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    I like to hang out with friends, play video games, occasionally.
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    39 years old, 6'1 193lbs, 32 waist, naturally thin build, black hair, brown eyes, with a mustache and goatee.
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    friends ages 18 and over, who are into muscles and muscle worship, and/or who share the same love of muscle in common. I'm not really looking for a relationship right now, nor sex of any kind, except maybe things that be can played safe. I don't mind foreplay and kissing here and there, especially during muscle worship. that's always fun and satisfying. In my opinion, muscle worship can be more satisfying than any sex you could ever have. Think about it. With muscle worship, both parties leave the session, satisfying and feeling appreciated and sometimes, that's better than sex, because the sex could be not so memorable and that's not exactly an ending impression you want left by someone you are really into.
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    Not sure yet, as far as stats, but I would like to maintain my thin look and bulk up a little bit more so my muscles look better. I want more the fitness model look than anything. I don't have the patience or desire to become a big huge bodybuilder. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not what I desire for myself. I, myself, love all types of muscle from the young starting out thin to physique fitness types, up to the big freaky bodybuilders. I love it all. Nothing is too extreme for me, unless you look like Greg Valentino did when he took it too far.
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    muscle worship related true stories, as well as stories of muscle guys and bodybuilders acheiving their dreams in the competitive sport of bodybuilding.
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    Jay Cuter, Ronnie Coleman, Kai Greene, Joey Sullivan ("Daniel Carter and "Steel' on other sites) Tyler Hanson (Jake Daniel on most sites) Ben Kieron, and many, many more!
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    muscle worship, bodybuilders in jeans, big quads. I love to fuck a man's quads, with my dick stuck between hi legs, just below his balls and fuck until I cum, while feeling his flexed outer quads with my legs. That is mostly fantasy since I've never done this, but would love to try with a big muscle guy. A doctor friend of mine who had muscles is who turned me on to legs when he let me fuck his one time.

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  1. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Another amazing chapter to an increasingly amazing story! There's a lot for AJ and Noah to deal with. But I am sure their relationship is strong enough to get through this. As long as the lines of communication are kept open, they can handle anything. Their learn from their relationship. They will learn and they will grow. Keep up the awesome writing, MuscleAddict! Living g where the story is going and the growth of AJ and Noah's relationship!
  2. He's a really good looking dude! Lots of great muscle mass on him and his vascularity is stunning!
  3. Shawn1978


