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  1. Another topic that should be included here is taste. Some of my Ex's loved the way my come tasted. I seem to remember when I added leithicin, he likes the taste profile even more. Just a thought, but I'd be interested to hear what you guys have to say.
  2. I posted that before I was finished. I think this is a really interesting topic and I'm going to follow it for a while. I'm curious to hear what other guys have to say. My BF loves come and I'm willing to try some more supplements and see if I can increase my loads for him.
  3. I have tried some of these supplements and didn't notice too much improvement. However, my BF said my come got thicker when I added wheat germ. To be honest, I come a lot. My BF is always milking me, so I don't have huge loads, but I do have frequent loads. I know some of you hold back and don't come all that often, so this might really work for you
  4. Please tell us a little more about your program. You were pumped for 9 hours? What was the pressure and how long (roughly) was each pump. I'm still playing around at 10-15 mins at s time around 5 psi, so I'm curious. Thanks!!
  5. On your phone, try switching to the desktop mode. The link didn't work for me either, until I switched!
  6. There is also some medical stuff, an MRI machine and an image of some internal body part. Not sure, could be a baby or an enlarged heart or his glute muscle, I really have no idea. I can't read Russian.
  7. His Facebook page has more videos and another massage video. It's not quite as good as this one, but I enjoyed it! https://m.facebook.com/pg/TabaniBehrooz/videos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  8. I live in Bloomingdale, NW DC and work out at LA fitness, often at Potomac Yards, sometimes the other ones and often in my office building.
  9. It looks like a specific type of massage. Does anyone know what it is called?
  10. Here is a link to a Tumblr account with a huge bodybuilder getting an incredible pec and ab massage. http://muscleryb.tumblr.com/post/182499698044 It is a short clip, but wow, this guy is really getting his pec worked over and the guy giving the massage works his fingers in between his abs. I love this video. Does anyone know if there is any more of this video and where I could find it? Apparently the bodybuilder's name is Behrooz Tabani. i can find videos of him online and he is pretty massive. But, I would really like to see more of this massage. 
  11. How do you chat with bodybuilders like that on Skype? I'm not really a Skype user, but maybe I'll start using it if I can meet and chat with them.
  12. I come at this from a bit of a different angle. I find submissive bodybuilders. These are guys who need to follow and serve. They like to be guided and trained. I set goals for them, inches, pounds and weights. They lift and grow to serve me. I measure them and track their progress. Different from most of.this forum, but it works for us. 😉
  13. Awesome, that's the guy. He seems to have a few names. Scott Mahar, Scott Gunz, Mr. Badass. I found several clips and will have to hunt for more. Apparently he wasn't in the industry very long.
  14. Can anyone tell me who this guy is or where this clip comes from? I'd like to hear what he is saying and see if I can find him in any other clips. Thanks!
  15. I thought I would report that I saw a bodybuilder at the LA Fitness in Hyattsville today. His shoulders and arms were really impressive. And it was the first time I think I've seen anyone who used synthol. I enjoyed watching him move around and he would occasionally flex in the mirrors, so that was fun to watch. I'm glad there are a few bodybuilders in the DC area. Wish there were more...
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