbie. The idea of tearing into someone, ripping apart flesh from bones-- doesn't quite get my wolf excited as much as it used to anymore. She's waited a long time to find her mate," Hailee explained. "And I'm pretty sure she'll have her fill." With a pause, Hailee looked up from Dominic before shooting Doug a quick wink. "Tonight's special will feature something a little different-- " she smirked. "I'm thinking Dominic a la mode." Another hour or so had passed and Dominic still had yet to fully shift. His voice had deepened incredibly to that of something demonic, but his wails had turned hoarse. No doubt his throat had grown strained. As her gaze shifted towards the barred window and up at the night sky, Hailee knew it wouldn't be long until everything would get worse. She could feel her own body heat beginning to rise as the moon moved into its fully illuminated peak. With the sound of clothes ripping, and more ear splitting screams, Hailee estimated it would only be a few more minutes now. She just hoped Doug was ready for what he was about to see. Hailee watched as Doug staggered into the corner, paralyzed with fear. While she had remained relatively the same size, Dominic was monstrous-- hovering somewhere around eight or nine feet. He looked like an incarnation of the most terrifying creature ever depicted on the silver screen. But this wasn't a horror movie or someone in a costume playing make believe. Everything about this was terrifying and real. Just as she had told him in the beginning, Dominic stood upright on two incredibly dense legs. Thick striations rippled against the moonlight along each of his furry quads. While his huge, muscular torso had maintained it's overall humanoid shape, it had grown proportionately along with the rest of his body-- as had the incredible muscles throughout his rib cage and chest. His shirt had never stood a chance against the set of powerful, broad shoulders connected to his arms. The weremale bent over for a moment as the already immense muscles in his back grew larger, doubling up. As he did so, Hailee noted how the swollen biceps she had always admired so much, were now covered in a thick, dark fur and probably twice their regular size. His hands had also extended into long fingers, tipped with sharp, pointy claws. But usually it wasn't those that scared the humans. No, it was the face. Riddled with broken blood vessels, his eyes actually glowed with a fluorescent blue. They seemed to keep Doug hypnotized in the corner as the werewolf stalked forward. His jaw hung open slightly while saliva dripped from his fangs. The beast observed his prey intently before issuing a guttural growl. It wasn't until Dominic turned to give a tug on the restraint keeping him from his fresh kill, that Hailee sprung into action. The smell of urine was strong as she placed herself between the monster and his partner. Almost instantly Dominic’s eyes darkened, and it was then that shewolf realized just how much everything had grown. Hailee barely had enough time to yell for Doug to get to the car before Dominic suddenly pounced on her. The hindrance of shackles and chains quickly becoming a thing of the past. It didn't matter if Doug made sure the door latched behind him, Hailee was certain it wouldn't stop the gigantic werewolf either, if what he wanted laid on the other side. Luckily for the three of them, Dominic seemed preoccupied tonight with the hot, little female squirming underneath him. All too soon Dominic's hands clamped around her, and without any mercy, he yanked her to his chest. He panted hard as the enormous veins on his cock pumped with blood, making it stiffen and curve slightly upwards. Hailee tensed, knowing what was to come. She welcomed it though-- submitted to it even. She knew tonight he would finally be able to mark her as his own. Suddenly Dominic threw her to the ground, tearing her shorts and tank top from her as she fell. As he followed on his knees, he quickly lapped the span of her sex with his tongue, swirling her clit and teasing the tender nub. "Dominic!" Hailee screamed his name to the heavens as her body recovered from the first climax of the night. She thrust her hips forward, wilfully opening herself to him. But the Alpha male didn't need to be coaxed into taking full advantage of such an invitation. She twisted within the grip of his strong claws as he flicked his tongue with long, sensuous strokes. Her eyes began to roll back as the pleasure was almost excruciating and the need so great she could scarcely think. Hailee whimpered when Dominic unexpectedly pulled away. He growled deep and long as he pressed his huge cock against her cunt. She squirmed as he placed the head to her hole. His member was so much bigger now that the werewolf had come out to play. She could feel the hilt of him ramming against her cervix with tremendous force, the air blown out of her lungs with every incredible thrust. Her fangs extend as her sharp nails dug into the thick muscles of his back. The faint scent of his blood hung in the air as his shaft pushed deeper inside. Hailee's release grew close as he continued pounding his prick in her deep and fast. Effortlessly the werewolf stood with Hailee still sheathed around his cock. His enormous fingers wrapped around her slim waist as he started to lift her up and down, bouncing her on his member right where they stood. Nothing about Dominic’s movements were gentle as he snarled and growled against her ear. He fucked her full force, pounding her harder-- faster-- deeper. Hailee swore any minute now he was likely to erupt. Just as they both were about to tumble off the cliff, Hailee could feel Dominic’s incredibly powerful body stiffen. His flattened tongue roughly caressing the spot where her shoulder met her neck. His large body seemed to shake with desire, or hell maybe it was her own. Either way Hailee suddenly howled-- half in pleasure, half in pain. As his mark scorched across her flesh, euphoria exploded in her veins. The large Alpha male shuddered against her as he fired his seed deep inside. A loud roar tore from his lips letting the world know that the 'Wolf Cop' had finally marked Hailee as his own. * ** *** Hailee came to sometime later, the powerful orgasm from earlier causing her to see stars before blacking out. For a moment she had panicked upon seeing the steel door cracked open, until she felt the large, warm body of her mate sleeping curled up along her side. Even as he slept, she was aware of a new presence inside her head. It was like she could feel Dominic in the background-- sense his pleasure at making her his. Hailee could feel herself beginning to melt back into her human form, the fur and fangs slowly receding and melting back into flesh. Sun up must have been approaching, she figured. But for Dominic, the return to his native appearance would also take twice as long. A smile ghosted her lips as she watched the rise and fall of his massive chest. As soft snores escaped the sleeping beast, she found herself growing grateful that his first go had been rather peaceful. Unlike the blood bath she had awoken to years ago. She had just snuggled in closer to her mate's warmth when her eyes widened at the scent in the air. She prayed Doug stayed out of sight, but as a few of the floorboards by the door way creaked, Dominic's eyes suddenly snapped open. "Dominic! No!" Hailee screamed. But as the other man went down she knew it was too late. The werewolf’s teeth had dug deep into Doug's thigh, but judging by the lack of spray, Hailee figured Dom had missed anything large or important. "Oh fuck. Oh shit. Oh my fuck!" Hailee cursed as she grabbed up what was left of the chains. She had expected the man to scream, to wail in agony at the pain. But what she hadn't anticipated was for his body to start morphing.
  14. RosieWorships

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    I just wanted to say I in NO way meant to imply you were a jerk. Was only hoping to shed a little light into the female mind, which half the time I can guarantee WE don't even know what we want, lol. Enjoy your moonlight sexcapades tonight! Totally envious.😏 Glad to have contributed to your daily entertainment! 😊 Love watching you all grow. Keep it up 💋
  15. RosieWorships

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    Hope it's ok if I jump in here for a hot second. I just thought I'd mention that most of us women, though we try our hardest to control it, are like this^. Even sometimes down right crazy one week and entirely sane the next, haha. Good luck, cause you're going to need it. But I promise it's worth it in the end. Women tend to fall hard and fast, and generally speaking we are fiercely loyal. While I don't understand the women who prefer 'teddy bears' to hard bodies- those of us who do like muscle are usually turned on by the idea of a man's strength, dominating and man handling. We like it rough and we like to feel safe in public. So for me, the idea of you being the strongest man in the room, means I'm dragging you down the darkest hallway we can find because I CAN'T wait and WON'T wait till after dinner, lol.

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