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    Fort Collins, CO
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    real profile.
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    Being a EXTREME FREAK in BODYBUILDING world. Love to compete, and show off!
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    6ft, 280, 20% BF *YES THAT IS HIGH BUT LEAN OUT TO 2% FOR SHOWS* 19" Arms, 55 Chest, 28" legs, 19" calves
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    Sponsors, admirers, and a partner to grow with!
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    Needing to use 3 tape measures to measure most
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    Bulge and growth ones
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    Bodybuilders that love to show off their muscles and bulge!
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    Extreme muscle growth, penis pumping, exhibitionist, bulge lover, competitive bodybuilders that pump too

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  1. Leg day was brutal last night. Potential sponsor flaked out today. Typical, if you can't do it don't lead me on. 

    Still in search of serious sponsors looking to grow muscle freak!

  2. How you been?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SexyMuscleGod


      Nice.. Saving for cycle here. What show you thinking? You are never on discord anymore. Miss chatting.


    3. DerrickRiggs


      I am not sure how to use discord. I can't get into muscle for chat anymore. Guess I am not real techy guy.

    4. SexyMuscleGod


      I use the web version. Just log in and chat. I seen you pop in and said hi but didn't get a response. 


  3. How's training going?

    1. pawanlap


      Pretty good man. Cutting now for a bit before hitting another bulk later this year.

    2. SexyMuscleGod


      Any shows planned for ya?

  4. Sounds like a fun time. How's training going?

  5. How's training going?

  6. Still pumping here too!!


    1. anormorph


      That's one heck of a marathon session, SexyMuscleGod!!!

  7. Been putting the work in - Follow my work out progress here - https://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/MoreMsclXXL Seeking serious sponsors looking to grow a 270lb competition beast! 

  8. Damn you are a sexy man!!!

  9. Thanks for being a great inspiration to me!

  10. Just finished my 4 week of Y3T training and body has definetly been feeling it! Will see how next 4 weeks go...

  11. Thanks for the follow. 

    1. SexyMuscleGod


      No problem! 


  12. Awsome progress! 

  13. Love your profile pic!

  14. Thanks! Just the start!

  15. terrific bulge: nice work, bro!

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