    Keychain, as many others have said, it's going to depend largely on what it is that you want to get out of a session with a bodybuilder. If it's strictly muscle worship, then let the guy you're interested in doing the session with, know that. Let them know what your muscle worship desires are and ask them questions to find out if they'd be into that. As for how long of a session, I'd say go for at least 1 hour for a first meeting. That way, if the session goes well, you can always arrange another meeting for 2 hours. I had a muscle worship session last month with the legendary StoneHengeXXL. I arranged to meet him at a hotel, which I got and paid for, and waited for him to arrive. When he got there, I couldn't believe how huge he was! He's offseason, currently, but still has alot of amazing muscle mass on him! He's got a 58 inch chest and the hottest 22 inch biceps, ever! After we shook hands and exchanged greetings, I was immedately put at ease, after seeing how friendly and down to earth he was. I had already been talking to him for over a year, planning this session out, so i wasn't as nervous as I could have been. I did a session with him for 2 hours and literally had a blast, feeling his incredible muscles while he flexed and posed for me. I even asked him if I could have a massage, and asked if he'd like one, too. He said yes, so after he gave me my massage, I gave him, his. I put him to sleep, and since he drove over 3 hours to meet with me, I figured let him get a little bit of rest, since driving can take alot out of you. He enjoyed the session as much as I did. I couldn't have asked for a nicer guy to do a muscle worship session with. StoneHengeXXL was very friendly and a total gentleman. I do understand your fears about meeting with bodybuilders, given their size. WIth someone that much bigger than you, rape is very much possible if you're with the wrong person, but I always go with my gut instinct. If I'm not feeling right about meeting with a muscle guy after talking to them online, then I don't do it. But you also have to consider how the muscle guy, himself, feels. Going out to meet a total stranger for a muscle worship session, you never know who you are going to meet. I have talked to two of them from The Best Flex, one who chickened out of a meet up, because he didn't feel comfortable with it, and another who did show up for a meeting, only to sense that the guy was acting creepy, so he left. Always value your own safety over anything else. But just remember this. Bodybuilders who are not comfortable with muscle worship, usually will not advertise it or want to do meet ups. Those who offer meet ups, usually have it listed in their profiles. Some only do live shows and videos. Plus it never hurts to ask them question about what they will and will not do in a muscle worship session. Most muscle guys will let you know, right off, what their limitations are. and after knowing that, then you can decide if they are the right candidate to have a session with and you can choose accordingly. Good luck, Keychain! Hopefully, you'll find the courage to do a session with the right muscle stud that you choose. My advice when you first meet, is to sit down and talk first, before you start the session. Ask the guy what his ground rules are. The goal is to make the session comfortable for both of you. I've had 2 muscle worship sessions so far in my life, and I have regretted neither one of them. Both were great experiences! We only live life once, so I will quote this saying to you that the legendary James Dean once said: "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." That basically means experience all that you want and all that you can, during your time, here on Earth. Life is short and you should live it up while you can! Hope that helps you, buddy!
  4. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Another brilliant chapter, MuscleAddict! AJ and Noah are growing closer and closer with each new chapter! Plus, I kind of love how Noah has let his former crush on Andy be known and how AJ is literally teasing him relentlessly with it, sometimes. It's funny as hell, and not to mention a little cute. It'll be funny to see Andy's and AJ's mom's reaction if that little tidbit ever comes out. I highly doubt it will, since this story is about Noah and AJ. What would be really hot is if AJ happens to someday put on some biker gear like Andy wears, and models it for AJ. Then he could say to Noah "Who looks better in biker gear now? Andy or me?" Noah's reaction would be either " Andy who?" or he would laugh hysterically. Although I have to admit, seeing AJ in a tight T shirt and tight form fitting black leather pants is a hot image as well. Muscle guys always look hot in leather, regardless of the style they go for, whether it's kinky or casual. Your story is getting better and better with each new chapter! I could certainly learn a thing or two from you about writing. It's been over 10 years since the last chapter I wrote on my own story "My Everything" and I was recently looking back at the Boyband Story Awards directory. When I did, I remembered that my story got nominated in 8 different categories in the first year. I don't remember what categories they were, since when they first started doing that, they didn't post them in a regular pose on the Nifty site, like we did our stories. the last story awards thing they did in 2006, was my 2nd year that my story got nominated, but the 2nd year it did, it was a continuing series. The categories I recieved nominations for were Best Straight Couple Best Series Best Villian (2 characters nominated) Worst Couple And when I looked back through the winners, I actually won in the category "Worst Couple" which were Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Not the category I would have expected, but a win is a still a win, right? Plus, it's an honor just to be nominated. I remember being shocked when my story was nominated for anything, because I didn't think I was that good of a writer back then, but of course, many of my fans and readers disagreed. It just goes to show you, MuscleAddict, if they still did stuff like this for writing talents, who knows, your story would be one that got my nomination! It's possibly the best story, involving both muscle and romantic relationships that I"ve ever read, in a long time. And I haven't had time for reading stories like I used to. Your story is the first one that held my interest in a long time. Keep up the great work! there's alot about writing that I still have to learn even after almost 17 years. Whether my writing is good enough to write for soaps and television, I'll never really know.
  5. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    amazing chapter, MuscleAddict! the character development is amazing! Even I'm falling more and more in love with these two guys together, with each new chapter! Your characterization is amazing, and the sexual situations are written very much just as sexual and they are romantic. Almost pornographic in nature in some places. I mean seriously, would we see blowjob action for real, between actors, even on HBO? I highly doubt it. But that still doesn't make the notion any less hot! I also loved the part when someone came home downstairs. At first, I forgot that they were still in AJ's bedroom, so I kind of got an image of them doing it right there in the hallway, where someone walks in on them, so I thought they were gonna get caught, redhanded! And with the way AJ wanted to keep things going and make Noah cum again, even after someone returned home, makes me think AJ just might be a little bit of an exhibitionist. Maybe? LOL! It'll also be interesting to see how AJ's mom and Andy handle the truth about AJ's relationship with Noah, should it turn into one, and how they deal with it. Will they be against it or supportive? So many ways that could go! Also, how will Noah handle things with Eddie? Surely, he wouldn't still be with him, given his true feelings for AJ. I'm sure AJ and Noah will possibly have obstacles in the road, on their way to becoming a couple, but who hasn't in life? We all have issues, but it's how we deal with those issues that makes us who we are and who we want to become, in the future. Great job, once again, MuscleAddict! AJ and Noah are already an award winning couple! I can feel it!
  6. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    My prayers will be with you, as well as your family and friends, Kamaswami! Having to evacuate because of a Hurricane is never fun, I'm sure. You must be in Florida or near the coast somwhere. I haven't been to Florida since I was 4 years old, when my grandparents took me to Disney Land. Be Safe out there and definitely tune in to a few stories to take you rmind off of things until it passes!
  7. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    What an orgasmic chapter! There's no other way to describe it! Well now that Noah has given AJ an amazing blowjob, I think AJ should return the favor to Noah with a full blown muscle worship session, which Noah has wanted to do since he laid eyes on AJ. After all, muscle worship definitely can create the mood and certainly lead up to some hot sex! This was a great first start. I can't wait fot the "I love you's" and the time they are ready to "make love" to each other for the first time. If it goes that far. I still remember that Noah is going back to University soon, so that's still something that both he and AJ will have to deal with and figure out where their relationship will go from there, should Noah decide to go back to University. So one of the ways to end the story on a good note, is to leave it open-ended, meaning 'open for continuance" which would give you time to plan out how you would want it to continue. I remember, leaving my story open-ended, because I felt like I was running out of ideas where to take the story, but when I had some fresh ideas in my head, I continued it. of course, hopefully, there's more chapters to come before we get to the point where Noah has to decide whether or not to go back to Uni and where it leaves things between him and AJ.
  8. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Love Simon was an amazing film!
  9. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Amazing chapter, MuscleAddict!! And a very nice cliffhanger! A better one than I was expecting. I can't begin to tell you just how much I've fallen in love with this story! As someone who has watched soap operas and movies over this very thing, I can clearly visualize the scenes in my head, as if they are playing out, as I'm reading the story. The sexual tension, the nervousness, the anxieties, and the feelings! I could feel everything that AJ and Noah were both feeling. Even though we don't have AJ's point of view in the writing, you can kind of pick up on how he's feeling. And when it comes to being afraid to confess your feelings to someone you are not sure feels the same way, it's something all of us can relate to. We have all been there. Having feelings for someone and not being able to tell them. And here are the questions. How will AJ react? Will he feel the same way about Noah that Noah does for him? How will AJ's parents react when AJ has to confess his true feelings for Noah? Will they approve or not? Where does this leave Eddie, who is clearly beginning to fall hard for Noah? Or is it now for AJ? How come someone not fall in love, or even in lust, for someone as hot and as muscular as AJ? I love that you write this story as a fictional love story, but with some realism to it as well, such as Little Denton, the setting, Scoprio's Gym as one of the location scenes, and last but not least, the way all the characters relate to each other! A story told, with real human emotions, is a story sold! This would definitely be a hit as a Netflix series. Or maybe even an HBO series. The world needs more stories like this to be told. Gay youth, as well as adults who are unlucky at love, need this, so they can have hope to find love in their lives and have the courage to come out to their families and friends and be able to be themselves and do what makes them happy! Can't wait for the next installments! This story rocks. And so do you, MuscleAddict! You're an amazing writer!
  10. Saw your pictures man. You look fantastic, man! Keep pumping!

