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    muscle worship related true stories, as well as stories of muscle guys and bodybuilders acheiving their dreams in the competitive sport of bodybuilding.
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    muscle worship, bodybuilders in jeans, big quads. I love to fuck a man's quads, with my dick stuck between hi legs, just below his balls and fuck until I cum, while feeling his flexed outer quads with my legs. That is mostly fantasy since I've never done this, but would love to try with a big muscle guy. A doctor friend of mine who had muscles is who turned me on to legs when he let me fuck his one time.

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  1. Chapter 16 Seth, Rudy, and Eric headed towards the barn, where the horse stalls were and Seth pointed to a bag of chicken feed and a bucket, sitting near it. "The first thing, Rudy and I are going to have you do," Seth said. "Is feed the chickens, so pour some of that chicken feed into the bucket and take it to the chicken coop. It's fenced in to protect the chickens from predators like wolves and coyotes,s o you'll have to open the door and walk inside to sprinkle the feed around to feed them." Eric gulped. "There are coyotes and wolves around here?" "Not usually, since this is California." Seth said. "But hungry wolves and coyotes will travel a long way to find their next meal, if they have to." "Yes, and that's why Seth, and I, both, are always prepared for that." Rudy said, to Eric. "We both keep rifles, on hand, in the back of our trucks, even when we go down to the dairy barn, where the cows, and the pigs are. You just never know when danger may strike." "Well, that's good to know." Eric said, his eyes widening as he turned away from Rudy and Seth. As he closed his eyes, his mind drifted back to another painful memory of his past. <<FLASHBACK>> "STOP, TOM!" Eric cried out. "YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" Instead of letting go of him, Tom yanked Eric towards him and threw him, over to the couch. Eric fell against it and tried to turn around to make a getaway attempt, but Tom was already pushing him down, on the couch and pinned his arms down. Eric struggled against Tom's grip, trying to free himself, but given how much bigger Tom was than him, Eric was completely overpowered. "Let me make something clear to you, Eric." Tom said, in a very dangerously quiet sinister voice. "If you even think about trying to leave me, again....." Eric looked up into Tom's eyes, his fear increasing. His heart was pounding. He had no idea was Tom was going to do next. But all he knew was that it wasn't good. ".....I'll feed you to the wolves!" Tom finished, with an evil look in his eyes. Eric couldn't do anything, except stare back at Tom, in complete and utter terror. <<END OF FLASHBACK>> As Eric opened his eyes, after re-living that flashback, his breathing started to quicken and he brought a hand up to his chest. Seth and Rudy, who had been talking to each other turned towards Eric to see him, double over, breathing heavily, and they were immediately concerned. "Eric, what is it?" Rudy asked, worriedly. "What's wrong?" Eric turned and saw both Rudy and Seth starting to come towards him, but with his vision being blurred, and his head feeling dizzy, he held up his hands. "Stay away from me! Please!" Eric begged. "Just stay away from me!" Not knowing what else to do, and feeling like his panic attack was going to swallow him, whole, Eric just turned and started running out of the barn. Eric!" Seth shouted out. Eric kept on running. Seth turned to Rudy. "I have to go after him!" He said, quickly. "Stay here and start the chores! I'll be back!" "Don't worry, man, I got this." Rudy said, as Seth started running out of the barn. "Go!" Eric, who had already had a head start, outside the barn, had looked over towards the horse trails, and took off running in that direction, as fast as he could. Seth ran around the corner of the barn and starting looking around the driveway, looking for Eric. As he looked, in the direction of the horse trails, he saw Eric running up them, towards the fields. "Eric!" Seth called out to him, again, as he took off running after him, at full speed, trying to catch up with him. Eric kept running. His panic attack was now in full force, which was slowing him down, giving Seth more time to catch up with him. By now, Eric had tears streaming down his face. Eric made it to the fence, and managed to open the gate to the fields and started running up them, in the direction of the corn fields, with Seth quickly gaining on him. "Eric, stop!" Seth yelled out. Hearing Seth's voice, right behind him, Eric slowed down and stopped running, bringing his hands to his abdomen, as he started to sob. And just at that same moment, Seth's strong arms wrapped around him from behind. "Eric?" Seth panted, as he held Eric tight. "What's going on?" Eric turned around and looked at Seth. When he did, Seth could see what a mess he was. Eric's face was streaming with tears, even now, and his breathing was coming out, in quick hard gasps, and his face was wet also from sweating. "Come here." Seth said, outstretching his arms. Eric wrapped his arms around Seth's torso, and started sobbing into his chest. Seth, still panting a bit, rubbing his back to try to calm him down. BACK AT THE HOUSE, IN THE BARN **************************** Rudy, who had finished feeding the chickens the feed, had come out of the coop and shut the door, securely. He pulled out his phone and dialed Amy's number. "Hello?" Amy's voice answered. "Hi, Amy, it's Rudy." Rudy said to her. "What time does your class start this morning?" "8:00a.m." Amy said. "Why? Rudy hesitated, not sure if he should tell her, after all. He didn't want to worry her and make her lose her focus on her classes. "Rudy, is something wrong?" Amy asked him. "Yeah, umm.." Rudy said. "Something happened, earlier, with Eric. We were getting ready to train him for the job, and all of sudden, he just freaked out, for some reason and took off running. Seth went after him to try to catch up to him." "What?!" Amy asked him, then said. "Ok, listen. I"m going to head over there, just as soon as I talk to my Anthropology Professor, alright?" I'll see you soon!" "Ok." Rudy replied to her. "Bye." He hung up the phone and then walked to the door of the house and called in to Deborah. "Hey Deb, can I get a basket from you to gather the eggs?" BACK IN THE FIELDS **************** Eric pulled back from his embrace with Seth. His sobbing had subsided, and his breathing had calmed down and gotten back to normal again. His panic attack was gone. "What happened back there?" Seth asked him. "What made you freak out and run away like that? Eric was still looking down, at the ground, as he wiped at his face, trying to dry it of his tears. His eyes were now red from crying, as were his cheeks, which were flushed again, whenever he was upset. "And the way you told me and Rudy to stay away from you, before that?" Seth asked. "It was like you were afraid that we were going to hurt you or something." "I'm sorry." Eric said. "I don't know why I did that. I know that you would never hurt me. It wasn't that." "Well then..what?" Seth asked, the worry showing in his gorgeous face. Eric sat down, in the grass and folded his hands in his lap, as he crossed his legs. Seth sat down, next to him. Eric looked over at him. "I was having another panic attack." Eric said. "Except, this one was much worse than the one I had in the shower, earlier this morning, before breakfast. Eric balled up his fist, in frustration. He thought he'd been doing so well and that he'd finally put his past with Tom, behind him. But ever since Amy had brought it up, Eric had been having a hard time, dealing with it. And now that he'd had one, in front of Seth and Rudy, he knew that they were all going to want an explanation, including Deborah, which made Eric realize that what Amy was right when she suggested that he tell Seth about it. Eric realized now that he was going to have to tell Seth, about his past, with Tom, whether he liked it or not. "Damn it!" Eric cursed, in frustration. "I thought I had these panic attacks under control! Why are they plaguing me, now?" "What's causing them?" Seth asked, putting his arm around Eric's shoulders. Eric's eyes closed, momentarily. Then he turned towards Seth and grasped his hand, in his. "Seth, there's something that I have to tell you." Eric said. "I'm listening." Seth said, squeezing his hand, affectionately. Eric took a deep breath and looked Seth, in the eyes. "The reason why my panic attacks are happening again, now," Eric revealed. "Is because of something that Amy and I talked about, yesterday. Something that happened to me, 5 years ago. I thought I'd finally put it to rest, but now, It's coming back to haunt me, all over again." Eric looked over at Seth, who was looking at him, nodding his head. He brought his hand down, on top of Eric's hand. 'Go on." Seth urged him. Eric didn't want to have to tell Seth any of what happened, in his past. But now, since the panic attacks were back, again, and would only get worse if he kept his feelings bottled up, Eric knew that he had to help Seth understand what was causing his panic attacks and how he could help Eric through one, whenever it would come upon him. "God, I hate having to re-live this!" Eric said, through gritted teeth. "I can't let that bastard do this to me, again!" "Who, are you talking about, Eric?" Seth asked. Eric sighed, in frustration, closing his eyes. He decided that the sooner that he told Seth the story, the sooner he could get it over with, so that he would never have to talk about it, again. "Tom." Eric revealed, as he began his story. "5 years ago, I met Tom Anderson. It was my senior year of high school, and my guidance counselors were having some of us students visit colleges early so we'd have an idea of what colleges we'd want to go to, once we graduated high school. So, I went to a few of the state colleges to submit my SAT scores and see which college I would get into. The first college I applied to was UCLA, in Los Angeles, California. I was there filing out some stuff, at one of the tables and when I turned around to go over to another table......that's when I saw him." "Tom?" Seth asked him. "Yeah, Eric said, nodding. "I was leaving the table, after filling out the papers I needed to fill out, and when I turned to walk away, I bumped into him, as he was coming towards the table. When I looked up and saw him, my heart literally started pounding and I felt like I was going to go weak, in the knees." Seth's eyebrows raised, knowing that Tom must have been very attractive, the way Eric was talking about him. "Was he a stud?" He asked Eric. Eric nodded. And despite what he'd been through, with Tom, he couldn't help but crack a smile, remembering when things were good, between them, before things went sour. "He was a fucking Adonis!" Eric said. "Dark brown hair, with the sexiest bedroom brown eyes. He was 5' 10 and 200 lbs of solid muscle. I was smitten by him, the first time I laid eyes on him." "It sounds like I have some competition." Seth said, with a slight grin on his face. Eric looked up at him, in shock. "Are you kidding me?" Eric asked him. "Seth, when it comes to you, and Tom, there is no contest. You're even more gorgeous and 100 times a better man than he is. And you have a bigger, and better body, so trust me, Tom is no competition for you." Seth was truly touched by Eric's words, and put his thumb and forefinger under Eric's chin, stroking his cheek with his thumb. "Thank you." Seth said, gratefully. "I'm glad you feel that way about me." Seth leaned in and gave Eric a light, gentle kiss, on the lips, which Eric reciprocated. "You're welcome." Eric said, smiling, as he gazed into Seth's eyes. "Please, continue." Seth said, pulling back, to a sitting postion. Eric nodded. "Anyway, Tom and I really hit it off and we became friends pretty fast. I started hanging out, with him, after school. I would meet him, at his college dorm. He'd had his own room, being a senior in college, so we had plenty of privacy, together. He would help me with my homework and basically just hang out with me. We would talk for hours, with each other about ourselves and our dreams and goals for our futures. Eric's smile faded a little bit, as he looked down at the grass. "I remember Tom saying to me that he liked my eyes." Eric told Seth. "And that he thought that I had a great smile. And that I was really cute." "Well, you definitely are cute, Eric." Seth said. "And it's definitely something about your eyes that is irresistable. Eric looked at Seth, sheepishly and rolled his eyes. Then shoved Seth, in the arm, pushing him, sideways, a bit. "Stop it!" Eric said, yet was smiling profusely. "You're making me blush!" "What?" Seth chuckled. "I'm just telling it like it is." Eric chuckled a bit, too. Then continued, talking. "Of course, I told Tom that I was a geek and that I didn't believe him. That's when he told me that I was really the cutest, most intriguing young man, he'd ever met. He told me that he would tell me everyday, how handsome I was, when we were together. And he did, too. And eventually, I started to believe it, myself, whenever I looked into the mirror. And although I started to believe I was handsome, I still wasn't satisfied with my skinny body. I wanted to get big muscles like Tom, because I really admired his football player build. He wasn't as big and as built as you are, Seth, but his body was beautiful, nonetheless. Tom helped me, with working out too, and taught me everything there was about fitness, about eating right, and getting enough rest. I remember, right after our workout, we went into the locker room to change and being the only two guys, in the locker room, at that time, that's where Tom and I shared our first kiss." "Well, it sounds like Tom was decent guy for awhile." Seth said, then wondered. "What happened that made things go bad between you two?" Eric's smile faded as he was coming to the more depressing part of his story. "Well, one of the issues that kept us from being together was the fact that I was 17 years old. Not exactly of legal age to be involved with a college senior. Tom said that he didn't care about my age, because I wasn't going to be 17 forever. And that was true because I would turn 18 years old, just before I graduated high school. And I told him that as long as we didn't get sexually involved, He and I would be ok. I swore to him that I would protect him, if anyone ever found out about our relationship. Tom told me that as long as I never said anything about it, He wouldn't be opposed to having sex with me, once I felt the time was right. He knew I wasn't ready, yet, so he never pressured me to sleep with him. At least not yet." Seth frowned at that. "Not yet?" He asked. "Meaning, he did, eventually, and you still weren't ready?" Eric nodded. "Yeah." He said, lowly. "Everything had been going so great for us, until about six months later. During one of his football practices, Tom was having chest pains and collapsed, on the field, unconscious, during a practice run for a touchdown. I didn't even know about it, because I didn't find out about it, until a few days later, when Tom called me, after getting out of the hospital. He said he wanted to see me, so I drove to his apartment, which he now had, after getting a job, as a bartender. When I got there, He opened the door and I could see that he was upset about something, because he looked like he'd been crying. When he invited me in, I asked him what was wrong. That's when he told me that the doctor had told him that the reason that he was having chest pains and collapsed. on the football field was because he had developed a heart condition called "Myocarditis" which is an inflammation of the heart muscle. I asked Tom what that meant for him, and that's when he told me that he could no longer play sports, or work out heavily, or do any kind of strenuous activity that could cause his heart to give out on him. So needless to say, Tom was devastated, because that meant that all of his dreams, everything that he'd planned, for his future, was over. He wanted to play in the NFL and eventually become a football coach. And now, that was no longer an option for him." "Wow." Seth said. "That sucks for him." Eric nodded, as he stared out, into the fields. he wiped at a tear that had started to fall down his cheek. "That's when Tom started spiraling out of control." Eric said, trying to keep from losing his composure, since he was coming to the hardest parts of his story to tell. "He started to become depressed, and started drinking a lot to numb his pain, over losing his dreams. I tried to be there for him, and told him that he still had me, even if he'd lost out on his dreams of a career in the NFL. And that night was the night that I told him that I loved him, for the very first time. He started crying and broke down, in my arms. Then, the next thing I knew, we started kissing. And by this time, Tom didn't want to wait anymore. He wanted to have sex with me. And I told him that it still wasn't the right time. When he heard that, he got really upset with me and after that, he told me to get out of his apartment, so I left, even though I was incredibly hurt by how he treated me. After that, the more I visited with him, every day, the more and more he seemed to sink deeper into his depression. He started pushing me away and told me that I need to get on with my life and finish school and go on to college." Eric's tears were freely flowing now. "Eventually, Tom stopped answering my calls, wouldn't return my texts, and wouldn't even let me into his apartment whenever I wanted to see him. Not knowing what to do, I started confiding in one of my gay friends from high school. His name was Sam Lancaster. I was feeling rejected and alone, and Sam was there for me, when I needed a friend. I talked to him about Tom and about his situation, and his heart went out to me, and to Tom, for what he was going through. Sam was a good friend to me, but what I wasn't aware of was the fact that Sam had his own little crush on me. I didn't learn that until the day that Tom drove to my school to pick me up. Sam and I were talking, outside the school, and that's when Sam confessed to me that he had feelings for me and before I could process anything he was telling me, he just kissed me, out of the blue. I didn't know what to do, at first, but once I realized what was happening, all those feelings I'd been experiencing about being alone, and rejected took over, and I started kissing Sam back. That was the first time I'd been shown any affection since Tom shut me out. And unfortunately, Tom had driven by the school, to surprise me, and pick me up, and he saw Sam, and I, kissing. I didn't even know he was even there, until I heard squealing tires and then when Sam and I looked towards the road, we saw his car, speeding away. So, apparently, Tom was furious, after what he saw." Seth nodded. "It's not your fault." Seth said. "I understand that you were vulnerable. Tom was pushing you, away at a time when you felt that you needed him, just as much as he needed you. I can understand that." Eric nodded again. "Anyway, when I saw Tom's car speeding off, I said good-bye, to Sam, and got in my car and drove after him. When I got to his house, I opened the door and Tom was standing in the kitchen, with a bottle of whiskey in his hands. He was drinking straight from the bottle. And when I saw the pain, and the anger, in his eyes, I immediately felt so guilty for my part in kissing Sam. I asked Tom what he was doing at the school and he said that he'd missed me and he'd wanted to come and apologize for shutting me out the way that he had been. But when he got there, he saw me, kissing Sam and that it hurt him to see. Then he started shouting at me, accusing me of not loving him or wanting him anymore, which hurt me, to the core, because I loved Tom very much. I told Tom that I still loved him as much as I ever had. Then, once again, he asked me to prove it to him, by making love with him. And once again, I told him that I wasn't ready. When I did, he hit the roof and got all over me about that kiss, with Sam again. I asked him what was wrong with him and that he was acting like a jealous, insecure boyfriend. He asked me if I could blame him after what he saw and that I should be kissing, only him, and nobody else. I told him he was blowing it out of proportion, and that Sam has kissed me, and not the other way around. Tom then asked me why I kissed him back when I should have pushed him away..... Here, Eric paused, knowing he was reaching the most crucial part of the story and he had to be strong, in order to be able to tell it to Seth. "Don't stop, now, Eric." Seth urged him. "What happened next?" "Well," Eric said. "I wasn't just feeling guilty for my part in that kiss. I was also, feeling guilty, because I was starting to develop genuine feelings for Sam. He was the same age as me, and we had a lot more in common. Well, Tom then realized that I had feelings for Sam and he called me out on it. I begged him to believe me when I told him that my kiss with Sam didn't mean anything. And then...." "And then....what?" Seth asked, now riveted. Biting his lip, Eric was intent on finishing the story. "And then, Tom backhanded me, right in the face." Eric revealed. "He yelled at me not to lie to him and that my kiss, with Sam, didn't look like nothing." Seth's expression turned to shock. "Whoa!" He exclaimed, in disbelief. "He hit you?" "Yep." Eric said, seriously, eyebrows raised, as another tear slid down his cheek. "Hit me, in the face, so hard, I almost fell to the floor." Seth grimaced, as he clenched his jaw. "Bastard!" Seth cursed, looking away a moment. Eric sighed. "That's the first time Tom ever hit me, in our relationship, together. And when he realized what he'd done and saw what he did, to my face, he was horrified, and he told me that he was sorry." Looking back at Eric, Seth proceeded to ask him, his next question. "Ok, so he hit you, once." Seth said, then said. "Please, tell me he didn't hit you again, after that?" Eric didn't answer him. Instead he looked up into Seth's eyes. Seth could see the tears slide down Eric's face, at that moment. "Eric?" Seth asked. Eric, sniffing, just continued to stare at Seth, his cheeks still wet with tears. BACK AT THE LOMBARDO HOUSE *********************************** "What's going on, with Eric?" Deborah asked, as Rudy came into the house, with the basket of freshly laid eggs, he'd gotten from the chicken coop. "I don't know, Ma'am." Rudy said, looking confused. "We were talking to him about the farm chores and then, all of a sudden, he double over, clutching his chest, and was breathing really hard. And when Seth and I walked towards him, to try to help him, he told us to stay away from him, and then took off running. Seth told me to handle the farm chores, and ran after him." "Oh dear." Deborah said, the concern evident in her face. "He must be having an attack of anxiety or something. I'm sure Seth will be able to calm him down." "Let's hope so." Rudy then, then handed her the basket. "Here are the eggs." "Thank you, Rudy." Deborah said, accepting them. "Why don't you go ahead back out and get back to doing the chores, until Eric and Seth come back." "Yes, Ma'am." Rudy replied, respectfully. "And, I should let you know that Amy will be here, shortly. I called her and told her what happened, with Eric, and she said she'd be here, after she talked to one of her professors. She's worried about Eric, too." "Ok, I'll be on the look-out for her." Deborah assured him. "Go on, back out, Rudy." "Ok." Rudy replied, turning and walking back outside the house. Rudy walked into the barn to check on the horses. As he did, he looked inside the horse stalls and saw that there was horse manure in there, that needed mucked out and taken to the manure pile. "Well, it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it." Rudy said, as he grabbed a nearby shovel and got ready to start cleaning on Eli's stall, first. Since he was the bigger horse, he made the most mess. Rudy also grabbed a wheelbarrow, that was sitting, nearby, and sat it near the door to the horse stall. He started shoveling the manure into the wheelbarrow, when he heard a car horn, honking, as it approached the house. Knowing that it was Amy, he stopped what he was doing and walked out of the barn to greet her. Amy got out of Eric's car and shut the door. She started walking up towards the house, just as Rudy came out of the barn. "Well, good morning." Rudy said, walking over to her. Amy smiled. "Good morning to you, too." Amy replied back, to him. Rudy leaned down and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her waist. Amy threw her arms around Rudy's broad shoulders, returning his kisses. When they pulled back, Amy looked into Rudy's eyes. "Where's Eric?" Amy asked him. "Have he and Seth come back, yet?" "No, not yet." Rudy said, to her. "Eric ran up the trails, towards the fields, and Seth went after him. They've been gone for quite a while." Amy looked at Rudy, her face filled with worry. "You think we should go check on them?" She asked him. At that moment, Deborah came out of the house, hearing Amy's last question. "Good morning, Amy." Deborah greeted her. "It's nice to see you again." "Good morning, Deborah." Amy said, to her. 