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    I like to hang out with friends, play video games, occasionally.
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    40 years old, 6'1 193lbs, 32 waist, naturally thin build, black hair, brown eyes, clean shaven.
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    friends ages 18 and over, who are into muscles and muscle worship, and/or who share the same love of muscle in common. I'm not really looking for a relationship right now, nor sex of any kind, except maybe things that be can played safe. I don't mind foreplay and kissing here and there, especially during muscle worship. that's always fun and satisfying. In my opinion, muscle worship can be more satisfying than any sex you could ever have. Think about it. With muscle worship, both parties leave the session, satisfying and feeling appreciated and sometimes, that's better than sex, because the sex could be not so memorable and that's not exactly an ending impression you want left by someone you are really into.
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    Not sure yet, as far as stats, but I would like to maintain my thin look and bulk up a little bit more so my muscles look better. I want more the fitness model look than anything. I don't have the patience or desire to become a big huge bodybuilder. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not what I desire for myself. I, myself, love all types of muscle from the young starting out thin to physique fitness types, up to the big freaky bodybuilders. I love it all. Nothing is too extreme for me, unless you look like Greg Valentino did when he took it too far.
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    muscle worship related true stories, as well as stories of muscle guys and bodybuilders acheiving their dreams in the competitive sport of bodybuilding.
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    Jay Cuter, Ronnie Coleman, Kai Greene, Joey Sullivan ("Daniel Carter and "Steel' on other sites) Tyler Hanson (Jake Daniel on most sites) Ben Kieron, and many, many more!
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    muscle worship, bodybuilders in jeans, big quads. I love to fuck a man's quads, with my dick stuck between hi legs, just below his balls and fuck until I cum, while feeling his flexed outer quads with my legs. That is mostly fantasy since I've never done this, but would love to try with a big muscle guy. A doctor friend of mine who had muscles is who turned me on to legs when he let me fuck his one time.

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  1. I, for one, am definitely interested in this story turning into a series because there's so much you can do with this one. I want to read more. Awesome job, Austin! At first when I started reading this, I thought the images of the hot muscle guy, were you., until I read the comments later. Definitely continue this one! I'd like to see Josh learn about the world he's experiencing now. Learning more about his sexuality, about social media, and finding out more about bodybuilding with no censorship, finding a love interest, etc. Keep up the good work, Austin! Your writing is amazing!
  2. Beautiful muscular physique,  big man! Keep growing! 

  3. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    That's beautiful. I love it!
  4. This story is the next best one I have read, despite the fact I'm not really all into muscle growth fantasy themes. It is the story of Brad and Ian, reconnecting as best friends and now lovers that has kept my interest. Not many of us can say we reunite with our childhood best friends, much less that when we are, they turn into the sexy muscle stud of our dreams. I can certainly relate to not being popular and remember how rough high school was, so I felt for Brad during his tough times, there. I have never had a real best friend in my life and even today, still have issues with making friends. Especially friends who truly accept me for who I am. I've never had a friend who liked showing off his muscles for me, anytime I'd want to feel them. Friends like that are a real rarity, and anytime, you have a friend like that, hang onto that friendship, especially if it's genuine. It's one of the most rewarding friendships you could ever have in your life. Not many of us get to have that in our lives. Keep writing Seamus! This story is a great one!
  5. Shawn1978

    Ben and Roger

    You're welcome, man. I hope you can continue the story when you have time. You have great talent as a writer.
  6. Shawn1978

