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  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention I did not think it would be quite noticeable, but I do have a plan for the college so of course I’ll have to think about that thank you also part 3 is coming soon
  2. Part 2 When I got back to my dorm, I noticed my door was somewhat open. Me being on edge from what happened in the bathroom and just me in general being a paranoid freak I was scared. So I toke off my shower shoes and got in my battle stance, when I walked in I saw my ghost of a roommate in his closet digging for something. I silently walked in and dropped the shoe to avoid all social interaction. “Josh have you seen my volleyball uniform?” He asked, I’m not sure if I was more surprised at the fact that he talked or the fact that he knew my name! “Not that I have seen it Ross” I mumbled Ross was about 6,3 with dark black hair that matched his olive tone skin... so yeah he was very intimidating in every sense of the word. I waited for him to leave before I got dressed. You see it’s not that were aren’t friends but he scares the crap out of me, he luckily has a crazy schedule so I only need to talk to him once a day and well I liked it like that... “phew, alone at last.” I got dressed pondered on how socially stressful a so called “lonely Saturday” can actually be. Since today was my day off from singing until my voice was raw, I decided to take a walk down town near the beach. It wasn’t the best weather but hey what can you do about it, the fog actually gave the beach s mysterious vibe that I was totally for, as I was walking down the board walk I thought I heard singing near the shore, “Hello” I called out. I got off the boardwalk to investigate further, the fog was so thick though I could barely see what’s in front of me. I was going to turn around but I tripped and lost my sense of direction. I looked around confused. The singing was getting louder, but I looked down to see a small bright blue crystal ball, I clutched it in my palm and started running who knows where along the shore but I was running, until I came across a small clear cove. When I could finally see again I noticed a small pool of water probably leading to the rest of the ocean I started humming, to try and calm myself down. (It’s a weird habit of mine but it always works) looking inside the small pool of what it seemed to be almost an exact reflection almost like a liquid mirror. As I was staring down at it I accidentally dropped the tiny crystal which landed into the pool and started to glow I felt a warmth wash over me and everything turned dark. When I woke up I was back in the middle of the fog? “How, what?” I wondered out loud I found my way back to the board walk but very far from where I originally started. I felt stranded, like I said before I did know some people but not well enough to urgently call them because “I think that fog is playing tricks on my mind!” I also thought to call Ross, but well our roomationship is awkward enough. I had no idea on what to do until I looked down at my arm and sighed, “Well Micheal, now or never.” After a brief conversation with Micheal, he told me he worked at a diner not to far away from where I was. His shift was over soon so it wouldn’t matter to much anyway. In a perfect world he will clock out and give me a ride back to my dormitory, but considering how off he seemed earlier and how crazy my day has been, I highly doubt any of this would work out the way I wanted it to. As I came to the old diner called “Juan de Fucca” it looked very reminiscent of the 1970’s, “wow” I said out loud with my voice cracking, it looked just as you’d expect a diner from that kinda time period to look like with color chairs, tables, and waitresses on wheels serving food. It also had a counter place where you could expect a frequent visitor walking up and saying, “the usual Margaret” I heard out and I thought at the same time, I looked over and saw the girl who asked the cashier, she was one of my many acquaintances in this small town, her name was Liz. She was a sweetheart, although she was very goal oriented from what I picked up from her personality. She was wearing a golden brown sweater that went well with her brown skin, with her curly hair put up in a messy bun. Her dark green eyes were busy staring at a cup of coffee, “Hi stranger” I said aloud my voice cracking again. She looked up at me startled almost, “Oh hey Josh.” She said. She was getting ready to tell me something else when the woman who took Liz’s order came back around she was a thin old woman with a gentle flow of brown and grey hairs clearly still young enough to be in a job like this but definitely old enough were she could write a book about her life and be on the New York Times bestsellers list, she had a name tag that of course said (Margaret). “So you’re Josh then” she said with a suspicious smile on her face. “Uhh yes?” I said trying my best to be a mix of polite and curious “Aw well your table 4 is set up and ready for you and Micheal.” She then proceeded to lead me to a table near the corner of the diner significantly away from where others were sitting, I waved and mouthed goodbye to Liz. Margaret sat me down, and gave me a glass of water. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was and I started drinking it through the straw, “Don’t worry hun, your date will be right out in a moment” Margaret said smiling. I think that was the second time today water almost killed me. To be continued...
  3. Hey y’all so I like a lot of the stories on this forum and I decided to try writing one myself keep in mind all characters are above or at least 18 years of age and there won’t be much of anything involving growth in this chapter, Thank you. PS: (There will also probably be a lot of grammar errors also”) Part 1: The cold campus air blew into my dorm, long before the alarm clock even went off. But I wasn’t going to attempt to make contact with the with the winter air before I absolutely had to. About 15 minutes after my alarm originally went off, “Get up Josh” I said to myself, then I got up to do my morning routine (starting with a blistering hot shower of course). I always loved my Saturday morning routines in the dormitory public restroom, I could freely hum or sing and not have anyone stare at me. You see I go to a small college in Oregon for musical theater, it wasn’t terrible; but it also wasn’t the best. Just like my musical theater abilities I guess... As I walked into the bathrooms I noticed the usual graffiti, but to be honest it was better than smelling disgusting vape smoke while I’m trying to brush my teeth like usual. I set my stuff down outside the shower in a neat pile, and got in the small cabinet of water (if you will), “You should probably take your clothes off before you start the water” I said appreciating the acoustics of the room. So I did what I have always dreaded, looking at my body... You see my body is on the line of painfully average and wow you’re skinny, I am 5,7 and about 136 pounds of flesh,bones, and baby fat with short light brown hair to match... It’s not that I hated my body it’s just I wished it was bigger. So finally after about 25 minutes of monologuing in my head (who is hearing this anyway?) I started the water and I sang out all of my broadway jams. About half way through my conditioning and belting I heard a faint cough. Although I didn’t want them to see me naked, I was painfully curious. And I was technically done so I let my curiosity get the best of me I looked all around the bathroom “phew” I sighed for relief. And I got dressed and headed for the sinks, “Nice job” said an energetic voice. I turned around to see a guy about my age with short dark hair about 6,0... and a great face with a cross country like build (oh yeah did I mention I’m very homosexual) leaning against the shower that was right next to mine with a huge smile on his face. I was so startled I think my heart stopped for a moment but immediately started back up again once we made eye contact, “Hiiiigdjmhfvnjfdg JOSH” I stuttered. He laughed not out of mockery but out of excitement, “sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I heard your voice from right outside the room.” He said looking slightly concerned, “I’ve seen you around the dormitory before... you always seem like you’re in your own little world I’m Micheal by the way” he blurted out awkwardly. “Josh” I said slower this time heckin confused on why this guy is talking to me. You see it’s almost the end of the first semester and I still haven’t made a single friend... just a boat load of acquaintances. “Well this was an awkward meeting but hey we met am I right?” “Sure” I awkwardly nodded. “Here” he said, reaching for my arm, “here’s my number, so hopefully we can re meet and pretend this never sorta happened...” he said writing his number on my arm in sharpie. Then he waved goodbye and I don’t remember if I waved that was kinda a blur. To be continued...
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