'It's nice to see you again, as well." "Don't worry about Eric, Honey." Deborah told her. "I'm sure Seth is with him, right now, helping calm him down. Why don't you come in and have some breakfast? You must be hungry." "Famished, actually."Amy said. "I'd love some breakfast. Thank you." "Actually, Deborah, would you mind if I joined you two?" Rudy asked. "Until Seth and Eric come back?" Deborah and Amy looked at each other, and Deborah smiled. She knew Rudy had it bad, for Amy and she knew Amy really liked him, too. "I'm sure I can make an exception, just this once." Deborah told him, then pointed a finger at him. "But, just until the boys come back. Then, it's back to doing the farm chores. Understood?" Rudy beamed. "Yes, Ma'am." He said, cheerfully, looking back, at Amy, who was smiling at him. "Come on, let's go in." Deborah said, and motioned for Rudy and Amy to go inside the house. Amy went in, first, followed by Rudy, and then Deborah went in, behind him, shutting the door, to the house, tight. BACK IN THE FIELDS **************** "Eric, please tell me that Tom didn't hit you, again?" Seth begged Eric. Eric looked at Seth and saw that he looked absolutely terrified of what Eric's answer would be. He could see from the look in Seth's eyes, how much Seth really cared for him. Eric looked away, as he wiped at his face, trying to clear it of the tears, but it was futile since more tears replaced the ones he wiped away. "Well," Eric started saying. "After he told me that he was sorry for hitting me, that's when I knew, right then and there, that I couldn't be with Tom, anymore. As much as I loved him, I wasn't about to stay with a man, who would abuse me like that. So, I told him that, that was the first time he hit me, and that it was also the last time. When he asked me what that meant, that's when I told him that it was over and that I was leaving. I started walking to the door....." Eric paused, pursing his lips together, tightly. Then he finished what he was going to say as his mind flashed back to that memory. ".....and that's when he grabbed me." <<FLASHBACK>> "Do not walk away from me!" Tom yelled. "I'm not done with you, yet!" "OW!" Eric cried out, as he felt Tom's grip tighten around his very skinny arm. "LET GO OF ME!" "NOT UNTIL YOU LISTEN TO ME!" Tom shouted, angrily. "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING ME! WE ARE NOT OVER, SO YOU JUST GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, RIGHT NOW!!" Eric's face was contorted in pain, as Tom's grip around his arm, was getting so tight, it felt like Tom was about to break the bone, in his arm. "STOP, TOM!" Eric cried, looking into Tom's eyes, in utter fear. "YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" Instead of letting go of him, Tom yanked Eric towards him and threw him, over to the couch. Eric fell against it and tried to turn around to make a getaway attempt, but Tom was already pushing him down, on the couch and pinned his arms down. Eric struggled against Tom's grip, trying to free himself, but given how much bigger Tom was than him, Eric was completely overpowered. "Let me make something clear to you, Eric." Tom said, in a very dangerously quiet sinister voice. "If you even think about trying to leave me, again....." Eric looked up into Tom's eyes, his fear increasing. His heart was pounding. He had no idea was Tom was going to do next. But all he knew was that it wasn't good. ".....I'll feed you to the wolves!" Tom finished, with an evil look in his eyes. <<END OF FLASHBACK>> "So, that's why you freaked out when Rudy and I mentioned wolves and coyotes, earlier." Seth said. "What happened next?" Eric continued, the memories, flashing through his mind as he told Seth, the final part of the story. "Well, after he said what he said, to me," Eric said, starting to sob. "I was trapped beneath him, completely powerless to do anything. It was then that Tom started to kiss my face and then my neck, and....." Seth's eyes widened. "No!" He said, feeling like he was going to lose his composure, any minute. "Eric, please tell me, he didn't...." Eric's eyes closed, and he started sobbing, immediately. "Seth, he wanted to have sex....right then and there! I told him, no, that I didn't want it this way......but he didn't listen to me! Eric said, in between sobs. "Oh, God!" Seth said, as he, tried to keep his composure. "He raped you?" Eric could only nod his head. He was crying so hard, he couldn't say any more. Seth put his arms around Eric and pulled him into his chest, holding him, close. "It's ok, Eric." Seth said, as a tear started sliding down his face. "I've got you, Baby. Just let it go. Let it all out. Get it all out of your system. And just know, that I've got you." Seth continued to hold Eric, while Eric cried his heart out. "Oh God, Seth, it was horrible!" Eric said, as he sobbed into Seth's chest.. "He went to turn me on my stomach, and that's when I tried to fight him off! And when I did, he lashed my face two more times, which took the fight completely out of me. And then he forced himself on me...and it hurt! It hurt so bad! He was really rough! And afterwards, he just got dressed and walked into the kitchen and finished drinking his booze, like nothing had just happened! And not long after that, he passed out, with his head on the table. All the while, I just laid there, and wanted to die. After Tom had passed out, I got dressed and left the house, without him knowing. That's how I got away from him." Seth's face contorted from pain, to anger, over what Tom had done to Eric. "What happened to Tom, after that?" Seth asked Eric. Eric lifted his head. His sobs had calmed down, enough, that he could talk again. "Well, after I went to the police and reported him for aggravated assault and rape, I was taken to the hospital, where I was examined, and also tested for HIV, since Tom didn't use protection when he raped me. The cops went and arrested him, that same night. After getting a sample of his DNA, which matched his DNA found on me...and within me, Tom pretty much lost everything else, along with his dreams of becoming an NFL pro football player. He lost his apartment, and he lost his job, as a bartender, at 'The Hollywood Men" nightclub." Seth's eyes bulged when he heard Eric mention that place. And not only that, when Eric had first mentioned Tom, who he was and where he went to college, as well as his description of Tom's looks, he'd been able to put the pieces together. "Oh my God!" Seth exclaimed, in disbelief. "Eric, are you telling me that Tom Anderson, who worked at 'The Hollywood Men" nightclub is the same Tom Anderson who you were dating, 5 years ago?" "Yeah." Eric said, to him, frowning. "Why?" Seth looked at Eric, knowing that what he was about to reveal to Eric was going to be a shocker. "Because 'The Hollywood Men" nightclub is where I worked, as a male stripper." Seth revealed. Eric's eyes widened. "What?!" Eric asked, in complete shock. "So, you're saying that you knew Tom Anderson?" "Oh yes!" Seth said, that angry expression coming back to his face. "I knew Tom very well. I worked many of the same nights that he was bartending. He used to hit on me, all the time, and he also would tip me, generously, and afterwards, he would always give my ass the usual squeeze. But of course, I was never offended because I was always used to the attention that my body got me, so I thought nothing of it, at the time. And he never squeezed my ass, more than one time, after tipping me." Eric rolled his eyes, and shook his head. "Ironic, isn't it?" He asked Seth. "What?" Seth asked. Eric looked up at him. "That if I hadn't been 17 years old, at that time," Eric said, to him. "we might have met each other, even sooner in our lives." Seth, with his eyebrows, raised, nodded, agreeing at the possibility of that. "I can see how that could have been possible." Seth said. "But, knowing now, what that bastard did to you, it makes me sick, now, to think that I ever let him touch me." "I know, right?" Eric said to him. "And it makes me sick that he only got sentenced to 5 years, in prison, for what did to me. I haven't seen him since he was sent to prison." Seth looked over at him. "Have you ever wanted to visit him?" He asked. Eric nodded. "Many times." Eric said. "But after what he did to me, I was afraid of him." As Seth looked at Eric, he saw a look of determination in his eyes that he'd never seen before. "After Tom went to prison, I went for counseling to help me deal with what he did to me. I took self defense classes, and started working out, with a fiery passion. And little by little, I started putting on, more muscle. I kept working at it, and I swore, after that, that I would never be a victim to Tom Anderson, or any abusive man, ever again." Eric pulled his shirt sleeve up, and flexed his right bicep muscle, while looking up at Seth. "Never again!" Eric said, his face, dead serious. Seth smiled, as he admired Eric's bicep and noticed the seriousness in his face. Then, he reached over and wrapped his hand, around Eric's bicep, while looking into Eric's eyes, nodding. "Never again." Seth said, softly. Eric smiled at him. Seth pulled Eric, into him, and gave him a gentle, kiss, on the lips. "You're not alone, anymore, Eric." Seth said. "You have me, now. I'll be your protector, if you'll let me." Eric smiled at Seth. His heart was filled with joy, whenever he was around him. Eric knew that he could trust Seth. "And I want you to know, Eric." Seth said, as he cupped Eric's cheek. "I would never hurt you the way that Tom did." "I know, Seth." Eric said, as he cupped his hand, over Seth's. "I trust you, with my life." Seth's beautiful smile came out, full force, once again, making Eric's heart skip a beat. He still couldn't believe that a man, as gorgeous as Seth, was interested in a guy like him. "Good." Seth said, putting an arm around Eric's shoulders. "Are you feeling better now?" Eric nodded. "I'm good." He said, looking at Seth. "Thank you, Seth, for everything." Seth nodded. "Come on." He said, standing up. "You ready to work now?" Eric stood up and looked up at Seth. When he did, he noticed that the sunrise was just starting and it was casting a warm, golden glow down on both of them. He noticed how the sunlight shined on Seth's face, illuminating his eyes, and face. "I sure am." Eric said, as he gazed at Seth. The two of them, stood there, just gazing at each other, in momentary silence. "You're so beautiful, Seth." Eric gushed. Seth chuckled, as his smile broadened. "What did I ever do to deserve you?" Eric asked him. Seth reached forward, laid his hand on Eric's hip and pulled him closer to him. "You allowed yourself to care for me." Seth said. "And put your trust in me. I think that, alone, is deserving enough." Eric smiled. Then Seth leaned towards him, and started kissing him again. As they kissed, Eric slid hi hands up to Seth's pecs and started squeezing them, eliciting a sexy satisfactory moan from Seth. "Fuck, yeah!" Seth moaned, closing his eyes. "That feels so good!" Eric leaned up and started kissing Seth's neck, as his hands started playing with Seth's delts, and triceps. "Eric," Seth said, his voice getting huskier. "Down, Tiger! We have work to get done." Eric sighed, as he pulled away from Seth and looked into his eyes. He could see the lust and desire within them. And he was sure Seth could see it in his, too. "I can't help it, Seth." Eric said, his breathing getting a little harder. "I look at you, sometimes, and I want you so bad. Like right now." Seth stared into Eric's eyes. His pecs tensed as he took in a breath. "You think it's any easier for me to look at you, right now, and not want to take you down, right here, in these grassy fields and let you have your way with me? My muscles are literally twitching right now, begging to be given attention. I want to be worshipped so bad, right now, I can taste it!" Here, Seth looked at Eric, and sighed, in disappointment. "But we can't, right now." Seth said. "Rudy and Amy could be on their way, looking for us. We can't be careless enough to allow our raging libidos to control us and risk us getting caught, in the act." "I understand." Eric said. "I guess I'll have to wait, until tonight to worship those Incredible muscles." "It will be worth the wait." Seth said. "Trust me." "I do, Seth." Eric said to him, smiling. "Come on, let's head back to the house." "Let's, go." Seth said, with a gorgeous smile, in his face. Seth put his arm around Eric's shoulders, and Eric's arm went around Seth's sexy V tapered torso, as they walked back towards the fence. Eric and Seth walked through the gate and Seth closed the gate to the fence, leading into the fields, and he and he and Eric, with their arms around each other, again, starting walking back down the trails, back to the house, where Deborah, Rudy, and Amy were waiting for them to return.
  2. Ok guys, here's the newest chapter of "Eric and Seth." I hope you enjoy it. After my place of employment has been shutdown, I have more time to focus on continuing this story and writing it more. I will work on the next chapter as soon as I can, bit by bit, each day. There are days, I can finish a chapter and get it sent out, and other days, I'm too tired to write, or nothing comes to mind to keep the story interesting, so sometimes I have to go back and re-ready my own story to remember what I've written, as well as to keep up with continuity, so that the story flows as it should. Chapter 15 Eric woke up to his phone alarm at 5:00 a.m. the next morning. It was dawn, but the sun wasn't out yet. Eric sat up in bed and stretched to get the rest of the sleepy feeling out of his body. He wasn't used to getting up this early. Today was the day: Eric's first official day of work, on the farm. He knew he wanted to do a good job for Seth, today. He didn't want to let him down. Eric got out of bed and stood up. He wanted to get a fresh shower to help wake himself up, better. As he was about to take off his shirt and underwear, he heard a soft knock, on the door. "Come in!" He called out, looking at the door. The door opened and Seth came into the room. He was shirtless and wearing a pair of boxerbriefs. He turned and closed the door, behind him, and locked it. Then, he turned back to Eric. "Well, good morning, Handsome." Seth said, with a warm smile. "Good morning to you, too, Gorgeous." Eric replied back, his smile matching Seth's. Seth walked over, to Eric, and pulled him into a hug. "How did you sleep last night?" He asked, as he held Eric against him. "Like a baby." Eric said, his eyes closed, and his head snuggled into Seth's chest. "But, I have to admit that I missed you, so much, last night." Seth closed his eyes, with his one arm around Eric's waist, and the other, holding the back of Eric's head, into his chest. "I missed you, too." Seth said, softly. "I was laying, in my bed, last night thinking about you and our muscle worship session we did, in the fields, and I was laying there, wishing that we could have done another one, in my room, in front of the big mirror I have in there." Eric raised his head and looked up into Seth's eyes. "That would be wonderful." He said, softly. "I would love to worship your muscles while you flex in the mirror. Let's do that some night soon. Seth's face broke into a sexy smile. "How about tonight?" Seth suggested. "After I see how well you do today with your farm chores?" Eric nodded, his smile getting bigger. "Sounds like a plan." He replied, then asked. "But why after the farm chores?" "Well," Seth began saying, with a knowing smirk on his face. "It's going to be a very dirty and very sweaty job, so I thought that perhaps we could take a shower together, tonight. You can worship my muscles as you wash my body and back, and then we'll do another one afterwards, in my room, in front of the mirror." That, to Eric, sounded heavenly. There was nothing he wanted more than to be close to the man he was beginning to care for, more and more, each day. "That would be amazing." Eric murmured, then frowned. "But, would we really want to risk anyone catching us, in the shower, together?" "Don't worry about that." Seth assured him. "We'll take one, here, in your room, after Mom goes to bed. And then you can come into my room later, and we can have an even hotter muscle worship session than the last one." Eric's dick started to get hard, just thinking about Seth's muscles. Seth must have felt it because Eric was pressed against him, and he looked down and saw Eric was tenting in his underwear. "Man, just the mention of muscle worship, makes you hard." Seth said, looking at Eric's bulge. "Look at that!" Seth couldn't keep the cocky grin from appearing on his face. He absolutely loved it that Eric was so turned on by him and his muscles. "Well, it's your fault, Seth." Eric said, with a serious face. Seth frowned, in confusion. "Why the fuck is it my fault?" He asked, sounding pissed. Eric's seriousness faltered, at that moment, and his smile gave way. "Because, you're so damn gorgeous, that's why." Eric said, throwing his arms around Seth's shoulders. "Ooh! I like the sound of that." Seth said, smiling, showing off his sexy dimples. "Tell me more, Sexy." "You're so tall." Eric said, as he let his hands start exploring Seth's body. "And so muscular." Eric ran his hands down Seth's arms, feeling up his triceps. Seth flexed them, as Eric's hands came in contact with them. "You're perfect, Seth." Eric said, softly, looking into Seth's eyes. "The hottest man and bodybuilder on this earth." Seth chuckled. "You are such a liar." He said, to Eric, smiling profusely. "There are lots of better looking guys out there than me." "Well, you're the only one I want, Seth." Eric said, to him. "When I left you, at the Whole Foods market, I thought that I was never going to see you, again. "Really?" Seth asked in surprise. "I really had that much of an effect on you?" Eric nodded. "You sure did." Eric replied, as he caressed Seth's arms. "I thought you were the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. And, I still feel that way. I didn't know what your sexual orientation was, but even if you were straight, I knew that I wanted to get to know you, even if nothing would ever happen between us." Seth smiled, as he listened to Eric's story. Eric continued. "So, after seeing you, and thinking that I would most likely, never see you again, I came across the ad in the newspaper for a farmer's helper. I saw the ad, and after taking Amy's advice about needing to work on a farm to get some experience, to write my college essay, decided to answer it. So imagine my shock, and surprise, when I ran into you, again, here. I didn't know that this was your family's farm when I looked at the ad. It was like fate brought us, together." Seth smiled as he pulled Eric closer into him, his hands, caressing Eric's back. "I think you might have a point there.," Seth said. "I certainly didn't expect to see you, again, so soon, after bumping into you, at Whole Foods. Of course, I thought nothing of it, at the time, because you were a random stranger to me, and I never expected that we'd cross paths again. But now, I'm glad that we did." Eric was more than overjoyed to hear that from Seth. But, he also knew that their relationship would not be without it's challenges. "I'm glad to hear you say that, Seth." Eric said, playing with Seth's hair, at the back of his head. "I know that our relationship won't be easy, and I don't know if it will last, but for now, I just want to enjoy every moment with you that I can." Seth frowned, not sure what Eric meant when he said he didn't know if their relationship would last. "Why would you think that our relationship wouldn't last?" Seth asked. "Because, you're new to this whole gay thing." Eric told him. "I certainly wouldn't blame you if you were having doubts, yourself. Seth nodded. "I do have my concerns about it, yes." He said. "But, I'll deal with them. I know, at some point I'm going to have to tell people. Especially, my mom." Seth looked up, at the ceiling, and breathed a deep sigh of uneasiness. Eric could tell that Seth was under a great deal of stress. "I just don't know how she will take the news, when I tell her." Seth said, again. "If she rejects me, that will kill me. I love my mom so much." "I know you do, Gorgeous." Eric murmured, softly. "But I'm sure your mom would be ok with it. She loves you and I can't see her doing that to you. Your Mom's a very sweet, very classy woman, with a heart of gold." Seth nodded, deeply affected by Eric's words. "But, I have a feeling that Rudy will be the one we have to worry about, most." Eric said, looking at Seth, his face serious. Seth frowned, wondering what Eric meant by that. "Why do you say that?" Seth asked him. "Rudy's a pretty chill guy. Did he do something?" Eric thought back to the moment at dinner, last night, when he saw Rudy frowning at him, and wondered if it was possible that Rudy may have picked up on what was happening between him and Seth. "Well, I saw him frowning at me, at dinner." Eric pointed out. "When I called him out on it, he said he was wondering what chores to start me on, for today. But I don't think that he was being truthful." "Yeah, I remember he said that" Seth replied. "But why would you think he's not being truthful?" Eric sighed, and told Seth what he was thinking. "Because, I think that Rudy may have picked up on something between us. Either that or maybe he knows I'm gay and he doesn't approve." Seth frowned, thinking about it. He was hoping that Eric was wrong about that. Rudy had become like the older brother he never had, growing up, and he didn't want to lose the man he'd grown to love like family. "I don't think so." Seth said, shaking his head. "If Rudy disapproved of you, he would have said something by now." "Not necessarily." Eric told him. "He's seeing Amy right now, so if he disapproves of me, in any way, then he risks losing her, because Amy will always be on my side, no matter if anyone she's dating takes an issue with my sexuality." Seth smiled at that. He was glad that Eric had a friend like Amy that he could rely on. "You're lucky to have her in your life, Eric." Seth said. "I wish I had friends like that." Eric was amazed to hear that from Seth, since he knew that Seth had been a popular guy back in high school. "You do, Seth." Eric said. "You now have me. And you have Amy now, too. She likes you, and she approves of you and our relationship, whatever it becomes." "I'm definitely glad for that." Seth said, as he gazed at Eric. "You and Amy are so different from the friends that I do have. Most of my friends just want to either go out drinking all the time, get drunk, play games, and get laid. That tends to get old after a while." Eric completely understood that. He'd seen plenty of that on campus, at his college, all the years he'd been there. "Yeah, I know what you mean." Eric said. "Your friends sound like a lot of the guys that I know, on campus. I've seen plenty of drunk ass slobs at plenty of the parties they've had, over the years. I've seen it all. The beer chugging, the drug using, the vomiting, and the fights that would sometimes break out. I got tired of that real fast. I tend to stay away from those kinds of scenes now. But, I'm certainly not opposed to going out to a bar and having a beer, once in a while. Especially if the atmosphere is nice." "Yeah, I like to go out once in a while and have a beer as well." Seth pointed out. "Except, I don't drink much anymore. But I do enjoy the good food, once in a while." Eric then had a thought come to mind, and he wanted to share it with Seth. "You know, Gorgeous?* Eric asked, as he played with Seth's hair. "We haven't yet gone out on an official date together." Seth frowned a moment and then realized that Eric was right. "No, we haven't." Seth said. "Would you like to go out for dinner sometime?" "You bet I would, Sexy!" Eric replied. "But we're not going to find any place that will have better tasting food than your mom's cooking." Seth chuckled at that, since he agreed about that. "You're right about that, man." Seth said. " But I know a place to eat that is pretty darn close to my mom's cooking." Eric looked at Seth, squinting his eyes, a slight frown on his face. "And that would be?' He asked Seth. "Just a small restaurant in the city." Seth replied. "I'll take you, to dinner, some night that we're in the city. I do have to drive in and pick up supplies for the farm from time to time, anyway." "That's sounds like a plan." Eric said, with a cute smile on his face. "Just let me know the time, and the place, and I'll be there." "Cool." Seth said. Then, he looked down at himself and remembered that he needed to get dressed. "Well, I'd better go and get into my work clothes for the day." Seth said, stepping back a big. "And you need to get into the shower and get cleaned up." Eric grinned and then waggled his eyebrows, a glint in his eyes "You wanna join me?" Eric asked, seductively. Seth squinted his eyes, but his smile on his face showed that he was amused by that offer from Eric. "That's tempting." He said. "But, you know if we do that, we won't be getting any showering done." "Oh, not true." Eric disagreed, smiling at Seth. "I can still work the soap into your muscles while I"m worshipping them." Seth chuckled. He knew what Eric was doing, but yet, he couldn't deny he loved the idea of Eric worshipping his muscles in the hot shower. "True." Seth said. "But if we take too long, Mom might come upstairs, looking for me, because she's never known me to not be up, dressed, and downstairs by this time. if i"m late coming down there, she's gonna know something's up." Eric sighed in disappointment. "Aww, you're no fun." Eric said, putting on a puppy dog face, sticking out his bottom lip. Seth couldn't help but laugh at that. "Alright, if it makes you feel any better, you can worship my muscles, tonight, in the shower, before we go to bed." Seth said to him. "And if that goes well, and my mom is still asleep, we'll move things to my room and you can muscle worship my physique in front of my big mirror I have in my room." "Perfect." Eric said, with a gin. He walked over and gave Seth a sexy kiss, on the lips. "How that's an invitation, I will not refuse." Seth smiled, showing off his perfectly white teeth. "I knew you would like that." Seth said, chuckling again. "Well, I need to get dressed, so I'll see you in a bit, ok?" "Count on it." Eric said. "I can't wait to see you, again, in your sexy cowboy attire, again. You always look incredible in those tight jeans that you wear." "Oh really?" Seth asked, grinning. Eric nodded, smiling back at him. "Well, then, you won't be disappointed." Seth said. "I have bought a few new pairs of jeans that I'd definitely like your opinion on." "Well then, by all means, show me some, baby!' Eric said. "Alright." Seth said, enthusiastically. "Go ahead and take your shower and get ready to work. And when you're done, I'll be here, waiting for you, after I"m dressed." "Ok." Eric replied back to him. "See you soon." Seth turned and started walking towards the door. As Eric watched him leave, Seth began to swivel his hips and start to do a striptease dance right in front of him. He then turned and started shaking his ass, really making his glutes dance. That was almost enough to make Eric explode in his underwear. "You're bad, you know that?!" Eric whispered, failing to turn the smile on his face, into a serious look. "Get the fuck out of here before I come over there and jump your ass right now!" "Promises, promises." Seth said, reaching for the doorknob, with that chesire cat grin, still on his face, and opening the door. He left Eric's bedroom and closed the door. Still grinning, and shaking his head, Eric headed towards the bathroom where he stripped out of his boxerbriefs and turned on the water to get it as warm as he could stand. Once it was, he stepped into the tub. When he did, he noticed that the bathroom had jacuzzi jets in them, which was perfect for hydrotherapy massage. "Cool." Eric said. "I just might have to make use of these jets if the farm work today is going to be as hard as I think it will be." Eric stepped under the shower head and started wetting down his body and hair. Once his entire body was wet, he began washing his body with the soap that was there. SETH'S BEDROOM ******************* Now, in his bedroom, Seth began getting dressed. He had already showered long before Eric had woken up, so now he was getting dressed in a white tank top, with a plaid blue and white shirt over top of it. Once that was done, he walked back to his closet and looked through his jeans until he found one of the newer pairs that he wanted. He held them up, turning them from front to back, admiring them. "These ones really look good!" Seth said to himself. "Eric is going to love these ones. I can't wait to show him how they look on me. But now, I have to see how they look on me, myself." Seth began putting them on, standing in front of his fully body mirror. As he was pulling them up, Seth noticed how much easier they were to get on than the basic denim jeans he'd been wearing for the longest time. Given how big his quads and glutes had been getting, Seth was having a harder time, fitting into regular jeans. Now, he'd gotten a few pairs that were stretchy in the legs. Seth buttoned them up and pulled up the zipper. He admired the jeans on his massive body, in the mirror, turning his body from side to side, and front to back, admiring how they fit him, from all angles. The jeans conformed to Seth's quads, nicely. Every curve of Seth's quads, as well as the muscle separations, in them, as well as the shape of his massive ass, was very visible, making the jeans have an almost painted on look to them. "Wow!" Seth exclaimed. "These look damn good on me! And I know Eric will think so, too!" Seth sat down on the bed, and grabbed a pair of socks, out of his dresser drawer. After putting them on, he grabbed his boots and started putting them on, as well. Once that was finished, he walked over to his nearby coat rack and pulled a belt off of it to wear with his jeans. He put it through the belt loops of his jeans and then fastened his belt. "There, that's done." Seth said, looking back up towards the rack. "Now, for the finishing touch." He pulled his white cowboy hat, off of the rack and put it on his head, completing his cowboy look. He turned and walked back over to the mirror and checked himself out. He looked good, too! "Hmm, I do clean up nicely, don't I?" Seth said, to his reflection. "Now, let's hope that Eric thinks so." As Seth turned to walk to the door of his bedroom, his phone made a bell tone sound. He walked over to the bedside table, next to his bed, and picked it up. As he looked at his phone, he saw that he'd gotten a message from his Instagram. It read: "WrestlerJoey is now following you." Seth frowned a moment and then decided to click on the user's profile to see who it was. When he did, his eyebrows raised in surprise when he saw the name "Joey Sloane" "Well, I'll be damned." Seth said, in surprise. "Joey Sloane just found me, on Instagram." As he looked over Joey's profile, he also followed Joey back, and then a notification box popped up, with a Direct Message from Joey. "Hey, Seth! How are you, man?" Seth, opened his message box and messaged Joey back. "Hey, Joey! I'm surprised to hear from you. What's up?" BACK IN ERIC'S GUEST BEDROOM ************************************ In the bathroom, Eric was still in the shower, washing his body. As he did, he started thinking back to an earlier time. <<FLASHBACK>> 5 years ago...... "Tom, what's is up with you?!" A 17 year old Eric Shaw was shouting at him. "You're acting like an insecure, jealous boyfriend!" Tom was a dark haired, browned eyed man. He was 22 years old , and stood about 5"10 tall, weighed 200 lbs, and had an athletic build. He had the ability to be very sweet and charming at times, and yet he could be very controlling and abusive the next. Tom looked at Eric, his dark eyes wide and his jaw clenched, in anger. "Well, can you blame me, after what I just saw?!" Tom bellowed at him. "You were kissing one of your high school classmates! You're only supposed to be kissing me! Me, and no-one else!" "Tom, you're blowing this way out of proportion!" Eric tried to reassure him. "He kissed me, not the other way around!" "Oh really?!" Tom asked. "Then, why did you kiss him back, when you should have pushed him away?!" Eric looked down at the floor, the guilt he was feeling getting more intense. And that wasn't the only thing that he was feeling. Tom's eyes widened. "Oh my God!" He exclaimed, his anger starting to intensify. "You have feelings for him, don't you?!" Eric swallowed hard. "Tom, please?!" Eric begged him. "It's no big deal! It was just a kiss! It didn't mean anything!" As soon as Eric finished saying that, Tom backhanded him, in the face, causing Eric to stagger backwards off-balance. He caught himself, by putting his hand on the nearby coffee table. "DON'T LIE TO ME!" Tom shouted at him. "WHAT I SAW LOOKED LIKE A LOT MORE THAN JUST A KISS!" Eric held his cheek with his other hand, still in shock that Tom had hit him. Tom had never laid a hand on Eric before, in any kind of a violent way. He slowly removed his hand from his cheek, which felt like it was on fire. When he did, and he looked towards Tom, Tom's eyes widened when he saw the red swollen bump on Eric's cheek where he had hit him. "Fuck!" Tom said, looking remorseful, as he ran a hand through his hair. "Eric, baby, I'm so sorry!" Eric blinked, trying to hold back his tears. He'd had enough of Tom. He and Tom had been in plenty of arguments before, but until now, none of them had ever gotten violent. And that was one thing Eric would not stand for. He put down his hand and glared at Tom. "Good!" He said. "You should be sorry! Because this is the first time you've ever physically hit me! And it's also going to be the last time!" Tom's eyes, squinted, in confusion. "What are you talking about?" He asked. Eric looked at Tom, knowing what he had to do. "I'm sorry, Tom." Eric said to him. "As much as I love you, I can't be with you, if this is the kind of man you are. It's over between us." Hearing that, only seems to fuel Tom's anger even more. "No." He said, his voice, taking on a very deep, very serious tone. "No, it isn't!" "Yes it is, Tom!" Eric said, seriously. "It has to be! Now, I have to go!" Eric turned and began walking towards the door of Tom's house. Before he even got to it, he felt Tom grab his arm, roughly, and yank him around to face him. "Do not walk away from me!" Tom yelled. "I'm not done with you, yet!" "OW!" Eric cried out, as he felt Tom's grip tighten around his very skinny arm. "LET GO OF ME!" "NOT UNTIL YOU LISTEN TO ME!" Tom shouted, angrily. "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING ME! WE ARE NOT OVER, SO YOU JUST GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, RIGHT NOW!!" Eric's face was contorted in pain, as Tom's grip around his arm, was getting so tight, it felt like Tom was about to break the bone, in his arm. "STOP, TOM!" Eric cried, looking into Tom's eyes, in utter fear. "YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" <<END OF FLASHBACK>> Eric came back to reality with a gasp. He grabbed his left arm, remembering the pain from that memory. His breathing started to quicken and he felt like he was about to have a panic attack. "Oh God!" Eric exclaimed, between breaths. "Oh God! Why is this happening to me, again?" Eric put his hands against the wall of the shower, in front of him to steady himself. He was still standing under the shower head, so the water was still running down his body, which hid the fact that he had tears running down his face, from the painful memory of his past with Tom. Eric wiped away the tears from his face. After he'd calmed down, he finished washing his body, and turned off the water. He stepped out of the bathrub and grabbed a towel off of the towel rack and started drying his body off. Once that was finished, he wrapped the towel around his waist and starting walking out of the bathroom. When Eric re-entered the bedroom, he noticed that Seth had not come back yet. "That's strange." He said, frowning. "Seth said he was getting dressed. He should have come back by now. I wonder what's keeping him?" BACK IN SETH'S BEDROOM ***************************** Seth was continuing to message with Joey, on his Instagram. "I'm glad to have found you, here, on Instagram, Seth." Joey's message read. "I hope you don't mind that I followed you. I wasn't sure if you had a profile on here or not." Seth messaged back. "I don't mind, at all, man. And what bodybuilder doesn't have a social media account?" in a few seconds, Seth saw the words "Seen" appear, showing that Joey had seen his message. "Then the word "Typing" showed, meaning Joey was typing a message back to Seth. "Right. Nice screen name by the way. "BodybuilderSeth" Very fitting!" "Thanks." Seth messaged back. "So, what can I do for you, man?" Seth waited for Joey to finish typing his message. "I wanted to know if you could give me a training session, this morning?" Joey asked, in his message. "I'm headed in to the University's fitness room for an early morning workout, and wanted to know if you were able to join me?" As much as Seth would have loved to train Joey, he had to help Rudy train Eric to learn the chores and duties of working on the farm, as a Farmer's Helper." "I'm sorry, man, I can't do it, this early in the morning." Seth messaged back to Joey "I have a lot of farm chores to do." Seth paused before sending the message, as an idea came to him, so he finished typing his message and sent it back to Joey. "But I have to come into town to get supplies at the local hardware store to fix one of our fences. Would we be able to do it around 11:30a.m.?" In a moment, Joey's message came back. "Sure! I'm always up to working out, again, bro!" Joey's message read. "I'll see you soon!" "Cool." Seth wrote. "Have a great workout, man!" "Always!" Joey's message read. "See you later, bro!" Seth smiled, as he put away his phone. As he did, he turned around, just as Eric appeared, in his doorway. "Hey!' Seth greeted him. Eric entered Seth's bedroom and shut the door behind him. He turned and looked at Seth, who was walking over to him. Eric then started looking around Seth's bedroom. "So, this is your bedroom." Eric asked, still looking around. "It's beautiful." "Thanks, man." Seth said, stopping just in front of Eric. "You like it? Eric didn't respond, he was staring off towards the direction of Seth's bed. It was like he hadn't heard Seth. "Eric?" Seth tried again. Eric snapped out of his trance and looked up at Seth. "I"m sorry, Seth, what were you saying?" Seth, even though he was smiling, frowned a bit. "Are you OK?" Seth asked him, looking him over. "Your cheeks are flushed again. Is something bothering you?" "Don't worry about it, Seth." Eric tried to reassure him. "I just had a little bit of a panic attack when I was in the shower, earlier. But, I'm fine, now. Seth's cheerful expression turned to concern, for he had stopped smiling and now he just looked worried. "Are you sure?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm sure." Eric said, then wrapped his arms around Seth's broad shoulders. "Just hold me, ok?" "Ok." Seth said, the confusion sounding obvious in his voice as he wrapped his arms around Eric's back, and started rubbing his hands up and down his torso. The way Eric was hugging Seth so tightly, had Seth convinced that something was wrong. Not only that, he could feel Eric's body literally trembling. "Eric, you're trembling." Seth said, worriedly. "Please, tell me what's wrong." "I'll be fine, Seth." Eric insisted. "It's just the after effects of the panic attack I had earlier. It'll pass." Seth continued to rub Eric's back, comforting him. Eric closed his eyes, and let himself enjoy the feeling of Seth's strong hands, gently massaging his back. He sighed. "It feels so good to be in your arms, right now." Eric said, softly. "I wish I could just stay like this, with you, but I know we have work to do, today." Seth put his hands on Eric's waist and started pushing him away a bit. In response, Eric removed his arms from Seth's shoulders and slid them down to rest near his elbows. "If you're not feeling up to working today, I can postpone your day of work until tomorrow." He said, to Eric. "No, Seth, don't!" Eric said, softly. "I'll be alright, I promise. I'm sure I'll feel better after I've had some breakfast." Seth looked Eric, in the face and noticed that the redness in his cheeks had faded a great deal, so maybe Eric was going to be ok, after all. "Well, ok, if you're sure." Seth said. "Let's get you back to your bedroom and get you dressed so you can head downstairs and be fed. I"m already dressed and ready to start the day." "I can see that." Eric said, with a grin, looking Seth over. "You look amazing! And those jeans look incredible on you, by the way." "Thanks." Seth said. "Hold on, I'll let you have a better look." Seth took off his blue and white plaid shirt, revealing the tank top he was wearing underneath it. He put the shirt down on the bed and started flexing his quads a little, then turned and showed off his ass to Eric. "Wow!" Eric said, then did a soft catcall whistle. "Damn, you look hot!" Seth grinned. He loved Eric's compliments. "Thanks, baby!" Seth said, still smiling. Eric advanced on him and put his hands on Seth's pecs. "Do you know what I do to gorgeous bodybuilders who flaunt their many "assets" in front of me?" Eric asked, seductively, as he started rubbing and squeezing Seth's pecs. Seth's eyebrows raised, as his eyes looked down to Eric's lips, then back up to his eyes. "Why don't you show me?" Seth asked, his smile getting wider. Eric grinned, as he brought one hand behind Seth's head and pulled him down for a kiss. Their lips met. Their kiss was tender and passionate. Their hands started exploring each other's bodies. Eric started kissing Seth's neck. "Oh man, Eric!" Seth moaned softly. "That feels so incredible." Eric stopped kissing Seth and brought a hand up to Seth's cheek, as he stared into Seth's eyes. "It's gonna feel even more incredible when you fuck me for the very first time." Eric said. "I want you, Seth. Right now." Seth started to chuckle a bit. "What? now?" Seth asked him. "Are you crazy? We can't have sex now, while my mom's downstairs. We would totally get caught." Eric grinned. "Not if we lock the door." Eric replied, still stroking Seth's cheek. "Doors do have locks on them for a reason, you know." Seth, still grinning, started shaking his head. "Man, you really are naughty, you know that?" He said. "But seriously, we can't have sex right now. I'm not ready to do that with you, this soon. I want to take things slow and just enjoy getting to know you, right now. We can do plenty of fun, sexual, stuff together, while we wait for the right time to come." Eric sighed, in disappointment, knowing that Seth was right. They couldn't do this, right now, under Deborah's roof. And Eric also realized what he was doing. He was wanting to have sex with Seth to try to forget about the fact that his past memories about Tom had rattled him, once again, and that wasn't fair to him, or to Seth. "Yeah, I know." Eric said, pulling back from Seth. He looked up at him, sadly. "I'm sorry, Seth. I should never have suggested having sex this soon. Please, forgive me." "Hey!" Seth said, sympathetically, pulling him close, again. "There's nothing to forgive. I understand your frustration. I realize that you have needs. So do I. I want to be with you, just as much as you want to be with me. And we will. When the time is right." "I know." Eric said, as he hugged Seth back. "And until that time, I'm going to enjoy spending as much time with you, as I can, while still concentrating on my studies." Seth released Eric from his hug, and the two of them pulled back from each other. "I'm glad to hear you say that, Eric." Seth said, to him. "Nothing should be more important than your college education. And that includes me." "Seth!" Eric said, frowning in shock. "You're just as important to me, as my college education. There's no reason I can't have both. I'm not going to let my grades suffer because I'm spending time with you. I worked my butt off to get into college long before I met you, and I'm going to work my butt off, even more to graduate college, because I don't want to let my parents down. Or you. And most of all, myself." "Well, I'm glad I'm just as important to you, as your life goals." Seth replied. "But, you need to remember everything you just said to me, so that you don't forget it." "Don't worry, Seth, I will." Eric said. "I will stick to to my goals, because as I said, I don't want to let you down, my parents down, or myself." Good." Seth said, nodding his head. Seth and Eric stood there, looking at each other, for a moment. And then, the moment was interrupted, when Seth's phone beeped. He picked it up and looked at it. It was a text from Rudy. "Hey, man, I'm outside, waiting, for you to get started training Eric, on the job. Are you ready?" "Who's that?" Eric asked. Seth looked up at him. "It's just Rudy." Seth told him. "He's here and wants to know when we want to get started training you on the job?" "Well, I'm ready now." Eric said to him. "Let's go." "Ok.' Seth said. "But, first, we're going to have breakfast. The chores can wait until we have full stomachs." "Good idea." Eric said. "I'm hungry." "I'll bet you are." Seth said, with a grin. "And I"m sure it's not just for food." Eric fowned, in amusement. "Now, who's being naughty?" He asked. Seth laughed. "I know." Seth said, then added. "I'm going to text Rudy back and ask him to join us for breakfast." "Ok." Eric said. "Go ahead." Seth texted Rudy back a message. "Yeah, Rudy, we're ready, but come into the house and have breakfast with us, first. Eric and I will be downstairs, shortly." after a few seconds, Rudy's message came back. "Alright, brother! See you then." "Ok." Seth said, putting his phone in his pocket. "Let's go downstairs and eat." "Yes." Eric agreed, then raised a finger. "But first." Seth frowned. "What?" He asked. Eric stepped towards him, again, and laid another sexy kiss on his lips. "That." Eric finished. "I just had to kiss you again, one last time. Who knows when I'm going to be able to do it again, today." "Thanks." Seth said. "But don't worry, you'll get to do it again, tonight, for sure." "Awesome!" Eric said. "Come on, let's go downstairs." "Right behind you, handsome." Seth replied. Eric grinned as he turned and started walking towards the bedroom door. As he did, Seth gave his ass a firm, playful slap. Eric stopped and turned around, and looked at Seth in shock, only to see him, grinning, profusely. "What was that for?" He asked, curious as to why Seth did that. "That was payback for when you slapped my ass when we were walking back to the house, for dinner, yesterday afternoon." Seth pointed out. "Gotcha!" "Yeah, I guess you did." Eric said. "Now, let's go. I"m hungry. and I"m sure you are, too." Chuckling, Seth followed Eric to the door of his bedroom. Eric opened the door and headed downstairs, with Seth right behind him. When Eric and Seth emerged into the kitchen, they came face to face with Deborah who had just finished setting the table. Rudy was already sitting at the table, waiting for breakfast to be served. "Well good morning, you two!" Deborah greeted them. "You're just in time for breakfast." "Good morning, Deb." Eric greeted her. "Good morning, Eric." Deborah replied back to him, with a warm smile on her face. "How are you feeling this morning?" "Much better." Eric informed her. "My headache is gone and I'm ready to officially start my first day of work." "That's great to hear." Deborah said to him. "Please, have a seat and join us for breakfast." "Thank you." Eric said, walking to the same end of the table that he was sitting at, yesterday, and took a seat there. "Good morning, Mom." Seth said, to Deborah, as he walked over and gave her a kiss on her cheek. "Good morning, Son." Deborah said, "Sit down and get ready to eat. I'm just getting ready to serve breakfast." "Sure." Seth said, walking to the other end of the table. Seth sat down at the other end of the table, across from Eric, where he was sitting yesterday. He looked over at Rudy, who was looking at him. "Good morning, Rudy." Seth greeted him. "You ready to train Eric how to assist with the duties of running a farm?" "I was born ready." Rudy said, then looked over at Eric. "Good morning, Eric." "Good morning, Rudy." Eric said. "I'm ready to learn all there is to learn about running the farm." As Eric was looking at Rudy, he noticed Rudy's warm smile and it seemed to him that maybe he was wrong about Rudy, yesterday. Rudy seemed to be in good spirits this morning. "I'm glad to hear you say that." Rudy told him. "Running a farm is very hard work. So make sure you give Seth and I, your full attention, when we instruct you on what to do when it comes to learning the farm chores as well. You can't be distracted, in any way, because just one careless mistake can cause everything to go badly." "I understand, Rudy." Eric told him. "If I'm not sure of something, I'll ask you and have you explain it again, before I even do anything. I'm determined to be a good farm hand, just as much as I'm determined to be a good student in college. Everything in life, in a learning experience, so I want to learn all that I can." Rudy's eyebrows raised, as he nodded his head. He was impressed with Eric's attitude about the job. "I like that attitude, buddy!" Rudy said, enthusiastically. "As long as you keep that attitude, you'll be able to accomplish anything." Deborah came back to the table with the skillet, where she started putting eggs on everybody's plates. Since Eric was her guest, she served him first, then Rudy, then Seth, and finally herself. She set the empty skillet back on the stove and grabbed the slices of toast that she'd just toasted in the toaster, and gave each gentleman, at the table, one slice of toast to start with. Then she realized that none of the guys had anything to drink yet. "What would you guys like to drink?" Deborah asked. "Milk or orange juice?" "Milk for me, please, Mom." Seth said. Deborah nodded, then turned to Eric. "And you, Eric?" She asked. "Orange juice, please?" Eric said. Then, Deborah eyed Rudy. "Rudy?" She asked. "Milk please?" Rudy said. Deborah walked to the refrigerator and opened it. She pulled two pitchers out of it, once filled with milk, and the other with orange juice. She close the refrigerator door and walked back to the table, setting the orange juice pitcher down on the table. She walked over to Seth and poured him, his orange juice into his glass. Then she poured Rudy his and set the pitcher of milk down. Then she picked up the orange juice pitcher and poured some orange juice into Eric's glass. Then she decided on orange juice for herself, so she poured orange juice, into her glass, and set the orange juice pitcher down, in the middle of the table, beside the pitcher of milk. "Alright, gentleman, let's eat." Deborah said, as she took a seat at the table. After praying and giving thanks, the 4 of them started eating their breakfast. it was really good too! "Once again, Deborah, I have to say this to you." Eric said, after tasting his eggs "Everything you cook is delicious!" "Thank you, Eric." Deborah said, smiling at him, appreciating the compliment. "You're welcome." Eric said, smiling back at her. Then he went back to enjoying his breakfast. As the 4 of them were sitting, enjoying their breakfast, they heard the screen door creaking, and they turned to see Cole, the Lombardos Collie dog, coming into the house. "Hey, Cole!' Seth said, greeting him. "Are you just coming back from the dairy barn now?" Cole gave a sharp bark, as his way of saying "yes." Everyone laughed. "We were worried about you, Cole." Deborah said. "Did you stay at the barn to watch over the new calf, all night?" Cole gave another bark, this time a quieter one. But there was no doubt that he was also saying that he did stay at the dairy barn all night. Seth grinned and looked up at his mother. "Looks like he did, Mom." He said, with a chuckle. "Just as I thought." "Well, then he must be hungry, Seth." Deborah. "You may be excused to go and feed him." Seth got up and walked over to the cupboard where he pulled Cole's dog dish, out of it. He put it, on the floor. Then, he pulled a bag of dog food out of it and poured some into Cole's dish. While Cole started eating his food, Seth filled up his water dish with fresh cold water. he set it down, beside Cole's food dish, and, walked back to the sink to wash his hands. After drying his hands, on a dish towel, he returned to his place, at the table. "Well he's taken care of." Seth said. "Now, I can get back to enjoying my breakfast." Seth picked up his fork, again, and resumed eating his eggs. Eric meanwhile, was watching Cole, eating his breakfast. "Man, I keep forgetting what a beauty he is." Eric said. "This is only the second time I've seen him, since yesterday. I haven't had a chance to spend much time with him, to get to know him, and to let him get to know me." "Well you're gonna have plenty of time to get to know Cole, today." Seth said. "You're going to be seeing a lot of him, while we work on the farm, today." "Cool." Eric said. "I'll get to watch him, in action, while he's herding the cattle." "Sure." Rudy said, then added. "When you're not busy with chores, which you're going to be. We have a long 14 hour day ahead of us. Eric's eyes widened. "14 hours?" He asked. "Really? "Yep." Seth said, as Eric looked over at him. "We usually start at 6:00a.m. and wrap up around 8:00p.m." Eric was amazed. He didn't know how Seth and Rudy managed to work 14 hours a day. "How do you guys do it?" Eric asked them, before taking a bite of his food. "It sounds very exhausting." "Oh, it is." Rudy said, his face serious. "Especially when you're a beginner. When Seth's father, Frank, hired me, I didn't know squat about being a farm hand. Much less how to run a farm." "I see." Eric said, now intrigued to hear more of the story. "And imagine having to try and keep up with this little guy" Rudy said, reaching over and patting Seth's shoulder, squeezing his massive trap muscle on his shoulder. "Who isn't such a little guy anymore." Deborah laughed. "Yeah, I remember those years." She said, looking at Eric. "Rudy literally had to follow Seth around when usually it's the child following the adult. When Frank wasn't always able to be there, to train Rudy, on the job, my little boy, here, had to step up and be the trainer." "Come on, Mom." Seth said, with an embarrassed smile on his face. "I'm not your little boy anymore." "Seth, Honey," Deborah said. "It doesn't matter if you're 6 years old, 16 years old, or even 36 years old. You're always going to be my baby. Even though you're all grown up." Seth shook his head, but was still grinning. "She's right, Seth." Eric chimed in. "My mom's the exact same way with me. And it really used to annoy me when I was growing up. But now I don't mind it anymore. It's just the way mom's are." "I understand that, Eric." Seth said. "It's just that I don't always like being referred too as a little boy, still, now that I'm a grown man. That's all." Eric nodded. Then, his phone beeped. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw that he had a text from Amy. "Good morning! How did things go with Seth last night?" Amy's text read. Eric smiled and texted her back. "Great! I'll tell you more about it, later. I'm having breakfast with Deborah, Rudy, and Seth, right now." "Who are you texting, Eric?" Seth asked him. Eric looked up at him. "Amy." He revealed. "She's up already, and wanted to know how I'm feeling since my headache last night. I told her that I'm feeling much better." "Tell her that we all said hello." Deborah told him. Before Eric could respond, his phone beeped again, signaling another text from Amy. Amy McAdams "Ok. Tell everyone I said hello. And I'll be there around 11:00a.m. to return your car to you and to visit with the family." Eric texted her back. "Great! See you soon!" "Well, Eric said, putting his phone back into his pocket. "Amy said to tell you all that she says "hello" and that she'll be here around 11:00a.m. this morning to return my car to me, and to visit with all of us, here." "Great." Rudy said, smiling "I can't wait to see her." Eric smiled at Rudy, making an amused expression. "You're really smitten with my best friend, aren't you?" He asked, Rudy, out of the blue. Rudy didn't look the least bit shocked by Eric's question. The smile on his face told all. "Is it that obvious?" Rudy asked. "YES!" Eric, Deborah, and Seth all said, at the same time. Rudy laughed. "Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag, isn't it?" Rudy asked, then added. "Yes. I'm already quite fond of Amy. I enjoy her company and I want to get to know her, better." Eric and Seth exchanged knowing glances. They already knew Rudy had it bad for Amy long before he'd admitted it. The 4 of them finished their breakfast and Deborah took their empty plates and put them into the sink to wash. "Well, you guys, it's time to get the farm chores done." Rudy said, getting up. "I'm ready." Seth said, also getting up. Then he looked over at Eric. "You ready for this, Eric?" Eric got up and smiled at Seth. "More than ready." He said. "Bring it on!" Seth and Rudy laughed. "You might regret saying that." Rudy said, still laughing. "Oh come on!" Eric protested. "You two were able to learn farming duties, so really? How hard could it be?" Rudy and Seth gave each other knowing looks, and shrugged at each other. They knew that Eric was going to be in for a very rough, exhausting day, which the two of them have had, many times, over the years. "Well, you're about to find out." Seth said, grinning. "Come on!" Frowning, Eric followed Seth and Rudy towards the door. Before they exited, Deborah's voice rang out. "Seth!, Rudy!" She called out. Rudy and Seth turned towards her. "Yes, Mom?" Seth asked. "Yes, Ma'am?" Rudy asked. Deborah looked over at Eric, gave him a warm smile, and then turned back to Seth and Rudy. "Don't work this young man, too hard, today." She insisted. "I understand this is his first day, but if he needs help, at any point, during the training, help him out, please?" "We will, don't worry, Mom." Seth said. "Yes, Ma'am." Rudy said. Eric, of course, had something to say, as well. "Deborah, please, don't worry so much." Eric said, then gestured towards Rudy and Seth. "I may not be as big as these two guys, but I'm in pretty good shape myself, so I'm sure I'm strong enough to handle anything these guys throw at me." "Well, I admire your confidence, Eric." Deborah said, warmly. "Now, go out there, and make us proud." Eric smiled at her, showing off his beautiful teeth. "Oh, I will." He said, then turned to the others. "Come on, you two! We got work to do!" Seth and Rudy nodded, both smiling, as they walked outside to get ready to do the chores, with Eric trailing behind them. And Cole, who had finished eating his dog food, followed them outside too."
