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  1. I live in Bloomingdale, NW DC and work out at LA fitness, often at Potomac Yards, sometimes the other ones and often in my office building.
  2. I thought I would report that I saw a bodybuilder at the LA Fitness in Hyattsville today. His shoulders and arms were really impressive. And it was the first time I think I've seen anyone who used synthol. I enjoyed watching him move around and he would occasionally flex in the mirrors, so that was fun to watch. I'm glad there are a few bodybuilders in the DC area. Wish there were more...
  3. Bikerhiker22

    Military Request

    That's just how I like them!
  4. Bikerhiker22

    Military Request

    I don't ever enjoy seeing someone lose muscle. So perhaps an alternative would be to introduce a bigger stronger guy who the guy would have to serve. The bigger guy would put him in his place and make him serve him.
  5. Bikerhiker22

    Military Request

    Love it! Great story. It took a twist I didn't expect, but really enjoyed. Well written, the pics were great. I loved the power and dominance of it. Keep it up!!
  6. Here's info on the next area show. Anybody going? NPC NATIONAL QUALIFIER FOR BIKINI, FIGURE, MEN PHYSIQUE, WOMEN PHYSIQUE AND CLASSIC PHYSIQUE Saturday, October 20, 2018 Laurel High School 8000 Cherry Lane, Laurel, MD 20707 Prejudging 10am Finals 2:30pm
  7. Has anyone seen the nice big bodybuilder type bouncer working at Capo's Deli in DC? He's definitely got that off-season bodybuilder look, huge arms, thick belly and everywhere else was thick and muscular. He has a really rugged look. Could have been Middle Eastern, but I was trying to to watch the muscle without being too obvious and wasn't paying too close attention to much beyond his size and muscle. Can't wait to get another look at him!
  8. I've gone to a few. It's kind of amazing. I think it's better when I go with a friend. One friend of mine is a judge, so I often have an excuse to go. Of course I do feel a little guilty, gawking at all that muscle, but it's so well worth it! If you like muscle.
  9. Hey guys, sometimes I go to local bodybuilding events. It would be fun if we could get some groups to go together. Maybe we could post upcoming events on this forum and then see if anyone wants to meet at the events. It might be a good opportunity to meet each other and enjoy some good local muscle!
  10. I think its especially hot that straight guys do this. Its probably a good way to get yourself known too.
  11. Nice video and story. Thanks for sharing. Keep growing bigger and stronger!
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