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    Being a EXTREME FREAK in BODYBUILDING world. Love to compete, and show off!
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    6ft, 280, 20% BF *YES THAT IS HIGH BUT LEAN OUT TO 2% FOR SHOWS* 19" Arms, 55 Chest, 28" legs, 19" calves
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    Sponsors, admirers, and a partner to grow with!
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    Needing to use 3 tape measures to measure most
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    Bulge and growth ones
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    Bodybuilders that love to show off their muscles and bulge!
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    Extreme muscle growth, penis pumping, exhibitionist, bulge lover, competitive bodybuilders that pump too

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  1. SexyMuscleGod

    Y3T Training

    3 week of Y3T started today and def feeling the body responding. Love these high intensity high volume weeks!
  2. SexyMuscleGod

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Legs felt great tonight after a solid workout and a cock pump session before!
  3. Awsome progress! 

  4. Love your profile pic!

  5. SexyMuscleGod

    Y3T Training

    First week of Y3T is done! Really enjoyed week 1 can't wait to see how week 2 feels!
  6. SexyMuscleGod

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Forgot to add mine from other day in here
  7. SexyMuscleGod

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I do morning cardio and abs regardless of if i am prepping for a show or growing season. I just like to start the morning cock pump and cardio followed by abs. Then will train later which is usually another cock pump session followed by hour of training.
  8. SexyMuscleGod

    Thoughts on Bulking...

    I don't mind carrying more fat as i bulk as I drop it pretty easily and retain a lot of muscle as i do longer slower diets!
  9. Def some great Posing trunks!
  10. SexyMuscleGod

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    A device used to enlarge the penis. Pumping the handle will remove air to create a vacuum in the pump in the cylinder.
  11. SexyMuscleGod

    Y3T Training

    Day 2 - Chest and tris! Getting use to this training style but loving how I feel each workout
  12. Thanks! Just the start!

  13. terrific bulge: nice work, bro!

  14. SexyMuscleGod

    Anyone ever use nair for hair removal?

    have used it for every show I have done. Read the instructions and follow them you will be fine
  15. SexyMuscleGod

    Cock pumping

    Any other competitive bodybuilders here into pumping?