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  8. Chapter 14 Eric and Seth were now sitting, in the back of the truck, both still naked, covered up by a blanket that Seth had gotten out of the truck long enough to grab from inside of it. He'd also taken time to clean Eric's cum off of his thighs. They were now snacking on the fruit, cheese, and crackers Seth had brought in the picnic basket. "I have to say, Seth, you shocked the hell out of me when you said that whole "Give me that fucking cum!" thing." Eric said, grinning. "But, I still loved it." Seth laughed. "I was pretty shocked myself, actually." Seth said. "That's something I never thought I'd hear myself say, in a million years." Eric grabbed a slice of cheese which he put on a cracker. "Well, I'm glad you did, man." Eric replied. "I thought seeing that cockier, more aggressive side to you, was incredibly hot!" "Well, I guess after becoming a bodybuilder, everyone develops some level of cockiness." Seth said, as he popped a grape in his mouth. "I'm certainly no exception." Eric smiled. He leaned into Seth's shoulder. He was in complete ecstacy, sitting here with the man he adored. He had a lot of questions to ask Seth. He wanted to know more about him. "Seth, I have a question for you, Gorgeous?" Eric asked as he chewed his cheese and cracker. "What's that?"Seth asked. After chewing up his cheese and crackers, Eric turned to ask him what he wanted to ask. "What made you want to become a stripper?" Eric asked. Seth looked up at the night sky, looking at the stars, which were starting to get brighter. "Well, I didn't actually want to," Seth explained. "I had to so I could pay for my bodybuilding needs." Seth said. "With the kinds of supplements, food, and other things that I need as a bodybuilder, it gets expensive. And a job as a male stripper gave me the opportunity to make a lot of money quickly." Eric picked up a couple grapes and popped them into his mouth. "Did being a stripper come easy for you?" Seth frowned, but with an amused smirk on his face. "Hell, no, it didn't." He chuckled. "I had to learn how to dance to entertain people and I wasn't all that great in the beginning. But the more I learned how, the better I got at it. And already being a muscular young man, I already had the big muscles to flex and show off. So that made up for the dance skills that I lacked, at the time." Eric smiled as he pictured a younger Seth, trying to learn how to dance as a male stripper. Then, a thought occurred to him. "How old were you when you started the job?" Seth smiled remembering that time. It seemed like such a long time ago. "21." Seth revealed, smiling. "I had to be since it was a nightclub and they served alcohol." Eric then realized he never asked Seth his age, since they first met. "How old are you now?" Eric wanted to know. Seth turned his head and looked at him. "25." Seth replied. "Man, being 21 years old and being a stripper, man, those were the days." Eric put his arm around Seth's massive broad shoulders. "I'm guessing that you became really popular, really fast, right?" He asked. "Oh, for sure, I did!" Seth said, grinning. "People couldn't get enough of me and my muscular body." "I'm not surprised." Eric said, softly. Then, he slid his hand down over one of Seth's pecs and started playing with it, as Seth flexed it. "I can't get enough of you, either." Seth's grin broke into a big smile. "Oh, really?" He asked, with a seductive tone in his voice. "Well, in that case..." Seth cut off, bringing a hand behind Eric's head and started kissing him, again. Eric wrapped his arms around Seth's neck as he lowered himself back down, in the truck bed, on his back, with Seth on top of him. Seth started kissing Eric, again, as Eric let his hands explore Seth's body. Immediately, Eric was already getting hard again. And it'd barely been 15 minutes since their last hot sexual session. Seth stopped kissing Eric, and looked down, noticing Eric's thick cock, which was about 8 inches, starting to poke him in his abdomen. Seth looked up at Eric, in shock. "Damn, Boy! Are you ever not hard when it comes to me?" Seth asked. "You just blew your load less than 15 minutes ago!" Eric grinned at Seth's amazement over his hard member, which was getting harder by the minute. "Nope." Eric said to him. "All I have to do is think of your gorgeous face and your big muscles and I get hard as a rock." Seth laughed. "You are so good for my ego, you know that?" He chuckled. "You sure know how to stroke it." Eric's bit his lip, as he was trying not to laugh at what he was about to do next. "And I know how to "stroke" you in other ways, too." After saying that, Eric reached down and wrapped his hand around Seth's thick 7 inch cock, and gave it a few strokes to prove his point. "Aww, fuck yeah!" Seth moaned, closing his eyes, in pleasure. Eric looked up at him, and stopped stroking him. "You haven't had your release yet, tonight, Seth. Eric mentioned. "May I suck your dick and get you off?" Seth opened his eyes and looked down at Eric, seeing the lust and desire in his eyes once again. And Seth knew that it was all for him. "You really want to?" He asked, looking into Eric's piercing blue eyes. Eric wanted to do that for Seth, more than anything. Especially to return the favor to Seth for all he'd done for him, that night. "Why wouldn't I want to?" Eric asked him, surprised. "You've given me, such intense pleasure tonight, that I want to return the favor to you, by pleasuring you as well." Seth smiled. "If you really want to, then ok." Seth finally said. "Let's do it." "Alright." Eric grinning. "But first, lay on your back and I'll take care of the rest." Eric sat up as Seth laid down beside him. Eric lay onto his stomach, in between Seth's huge muscular thighs and grabbed Seth's dick into his hands. He started stroking it. "Oh, yeah!" Seth whispered, his eyes closed, and his mouth slightly open. "Go ahead, Eric. Work your magic, man." "With pleasure." Eric said. Then, without having to think about it, he took all 7 inches of Seth's rock hard cock, into his mouth, deep throating him. "Oh God!" Seth groaned, in pleasure, his hands gripping the memory foam mattress, beneath him. Eric bobbed up and down on Seth's cock, swirling his tongue around the head of Seth's cock, which was starting to drive Seth crazy. "Fuck!" Seth exclaimed. "Eric, if you keep that up, I'm going to cum too soon." Hearing that, Eric took his mouth off of Seth's dick and looked up at him. "You want me to take it slower?" Eric asked him. Seth nodded. "Take your time." Seth replied. "I want to enjoy it and not cum, too quickly. If you keep licking your tongue around the head of my dick, I will blow my own load before I even have time to really enjoy what you're doing." "Ok." Eric said. "I do want you to enjoy this." "Oh, I already know I will." Seth told him. "Go on. Suck me some more." Eric smiled, loving how eager Seth was for him to finish blowing him, which made Eric wonder just how long it'd been since Seth had some good sex. "Your wish is my command."Eric whispered. He went down on Seth, again, taking all 7 inches into his mouth, once again. And once again, Seth groaned, in pleasure. Oh, fuck!" Seth moaned. "Eric that feels so good!" As Eric bobbed up and down on Seth's cock, he reached up and started playing with Seth's abs with one hand. Looking down and noticed that, Seth closed his eyes, as his breathing started to get huskier. Getting sucked off and muscle worshipped at the same time? Seth couldn't think of anything hotter than that, at that moment. "Hell yeah, Eric!" Seth moaned, as he put his hand behind his head, and crunched his abs, making them stand out, as well as get harder. "Worship these abs, baby." As Eric ran his fingers all over Seth's rock hard abs, he then slid his hand up to Seth's big beefy pecs and started squeezing them, and lightly pinching his nipples between his thumb and forefinger. At that same time, he began to bob faster, and faster, on Seth's cock. 'Oh yeah!" Seth growled, his voice getting louder. "Oh yeah! Fuck yeah! Play with those pecs, Eric! Keep sucking my cock, Baby! Don't stop!" Seth began to buck his hips in time to Eric's bobbing up and down on his cock. Eric, meanwhile, was having the time of his life, loving the fact that he was giving Seth a good blowjob. And Seth certainly wasn't complaining. In fact, he was starting to squirm and continuously grip at the memory foam mattress beneath him. And Eric, having experienced this, many times, in the past, knew what that meant. "Oh god!" Seth groaned. "Eric, I"m getting close, man!" Eric quickly took his mouth off of Seth's cock, long enough to let him know what he wanted him to do. "When you cum, Seth, do it in my mouth, Sexy!" Eric said to him. "I want to take every drop you have to give." "My pleasure." Seth said, grinning at him. "Now, hurry up and go back down on it." Swiftly, Eric went back down on Seth's dick again and started bobbing up and down, faster and faster, wanting to drive Seth over the edge, with his excellent cock sucking skills. "Oh man!" Seth started to pant. "Oh God! Get ready, Eric! It's coming, baby!" Eric continued to bob up and down on Seth's cock. Knowing that Seth was close, Eric dealt the final blow, by swirling his tongue over the sensitive head of Seth's cock again, in a fast circular motion. That was all it took to push Seth over the edge. "Oh fuck!" Seth exclaimed, his body tensing up. "Here it comes! Urgh!!!!" Eric shifted back to the tip of Seth's cock, just as Seth arched his back and his cum began to shoot into Eric's mouth. Eric swallowed and swallowed, drinking every drop of Seth's warm, milky, seed. Seth's body, relaxed, as he was breathing heavily. Eric removed his mouth from Seth's cock and jerked it a few more times, milking it of any remaining cum, which he licked off of Seth's dick and then crawled up to lay beside Seth. 'So, how was it?" Eric asked him. as he rested his head on Seth's shoulder and started caressing his tight abs again. Seth looked at Eric, his eyes wide, and with a huge grin on his face. "Fuck!" He replied, in between breaths. "That was amazing!" Eric's gin matched Seth as he looked into Seth's eyes. "Where did you learn to suck dick like that, so good?" Seth asked. "I swear, no woman who has ever given me a blowjob has ever given it to me as good as you just did." Eric smiled at him. "Well, for starters, I'm a man." Eric said. "We, men, know the pleasure points from jerking off, which women, have to figure out, since they don't have dicks, so they kind of have to wing it, most likely. Besides, I've had years of experience sucking cock. The more you do it, the better you'll get at it." "I see." Seth said. "Well, you were great, Babe." After saying that, Seth kissed Eric, on the lips. "Thank you." He said, gratefully. "You're welcome." Eric replied back, looking at Seth, dreamily. Seth and Eric looked up at the night sky, which was filled with stars. They could make out the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, as well as a few other constellations. "It's such a beautiful night, out here." Eric said, as he gazed up at the stars. "It sure is." Seth replied. "if we didn't have to get up so early in the morning, I"d say let's spend the night out here, tonight." Eric then had an idea. He turned towards Seth. "Maybe we could spend the night out here, some night." Eric said. "Why don't we put up a tent, next time. We'd be safe from any biting mosquitos in one of those." Seth raised his eyebrows, and his lips conformed into a thoughtful expression. "That's actually a good idea." He said. "Maybe we can do that one night soon. I've still got my big tent I used to have, from when my dad and I would go camping." Hearing himself, mention his father, Seth's facial expression turned to sadness again. Eric noticed. "Hey, Hey." Eric said, stroking his arm. "Seth, don't look so sad, gorgeous. I know you miss your father." "Yeah, I do." Seth said, his tone of voice, sounding a lot sadder than his expression looked. "I don't know why I'm having such a hard time, letting go of him. It's been a year already and it should have gotten easier for me by now, right?" "Seth, it's your dad." Eric pointed out. "That's hard. Besides everyone grieves differently when it comes to the death of a loved one. Some people get over it sooner, some later, and some, not at all. I mean, I know that even though it does get easier over time, the pain never truly goes away. Seth swallowed and as Eric looked at him, he saw a tear slide down the side of Seth's face, sliding towards his earlobe. "You're always gonna miss him, Seth." Eric continued, saying. "But you have to grieve in your own time and in your own way, and once you grieve, you can move on." "But, I don't want to move on!" Seth suddenly burted out, sitting upwards, abruptly. "I shouldn't have to move on!" Eric sat up and put his hand on Seth's shoulder, as Seth's breathing was becoming quicker, which meant he was trying not to break down, crying. Seth looked over at Eric and Eric could see the turmoil that he was in, concerning his father. He could see the tears shining in Seth's eyes. "This shouldn't have happened to my father!" Seth said, just as two tears ran down his face. "He still had so much more left to do in his life! With Mom! And with me! We should have had more time!" Seth turned his head and looked straight into the fields. His eyes closed and he couldn't keep his composure, any longer. He put a hand over his face, covering his eyes. "We should have had more time." He said, as he began to sob. Seeing Seth sobbing, Eric wrapped his arms around Seth and pulled him back, into his chest. He reached around Seth and started rubbing his pecs, as Seth continued to sob, trying to offer him some comfort. "Seth?" Eric asked him. "Is it possible that the reason you're grieving your father so hard, and for this long, is because you're feeling guilty, in some way, for what happened to him?" Seth removed his hand from his face and turned to look back, at Eric. His face was streaked with tears and his expression filled with shock. Seeing the look on his face made Eric almost regret asking the question. "What?!" Seth asked him. Eric looked into Seth's eyes, as he reached out and laid his hand on Seth's cheek. "I don't know the details of your father's death, except what you said, in the gymnasium, at my college." Eric started saying, "But whatever happened, I hope you don't blame yourself for what happened to him." Seth's eyes shifted downwards, and at that moment, Eric removed his hand from Seth's cheek. Seth was silent for a moment, making Eric think that he may be right about Seth blaming himself. "Do you?" Eric asked, wondering if the way Seth was reacting, confirmed his question, about guilt. Seth looked back up at Eric. "How can I not blame myself, Eric?" Seth asked him, as another set of tears ran down his face. "I was supposed to be there for my father and do my part to take care of my family. I didn't do that. I failed." "Seth!" Eric whispered, in a soft voice. "Don't blame yourself. "You were a good, devoted son, to your father. I'm sure he knew that. He wouldn't want you to blame yourself for what happened to him." "I can't help it!" Seth insisted. "If I hadn't been so defiant with him, that day, then maybe he wouldn't have had a heart attack and collapsed in the fields the way that he did!" Eric gasped, hearing Seth reveal that important piece of information. Now he knew what Seth's father had died from. "So, that's what caused your father's death." Eric said. "A heart attack." "Yeah." Seth nodded, sniffing, looking down at the floor of the truckbed. Now that Eric knew what happened to Seth's father, he was more determined than ever to finally get Seth to talk about the events leading up to his death. "Seth?" Eric asked, reaching forward and grabbing Seth's hand in his. "Can you tell me what happened now? About the events, leading up to your dad's death?" Seth turned and looked and Eric, and saw the pleading look in Eric's piercing blue eyes. There was something about Eric's eyes that made it impossible for Seth to say no to him. "You can trust me, Seth." Eric reassured him. "I hope you know, by now, how much I truly care about you." Seth nodded. Then he reached out and put his hand behind Eric's head, pulling him in for a hug. Eric wrapped his arms around Seth's massive shoulders, hugging him tightly. "I know." Seth said. "I know that you care about me. And I care about you, too." Eric and Seth stayed that way for a few moments, each of them enjoying comfort from the other, in each other's arms. Then, Eric pulled back from their hug and looked back into Seth's eyes. "I know we've only known each other for a few days, but I already feel connected to you, in a way, I've never felt with anyone else." Eric told him. "I hope you feel the same way that I do." "I do." Seth told him. "I know how you're feeling because I"m feeling it too, whenever I'm with you." Eric nodded, a smile forming over his lips. Then, he pulled back from Seth. "You know something?" Eric asked him, then said. "I'm still hungry. The cheese, crackers and grapes were a great snack, but I think I'm in the mood for something sweeter anyway." Seth looked down a second, then looked back up at Eric, and then he started grinning. "Like, maybe, a slice of my mom's peach pie?" Seth suggested. Eric gasped. "Now that would be perfect!" Eric said, excitedly. "Is there still any left?" "Yeah, there's plenty." Seth replied. "Mom wrapped a slice for you, on a plate, with plastic wrap. It's still sitting on the counter, with the peach and blueberry pies." Eric grinned, happy to hear that bit of news. He loved Deborah's cooking and baking. "Well, how about we get dressed and head back down to the house now?" Eric asked him. "You can tell me more about your dad, after we eat some pie." "Ok." Seth agreed. "Let's do it." Seth and Eric started getting dressed. Once they were both dressed back in their clothes, the two of them jumped down out of the back of the truck. "Seth?" Eric said, just as Seth was about to walk around to the driver's side of the truck. "Yeah?" Seth asked, stopping in his tracks. Eric walked over to him, threw his arms around Seth's shoulders, and pulled him down towards him and they engaged into a sweet, gentle kiss. Pulling back, Eric looked up into Seth's ocean blue eyes. "Thank you so much, for tonight." He said, softly. "The muscle worship session was amazing, and what happened afterwards was even better." "You're welcome." Seth told him. "And we're going to have more nights like this, Eric. I promise you, that." After saying that, Seth leaned in and gave Eric another kiss. Eric, in turn, reached back and gave Seth's muscular ass a squeeze. "And hopefully, when the time is right." Eric said, to him. "You'll let me fuck this big beautiful ass of yours." Seth's grin, faded a bit. "I don't know." He said. "I've never done that before." Eric smiled at him, caressing his arms. "No pressure, Gorgeous." Eric said to him. "We have plenty of time before that happens. I know you're new to the whole gay relationship thing, and that's ok. You'll have time to get used to the idea, the more we're together." "Thanks for understanding." Seth said, warmly. "I do want to make you happy." Eric reached up and touched Seth's face again. "You already have, Seth." Eric told him. "Just being here, with you, doing the things that we are both into, and getting to know you, means more to me than anything." Seth's smile broke up in full force. He listened to Eric, intently, wanting to process every word he was saying. Eric continued. "When I first met you," Eric said to him. "I said to myself: Now there is a man that I will never have. I was always convinced that guys like me could never have a huge handsome bodybuilder stud like you. I always believed that I would have to have huge muscles too, to land a hot guy like you." "That's buckshot!" Seth exclaimed. Hearing that, Eric started giggling. "Don't you mean, "bull shit?" He said, in between his laughter. Seth laughed a bit too. "Yeah." Seth said, still grinning. "I just meant that you don't have to be big like me, for me to be attracted to you. You do have a nice body of your own. You look really good, Eric." "Thank you, Seth." Eric said. "I'm glad you think so. I was a geek for so many years before I decided to change my body. After I hit my 20s that's when I started to look better." "Oh, come on!" Seth said, insistently. "You could not have looked that bad. I refuse to believe that." Eric put up his hands. "Ok, if you say so." He said, chuckling. "I do." Seth said, then squeezed Eric's shoulder. "Now, come on, let's go have that pie." "Yes!" Eric said. "Lead the way." Eric and Seth got into the truck. Seth started the engine and started turning the truck around to head back up the driveway towards the road to head back to the farm house. In a few minutes, Seth pulled up near the house and parked his truck by the barn. He and Eric got out of the truck and headed towards the front door. Seth opened it, and he and Eric walked into the kitchen. Seth pointed to the slice of pie that was on the wrapped plate, by the other pies, on the kitchen counter. "There is your slice of pie, right there." He said. "Mom wanted me to make sure you got it if you were hungry.' "Thanks." Eric said, picking on the plate of peach pie. "Are you going to have any pie?" "Yeah." Seth replied. "I just have to go back out to the truck and get those bed pillows, or you'll have none to sleep on, the rest of the night. "Ok." Eric said, getting a fork out of the utensil drawer. "You want me to wait for you?" "Oh no." Seth said, shaking his head. "Sit down and enjoy your slice of pie. I'll come back in, in a few minutes." "Alright." Eric said, sitting down at the table. Seth went outside to grab the bed pillows, out of the truck, while Eric unwrapped his slice of pie and started to eat it. He put a piece of pie in his mouth and started chewing. His eyes closed, in pleasure. The pie was so good. "I swear these pies that Deb bakes, taste better and better, every time." Eric said, to himself. "This peach pie is so delicious!" "In a moment, Seth re-emerged into the house, with the two bed pillows. He walked to the closet and put them into it, for the moment. Then, he walked to the sink and washed his hands. "Seth, this pie is so delicious!" Eric told him. "It seems like every pie your mom makes just tastes better and better, every time." "Well, my mom always adds a little love to anything she's making, so that's why it tastes better." Seth said, as he dried his hands on a dish towel. "She'll be glad to hear that from you." "I'll definitely tell her, in the morning." Eric said. "That is, if she's awake before we are." "Oh she'll be up." Seth replied, as he grabbed a plate and cut himself a slice of blueberry pie. "She'll be prepping for breakfast and lunch, and then later, for dinner. She likes to do all of the meal prepping early so she can have all the meals cooked and set out for us, by the time we take our breaks from our chores." Seth tuned and took a seat, at the table, next to Eric, and started eating his pie. "Is it like that, all the time?" Eric asked him, as he took another bite of his pie. "Yeah." Seth said, after he'd swallowed his bite of pie. "It's become routine for us now." Eric took a good look at Seth, in his white tank top and his black Nike sweatpants. He noticed how the tank top barely contained Seth's huge pecs and he could see the pec cleavage in it's entirety. Eric could feel himself getting hard in his pants. "Fuck!" Eric exclaimed, in a low voice, his eyes closed. Seth turned towards Eric, his face frowning in concern. "What's the matter?" He asked. Eric grinned. "Oh nothing." Eric said to him. "I made the mistake of checkng out your pecs and now I'm getting hard again. "Damn!" Seth said, with a cocky grin on his face. "You really do like my muscles, don't you?" "Not just the muscles." Eric whispered. "But also the sexy man, who has them." Seth looked over at Eric and smiled, showing off his beautiful teeth. "Still stroking my ego, I see." Seth said, chuckling. Eric grinned. "Yeah." He said, then added. "I could also stroke something else." Here, Eric laid a hand on Seth's thigh and slid his hand up towards Seth's crotch. As he did, he could feel that Seth was pitching a tent. "Will you stop that?!" Seth said, trying to hold in his laughter. He was also starting to blush. "It's not appropriate to be feeling me up, in my mom's kitchen." "Hmm, that's too bad." Eric whispered. "Because I have had a few "muscle worship in the kitchen" fantasies." Seth started laughing, but keeping it down, so he wouldn't wake up Deborah, who was asleep upstairs. "You've got to be kidding me?" Seth said, in amusement. "What kind of kitchen muscle worship fantasy are you thinking of?" "Well," Eric said, thoughtfully, looking up at the ceiling, then looked back at Seth. "I"ve had this fantasy of squeezing some "Reddi-Whip" whipped cream over a