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  1. Hey guys, sometimes I go to local bodybuilding events. It would be fun if we could get some groups to go together. Maybe we could post upcoming events on this forum and then see if anyone wants to meet at the events. It might be a good opportunity to meet each other and enjoy some good local muscle!
  2. Bikerhiker22

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    There are cock pumping devices. Some use air and some use water. They create a vacuum around your cock and make it grow thicker and longer. It is mostly a temporary effect, although some people who do it enough have more permanent effects.
  3. Bikerhiker22

    muscle show off story

    I think its especially hot that straight guys do this. Its probably a good way to get yourself known too.
  4. Bikerhiker22

    muscle show off story

    Nice video and story. Thanks for sharing. Keep growing bigger and stronger!
  5. In Google news, I use "Create Alert" to search bodybuilding news for me. It works pretty well and brings me several stories a day, some of which are pretty good. If some of you have other ideas for muscle news searches, please list them. "Muscle" would be too broad a search. Maybe "pumped muscle." Let's see some ideas from you guys. "Muscle worship" doesn't return a lot. Mostly craigslist posts from Australia! Test out your searches and list your ideas!
  6. Bikerhiker22

    What happened to Alexey Lesukov?

    Does anyone have an update on Alexey? I looked around and didn't see anything.
  7. Bikerhiker22

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    Yeah, keep lifting, keep growing, get a lot bigger and show us your progress as you get more and more massive.
  8. Bikerhiker22

    Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    This is an interesting thread. The first time I came was doing leg lifts. It was a little scary because I had no idea what was happening. I learned that I could come by tensing my abs. I didn't know there were other ways to do it. It was the tension and contraction that caused the organisms. So, I would do it as often as I could. I can remember lifting my legs while balancing on my elbows in a chair at my grandparent's house. After a while, the pleasure would build and build until I came. It was easy and there was no rubbing or visual stimulation. I was young and didn't know I was gay. I want thinking of anything in particular. It was pretty awesome and I did it all through my 20s. Eventually I learned there were other much easier ways to do it....
  9. Bikerhiker22

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Is that a temporary increase in sensation or has it increased over time?
  10. Bikerhiker22

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    There are lots of guys into domination and humiliation. I'm a regular guy and I'm into muscle guys. I used to find muscle guys who like to be dominated on Recon and craigslist. Just post and say what you want. It works the same way for muscle guys who like like to dominate other guys. Describe yourself and say what you want to do. If you're a big muscle guy and you want to dominate smaller guys, put it out there and see what you get. Do it!
  11. Bikerhiker22

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    My nips are so very sensitive. I'd be concerned doing anything that would decrease that sentivity. Has anyone had any experience that changed the sensitivity of their nipples?
  12. If it brings more guys into bodybuilding, then I support it. Maybe a few of them will transition into bodybuilding. And a good looking guy is a good looking guy. I love all kinds of muscle. I'll get him out of those board shorts after the show!
  13. Bikerhiker22

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    How long do the ball pumping effects last? How often do you pump? I was in NYC and had a leather ball stretcher made to fit, because most of the ones I bought were too tight. They just cut a strip of leather to your circumference and add snaps. It wasn't too expensive and the guy certainly enjoyed fitting me and made it while I waited.
  14. Bikerhiker22

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Yeah, I can't take most silicone rings either. It cuts off my circulation. I have extra veins in my ball sack, so its thicker than most. Now that they hang lower, I can manage to have it a little tighter, but not much. Some guys use a thick, soft gentle cord and bind their ballsack to stretch the distance between the top and the nuts. I've been looking at ball pumping today (and your pics) and see just how big those balls can get.
  15. Bikerhiker22

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    I'm new. I'll have to figure out how to find them. I can see the one on your avatar, thick muscular quads bowing out and muscular arms hanging down. I like it!!