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  1. SUPER EXCITED. PACKED MY BULLMASTER MAGNUM 5 days in a ROW! Tomorrow is a pump off day. LOTS OF EDGING!!
  2. I go by feeling. I don't use a PSI Gauge any more. not needed as much in bullmaster. The electric pump I use max is 12 psi anyway. I pump a lot since i work at home. Usually, try to stay in a low-pressure environment.
  3. Here is pic of packing bullmaster magnum for first time this morning!
  4. So here are some in power pics after yesterday's session in total it was 9 hours. Fluff and furry off-season body
  5. Still pumping here too!!


    1. anormorph


      That's one heck of a marathon session, SexyMuscleGod!!!

  6. WOW... I forgot how much I love a good Marathon pump session!
  7. 2 more weeks before the next recovery break and re evaluation! https://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/workouts/viewworkoutlog/MoreMsclXXL/5c021788176a3027b0ae6e4b Had a killer shoulder workout tonight! Def seeing volume increase.
  8. Totally agree! I have had partners ask me to stop as I was "too big" haha I was like either you want it or your don't
  9. Gym has been going great! Haven't posted in a minute but def seeing my weights going up! Here is my workout logs for some. https://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/community/track/MoreMsclXXL
  10. Been putting the work in - Follow my work out progress here - https://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/MoreMsclXXL Seeking serious sponsors looking to grow a 270lb competition beast! 

  11. I started full package pumping almost a year ago love it! I also do cock pumping about 3x a week and full package about 6x a week
  12. Depends on the routine I am doing they can range from 45 mins to 2 hours! Right now on Y3T they range from 45 mins to hour and 30 max!
  13. Damn you are a sexy man!!!

  14. You are correct! I love walking around with my bulge. Do you pump?
  15. No just heating pad no need for water with the pad
  16. Thanks for being a great inspiration to me!

  17. After chatting with Bryan about his new pump and routine I decided to share my new pump routine and set up! My new sofa is a great sectional super comfy but in a few seconds I have a great pump place. I wake and have some morning reports i need to do so i spend my morning before my cardio pumping and working. I usually have another pump before my evening gym session as well. I know several of you guys are pumping and training. This is a place to talk and share!
  18. Been a bit hidden as i get settled into new place but I am training and pumping HUGE!!
  19. Wonderful!! I can't wait to get fully moved in and can pump and show off at my new gym!!
  20. Wonderful! I love my Magnum goal is to fill that and then my 3" cock pump and strut out on stage to compete
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