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  1. IJrge

    looking for a story! help please!

    Not sure, but there is a section under this forum for searching for stories. https://muscle-growth.org/forum/31-searching-for-a-story/
  2. When I searched stories, that search didn't find it. But if you search all content, it will. These are what I found. Haven't read them yet, but sounds interesting.
  3. IJrge


    I liked it. I think it gives details that are more interesting than describing naked alone. And clothes ripping is fun.
  4. IJrge

    Alternative Super Powers!

    I'm going to take this to the dirty place, but it's a solid power. Concupation - The ability to cause arousal and lust in others. It does not control or make someone want someone else, but can make that person to some degree desire sex, from a little chubbed to all the way to, "next chance I get I'm going to get off!" Minutes of extended exposure could get someone to actually get off. The power can derail someone's thought. It can make someone susceptible to persuasion. It can act as a distraction. It would make most people prudishly run away to hide what's happening to them. But it's also not overpowered. Not everyone is concerned about being seen aroused. Women can hide their arousal better than men, so they may be more easily resistant to the effect you're trying to cause. Some men might not care if others see them hard. Some alpha brute might just whip it out and get off without concern. And arouse the wrong person and it could get you well and truly fucked. If someone knows your power, they may choose to wear a chastity device that makes arousal almost impossible. If you're trying to seduce someone, they might find someone else more attractive. So for example, trying to escape from the Avengers. Thor, unabashed and superior, he'll fight with a boner. If long enough exposure, he whips his out and goes hedonistic on himself, in which case you get away. Iron Man, makes up a reason to "get something" and hides off to watch porn. You get away. Black Widow, gives no shits. She enjoys herself while beating you up. Captain America, probably chooses decency if in public. If not in public, you see his super dong wetting his red, white and blue balls outfit while he takes you down. Next time you see him he'll definitely have on a chastity device. Hawkeye, probably hits you with a special arrow and then goes to hide somewhere. If you can get free of the arrow effect, you get away. Hulk, you're well and truly fucked. Other utility, Stuck in a long line, send a few dozen rushing for some privacy. Some bros hogging gym equipment, get them hard and watch the scurry away. Want into a club, get the bouncer a little bothered. Curious how big someone is, make it impossible to hide. It's a horribly manipulative power, so definitely villian or anti-hero power, but none the less.. fun power.
  5. IJrge

    If the Shoe Fits.

    Bumping back up an awesome story. Hope the writer is doing well. I can't wait to see where this is going.
  6. I really like the addition of the alchemy! I see a lot of potential there. I kind of wish there was some super potent but temporary potions with a vivid description of the transformation. For instance a growth potion that increases your muscle and height by double for an encounter. A wimpification potion that shrunk you for one encounter. It would be hot and it could help with some puzzle solving.
  7. What all have people achieved? I've managed to find the Orc Juice in the alchemist district. I gave it to malkorok and had a really nice encounter. Anyone figure anything else out? Anyone figure out how to get into the embassy of hell?
  8. IJrge


    Hi, I don't mean this to be offensive, but actually genuinely curious. When people say Daddy in a sexual sense, are they actually turned on by the idea of incestuous relations with their father, or is it more like an archetype thing, like an older dominant male? I mean, I'm certain people fall on both sides of that spectrum, but what's the general consensus? What I always thought it was was the archetype, but in these forums, I see a lot more of the literal daddy stuff.
  9. IJrge

    The Barfly part 2: The Barflies

    Speaking from experience, be careful of giving dates. Writing this kind of stuff requires a bit of privacy, and usually the right mood. If you're going to push for a date, set aside a regular time that you can "get to it." Knowing that you're setting aside some private time that's likely going to get really arousing creates some anticipation that can help set the mood for a good session, and you also get in regular writing time to hit that goal date. So I might say, every Tuesday and Thursday I'm going to stay up an extra hour to write. Then Tuesday and Thursday I'm thinking about what I want to write, getting chubbed up when I think of something cool. By the time it's time to write, I'm in the mood and have a lot of ideas to release onto the page, so to speak.
  10. IJrge

    The Barfly

    I was thinking up an addon for this. Mike calls a bunch of buddies to the bar, forcing his voice up to sound like his old self. They three guys line up wait at the bar for Mike, but they don't recognize he's the tall guy at the end. Mike gives Gage the signal, and Gage submissively complies. He tells the guys they get a free shot on the house while they wait for their friend. Each put down a laced shot and then transform. Mike and the three newly dominant men, then use Gage, while he's submissively loving it.
  11. IJrge

    The Barfly

    Hey Gayboyswag, Would you have any objection to your readers adding on to this?
  12. IJrge

    New tags and tagging system

    Any way to add these after you posted a post? I was going to add it to my new continuous story, but I didn't see an option to edit the title.
  13. IJrge

    The Other Side of the Species

    Hey! Would you have any interest in checking over a story I'm writing? I've been writing an addition to the superflu in the continuous story section, and one of the characters is Mexican. I unfortunately lack the spanish training and could really use someone to tell me if I'm wording things strange or inappropriately. It's a big gay sex story, kind of like this one. Let me know if you're interested.

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