bodybuilder's nipples and licking it off of them." Seth laughed again. "You sure have a vivid imagination." Seth said. "But, that could definitely be fun to try out some time. Even though it does sound like it could be a bit messy." Eric put his final bite of pie, in his mouth and chewed it up. after swallowing it, he said to Seth: "Well, I have many kinds of muscle fantasies I'd love to play out, with you, Gorgeous. It's just a matter of where and when." Seth was almost finished with his blueberry pie. "Well, we're going to have lots of time to play out your fantasies, Handsome." Seth said, as he raised his fork, with his piece of pie on it, to his lips. "I look forward to learning more about your fantasies and fetishes. Especially when it comes to me and my muscles." Seth took his last bite of blueberry pie at that moment. "I know you're going to have so much fun, exploring my fantasies with me, just as much as I will." Eric said, stroking the back of Seth's head with his hand, running his fingers through Seth's soft blonde hair. "We'll see." Seth said, after he'd swallowed his last bite of pie. Eric ran his hand up and down Seth's back and also started to feel up his lats. Seth turned and looked at Eric again, with a smirk on his face. "You know," Seth whispered. "You're being a really bad boy, tonight." "I know." Eric whispered back to him. "But, I can't help it. I can't stand being around you, and not touching you." Seth could, no doubt, still see the lust and desire in Eric's eyes. Seth could literally feel the sexual heat coming off of Eric's body, in waves. "I know how you feel." Seth replied, his voice getting husky. "I feel the same way right now. Like I want to ravish you, right here on this kitchen table." "Fuck!" Eric exclaimed, in a whisper. "That sounds so fucking hot, right now. Even though it would be completely inappropriate." "Damn right." Seth said. "Mom would kill me if I got hot and heavy with anyone on this kitchen table." Eric giggled at that. "Your ass would never survive that belt treatment punishment." Eric said, then added. "But then again, your ass has increased in size since your childhood, so maybe it would." Seth's face took on a look of pure shock, "No!" Seth exclaimed. "Did you just tell me that I have a fat ass?!" Eric looked up at Seth, his eyes bulging, when he realized what he said. He put his hand to his forehead. "Oh shit!" He exclaimed, instantly feeling sorry. "Seth, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!" Seth continued to have that shocked look, which had also turned to anger. As Eric looked at him, starting to feel a bit unnerved, as well, Seth's face broke into a huge grin. "I'm just fucking with you!" He said, just before he burst into laughter. Shocked, Eric slapped him, across the shoulder, making him laugh harder. "You're such an ass!" Eric said, as he, too, started laughing. "At least I'm a sexy ass!" Seth said, still laughing. "I definitely won't argue with that." Eric said, picking up his plate and taking it to the sink. Seth got up and brought his plate to the sink as well. He and Eric started washing their plates off. After rinsing and drying them, Seth put the plates, in the cupboard. As Seth was closing the cupboard, Eric gave his ass a light slap, surprising him. "You're really pushing it, tonight, Sexy." Seth warned him. "I can't help it that you're so damn irresistible." Eric said. "I can't get enough of this body." He reached around Seth, from behind, and slid his hands under Seth's shirt, sliding his hands up to his pecs, which he started squeezing and kneading in his hands, like dough. "Oh, fuck!" Seth whispered, as he began bouncing his pecs. "Eric, you sure know how to worship muscle. How is it you know what I love?" "Well, you tend to show off by bouncing your pecs a lot, so I figured that your pecs are your favorite body part to work out. And to have worshipped." "That's true." Seth said. "But, I love having my entire physique worshipped and adored. It's what drives me to keep working out to get bigger and better." "Bigger and better?" Eric asked. "Are you saying you want to gain more muscle?" "Hell, yeah!" Seth said, enthusiastically. "I'm at 225 right now, and I want to gain another 25 pounds. "Really?" Eric asked him, as he slid his hands down to Seth's abs. "Well that shouldn't be too hard for you." Seth opened his eyes and looked down. "Speaking of things that are hard..." Eric looked down and noticed that Seth's dick was semi-hard. "Do you want me to take care of it?" He asked. "No." Seth said. "Not here, in my mom's kitchen. I'll bust one out, when I go to bed." Eric realized then just how tired Seth looked. He too was feeling sleepy as well. "Yeah, I'm getting tired too." Eric told him. "And since tomorrow is my first day, on the job, I'd better turn in, as well." Seth smiled and put his arm around Eric's shoulders. "I really had a blast with you, tonight." Seth said. "Literally." Eric laughed, softly. "You sure did, big man!" He said, rubbing Seth's abdomen. "I think you came about as much as I did when I fucked your thighs." "Yeah, well it has been a while since I had some good sex." Seth replied. "Well, I hope one day soon, I'll get to experience what strong lover you are, in bed, when you fuck me for the first time." Seth looked at Eric, and rubbed his hand up and down Eric's back. This time, Seth reached down and grabbed Eric's tight, firm ass, in his hand. "Hey!" Eric said. "Well, it may be sooner than you think, Baby." Seth said, hugging him, close. Eric laid his head on Seth's chest, as he wrapped his around Seth's torso. They started like that for a moment, until Seth yawned. "Damn, I am tired!" Seth said. "Come on, I'll walk you up to your room." Eric stood up and started walking toward the hallway. On the way to the staircase, Seth stopped to get the pillows out of the closet. He handed one to Eric as they turned to walk up the stairs. They both crept up the stairs as quietly as they could, so they wouldn't disturb Deborah. They got to the guest bedroom and Seth went in, with Eric and closed the door, quietly. Eric walked over to his bed and put the pillow down on the other side of the bed. Then he turned and took the other pillow from Seth, who handed it to him. Eric accepted it and laid it down on his side of the bed. Then, he turned back to Seth. "Well, Gorgeous, thank you for a very wonderful, evening. Eric said to him. "And I will see you bright and early, tomorrow morning." "Count on it." Seth said. He and Eric embraced, into a tender hug, once again. Then, after pulling back, engaged into a soft, tender kiss. Eric backed up, looking up into Seth's eyes. "See you, in the morning." Eric said, then added. "My gorgeous, bodybuilding cowboy." Seth's face broke into the sexiest smile Eric had ever seen. "Good night to you, too." Seth. "My handsome, blue eyed gymnast." Seth gave Eric a final kiss goodnight and walked towards the door to the bedroom. As he opened it, he turned around and looked at Eric once more. As Eric watched, Seth took off his tank top, and, looking down at his pecs, then back up at Eric, started bouncing them. One at a time, then rippling them slowly. Eric knew was he was doing and, shaking his head, in amusement, gave Seth the finger. Seeing that, Seth started laughing silently to himself, as he turned and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him. Eric sat down on his bed and sighed, feeling incredibly content, at that moment. He then got back in bed and pulled the covers over him. Laying his head down, on the pillow, he smelled it, and recognized the scent of Seth's shampoo and aftershave. Eric snuggled into the pillow and basked in the soothing scent of the man he was starting to care for, more and more, every day. "It's finally happening." Eric said, to himself. "I'm finally having a chance to be happy with the man of my dreams. I hope that our relationship will work out well, for both of us." Eric closed his eyes, and, breathing in the scent of the man he cared for, soon drifted off to sleep.
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  12. COMING SOON! Eric's and Seth's relationship, as they continue to grow closer, is threatened when someone else takes an interest in Seth. Eric and Seth's relationship is tested. Eric's past comes back to haunt him. Amy and Rudy grow closer. Deborah and Seth receive some shocking news. This should keep you all guessing. Most of what is written here is going to happen at some point, in the story. It's just a matter of time.
  13. Well, here's the next chapter, after almost a month of working on it! This is an Extremely long chapter, do hopefully it will have been worth the wait. And I hope it all fits here. If not I'll have to post it in two parts. Enjoy! Chapter 13 When Eric and Seth returned to the farm, they found Amy and Rudy, waiting for them, outside the house, by the barn. "Well, hey, you two!" Amy said to them, as they were walking towards the barn. "It's about time you got back." "Yeah." Rudy agreed. "What kept you, guys?" Eric looked at Seth and grinned. Seth grinned too, knowing what Eric was going to tell him. "Well, let's just say that Seth's first time at a college ended up being a very interesting experience." "Really?" Amy asked. "Do tell. What happened?" Seth grinned, knowing that Rudy and Amy were in for quite a story. "Well, first, upon arriving at SDU, I was muscle worshipped by a ton of college chicks, and then challenged to a wrestling match by the captain of the wrestling team." That raised a few eyebrows. "Well, I'm not surprised by the muscle worship thing." Rudy said, then asked. "But, how did the wrestling match go?" "I won." Seth replied, giving Rudy a thumbs up. "I have no doubt of that." Rudy said, crossing his arms over his chest. "Anyone would be crazy to want to take you on. You're a big guy, Seth." "Don't I know it, brother!" Seth said, with a grin. "Yet, this guy, Joey Sloane, still wanted to take me on. The match was over in less than a minute, but I still respect the guy for having the guts to try. I guess he wanted a challenge, and I definitely gave him one." "Well, good job, Seth." Amy told him. "What happened after the match?" Seth wasn't yet ready to reveal what happened between him and Eric, so he decides to talk more about what happened, after the match. "Well, I gave a speech about how Joey has achieved more than I ever have when it comes to being a college wrestling state champion, which is something I never got to do because I didn't go to college. And I told everyone not to take Joey's defeat, personally, because he hasn't lost anything. It was just all in good fun." "Well, that was sweet of you, Seth." Amy said, smiling at him. "How did Joey take losing the match?" "Pretty well, actually." Seth said, then turned to Eric. "Well, at least until Eric, here, had to go and rub his face in it." "What?" Amy exclaimed, looking at him. "Eric, please tell me you didn't do that to Joey." Eric rolled his eyes. He looked at Seth and saw him, grinning. In response, Eric put his hand on Seth's arm and gave him a light shove. "You're such a jerk." Eric said, shaking his head, yet a smirk, on his face. Seth chuckled and Eric turned back to Amy. "Joey made a rude comment to me and Seth about sharing clothes, and it made me, mad." "Sharing clothes?" Rudy said, frowning, then glanced at Seth. "Seth, what's he talking about?" Seth decided to explain to Rudy what Eric was referring to. "Eric let me borrow a jersey and shorts of his to wear for the wrestling match. Joey saw them and must have known it was Eric's outfit, which is why he made that comment earlier, which Eric got bent out of shape about and when he rubbed, Joey's defeat in his face, after the match, the two of them started to get into a fight." Amy's mouth dropped open, in shock, then she turned and looked at Eric. "Oh my god, Eric! Really?" She asked him, her hands on her hips. "That's not like you, at all." "Well, Amy, I had to do something to shut Joey up." Eric told her. "I've always known he's a bit full of himself, but I've never known him to be so arrogant, either." Amy rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I know Joey a little bit better than you do." She said. "Joey can be arrogant at times. When he gets competitive, that's when the arrogant side to him comes out. He thinks he can take on anyone now that he's bested every guy on the wrestling team, as well as becoming state college wrestling champion. But, deep down, he's a really nice guy." Eric frowned, then asked. "How do you know that, for sure?" Amy looked at Eric and prepared to reveal something that she'd never told him before. "Because, I used to date him." She revealed. "You, what?!" Eric asked, in shock. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" Amy shrugged. "We only went on a couple dates, last year." She said. "And you were involved with that guy named Sam, that you were seeing, at that time. We hardly ever saw each other, during that time." Eric remembered that, and felt the guilt return, with a sick feeling of deja-vu. "Why did you stop dating Joey?" Eric wanted to know. "The sparks just never flew for me." Amy told him. "Joey is a very nice, very romantic guy, but he just wasn't the one for me." Amy looked at Rudy and grabbed his hand in hers. They held up their enclosed hands, showing Eric and Seth, that things were getting serious between them. "But I think I may have found the man I want, in Rudy, here." Amy said, smiling up at him. Rudy smiled back at her. "For real?" Seth asked, a huge smile on his face. "Well, congratulations!" Seth walked over and hugged Rudy, which Rudy accepted, while Eric, in turn, hugged Amy. "Congratulations, brother!" Seth said, genuinely. "I'm happy for you, man!" "Thanks, bro." Rudy replied back. "I'm feeling happier than I've ever felt in a long time." Seeing Rudy and Seth getting in conversation, Amy grabbed Eric's hand and pulled him around the corner of the barn. "Alright, Mister, spill it." Amy said, lowly. "What else happened besides the wrestling match? And don't tell me nothing because you two were gone a long time." Eric turned towards the barn to make sure Seth and Rudy weren't headed their way. When, he saw they weren't, he turned back to Amy. "Something incredible happened." Eric said, unable to stop grinning. "Seth admitted to having feelings for me and we kissed." Amy's eyes bulged out of their sockets, and a huge smile appeared on her face. "Oh my God, Eric!" Amy exclaimed, in a whisper, bouncing up and down, in excitement. "So, Seth is gay, after all?" "I don't know." Eric whispered, looking back, again, at the barn, then back at Amy. "I'll tell you more, later when we have some privacy, but remember, you can't say a word about this to anyone. Not even Rudy. Not until Seth and I are ready. Seth really wants to see where things between us could go, before we officially start telling people what we are to each other." "I promise." Amy said, then hugged him. "Eric, I'm so happy for you, Babe!" "Thanks." Eric said, to her. "Now, let's get back to the barn before Seth and Rudy come looking for us." "Ok." Amy said. As Eric and Amy started to head back to the front of the barn, Seth and Rudy came around the corner. "There you two are." Seth said, as he stopped in front of them. "What are you two doing back here?" Before Eric could answer him, the door to the house opened and Deborah stuck her head out. "Come on, you all!" She called out. "Dinner is ready!" "We'll be right there, Mom!" Seth called back to her. Then, he turned to Rudy. "You and Amy go ahead in. I need to talk to Eric for a moment." "Alright." Rudy said, lightly patting Seth on the shoulder. He looked over at Amy. "Amy, you ready for a good dinner?" "Absolutely." Amy replied, then asked. "What are we having?" "Stuffed pork chops, with mashed potatoes and gravy, along with green bean casserole." Rudy said, rubbing his stomach. "Yum!" Amy said. "My favorite!" Seth said. "Eric and I will be in, in a minute." Rudy and Amy walked to the house and went inside. When, they were gone, Seth turned back to Eric. *What were you and Amy talking about?" He asked, Eric. Then, his eyes narrowed. "Or do I even have to ask?" Eric shook his head. "She knew something was up." Eric said. "So, I had to tell her something. I told her that we kissed." When Seth's face started to take on a look of fear, Eric held up his hand. "And before you freak out, I made her promise not to tell anybody else, including Rudy, about us, until you're ready to." Seth breathed a sigh of relief. "Good." He said. "Because, I'm not ready for other people to know yet. I just want this to be between you and me, for now." "I understand." Eric said, to him. "And you can trust Amy. She'll keep what I've told her, to herself. I hope you're not mad at me." "Of course not." Seth told him. If you trust Amy that much, then I trust her, too." Eric nodded, glancing at Seth, with a slight smile, playing on his lips. Seth noticed it as he stared back into Eric's eyes. "What is it, Eric?" Seth asked, holding his gaze. "Why are you looking at me, that way?' Eric took a few steps forward and looked down at Seth's pecs. Seth had left the buttons of his sleeveless shirt, unbuttoned down to his sternum, which revealed his pecs, fully. Eric reached out and put his hand on Seth's pecs, and started to feel them up. Seth closed his eyes, as he felt Eric's touch. Eric then, with his first two fingers, started finger fucking Seth's pecs cleavage. "Oh, fuck yeah!' Seth whispered, as he tightened his pecs. Eric whispered to Seth. "Just imagine what my dick is gonna feel like fucking these pecs, while you're on top of me, later tonight. While you flex these pecs tight around it." "Mmmm." Seth moaned, then opened his eyes, and looked at Eric. "I can't wait to show you this sexy body of mine. All sweaty and pumped up after a really hard workout." Just hearing Seth talking like that was enough for Eric to start getting hard. He removed his hand from Seth's chest. "Keep talking like that and we might as well forget dinner." Eric told him. Then, Eric leaned in to Seth's ear and whispered. "I might just have you take me back to the fields and use all that powerful muscle to fuck the shit out of me!" Seth was a little shocked to hear Eric talk like that, but at the same time, he loved it. "Fuck, you are kinky!" Seth said, with a Cheshire cat grin on his face. " And, I love it." "I'm glad." Eric whispered to him. "Now, let's compose ourselves and go inside to eat. I'm starving." "Me, too." Seth whispered back. "Come on." As Seth turned to walk towards the house, Eric's eyes fell upon Seth's massive muscular ass, which was straining through his jeans. He couldn't resist what he was about to do, next. As Seth started walking towards the house, Eric gave Seth's ass a firm playful slap, which stopped him in his tracks. When, Seth turned around, he saw a shit eating grin on Eric's face. "What was that you were saying about me, being kinky?" Eric asked, trying to act all Innocent, yet also trying to stifle his laughter. "You little fucker!' Seth said, in a low tone, shaking his head, but smiling. "I'm gonna get your ass back for that, tonight." "Oh, I'll bet you will." Eric whispered back, flirtatiously. "I'm counting on it." Seth shook his head, in amusement. "Come on." He said. "I think we can keep our hormones, in check, until after dinner." Seth then continued walking towards the house. Eric followed. They entered the house and sat down, at the table where Deborah, Amy, and Rudy were waiting. Eric sat at one end of the table, and Eric sat at the other end, across from him. Deborah was sitting, to the right side of the table from Eric, yet also to the left side of Seth. Rudy and Amy were sitting at the table, beside each other, to Seth's right, but to Eric's left, and across from Deborah's side of the table. After, Seth said the Lord's prayer at dinner, He and the other began to eat their dinner. "Mom, do you think I should go out and take a look at the cow?" He asked. Deborah shook her head. "Oh no, Sweetie." She replied. "She's not going anywhere. She'll be alright until after dinner." "Ok,." Seth said, as he took a bite of his stuffed pork chop. "Deb, everything is delicious." Eric told her, after he'd swallowed his bite of stuffed pork chop. "It really is." Amy said, then looked over at Deborah. "Thanks for letting me assist you with preparing for dinner." "You're welcome, Amy." Deb replied. "I've always done everything, myself, but I'm actually surprised how much quicker dinner was to prepare with an extra set of hands. And, thank you, for your help." "Anytime." She said, before taking a bite of her green bean casserole. Deborah turned towards Eric. "So, Eric, honey, are you ready for your official first day of work, tomorrow?" She asked. "Absolutely." Eric said, as he was cutting his pork chop. "As excited as I am about it, I must admit that I'm a little nervous as well." "Don't be." Seth chimed in. " You're going to do fine. Rudy is a good farm hand, and an excellent trainer, so I know you're in good hands." "Seth's right, man" Rudy said, to Eric. "I've got your back. If you start to make a mistake, I'll stop you, immediately, and explain the process of the job again if I have to, until you understand it." "I appreciate that, Rudy." Eric said, as he raised his bite of mashed potatoes, on his fork, to his lips. "I'll do my best for you guys." "That's all we ask of you, Honey." Deborah said, touching Eric's shoulder, rubbing it, affectionately. "I know you'll make us proud." Eric smiled. He really liked Seth's mom. Deborah was so warm and kind. He wondered if maybe she wouldn't have a problem with it if she knew that he and Seth were together. "I'll try." Eric said, and resumed eating his dinner. He glanced over at Seth, and saw him, smile and wink at him, as he took a bite of his mashed potatoes. "Damn, Seth!" Eric thought, as he looked at him. "I want you so bad, I can taste it." When Seth looked back up, he noticed the look on Eric's face, and caught his gaze. "Man, he wants me." Seth thought, smiling. "He really, really wants me." As Seth looked back down to take another bite of food, Eric glanced over in Rudy's direction and noticed him, frowning at him. "Why are you frowning, Rudy?" Eric asked him. "Is something wrong?" "Oh no." Rudy said. "Nothing. I was just thinking about what job duties I would have you start with, tomorrow." "Whatever ones you feel are best, Rudy." Eric said, as he took a bite of green been casserole. "I trust your judgement." Rudy nodded and went back to eating. Eric wondered if he really believed what Rudy had told him. He felt like there was some other reason that Rudy had been frowning at him. "Eric, Honey?" Deborah asked, out of the blue. Eric looked in her direction. "Yes, Deb?" He asked, wondering what she wanted. "Did you pack your clothes and bring them back with you?" Deborah asked. Eric nodded. "Yes, I did." He told her. They're in the back seat of my car. Why?" "Well, I thought perhaps, after dinner, I could show you to the guest room where you'll be staying and you could unpack your things in there, later." Deborah suggested. "Actually, that would be great." Eric agreed. "Amy will be driving my car back to the university, tonight, anyway, so I need to get my things out of the car before she leaves tonight." Eric then turned to Amy. "What time are you planning on going back to the campus?" He asked. "9:30 tonight." Amy said. I have to get some rest since I've got an 8:00a.m. class, in the morning." "Alright." Eric said, stuffing his last bite of pork chop, in his mouth. "I will get my stuff out of my car, after I finish dinner." Amy nodded, and the two of them went back to eating their dinner. When everyone had finished eating, Deborah got up to take everyone's plates. "Dinner was delicious, Deb." Amy said, to Deb, as Deb took Amy's plate. "Thanks for having me." "You're welcome, Amy." Deborah said. "You're welcome here, anytime." Deborah grabbed the rest of the dirty dinner plates and took them to the kitchen sink. "I can help you, with the dishes, if you'd like?" Amy offered. Deborah waved it off. "Oh no, Sweetie, you've done enough for today. Spend the rest of the day with Eric, Seth, and Rudy, before you have to leave, tonight." "Ok." Amy said. "Thanks." Seth stood up and put his cowboy hat back on. "Well, now that I'm finished with dinner, I'm going to go up to the dairy barn and have a look at that cow." He said. "Ok, Honey." Deborah said, as she was putting dish soap in the hot water, in the sink. Seth looked over at Rudy, who was standing up from his seat. "Rudy, do you want to come with me?