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  1. EclipseWing

    A new Tumblr?

    Might have to check out newtumbl. Oh damn, Cumblr looked promising.
  2. It's always nice when something just stands out that sets a guy apart. I also like how there are some guys that appear completely average and then they take off their shirt and turn out to be absolutely shredded. As far as assessing other guys' builds, it's kinda second nature; I don't realize it at first. It's funny actually - it's like I'll talk to someone and about halfway through my brain basically pings like "Here's the report boss! Look at his arms."😁
  3. There's quite a few around here, particularly under the Blogs tab. Outside of the forum, there's a couple on Gay Spiral Stories. Willie Cici and Rozza22365 usually wrap them into their stories. There's also Male Body Exchange (http://malebodyexchange.blogspot.com) run by our forum's own Muscledrain and the Male Transformation Blog (https://maletransformation.blogspot.com). Both have links to other sites, though some are likely dead after Tumblr decided to do the Thanos Snap. There's also "Becoming..." but I can't for the life of me remember the link.
  4. I remember this was a favorite of mine on your tumblr.
  5. *Crow's voice* WE'VE GOT MOVIE SIGN!! Love the story so far and can't wait to see where it goes next.
  6. Always happy to see one of your stories pop up!
  7. Okay yeah, way better!! 😁
  8. Huge Peanuts fan here too; loved this. All of them are great. If I could add one though... Happiness is... putting on a old shirt you haven't worn in a while and having trouble buttoning it over your pecs.
  9. EclipseWing


    It has the same energy. Perhaps... passive acceptance... I like chagrin and resignation. You could describe it like a wince I suppose. Vexation is too strong, but maybe annoyance? Since the character doesn't need to eat (in a way above it), maybe abase? (Though that might be a stretch).
  10. @anonymister Thanks, though I'm lifting at home right now so I really don't have the stuff to do it safely. Looks awesome though, I'll keep in mind for the future!
  11. Maybe you could start with your favorite comics?
  12. If you have time, it'd be really cool to see a continuation of this one.
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