    1. Vallance


      Thanks, I appreciate that!

  11. Good for you, CNJmuscle for being a girl's protector. As for the ex, he wouldn't dare touch you. Unless of course he wants you too, LOL! Just joking.
  12. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Thank you, Love4muscles. I may continue it when I figure out how to pick up from where I left off. I have the ending already made up in my mind. It's just about getting there. I remember having the biggest crush on Nick Lachwy and have often wondered how hot he would have looked with more massive muscles on him. Now, on to more AJ and Noah!
  13. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    That is indeed my works. Thanks! Sorry MuscleAddict, I didn't mean to kind of pimp my story out, but I was just mentioning it as an example. It started out really messy when I first started it, until I spaced the text out in later chapters. I never did finish the story though. If you or anyone else wants to check it out, feel free. It was the first story I ever attempt to write to see if I had talent as a writer.
  14. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Exactly! My first story I ever wrote was on the Nifty website titled "My Everything" and I wrote it very much like how MuscleAddict is writing this on. My story was a love story, and wasn't just about sex. and all those years of watching soap operas, I wrote it very much like it, with romance, as well as drama and angst. Basically, making a story with elements in it that people can relate to. It's the same with AJ and Noah. Stories like this are what draws people in and when you know how to end it on a good note, or say a cliffhanger, you leave the readers asking "Well, now what?" So, we're forced to continue on to find out. One of my favorite questions and quotes to put down after ending a chapter was. "What happens next? Oh, if you only knew!" Well this story, AJ and Noah" is so much more than a muscle worship story! It's a love story in the making, which just includes the muscle worship fetish. I can relate to this story because I"ve crushed on many muscle guys in my day, but I've never been lucky enough to have a muscular guy or even a bodybuilder as a best friend. Much less a lover. Never been that lucky. There are no gorgeous AJ or Noah types in my conservative small town home. Great work on this latest chapter, MuscleAddict! Keep it up!
  15. Just curious, how muscle building goals have helped your sex life, once you gotten where you are currently, compared to where you were when you first started? I know the addition of muscle not only makes you stronger, but can definitely make your sex life better. I'm curious to hear everyone's points of view on this, Gay, Bi, Straight, etc. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion. Coming from an almost 40 year old virgin, I can't really say one way or the other yet, LOL!

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