* He asked. "Sure." Rudy said, then looked over at Amy. "Are you coming?" Amy looked over at Eric, and knew that she wanted to talk to him, more, about what was happening between him and Seth. "No, you guys go ahead." Amy said. "I want to talk to Eric." "Ok." Rudy said, then leaned down and kissed Amy on the lips. "I guess I'll see you, later." "You certainly will." Amy said, with a flirtatious smile on her face. Eric looked over at Seth, who was looking at him. Eric widened his eyes and, raising his eyebrows, motioning, with his eyes towards Amy and Rudy, wanting Seth to take notice of how close those two were getting. Seth responded with a single wag of his eyebrows, letting Eric know that he'd noticed that. Rudy smiled at Amy, and turned towards Seth. " You ready, buddy?" He asked. Seth nodded. 'Yeah, come on, let's go." Seth said, turning and heading out the door. Rudy followed behind him. Once they were outside, Amy turned towards Eric. "Ok, Eric, let's take a walk outside and get some fresh air." "Sounds good to me." Eric replied, then turned to Deborah. "Deb, we'll see you in a while after we talk." "Sure, Sweetie." Deborah said, warmly. "Have fun." Amy took Eric by the arm, and the two of them walked outside the house. Once, outside, they both saw Seth and Rudy driving away in Seth's truck. Amy turned to Eric. "Let's walk the horse trails." Amy suggested. "We'll be able to talk more privately." "Good idea." Eric said, smiling at her. "Come on." Amy and Eric began walking towards the trails. Once they were out of earshot, Amy turned to Eric. "So, tell me what really happened, back at the university." Amy urged him. "And don't leave anything out. I want full details." Eric chuckled. He couldn't wait to tell Amy everything. As they walked the trails, Eric told Amy about how, upon arriving at the university, how Seth had been challenged to a wrestling match by Joey Sloane, as well as muscle worshipped by a bunch of college girls. Eric told Amy how he had freaked out when one girl mentioned that Seth was getting hard, in his jeans, from all the touching of his body and how he, Eric, had freaked, thinking that Seth was completely straight. He told her how he had gone to his room without telling Seth. About what happened when Seth had seen his poster of Jay Cutler on the wall, when Eric had shared his fantasy with Seth about wanting to worship Jay's muscles and how Seth had offered to pose for him. Amy listened, now riveted, by Eric's story. Eric then shared with her, how he had been feeling Seth's chest and that they'd almost kissed until Charlie knocked on the door to see if they were coming down for the wrestling match. Finally, Eric came to the end of the story of how Seth had won the match, and how they'd gone back to the dorm and what all had happened, leading up to their kiss, and then the kiss, itself. "And, how was it?" Amy asked. "Was Seth a good kisser?" "Oh!" Eric exclaimed. "He's great! And after that things started to get a little hot and heavy between us, until Deborah called, letting him know about the cow being pregnant. After that, we got dressed and came back here." "Yeah, it sucks that you two were interrupted." Amy nodded. "Sounds like it was a really hot experience." *Oh it was." Eric told her. "And that experience will be continued soon." Amy frowned, but with a smirk on her face. 'Really?" She asked. "When?" Eric looked at her, smiling. "Tonight." He revealed to her. "That is, if everything is OK with the cow. If so, then Seth is going to get in a workout so he can get his muscles pumped up for me, so the flexing and muscle worship will be sizzling hot." Amy's smile grew bigger. "You two are going to do it, aren't you?" Eric's eyebrows shot up, in surprise. "You mean have sex?"He asked. Amy nodded. Eric shook his head. "I don't know." Eric replied. "That's actually going to be up to Seth. I don't think he's ready for it, this soon, but, I won't be opposed to it if he wants to try it with me." "Who would be fucking who's ass?* Amy asked, bluntly. "Amy!" Eric said, in shock. "Damn girl, I didn't know you to be so blunt!" "Sorry." Amy laughed. "I wasn't sure how else to ask the question." "Don't worry about it." Eric said, chuckling a bit. "And to answer your question, since it would be Seth's first time, with a guy, I think I'll let him fuck me, first. I'm curious to know how good of a lover he is, in bed." "Well, given how big and strong he is, I'm sure he will keep you satisfied with no problems." Amy pointed out. "Isn't a guy like Seth every gay man's "wet dream" so to speak?" Eric laughed. "That's what I hear." He replied. "He's definitely that for me." Eric and Amy came to the fence, where they both spent time, in the fields with Seth and Rudy. "Well, here's the fields." Eric said, leaning over the fence. "And over there, is the tree we sat under when Seth interviewed me, for the job, and flexed his biceps for me." "You don't say." Amy said, in surprise. "That's the exact spot Rudy and I sat, when I rode Max out here. We kissed under the tree." Eric was almost disappointed that the tree spot wasn't just his and Seth's special place anymore, but he was thrilled that the exact same spot was the one that brought Rudy and Amy, together. "And how did that go?" Eric asked her, as they gazed over the horizon, towards the sun, which was beginning to set, casting a warm, golden glow on both their faces. "Oh, it was wonderful." Amy said, softly. "Rudy is such a gentleman. And a great kisser, too." Eric then wondered about something. "Amy? Does the fact that Rudy is much older than you, bother you at all?" Amy looked over at Eric. "No, not at all." She said, then turned back to gaze at the sun, again. "I don't care about his age. He's got a good heart, is very attractive, and very mature. He's a man who knows what he wants and, with his experience, he knows how to treat a woman. I really like him." "I can tell." Eric said, with a grin. "Well you deserve to have some happiness for a change." "Thanks." Amy said, looking over at him. "So do you after everything you went through 5 years ago." That sick feeling of deja-vu hit Eric, in the pit of his stomach, instantly. "Amy...." Eric began saying, but Amy cut him off. "I know you don't like to talk about it." Amy replied, laying her hand on his arm. "But, eventually you're going to have to tell Seth about it." Eric looked at her, frowning in confusion. "Why would I have to tell Seth anything about it?" Eric asked her. "What happened to me, is in the past." Amy looked at him, seriously. "Is it?" "Yes!" Eric said, insistently. "That bastard, Tom, is behind bars now. He can't hurt me, any more." Amy looked at Eric, seeing how uncomfortable he was talking about Tom. Although, she knew what he had been through, she never knew the details as to how bad things really got between Eric and Tom. "Are you sure about that?" Amy asked him. "And I forget: How long of a prison sentence did the judge give Tom?" Eric could feel his anger returning, remembering that day. The judge hadn't sentenced Tom, long enough, in his opinion. "5 years." Eric said, his bottom lip, quivering, as he clenched his jaw. "5 fucking years!" Amy looked at Eric, feeling sympathetic towards him, yet also a little guilty for upsetting him, by bringing his past with Tom up again. "That bastard deserves the death penalty for what he put me through!" Eric said, loudly. He turned and took a few steps, away from the fence, his back to Amy. "You know, Eric?" Amy said, as a tear slid down her cheek. "You never did tell me the details of how it all started and how bad things really got. Will you please tell me, now?" Eric whipped around and looked at Amy, in shock. Amy could see the tears, running down his cheeks. "Eric, what did that scum do to you?!" Eric grabbed his head in his hands and pulled himself downwards, in frustration. His eyes closed and his teeth clenched, trying to hold back the sobs that were threatening to overwhelm him. Then, he stood back up, again. "Amy, please!" Eric begged. "Don't do this to me! I can't go through this again!" Amy walked over and held Eric's face in her hands. "I don't mean to put you through this, again, Baby, I really don't." Amy said, trying to keep from crying, herself. "But if you truly are going to get over it, you need to get it all out. It's the only way you're truly going to be able to move on, and finally commit to a relationship again." "What are you talking about?" Eric asked her, as he wiped his eyes. Amy let go of his face. "I'm talking about, Sam, the guy you were involved with, over a year ago." Amy said, putting her arm around him. "You two had a good thing going, together, but when he wanted to get more serious with you, you decided to end it with him. He was devastated." Eric remembered that very well. He had genuinely cared for Sam, but after what he'd been through in his past relationship with Tom, he had been unable to get serious with another man, since then. "I know that, Amy." Eric said, to her. "I regret that I hurt Sam, more than I can ever say. But if you're worried that I'll do the same thing to Seth, don't be. Seth and I are taking things slow, which is good, right now. I doubt Seth is ready, any more than I am, to pursue anything more serious between us. But when that day comes, we'll deal with it. Together." Eric sat down, his back against the fence and wrapped his arms around his knees, bringing them to his chest. Amy sat down beside him, and pulled his head down, to rest on her shoulder. "You know I love you, right?" Amy asked, in a gentle voice. "I know that, Amy.' Eric replied, softly. "You're my best friend, and I love you, too." Amy ran her fingers through Eric's light brown hair. "I'm sorry for upsetting you, Babe." She whispered to him. "But I think the more you talk about what happened, the stronger you'll become." Eric sniffed, and wiped the rest of the tears from his face, shaking his head. "You can't just keep it all bottled up, inside." Amy said, rubbing his arm, as he was leaned against her. " It'll just eat away at you until you can't stand it, anymore. I think it would do you good to talk about it." Eric sighed, and sat back up to face Amy. "Right now, I just want to go back to the house, get my stuff out of my car, go to the guest room, get settled in, and lay down for a bit until Seth comes back to work out for the muscle worship session." Eric said, then grabbed his forehead. "I've got a headache now, from crying." Amy sighed, reluctantly. She wanted Eric to talk about what had happened to him, in the past, with Tom, but she also knew that if she pushed too hard, she could drive Eric away and she didn't want that. "Alright." Amy said, finally. "I'll let this go, for tonight, but we're going to talk about it eventually. You have to come to terms with your past, once and for all. It's the only way you'll be able to make peace with it and be happy again." Eric sighed, knowing that Amy wasn't going to let it go. But for now, it was best that she did. He lifted his head off of her shoulder and looked at her. "Come on." Eric said, standing up. "It's time we were getting back." Eric and Amy got up and started walking back to the farm house. After a few minutes, they arrived back near the house. Eric walked to his car and opened the rear driver's side door to get his duffle bag, with his clothes, out of the back. Slinging it, over his shoulder, he closed the car door and locked that the car back up. The car chirped, signalling that the car alarm had been set. Eric turned back towards Amy and handed her his keys to his car. "Here you are." He said, softly. "Take good care of the car for me." Amy nodded. "I will." She replied, accepting the keys. "You have fun with Seth tonight." "Oh, I definitely will." Eric said, smiling at her. "I have the feeling that this will be a night that both of us will never forget." Amy grinned and threw her arm around Eric's waist, as he put his arm around her shoulders and the two of them walked back to the house. As they walked into the kitchen, Deborah, who had finished the dishes, was drying her hands off, with a dish towel. She smiled when she saw Amy and Eric come in. "Oh, you're back, already!" Deborah said, excitedly. "Good! Now, I'll show you to your bedroom. Come with me." Deborah put the towel down and started walking towards the hallway. Eric and Amy followed. Deborah led them through the hallway and upstairs to the guest bedroom. As they were heading to it, Deborah pointed to a bedroom just before the guest one. "This is Seth's room." Deborah said. "It's right down from yours." Deborah opened the door to the guest bedroom, and led Eric and Amy inside. The room was a cozy looking room with painted light blue walls, a bed near the wall, just beneath a window. The bedroom also had it's own bathroom, complete with a toilet, sink, bathtub and shower. "This is nice!" Eric gushed, looking around the room. "And it even has its own bathroom." "Will you be comfortable here?" Deborah asked him, then added, pointing to the opposite wall. "There's even a desk you can sit at and work on your college projects." Eric turned back to Deborah and saw Amy standing just behind her. "This is great, Deb, thank you." Eric said, sincerely. "I will be more than comfortable here." "Excellent." Deborah replied, smiling warmly. "Well I'll leave you to get settled in. I have to go back downstairs and check on the peach and blueberry pies I have baking in the oven." Eric's face lit up when he heard that. Ever since he first tasted Deb's peach pie, he'd fallen in love with it, even though blueberry was his favorite. But, with his headache, he needed to lay down for a bit. "Will you save a slice for me, for later, Deb?" Eric asked her. "I've come down with a headache and I feel like I need to lie down for a while." "Certainly." Deborah replied, looking concerned. "Would you like me to get you some aspirin?" Eric nodded. "That would be great." Eric said, appreciatively. "Thank you, Deborah." "You're welcome, Sweetie." Deborah said, softly. "I'll be right back." Deborah turned and left the bedroom to head downstairs to get the aspirin. When she was gone, Amy turned back to Eric. "I'm sorry that what we talked about was what gave you a headache." Amy said to him. "I hope you're not too upset with me." Eric looked up at her, tiredly. He didn't say anything, but shook his head. He sat down on the bed, looking down at the floor. Amy came over and sat beside him, on the bed and put her arm around him. "Well, the fact that you're not even speaking to me, right now, tells me that you are." Amy said, softly. "Come on, Eric! What do I have to do to make it up to you?" Eric turned his head and looked at her. He was still upset with her, but only a little bit. Bringing up his rough past with Tom, had been really hard for him. "Nothing." Eric told her. "I'm just talked out, right now. Having to re-live what Tom put me through really wore me out." Amy frowned. "But, you didn't even talk about any of it with me." She said, confused. "No, I didn't." Eric replied. "But that doesn't mean that my mind didn't re-live it. Just bringing up Tom's name triggers all those terrible memories of what he did to me." "I'm sorry." Amy apologized again. "I was just trying to help you, that's all." "I know you were." Eric said, kissing her on the cheek. "Don't worry about it, anymore. All is forgiven." "Thanks." Amy said, smiling, as she leaned her head into Eric's shoulder. Just then, the two of them heard Deborah's footsteps coming up the stairs and in a moment, she appeared into the bedroom with an aspirin tablet in one hand, and a bottle of cold water, in the other, which she handed out to Eric. "Here you go, Eric, honey." Deb said, as Eric accepted the water and aspirin from her. "Thank you so much, Deborah." Eric said, as he opened the bottle of water. He popped the aspirin in his mouth and took a drink of water to wash it down. "You're welcome." Deborah said, to Eric. "Get some rest and you'll be good as new pretty soon." "I will. Eric said, as he leaned down to take off his shoes. "And no time like the present." "Alright." Deborah said. "Eric, I will see you later, and Amy, I'll see you, downstairs, to say goodbye to you, before you have to go back to your college campus." "See you later." Eric replied. "Ok, Deb, I'll see you downstairs." Amy replied, also. Deborah headed back downstairs to check on her pies that were baking, in the oven, and to continue cleaning up the kitchen. Eric brought his legs up, on the bed, and turned on his back, behind Amy. She stood up, by the bed, and glanced down at her phone. "It's almost "9:00 p.m. so I'm going to leave a bit early, tonight, so you and Seth can have a good time." Eric brought his hand up, to his forehead, remembering about the muscle worship session. "That's right." He groaned. "Seth promised me he'd do the muscle worship session tonight." Amy looked at him, concerned. "If you're not feeling well, I'm sure Seth would understand and you guys could do the session, another time." Amy suggested. "No, it has to be tonight." Eric insisted. "My headache will be gone by the time Seth returns." "If you say so." Amy said, then leaned down and kissed Eric on the cheek. "Have a good night, and I'll see you, tomorrow, after class." "Goodnight, Amy." Eric whispered to her. "Drive safe." "I will." She said, as she grabbed the handle to the door. "Goodnight." Amy closed the door and Eric pulled his phone out of his pocket. He opened the clock app on his phone and set the sleep timer for 45 minutes. He laid back down, and closed his eyes, wondering how things were going with Seth and Rudy, checking on the cow, in the barn. Eric was asleep within minutes. Meanwhile, downstairs, Amy was saying good-bye to Deborah. "Thanks for inviting me to dinner." Amy said, as she hugged Deborah. "Everything was delicious. It's so nice out here, on the farm." "Thank you, Amy." Deborah said, as she pulled back from their hug. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, and being out here, on the farm." "I had a great time." Amy marveled. "Especially with Rudy." Deborah's smile broadened, hearing that. She had definitely noticed the growing closeness between the two of them. "Ah, yes! I've noticed that." Deborah replied. "It seems like you two are getting pretty close." "Yeah, we are." Amy said. "Rudy is very handsome, very charming and a true gentleman. People would say he's much too old for me, but I don't care about that. Rudy's got a great heart, and that's what is most important." "That's right, my dear." Deborah agreed. "After all, my darling, Frank, was 10 years older than me, when we met, and later got married." "That's nice." Amy said, smiling, as she nodded her head. "You'll have to tell me more about your relationship with him, sometime." "Sure."Deborah said. Amy looked towards the door. "Well I have to go." Amy said. "I have to text Rudy and see if he'll meet me back here to say good-bye." "Alright, Sweetie." Deborah replied. "Drive safe." Amy walked out of the house, with Eric's keys, and headed towards his car. As she stopped by the door of the car, she texted Rudy. Amy: "Rudy, I'm getting ready to leave. Can you come to the house and say good night?" After a few moments, Rudy's text came back. Rudy: "Seth and I are on our way back now. Wait for us, by Eric's car." Amy texted back. "Ok. See you soon." Amy put her phone away and waited a few minutes. After about 5 minutes, she saw Seth's truck coming up the driveway. Seth pulled his truck over near the side of the barn and he and Rudy got out, and walked over towards Amy. "So, you're ready to go, huh?" Rudy said, putting his arms around her sides and hugging her close. "Yeah, I got an early day, tomorrow." Amy said, as she was laying her head on Rudy's broad chest. "8:00a.m. Anatomy class." "Where's Eric?" Seth asked, out of the blue. Amy pulled back from her hug, with Rudy, and looked over at Seth. "Your mom took him to the guest bedroom to get settled in." Amy explained to him. "He was complaining about having a headache, so he decided to lie down for a while. He's probably asleep by now. He tends to fall asleep fast." Seth's face dropped, which Amy noticed and knew she had to do something, so she turned to Rudy. "Why don't you go ahead and go home, Rudy?" Amy suggested. "I'd like to talk to Seth, alone, for a few minutes before I leave." "Yeah, I am pretty tired already." Rudy said, stifling a yawn. "How are things with the cow?" Amy asked them. "Great, actually!" Seth said, grinning. "She just gave birth to a new baby calf." "Aww!" Amy gushed. "I'll have to see it tomorrow, when I come by, after class. Was it a boy or a girl?" "A boy." Seth said. "The mother cow got through the whole birthing process alright. But as for me, I gotta take a shower and get in a workout before bed." Rudy looked at Seth and frowned. "Bro, are you serious?!" Rudy asked him. "You're going to work out this late?" "Well, yeah." Seth said, patting Rudy's shoulder. "I didn't get in my afternoon workout since I was being felt up by college girls and wrestling a state college wrestling champion, and then the rest of the farm chores, along with, tending to the pregnant cow." Rudy laughed. "You're such a health freak, man!" He laughed as he lightly backhanded Seth, in the chest. "Go on, have your workout. I'm going home to bed." And with that, Rudy turned back to Amy and kissed her on the lips. "And I will see you, tomorrow, Pretty lady." Rudy said, seductively. "Yes, you certainly will." Amy said, softly. "Goodnight." Rudy nodded, then turned to Seth and gave him a hug too. "Goodnight, my brother!" He said, to Seth. "Enjoy your workout." "Good night, man." Seth said, as he hugged Rudy back. "Have a safe drive home." Rudy released Seth and headed to his own truck, which was burgundy red. He started the truck and, with a final wave to Amy and Seth, drove down the drive towards the road. When his truck was out of sight, Seth turned to Amy. "So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Seth asked her. Amy looked at him, intently. "I saw the look on your face when I mentioned Eric having a headache, earlier." She told him. "Eric told me that you're going to work out and then pose for him, tonight. Stick to your plans, ok?" "Ok." Seth said, a small smile, on his lips, then asked. "Is Eric alright?" "Yeah, he's fine." Amy reassured him. "He's really looking forward to his time with you. He's just sleeping off the headache. Deborah gave him some aspirin, so he should be good as new, when he wakes up." "Awesome." Seth said, that sexy, confident grin returning to his face. "Eric's going to love what I have in store for him, tonight." Amy nodded. Then, she looked at her phone again. " I really need to be going." Amy said, putting her phone in her pocket. "It's getting late." "Alright." Seth replied. "I'll stand here and watch until you get on the road to make sure you get to it, safely." Amy smiled. "You're such a gentleman, Seth. Just like Rudy." Amy said, reaching out and caressing his arm, affectionately. "I know Eric's in good hands with you." "He, is." Seth said, nodding. "Thank you, Amy." Amy nodded. "You're welcome, Seth." She said, softly. "Now give me a hug, please? I have to go, now." "OK." Seth laughed, as he put his arms around Amy and hugged her. "Eric's really lucky to have a friend like you." "Thank you, Seth." Amy said, as she hugged him. "Eric's even luckier to have a gorgeous, muscular, man like you. Be good to him, OK?" Seth hugged her a little bit, tighter, showing her that he would do just that. "You bet." Seth said. After a moment, Seth released Amy from their hug, and Amy unlocked the doors with the key remote. Seth reached over and opened the door for her. "Thanks." Amy said, as she got into the car. "Have fun tonight," "We will." Seth said, as he closed the car door, and Amy started the car and put on her seat belt. "Goodnight, Amy." Amy smiled back at him. "Goodnight, Seth." She said softly. Seth stepped back, while Amy started driving the car forward a bit. He walked towards the side of the house behind the car, so he wouldn't be in the way when Amy made a U turn. Amy turned the car around, and, with a final wave to Seth, who waved back to her, drove towards the end of the driveway. Seth watched her go until the car got on the road and disappeared from view. Seth sighed, contently and turned and looked up at the window to the guest bedroom that Seth was staying in, which over looked the driveway and the barn. "Alright." He said, to himself. "It's time to get all sweaty and pumped up!" Seth decided to go into the house to talk to his mother, first. He walked to the door and entered the house, just in time, to see his mom, finishing up, cleaning the kitchen. "Hey, Mom." Seth greeted her, as he came in. Deborah looked in his direction, as she finished wiping down the kitchen table. "Hi, Honey." Deborah replied back. "How did everything go, with the cow?" "Everything went smoothly." He told her. "She just gave birth to a baby male calf." "Aww, that's wonderful, Sweetie." Deborah said, in delight. "I'm going to come down to the dairy barn, in the morning, to help with milking the cows, so I can make sure the calf is being cared for by the mother cow. And it'll give you and Rudy time to train Eric with some of the harder farm chores." "Cool." Seth said, then added. "Are you just about ready for bed? You look tired." "Yeah, just