    Ben and Roger

    After reading "AJ and Noah" by MuscleAddict, I have found another great story to read! Great work, Lexfan! In Ben's case of his increasing attraction to Roger, you can't help who you fall in love with. Although Ben obviously is not in love with Roger, yet, it's clear what is happening. He is experiencing feelings for someone of his own gender that he's never felt before. Maybe Ben will be one of those types of guys that he will only be Roger-sexual. Meaning he's not attracted to other guys. Just Roger. I think Ben brings something out in Roger that Tom never did. But it's a sure thing that Roger and Tom will meet up again. And I have my own theories of what is coming: Ben has already searched Roger and also.has discovered Tom. I think at some point, Tom and Ben are going to meet, and Tom is going to see Ben as his next "prized boytoy" and want to make him his next notch on his bedpost. Roger is going to see Tom and Ben together and really get jealous and have no choice but to bring up his past history with Tom. I also can see Roger pushing Ben to do bodybuilding, which pits Ben against Tom's newest catch, Roman. I think Roman and Ben will compete against each other which will refuel Tom and Roger's rivalry. But the real question is this: Are Ben and Roman just 'distractions' on Roger and Tom's road back to each other? There's obviously unresolved issues there and if Roger is going to move on with Ben, should a relationship between them start, romantically, then Roger is going to have to settle things with Tom, once and for all, if he truly wants to move on and be happy with Ben.
  7. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Beautiful artwork; this picture is worth a thousand words! From what I can see, AJ and Noah are very much the happy couple and look like they've grown up more and worked through their issues. Also has Noah grown taller? It's possible to still grow taller later in life. I'm living proof of that. From my senior year of high school all through my 20s, I was 5'11.5" tall. Once I hit 32 years ood, my late grandmother as well as a few other people kept saying that they think I grew taller. I disagreed thinking it was impossible to still grow after you turned 21. But for some reason I did. I grew from 5'11.5" To 6'1. And strangely, not only did my height grow, but my internal organs must have as well because after I grew, my asthma symptoms mysteriously vanished. I have not had a serious asthma attack in over 7 years now and have not had to use a rescue inhaler at all. Anyway, I can't wait to read more about AJ and Noah and their continuing relationship.
  8. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    I think that sounds like a better idea. As I said, it's your story, so you should do what you feel is best. Good luck!
  9. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    I originally posted this about not being into the body switch thing and such, but another idea came to me. You could write the story starting from Noah's point of view, showing him at a desk, writing at his laptop, or maybe even in a paper journal. He is shown to be about mid 40s possibly maybe even early 50. As for his body, you can decide how his body looks here. Noah talks about where he is in his present life, and talks about how he got to where he is today, by going back onto his past and telling us what his life was like leading up to the present. And there would be times he would narrate during the progression of the story, at certain key points within it. And at the end of the story, AJ is revealed, still looking pretty damn good in his mid 40s or 50s as well And , I even have two titles for the story thought up. All you guys can vote on this, which you would like better. 1. AJ and Noah: The Continuing Story Or 2. The Autobiography Of Noah Cook What do you think? This is still MuscleAddict's to be written whatever way he wants, but I thought I'd throw a few suggestions out there.
  10. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Well I'm not really into fantasy stories of muscle growth as much or the old switcheroo kind of thing with body switches, but there are some that are. I'm much more about reading stories with fictional characters that feel real human emotions. Stories like AJ and Noah are the ones I love to read. I'm all for reading an AJ and Noah sequel though for sure! There's alot more to explore with these two characters and I believe seeing how they grow and mature in their relationship would be a great thing to see.
  11. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    MuscleAddict, I want to thank you for writing such an amazing and very endearing love story! AJ and Noah has been a great read and a great emotional rollercoaster ride! Your talent, as a writer, is impressive, which makes me envious, because I can't write that well. I have great ideas and can think up great plots, and storylines that create drama and even deal with real life issues, but I struggle the most with characterization, when I write. The hardest thing about writing a lot of characters, is trying not to make them sound similar. You do an amazing job of distinguishing your characters you write for so we always know who it is that's talking. This story has definitely touched me in many ways. The story gives alot of us hope that we'll end up with a hot muscled boyfriend like AJ or someone as adorable and sweet as Noah. I'm most likely not going to have a muscle guy for a boyfriend, since no muscle guys around my area are gay. The way AJ and Noah feel for each other, I've never had anyone feel that way for me. And I'm OK with it, for the simple reason that there are worse things than being alone. Well as sad as I am to see the story end here, at least it's still open for continuance. I'm echoing everyone else when I wonder what happens from here with them. Will AJ and Noah get married in the future? Will Noah become the Shredded Cookie Monster? Will he compete in his first Bodybuilding show with AJ cheering him on, or will they compete together, with maybe Noah being the winner? How would AJ react if Noah bested him in his Bodybuilding class? I think he would be shocked at first, but ultimately be so proud of Noah in the end. After all, Noah's success would be his success as well. Alot of interesting questions that we may not get the answers to, but never say never, right? I think this story would definitely be a hit on Netflix or even HBO. But alot of great gay viewing material is being brought to life online like The DaddyHunt Dating app and Where The Bears Are. Two webseries that I find cute, funny, sexy, and even campy. The world needs more gay love stories to be brought to life on-screen. The gay youth really need positive stories like yours to be told, so that many can have hope that they can have their own special Noah or AJ one day. Thanks again for an amazing ride, MuscleAddict. I will miss AJ and Noah very much, but I'm glad they are finally together again! Keep up your awesome writing! You will go far with your talents!
  12. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Don't all muscle studs want that? I mean, we all want to be desired by others that we are attracted to. I'm sure plenty of muscle guys on this forum could tell you that they didn't build up their own bodies muscular for nothing. There's always a purpose behind it, regardless of what the reasons are. As for AJ, I am not sure how to read him right now. I think AJ doesn't really trust himself right now and doesn't want to hurt Noah any more than he already has. Maybe he thinks he's not good enough for Noah now since he wasn't able to stay faithful. Buy one thing is for sure, both AJ and Noah have some more growing up to do yet. Both of them have to learn to keep the lines of communication open, as well as learn to forgive and accept each other, flaws and all. None of us are perfect. But when it comes to being faithful to someone, my views are simple. When it comes to muscle, I wouldn't care if a partner of mine would feel another man's muscles in public or even if they're alone together, since it's natural to be curious how another guy's muscles feels, but if they have sex, then that is considered cheating to me. That's sexual infidelity and that's where I draw the line.
  13. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Estoy Cuenta Anos, Eadwig. And I'm proud of it. For those who don't know what that means in Spanish, I said: I am 40 years old, Eadwig. And I'm proud of it. I just celebrated my 40th Birthday on December 3rd.
  14. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    Was that supposed to be a Dallas reference? Where Bobby wakes up to realize it's all been a dream?
  15. Shawn1978

    AJ & Noah

    I couldn't have said it better! This was an amazing chapter indeed! Stuff like this is what relationships are made of! Every relationship has it's ups and downs. AJ and Noah will only learn from their mistakes. They will learn, and they will grow. I believe they will come out of this setback, stronger than ever. Because sometimes you never know how good you have something, until you think you've lost it. AJ will learn from his mistakes and treasure Noah a lot more. If their relationship can survive infidelity, it can survive anything.
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