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    Bodybuilding, muscle growth
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    5'8'', 205 lbs, arms: 19'', calves: 19''
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    5'8'', 250 lbs, arms: 25'', calves: 22''
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    Steroids, roid guts, sweaty smelly muscle hunks, hairy pits, dirty moist gym socks, sneakers, underwear

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  1. Love dumb meatheads who can't count up to three!
  2. Ghowun

    Lets get talkin

    Dude today was the second time in a week I was called a brawny meathead ... Finally turning into a dumb muscle hunk! It probably fits that I took your IQ test you posted and only got 74 - I'm borderline retarded! Prolly lost one IQ point for every 2 lbs of muscle I gained.
  3. I have always been into buff muscle guys, and I've wanted to become one myself just because I thought (and think) tjey look hot. Additionally, it is true that I had the feeling if I wanna date the hunks I like, I need to be a hunk myself. I started to work out two years ago and I am now at a level where I can gladly say that all people around me think I'm muscular - even better, some think I am already too muscular Needless to say, I wanna get bigger. But the most important thing is now that I'm attractive for exactly those hunks I always wanted to date. And thats just awesome! So yeah, its definitely worth the effort.
  4. Nice to see that there's somebody kinda close! Are you muscular too?


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