about." Deborah said, nodding her head. "I just have to cut a slice of peach pie, for Eric, to eat later. He said he had a headache, so I gave him some aspirin for it. He's sleeping up in the guest bedroom right now." "Yeah, Amy told me, just before she left." Seth said. "Rudy's gone home as well. Even he was tired, after assisting me with the cow." Deborah went to the kitchen counter where two freshly baked pies were sitting. She grabbed a pie slicer, out of the utensil drawer, and began cutting a slice of peach pie. "Would you like a slice of pie, Seth?" Deborah asked him. "No, thank you, Mom." Seth said, politely. "I actually need to get in a workout, before I go to bed, so I'll have a piece of pie later." Deborah turned and looked at him, frowning in confusion. "You're going to work out, at this hour of the night?" She asked. "Honey, your muscles aren't going to shrink from missing one workout." "I know that, Mom." Seth said. "But if I miss one day, then I risk becoming lazy. When it comes to building and maintaining muscle, consistency is key. If I allow myself to slack off now, then I let myself down." "Son, don't be ridiculous." Deborah said, waving it off. "With all the farm chores you do from dawn to dusk, you're getting more than enough exercise, that you can skip a day of weight training." "I know." Seth said. "But, I still want to." Deborah sighed, in defeat. "Ok, Seth, whatever you say, Honey." She said, as she cut a slice of peach pie and sat it on a small plate. "Since, I'm going to be up for a while, I'll turn out all the lights before I go to bed. And I'm still waiting on Cole to come back down from the fields." Deborah looked at her watch, frowning. "He should have been back at 8:00p.m." She said, worriedly. "The last time I saw him was just before dinner. He came back to the house to eat, early, and then went back to the fields to tend to the herd." Seth frowned, too. Then, his face took on a look of remembrance. "You know what?" He said, pointing up a finger. "Cole was, at the dairy barn, with Rudy and I, when we were helping the cow give birth to her calf. Maybe he's still down there, guarding the dairy barn. He tends to be protective of any newborn farm animal, so I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." Deborah smiled, remembering that fact. "You're probably right, Son." She said. "Will you go and look for him, later, if he's not back soon?" "I will." Seth said, nodding. "At least to ease both of our minds. But it won't surprise me if he stays there all night." Deborah wrapped dome plastic wrap over the slice of pie, on the small plate, and sat it next to the two pies, on the counter. "If Eric wakes up and is hungry, make sure he gets this slice of pie, ok?" Deborah said. "I will, Mom." Seth said. "Good." She said. "Now, I'm going up to bed." Deborah walked over to her son and wrapped her arms around his huge shoulders. Seth hugged her back, strongly. "Goodnight, Son." She said, in a soft, tired voice. "Goodnight, Mom." Seth replied. "Sleep well." "You, too." She said, as she turned and walked out of the kitchen and headed to the staircase to go up to her bedroom. Alone, in the kitchen, Seth looked around the room, as he thought about how he wanted to make this night as memorable for Eric as possible. He then had an idea. He walked over to the refrigerator and opened it up to look in it. The refrigerator was stocked with food. Everything from milk, cheese, pickles, dairy products such as cottage cheese and yogurt, as well as fruits and vegetables. Seth grabbed some cheddar cheese and took it over to the counter. He pulled down a cutting board out of the cupboard and set it down, on the counter. Then he pulled a paring knife out of the silverware drawer and started slicing up some of the cheese. Once he'd cut up enough, Seth put the cheese slices, in a storage bag, to keep it cooler, longer. He then grabbed some grapes out of the refrigerator, and a couple bottles of cold spring water, and set them on the counter. He opened a bottom cupboard door and pulled out a picnic basket, which he filled with all the food, and then grabbed some unsalted crackers out of a cupboard, to go with the cheese slices. He then packed them into the picnic basket, along with the two bottles of water. Then, he took them out and put them inside his truck, on the passenger seat. After that, he closed the door to his truck went to the back of it to check on something. He took off the flatbed cover that prevented the flatbed of the truck from getting wet and looked inside. He could see that it still looked pretty clean, so he didn't have to worry about cleaning it out. Seth then headed back into the house. He just needed a few more things and then things would be perfect. Seth headed to another room, which although could be used as a bedroom, was mostly used as a storage room. Flipping on the light, Seth looked around and saw what he wanted. He grabbed a large rolled up piece of memory foam and carried it back to his truck. He unrolled it into the truck's flatbed. It was a perfect fit. "Alright, that's perfect." Seth said, rubbing his hands together. "Now all that's left to do is to get changed for my workout." Seth went back, into the house, again, and went up to his room to change. Going into his room, he stripped out of his clothes he'd been wearing all day, and tossed them into an empty basket to be washed later. Looking through his dresser drawers, he came across the perfect sexy item of underwear that he had which he couldn't wait to show Eric how he looked in them. He put them on and put a pair of black Nike sweatpants on, over them. Then he put on a white tank top. Looking at himself, in the mirror, He noticed that he still had on his cowboy hat. "No need for this anymore, tonight." Seth said, softly. He removed his cowboy hat and hung it on a nearby rack, where he also hung his many pants belts he owned as well. Then, Seth sat down, on his bed and took his boots off, and his old socks and threw the socks in the laundry basket as well. He grabbed his Nike sneakers and put them on. Standing up, he walked over to the mirror, and checked himself out. He looked good too, and he knew it. "I am good to go!" Seth said, with a grin. "And now......" Pausing mid-sentence, Seth hit a front double biceps flex, in the mirror. He admired how nicely rounded out and peaked his biceps were. Hid definition still looked really good, even off season. ".... let's get this body pumped up. I've waited long enough." Seth then headed downstairs to the kitchen. He exited the house and headed into the barn. He headed towards his workout area where all his dumbbells and workout bench was.. Seth grabbed a heavy set of dumbbells and set to work, pumping up his biceps and triceps. Rep after rep, Seth's biceps began to grow larger and the veins began to get bigger, bringing out Seth's vascularity. Seth heaved and grunted, and worked his full body, including his pecs, abs, obliques, back, lats, quads, glutes, and calves. He wanted to make sure no muscle in his body was left unattended to. Before Seth knew it, an hour had passed by. His body was pumped up and glistening with sweat. He grabbed a towel and wiped off his face. Now that he was pumped up, it was time for the real fun to begin! All he had to do now was to see if Eric was awake yet. Seth walked into the house, yet again, and softly walked upstairs to Eric's room. He lightly knocked on the door. When there was no response, he opened the door and saw that Eric was still asleep. He walked over to the bed and knelt down to Eric's level. He noticed how peaceful Eric looked when he was asleep. Seth reached over and started tapping Eric's shoulder "Eric, wake up, man." Seth said, softly. "It's me, Seth." Eric stirred and opened his eyes. Turning his head, he saw Seth looking at him, smiling. "Hey, Gorgeous." Eric said, sleepily, smiling at him. Seth smiled back at him. He loved it when Eric called him gorgeous. "Hey, yourself, sleepyhead." He whispered to Eric. "How are you feeling?" Eric frowned a moment, thinking about it. He did feel much better. "Better, I think." Eric said, sitting up, in bed. "My headache appears to have gone away." "Awesome." Seth said, with a satisfied smile on his face. Then, he said. "I've finished my workout. Are you ready to worship this sexy body of mine, now?" "Yes." Eric said, his excitement beginning to build. "Lead the way, Handsome." "Alright." Seth said, grinning, as he stood up. "Grab those two bed pillows and come with me." Eric picked up the two pillows and looked at them. Frowning, he looked up at Seth. "Why do we need these?" He asked. "You'll see." Seth said. "Come on." "Ok." Eric said. "Let me put on my shoes, first." Eric put his shoes on, and, after grabbing the two pillows, followed Seth out to his truck. Seth opened the passenger side door and slid the picnic basket over to the middle of the seat, so Eric could get in. As Eric got into the truck, he noticed the basket and wondered what Seth was planning. "A picnic basket?" Eric asked. "Seth, where are we going?" "You'll see, soon enough." Seth said. "Just be patient." Seth closed Eric's door and ran around the other side of the truck and got in. Seth started the truck up, and began driving down the driveway. As Eric watched, Seth started driving on the road, and after driving a short distance, turned into another driveway, which overlooked the fields. Seth drove down the driveway and started driving into the field yard a little. Eric could see the tree that he and Seth sat under. Seth turned the truck around, facing it back, towards the driveway, the truck's bed, facing towards the fields. Seth shut the engine off and turned towards Eric. "Well, here we are." He said, smiling. "The fields?" Eric asked. "This is where you're posing for me?" "Yep." Seth said. "And that's not all, come and check this out." Seth got out of the truck, and so did Eric. Seth led Eric to the back of the truck and showed Eric the back of it, where he had laid down the memory foam. "I thought after I pose for you, we could lay down, back here and look at the stars, while snacking on the goodies I brought in the picnic basket. That's why I asked you to bring the two pillows." "That sounds amazing." Eric murmured, looking up at the night sky. "It is a beautiful night, tonight. Perfect for stargazing." "I thought so, too." Seth said. "And that's why I thought this was the perfect place to pose for you. And it's more private, too." Eric turned and looked at Seth, who reached inside his truck and turned the truck's headlights on low. Eric walked to the front of the truck and leaned against the front of it, between the headlights. Seth stood just in front of him. As Eric looked at him, he was shocked when he noticed that Seth's body looked even bigger. "Fuck, Seth!" Eric said, in awe. "I think your muscles doubled in size!" Seth smiled that cocky, knowing grin that Eric loved about him, so much. He advanced on Eric and stopped, right in front of him. "So, are you ready to see a sexy body?" Seth said, seductively." Eric just looked into Seth's eyes, not saying a word. Seth then leaned into him and gave him a quick, gentle kiss. "I'll show you a sexy body." Seth said, waggling his eyebrows, smiling that confident smile. Seth reached for his phone and started looking through it. After a few taps, some music started playing. Eric recognized the song as something that would play in a nightclub. Seth put his phone down and then started dancing and gyrating his hips to the music that was playing. Eric leaned back, now in total shock, riveted by what was occurring before his eyes. Not only was Seth going to pose for him, but he was going to give him a strip show, too! Seth started doing some poses while he danced. Then, Seth took off his shirt, twirled it on his finger and then threw it at Eric. Eric grinned as he caught it. Now with his upper torso completely shirtless, Seth proceeded to draw Eric's attention to his upper body. He started bouncing his pecs to the beat of the music, sometimes doing one pec at a time, and sometimes both of them. When he did this, Eric could not suppress his laughter. "Seth, that is so funny, yet sexy, at the same time." Eric laughed. "Well, I'm just getting warmed up." Seth said, grabbing the waistband of his sweatpants. "Now, watch me turn up the heat!" And with that, Seth turned around, his back to Eric, shaking his ass from side to side, a bit, before suddenly dropping his sweatpants, revealing a sky blue pair of shiny posing briefs that he was wearing underneath. Eric's jaw dropped to the ground when he saw them. Seth removed the sweatpants, the rest of the way, and continued his dance routine. Eric noticed that Seth's quads looked huge! Every muscle separation stood out in them, as well as the veins. Seth would tease with his hands, slowly sliding them down his abs, which he would tighten as he touched them, trace the muscles of his quads, and back up to his pecs, while looking up at Eric. As Eric watched, Seth would slowly lick the tip of his tongue over his upper lip, giving him that horny look that was starting to drive Eric crazy with anticipation. He could feel his dick getting hard in his jeans. "Fuck!" Eric thought to himself. "He's gonna drive me crazy! I'll be lucky if I can keep from exploding in my pants! And I haven't even touched him, yet!" Seth knew that he was driving Eric crazy for his body, and with that teasing, cocky smile on his lips, Seth turned around and showed off his massive glutes, which the posing briefs barely contained. Seth would flex his glutes and even reached back to give his own ass a firm spank, as he shook his ass, and swiveled his hips and torso as he danced. He turned and gave Eric a cocky look, with one of his eyebrows cocked. Eric was so turned on by Seth's display of cockiness, that he had to resist the urge to want to undo his pants and jerk himself right there. This wasn't the way he wanted to get off to Seth's muscles. This opportunity was too special for that. Seth continued dancing, and then right before the song was about to end, Seth outstretched his arms up in the air, brought them down, and at the song's final note, hit a most muscular pose, with the sexiest, most aggressive looking, expression on his face, that Eric almost could have cum in his pants at that moment. "Whew!" Eric cheered, clapping his hands. "That was amazing, Seth!" Seth walked over to Eric, breathing a bit heavily. "Thanks, man." He said. "I'm glad you enjoyed it." Eric then had a thought which he then shared with Seth. "Where did you learn to dance like that?" Eric asked. "Mmm." Seth hummed, then said. "I don't think you'd believe me if I told you." "Try me." Eric said, his arms crossed over his chest. Seth chuckled, as he looked down at the ground a moment. He looked back up at Eric. "I used to be a stripper." Seth said, studying Eric's face, closely, to watch his reaction. Eric's jaw dropped in shock, momentarily, but then he raised his eyebrows. "Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised." Eric said. "You really are a man of many talents, Seth." "Thanks." Seth said. "But, come on! We're not done yet! The real fun is just beginning." Seth grabbed his phone again and started playing some sexy instrumental music that he could flex to. He put his phone down on the truck bed and looked back up at Eric. "I'm going to start posing my muscles now." Seth told him. " You can touch my body however you want while I flex. You can even tell me the poses you want me to do, if you want." "Perfect." Eric said, walking over to him. "Why don't we start with the front double biceps pose?" Seth grinned. "Good choice." He said. Seth started raising his arms up and outstretched them to the sides, his palms up. Eric placed his hands over Seth's biceps right in the center. As he gripped them a bit, Seth went into a front double biceps flex. Eric felt the muscles grow and take shape under his hands. His eyes widened in shock. Seth's biceps were bigger and even harder than he'd felt before! "Oh my god, Seth!" Eric said, in fascinated delight. "Your biceps are so hard, and you look double your normal size!" Seth grinned at that admission from Eric. "Fuck yeah!" Seth said, in his cocky tone of voice. "That's what I like to hear!" "Ok, now do the rear double biceps and back flex, please?" Eric asked him. Seth smiled. "My pleasure." He said, as he turned around. Seth raised his arms, up in the air and slowly brought them down, bending at the elbows, his arms at a 45 degree angle and hit his biceps flex tight, while showing off his back muscles. Eric laid his hands on Seth's biceps again, and this time slid his hands over Seth's neck, traps and shoulders, then sliding them down Seth's lats and back. Seth's muscles were hard everywhere Eric touched. And every muscle Eric laid his hands on, Seth would flex it to its ultimate size. Eric was in muscle worship heaven at that moment. "Oh god, Seth!" Eric whispered, into Seth's ear. "You feel so good! Every muscle is hard, vascular, and beautiful." Eric finished saying all of that, by planting a sexy kiss right on Seth's neck, just above his traps. Seth closed his eyes, his own feelings of lust beginning to affect him, but he wasn't going to let himself succumb to them, just yet. He still had a job to do . "Alright, Baby." Eric whispered. "Flex those abs extra tight for me, and then bounce your pecs." "Hell yeah!" Seth whispered back. " Get ready for this! " Eric laid his hands on the sides of Eric's torso, over his obliques and then started sliding his hands upwards, towards Seth's chest, feeling his abs. As he did, Seth put his hands behind his head and crunched his abs, downwards. Eric's eyes bulged when he felt how hard and ripped Seth's abs were! He could count every one of them and ran his fingers through the deep lines and crevice between them. "Seth, turn around, please?" Eric asked him. "I want to kiss and lick them, all over, before I feel your pecs up." Seth turned around, catching Eric's gaze. Eric could see that Seth was turned on too, just as much as he was. Eric knelt down in front of Seth and started licking his abs, while Seth kept them flexed tight. "Oh, yeah!" Seth moaned. "That's feels amazing!" Eric caressed Seth's torso with his hands, while he was kissing Seth's abs. Then, he reached up and got his hands full of Seth's big meaty pecs. At Eric's touch, Seth flexed his pecs, in a very teasing way. First, he'd flex them hard for a minute, letting Eric feel how hard they were. Then, he'd bounce them, up and down and then do it slowly, making them do a ripple effect, which Eric thought was really sexy when Seth did that. "Alright, Seth, now comes my favorite muscles to worship, sexy man!" "Hmm." Seth moaned, with a smirk on his face. "Which are those, Handsome?" Eric whispered in Seth's ear: "That massive muscular ass of yours." Eric revealed. "And those sexy fucking quads!" "Ha!" Seth replied, smiling again. "Now you're talking! But first, take your shoes off, and lay down in the flat bed of the truck." Eric was surprised by that request from Seth, but thought it was really sexy to be taking orders from him. "Ok." Eric said, with a grin. "Your wish is my command, Gorgeous!" "Fuck yeah!" Seth said, his smile growing bigger. "I love it when you call me that." Eric got in the flatbed of the truck and laid down in it. He was surprised how comfortable it was, with the microfoam set in it. Seth climbed into the back of the truck, the truck sinking under his weight momentarily, before springing back up again. He stood over Eric, who was now sitting up, I front of him. "Alright, Eric." Seth said. "Prepare to blow your load, right here!" Eric's jaw dropped a bit and his eyes widened in awe. Seth took Eric's hands in his. "Feast your hands on these massive fuckers, right here!" Seth said, his voice a bit deeper. Seth took Eric's hands and and placed them on his quads. Eric started feeling them. Seth flexed them, making his striations stand out and his muscles harden. Eric had never felt anything like them! His dick, now fully hard was beginning to leak precum. "Oh wow!" Eric I exclaimed. "Seth, your quads are out of this world!" Seth smiled that familiar small smile that Eric knew so well. That teasing look. "Alright, Handsome." Seth said. "Lay back down and take off your pants." Eric grinnned, liking where this was going. He laid back and started taking his jeans off. He set them aside and lay back, waiting for Seth's next request. "Now," Seth said to him. "I want you to worship my glutes, while I'm making out with you." "Oh yeah!" Eric said, grinning, profusely. "I've been waiting for this, since we were interrupted by your mom's phone call, in my dorm room." Eric laid back down and waited for Seth to make his next move. Seth removed his posing briefs,knelt down, and crawled up to Eric's eye level. Staring into Eric's eyes, Seth rested his full weight upon him, as he leaned in and starting kissing Eric's lips. Eric slid his hands down Seth's back and grabbed his massive ass in his hands. As he did, Seth flexed his glutes. Now, Eric had felt them before, but not when it was pumped up. Seth's ass felt incredible! "Fuck, Seth!" Eric said, in between kisses. "I can't get enough of that sexy ass of yours." "Enjoy it, Babe." Seth said, softly. "Feel it. Spank it if you want to." Eric gave Seth's ass another squeeze. At that same time, Seth flexed his glutes. Eric gave Seth's ass a firm hard spank. "Ooh!" Seth said, waggling his eyebrows. "Careful now. I might end up liking that." Eric cocked an eyebrow. "Oh really?" He asked him. "I didn't figure you to be the kinky type of guy." Seth smiled at Eric. He was liking Eric even more than he ever thought he could ever like another man. "Well, tonight, you're going to learn a lot more about me than you think." "Ooh, now I'm intrigued." Eric said, to him. "But now, I need that release, Baby. Use those muscles to make me cum!" Seth grinned. "Easy as pie, Baby!" Seth replied, with that cocky grin. "Ok, switch positions with me. I want you to try something." "Alright " Eric said, wondering what it was. He got up and Seth laid down, on his back and motioned Eric to get on top of him. "Ok, check this out." Seth said, pointing down to his inner thighs, which rubbed together in the middle, just below his balls. He looked back up at Eric. "Stick your dick between this tight area and fuck my quads until you blow your load." Eric looked down at Seth's thighs, then back up at Seth. "Ok." Eric said, then added. "Can I feel your biceps while you pump them, and while I'm fucking hot these thighs?" "You bet you can, Stud!" Seth said. "Let's do it." "Alright!" Eric said, excitedly. Eric inserted his cock between Seth's big thick muscular thighs. As he did, Seth tighted his grip around Eric's cock. "Oh God!" Eric groaned. "Seth, that feels amazing!" "Thanks." Seth replied. "I'm ready when you are." Eric began to grind in and out of Seth's thighs, fucking them like an ass. Eric placed his hands on Seth's biceps, which Seth began to continuously flex and pump. Eric could feel them getting harder and bigger with each flex. He knew that he was getting close. Eric began to grind, faster and faster. Seth could feel Eric's dick sliding forward and backwards between his thighs, which felt incredible to him! "Oh God!" Eric panted. "Seth, I'm getting close!" Seth slid his hands behind Eric and grabbed his ass, in his hands. "Blow that load, Eric!" Seth ordered. "Give me that fucking cum! Come on, Baby!" Eric, after a few more thrusts, and hearing Seth's authoritative tone, which was hotter to him than anything, Eric couldn't contain himself any longer. "Oh God! OH GOD!" Eric exclaimed, just before he reached his climax. "Ughhhh!!!!!!" Eric's cum shot out, his dick pulsing and pulsing, as he arched his back and tensed his arms, from the intensity of his orgasm. Seth could feel Eric's warm milky cum filling his inner thighs. "Holy Shit!!" Seth exclaimed, in amazement, that grin on his face, getting even bigger. After one more pulsating twitch from Eric's cock, Eric collapsed onto Seth's chest, panting heavily. Seth laid his hand on Eric's head, waiting for him to catch his breath. After a few seconds, Eric looked up into Seth's eyes. "Shit, that was hot!" Seth explained, then looked down. "Look at the mess you made! I literally have a pool of warm sticky cum between my thighs!" Eric looked down and saw that Seth was right. There had to been a half cup of cum from the looks of it. "Sorry, Gorgeous!" Eric said, grinning. "I can't help it if your sexiness and massively muscled body is a fucking wet dream for me!" "Damn straight!" Seth said, as he put his arms around Eric. Then he said. "Was the posing session everything you wanted it to be?" Eric gazed into Seth's eyes. "That and more, Babe." Eric said, his eyes tearing up. "Thank you so much!" Eric leaned in and gave Seth another kiss on the lips, then snuggled up to him, closely. The night was still young, and the two of them still had much to talk about.
  14. Happy New Year, all! Here's the next chapter of the story. Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. Enjoy! Chapter12 Seth pulled back from kissing Eric and looked into his eyes. As Eric looked up at him, Seth could see the lust and desire in his eyes. Both of them were breathing heavily. Eric could see that Seth was feeling the same way that he felt, at that moment. "Wow!" Eric exclaimed. "Seth, you sure the hell can kiss, man! That was incredible!" "Fuck yeah, it was!" Seth replied, his chest still heaving. "You're not bad yourself." "Thanks." Eric said, sliding his hands down Seth's arms, resting on his biceps. "There's only one problem." "What's that?" Seth whispered, still looking at Eric with that lust filled expression. Eric slid his hand up and rested it on Seth's cheek. "I want more of you." Eric revealed. "Right now." And with those words, Eric put his hand behind Seth's head and pulled him down to lock lips with him, once again. This time, their kissing became, not just more passionate, but more aggressive as well. Their hands began to explore each other bodies. Eric's hands slid down and grabbed Seth's massive muscular ass in his hands. In response, Seth flexed his glutes, making Eric squeeze his ass harder. "My God, Seth!" Eric whispered, as Seth started kissing his neck. "You have the most incredible muscle ass I've ever felt!" Seth slid his hands down Eric's torso, feeling up his back and lats, before his hands came down to get a feel of Eric's ass, in his tight fitting Wranglers. "Thanks." Seth said. "I'm glad you approve. Lots of squats with heavy weights, along with lunges got me this big ass." Seth gave Eric's ass a firm squeeze as well. "You have a nice ass yourself, handsome." Seth said, softly. "And you're the first man I've ever told that to." "Really?" Eric said, his eyes closed, and mouth slightly open. "What else do you like about my body, my sexy Cowboy?" Seth stopped kissing Eric and, putting his hands on Eric's shoulders, spinning him around, pulled Eric's body back into his. Seth then slid his hands under Eric's shirt, feeling his rock hard abs. "Well, besides your sexy little ass," Seth whispered I into his ear. " I like your abs." Eric flexed his abs tight as Seth finished saying that. Seth rubbed his hands up and down Eric's abs. "Oh fuck, Eric!" Seth whispered, his eyes closed in ecstasy. "Your abs feel so incredible!" "Mmm." Eric moaned. "Enjoy them all you want, Babe. I love having them massaged. Your hands feel so good. Now, play with my pecs." "Your wish is my command." Seth said, after kissing Eric's neck again. Seth's hand slid up to Eric's pecs, in which he felt them, as Eric flexed them. Seth squeezed Eric's nipples, gently, eliciting a horny moan from Eric. "Oh yeah!" Eric moaned. "Don't stop, Seth. Please, don't stop." Seth spun Eric around and began kissing him again. He wrapped his arms around Eric's torso and literally lifted him up. Eric wrapped his arms around Seth's massive shoulders and also wrapped his legs tight around Seth's waist. Seth walked over, to the bed, with Eric still wrapped around him, and laid him down on it, his body resting on top of Eric's. Eric could feel his dick getting harder and harder, as his lust for Seth grew even more evident. At the same time, Seth rested his full weight upon Eric, his dick pressing against Eric's hard member, within his jeans. Eric closed his eyes, in ecstasy. How long had he dreamed of this moment? To have a hot, sexy, muscular bodybuilder, all for himself. He never thought it was possible, but here he was, laying on his bed, with the most gorgeous, muscular man he'd ever seen, who was also attracted to him, too. Eric continued to kiss Seth, as he felt Seth begin to grind his now hard cock against Eric's. Eric ran his hands up and down Seth's triceps, feeling Seth flex them as he did. "Oh, Seth!" Eric breathed, as he looked into Seth's face. "I want you. So bad." Seth's expression mirrored Eric's. He looked into Eric's piercing blue eyes and felt like he was seeing him, for the very first time, all over again. Only now, he knew he was attracted to Eric and didn't need to question it, anymore. "I know." Seth said, in a sexy, low voice. "I want you, too." Realization then came upon Seth's face and he sighed heavily. "But not here. " Seth revealed, and got up off of Eric, leaving Eric confused and still sporting a raging hardon. "What?!" Eric exclaimed, sitting up, still having that breathless feeling. "Why not?" Seth looked down at Eric. "It's getting late and we need to get back to the farm. Seth revealed to him. "And it'll be more private and more comfortable for me to be with you, there." And with those words, Seth began changing out of the jersey and shorts Eric had lent him, and back into his sleeveless plaid shirt and tight Wrangler jeans again. Eric sat up, just as Seth was pulling up his jeans, over his massive glutes and quads. Eric noticed that it did take a little effort from Seth to do it, given the fact that his muscle size made it hard to put the jeans on quickly. "Man, I'd forgotten what a challenge it's becoming to put on regular jeans." Seth said. "It looks like I'm going to have to invest in the stretchy kind of jeans now. I think I'm starting to put on too much muscle." Eric was surprised to hear Seth say that. "Are you serious?" He asked Seth. "Seth, there's no such thing as too much muscle." "I meant for these jeans." Seth explained. "I'm off-season now, so I have a harder time fitting into jeans than I did when I was leaner. " Eric got up off of his bed, and stood next to Seth, gazing at him. When, Seth saw his face, he stopped fumbling with his belt and put his hand behind Eric's head. "Hey, don't look so disappointed." Seth said, leaning in and kissing Eric's forehead. "We will pick up where we left off, later tonight. After all, I promised you a hot, sexy, posing session and I'm going to deliver on that." "You promise?" Eric asked, wanting that more than anything. "I promise. " Seth replied, flashing that sexy smile of his. "Trust me, man, it'll be worth the wait. You'll get to worship all this amazing muscle, privately, just the two of us." Eric nodded, smiling. He was really liking Seth, more and more, all the time. "And besides, If I'm going to flex for you, I gotta be pumped." Seth told him. "I need to hit the weights a bit, tonight, so you can enjoy these muscles of mine at their biggest and hardest." "Now you're talking!" Eric grinned. "But you know the waiting is gonna be torture for me, don't you? " Seth grinned as he buttoned his shirt and zipped up his jeans. Then, he fastened his belt. "I'm sure it will be." He said, to Eric, still grinning. "But just be patient. Evening will be here before we know it." "Yeah, you're right." Eric said, turning to grab his cowboy hat off his desk. Seth turned and grabbed his own off the end of Eric's bed. He put it back on his head, just as Eric finished putting his on. Seeing Eric, with the cowboy hat on, again, Seth smiled. "I still can't believe how hot you look in a cowboy hat and Wranglers." He said. Eric smiled, his cheeks turning red. "Well, I thought I needed to make a good first impression as a farmer's helper." "Well, you definitely achieved that." Seth replied. "Are you ready for your official first day, on the job, tomorrow?" "As ready as I can be, I guess." Eric said, shrugging his shouders. "I just hope that I can perform the job to your liking. The last thing I want is to disappoint you." Seth reached out and put his hand on Eric's cheek, stroking it, lightly, with his thumb, as Eric looked into Seth's eyes. "You won't. " Seth assured him. "You'll be fine. I have faith in you." Eric brought his hand up to Seth's, which was still resting on his cheek, and caressed it lightly. "Thanks." Eric whispered. "I really needed to hear that from you." "Anytime." Seth said, gazing into Eric's eyes. The two of them stood there, gazing into each other's eyes. Seth's hand was still rested on Eric's cheek. Eric moved in closer to Seth and reached up and traced his thumb over Seth's bottom lip. Seth watched Eric and saw his eyes looking down at his lips. Seth knew exactly what Eric wanted at that moment. Seth leaned down and started kissing Eric's soft lips, once again. Eric threw his arms around Seth's massive shoulders, and kissed Seth back with a fiery passion. His hands gripped Seth's arms tightly around his biceps, which Seth contracted, as he had his hands around Eric's waist. As Eric was kissing him, Seth felt Eric's hands move from his arms to rest on his pecs. Automatically, Seth flexed them, as he always did, when he was being muscle worshipped. At times, Seth realized that his muscles seemed to have a mind of their own. There were times, he would flex without even thinking about doing it. It's like his body had a mind of his own and his muscles just seemed to follow suit. Within moments, both men were getting turned on again. Eric reached back and slid his hands over Seth's ass, again, giving it a hard squeeze. When Seth flexed his glutes, Eric could feel their size and shape right through his jeans. Now, he knew why that girl had been so shocked by how massive and muscular Seth's ass was. After flexing his glutes, Seth pulled back and looked Eric, in the face. He could see how turned on Eric was, by the look on his face. And the way his cheeks were flushed. Seth smiled, in amusement, as he turned his face away. Eric frowned. "What's so funny?" Eric asked him. Seth turned back to him. "I love how your cheeks get flushed when you're hot for someone. " Eric rolled his eyes, but couldn't help but smile. "And I noticed that they also get flushed when you're upset." Seth mentioned. "When you almost got into it with Joey downstairs, I noticed it, too." "Yeah, it's true." Eric said, nodding. "Amy knows that about me, too. Aside from my parents, she knows me better than anyone." Seth nodded. "And hopefully, I'll be one of those people, too." Seth said, bringing his hands up to rest on Eric's arms. "Well with all the time we're going to be spending together, this fall, we're going to get to know each other a lot better. " Here, Eric walked around, behind Seth, and wrapped his arms around him and rested his hands on Seth's rock hard abs. He slid his hands under Seth's shirt, feeling his abs. "And a lot more intimately, Babe." Eric whispered into Seth's ear, just before bringing his lips into Seth's neck, kissing it. Seth closed his eyes, the feelings of lust and Eric's affections, starting to overwhelm him. "Oh my God!" Seth whispered, as he felt Eric's hands move up to his pecs and start playing with his nipples. Eric lightly pinched them between his thumbs and forefingers, eliciting another loud moan from Seth. "You keep that up, and there is no telling what might happen." Seth warned him. "I might end up taking you, right here and right now." "That's what I'm counting on." Eric said to him. "I can wait for the muscle worship session, tonight, but I can't wait for release. I have to get off to your muscles and I have to do it, now." Seth raised his eyebrows, and turned his head towards Eric, in shock. "Seriously?" He asked, starting to chuckle a bit. "You're that horned up? " "You better fucking believe it." Eric said from behind him. "And I've never not had it taken care of, so, will you help get me off?" Seth turned back to Eric and looked him, in the eye. "You do realize that I've never sucked a dick before, right?" Seth asked him, then added. "I'm not sure I'm ready to try that just yet." "You don't have to." Eric told him. "Just take your clothes back off and get in the bed with me, and straddle me at the waist and flex your muscles above me, while I jerk off, and blow my load. And since I never got to admire how hot you looked in that jock you're wearing under those jeans, I thought I'd get off to the image of you, flexing in it. " Seth, his eyebrows still raised, now made a strange face, but with a smile to go with it. "OK." Seth said. "I guess the sooner I get you off, the sooner we can get back to the farm." Seth then proceeded to take his clothes that he'd just put back on, back off again. Eric walked over to the bed, and took his clothes off, before climbing on top of the bed. In his boxer briefs. He laid down, on the bed, on his back, and proceeded to start jerking his already hard dick in his hands. He watched as Seth removed his jeans and then his boots, until he was standing there, in nothing but his jockstrap. "Alright." Eric said, in a low voice. "Come over here, sexy man, and show me those big, beautiful muscles." "Hell yeah!" Seth said, smiling that cocky, yet charming smile of his. "I love it when you talk sexy to me." Seth walked over and climbed into Eric's bed. Straddling Eric's waist and sitting back on his heels, Seth put his hands on his hips and looked down at Eric. "What would you like to see, first?" Seth asked Eric. "Front double biceps, Gorgeous!" Eric said, continuing to stroke his hard cock in his hands. "Good answer." Seth said, and prepared to do Eric's bidding. Seth raised his arms up slowly, outstretched them to the sides, his palms up. Curling his fingers and making his hands into fists, he slowly curled his arms into a double biceps flex. Eric watched, in awe, as Seth's bicep peaks increased in size and took their full shape right in front of him. Seth looked from one bicep to the other, and then looked down at Eric, giving him that look that said "Worship all this fucking muscle." "You like these biceps, Eric?" Seth said, his voice sounding deeper and more serious than he'd ever heard before. "Fuck yeah, Seth!" Eric whispered. "I love them, big man!" Seth nodded, his expression serious. "Good." Seth said. "Now, I want you to stop stroking that dick, and start worshipping these big fuckers. Right now." Hearing the tone in Seth's voice, and seeing the serious look on his face, Eric immediately stopped stroking and stared at Seth, his mouth open, in shock. He realized what was happening. Seth was showing a more dominant side to his personality, and Eric didn't know whether he was afraid of Seth, at the moment, or turned on by him, even more. "Well, come on." Seth ordered. "These bíceps won't wait all night." Eric sat up and started feeling Seth's biceps, in his hands. Eric could feel how hard and peaked Seth's biceps were. They seemed to feel more and more incredible each time Eric had had the chance to feel them. "That's it." Seth said, then leaned down, closer to Eric, his right bicep still flexed. "Now, kiss it." Eric brought his lips to Seth bicep and started kissing it. Then, he started French kissing it. "Yeah, kiss it!" Seth whispered. "Lick it! Fuck yeah!" Eric, by now, wasn't nervous by Seth's dominant attitude, anymore. In fact, he was more crazy about Seth now than ever. One thing he was learning about Seth, is that there was never a dull moment with him. The more Seth revealed about himself to Eric, the more Eric became intrigued by him. He knew that he would never be bored of Seth, if he became his boyfriend. Seth always seemed to know how to keep things interesting. "OK, now worship these big pecs." Seth ordered. "Squeeze them! Get your hands full of them!" Eric did as he was told. He grabbed Seth's huge pecs and pushed upwards, feeling how heavy they were, just relaxed. Then, he squeezed them, just as Seth began to flex them. Eric felt the softer feeling, relaxed pecs become so rock hard that Eric felt like he was grabbing onto solid mountain rock, except with the feeling of human skin. Seth's pecs were so hard, Eric couldn't put a dent in them. But, regardless, he kept feeling Seth's pecs up, while he started bouncing them. Then, he decided to bring his mouth to Seth's right pec and start sucking his nipple. "Awww, fuck yeah!" Seth groaned, in pleasure. "That's it, Eric! Suck that nip! Make love to these pecs! Eric brought his mouth to Seth's left pec and started sucking and lightly biting on it from time to time. Seth started groaning louder, which Eric took to mean that he must have discovered one of Seth's hot spots. He loved having his pecs and nipples sucked and played with. "Oh God!" Seth growled. "Now, I may need to get one off, too. This shit's gettin' fucking hot!" "Well then, don't fight it, Seth." Eric breathed. "Get off with me. Share this experience with me." Seth looked down into Eric's eyes. They were so piercing blue that Seth could feel his heart beat start to quicken a little, anytime he stared Eric in the eyes. "My God, Eric." Seth whispered. "I've never felt this way before. I never knew that I would enjoy being with a man as much as I am, being with you, right now." Eric smiled, as he started to get a little teary eyed. Seth's words were really having an effect on him. "I know we haven't really "done" anything yet, but with you, I know I'm going to enjoy the ride." Seth continued, putting his hand behind Eric's head. "I really want to see where things, between us, could go." Eric nodded, as a tear slid down his face. "That's what I want, too, Seth." Eric said, softly. "I would be so honored to share this experience with you. Everything from the hot muscle worshipping, to whatever our relationship becomes. I want to enjoy it all." Seeing the tears sliding down Eric's face, Seth's face took on a look of concern. "Hey?" Seth whispered, wiping Eric's tears away. "Why the tears, man?" Eric shrugged, yet smiling profusely. "They're happy tears, Seth." Eric told him. "I'm happy that you weren't too good to be true, after all. When I thought you were totally straight, I thought that my chances of having a relationship with you, was next to impossible." Seth smiled. Eric looked up at Seth, stroking his cheek lovingly. "Seth, can I ask you, something?" He asked. "Sure." Seth said, as he stroked his fingers through Eric's thick dark hair. "When did you first realize that you had feelings for me?" Eric asked him. Seth's eyes lowered as he thought about it a moment. Then, he looked back up at Eric. Last night, right after dinner, when we were talking by your car." Seth admitted. "When we almost kissed." Eric's eyebrows raised at that revelation from Seth. "You've wanted to kiss me, since last night?" Eric asked, completely thrown. "Why didn't you? I wanted to do the same thing." "I wasn't sure what I was feeling then." Seth told him. " I was confused, I mean, I knew that I was drawn to you, yet, I didn't know why. I thought at first maybe it was just because you liked my body and my muscles, but I wasn't sure. And I realized that whenever you got real close to me, I just had this strange feeling urge. Kind of like a feeling of longing, but something more than that. But, until I was sure what I was feeling, I didn't feel that it would be right to have kissed you and possibly led you on, if I wasn't sure of myself." Eric nodded. He could relate what Seth was feeling. He had been feeling the exact same thing, that night. "Well thank you for that." Eric said, rubbing Seth's arms up and down. "I can relate. I wanted to kiss you, so bad, when we were standing by my car. The chemistry felt right at that moment, but then you stepped back. And that's when I got the feeling that you were as attracted to me as I was to you, at that moment. I replayed that moment, over and over, in my head, the whole drive back to college, that night." Now, Seth was the one intrigued. "Really?" He asked Eric, then grinned. "You were that hot for me, huh?" In response, Eric hit him in the chest, causing Seth to start laughing. "You are so cocky, you know that?!" Eric exclaimed, between fits of laughter. "Yeah, maybe." Seth agreed, then added. "But that's why you like bodybuilders like me." "True." Eric nodded "Just promise me you won't ever get too cocky that it's perceived as arrogant. That's not who you are." "Oh, don't worry." Seth said, seriously. "If I was arrogant, you'd have known it when we first met. You wouldn't have wanted anything to do with me. I've seen many arrogant bodybuilders when I was competing, and some of those guys I'm fine with not seeing again." Eric then laid back in the bed, his horny mood now gone, and motioned to Seth to lay down, too. Seth laid all 225 pounds of his muscular body, on top of Eric, supporting himself with his hands, his triceps flexed, in response. Eric laid his hands, under Seth's arms, coming to rest on his lats. "Do you think you'd ever compete again?" Eric asked. Seth thought about it a few seconds, then shrugged. "Maybe." He said. "If I had a really good reason to, I suppose." Eric reached up, with one hand and started running his fingers through Seth's soft golden blonde hair. "Do you miss it?" Eric asked. "Sometimes." Seth began said, nodding his head. "But what I miss most about it is flexing and performing on stage, and the fans. Regardless of what kind of business you're in, without customers, or fans, you don't work. I learned to always remember my fans because they are the ones who will make or break my career. But I stopped bodybuilding at the time when I really could have found out, because my dad died." Eric nodded. Just then, someone's phone started ringing. Eric looked at Seth. "Is that your phone?" He asked. "Yeah, it is." Seth said, getting up off of Eric. As Seth turned, Eric got a good view of Seth's ass, in that jockstrap as he bent down to get his phone out of his pants pocket. "Hello?" Seth asked. "Seth, it's your mother." Deborah said, on the other end of the line. "What's taking you boys so long to get back? It's getting late and it's almost time for dinner." "Hi, Mom." Seth replied, turning to look at Eric. "Actually We're just getting finished packing up Eric's clothes. We'll be on our way back, shortly." "Ok, but get here as soon as you can, Honey." Deborah said, sounding worried. "Rudy just informed me that one of the cows may be pregnant. She's been laying in her stall for the last few hours and hasn't gotten up, since." "Alright,. Mom." Seth told her. We're on our way back, now." "Alright, Son." Deborah replied. "We'll see you two, soon." Seth hung up his phone, and looked at Eric, with a disappointed look on his face. Eric sat up when he saw it. "Seth, what's wrong?" Eric asked. "We have to leave, right now." Seth revealed. "There's a problem with one of our cows in the stables. She's been laying down in her stall for most of the day and hasn't gotten back up since. Mom told me that she and Rudy suspect that the cow might be pregnant." Eric sighed, in disappointment. But he knew how important the farm was to Seth "Alright, come on, let's get changed back into our clothes. He said. Eric stood up and grabbed his clothed again, which he started putting back on. Seth was already getting dressed. Seth finished buttoning his jeans and turned to Eric, who was putting on his jeans. "I'm sorry that you're not getting the release you needed, but I promise to make it up to you, tonight." Seth said, ad he put on his sleeveless shirt. "It's ok." Eric assured him. "You don't have to apologize. I know how much the farm means to you and the work is important." Seth put his hands on Eric's upper arms and pulled him in for a kiss, which ended up being quite a few kisses. "Trust me." Seth told Eric. "It'll be worth the wait. Tonight, I'm going to pump up my muscles so they're extra hard and veiny for you, so that you'll have the best muscle worship session of your life." "I trust you." Eric said, smiling, as he pulled on his shirt. "And I'm looking forward to our time together." "That's my man." Seth said, as he put his cowboy hat back on. "Now, let's get going." Eric finished putting on his shoes, and Seth put on his boots. After doing that, Eric turned and grabbed his duffle bag, that he'd packed his clothes in, and he and Seth left the dorm room to head back to the farm.
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