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    Would love to find a super massive real muscle guy to love. I seriously want a guy so huge and massive, but sweet and loving, that I'll never have to look at muscle porn or other bodybuilders ever again.
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  1. I moved.... I have officially moved back to California and am never leaving again..... Still working on myself.... Still looking for love.... Slowly losing weight again.....
  2. Something new.... I have discovered about myself that I actually gain muscle quicker than I lose fat, which, is wonderful if I was looking to go toward a power lifter type build, but, alas, I am not... I actually like being of smaller build than my partner and prefer them to be the massive one. So yeah, I'm loosing fat, but, sometimes, I hit hurdles because of this fact...... Anyway, I'm down just 5 pounds further, but, my pants fit better, and you can see me gradually getting smaller in newer pics, but, I still have a long way to go.... Also uped my bike rides to at least 2 a day, and, I'm doing more cardio with XBOX 360 Kinect... and loving it... Especially the gaining achievements.... Anyway, that's what's new with me.
  3. Hey guys, I've recently encountered someone that has become a friend online (with the potential of boyfriend/husband). When we first started talking, he had brought up that he was tired of being a tall, skinny, hairy guy. I already found him rather hot anyway because, he was already growing out of that awkwardness and already rather hot. Recently, I came back to that and asked him if he was interested in becoming a massive muscle bear..... He sat on the thought, like, literally overnight, and told me that he wants to become a muscle bear.... He's already figuring out a lot on his own, apparently, all he needed was a little encouragement from me. My question to you guys is: Is it hotter to encourage someone to become a muscle monster, or, hotter that they already are? Go on, discuss.... I will try to encourage him to join this site too since I know all of you can be helpful. Thank you, PlugNPlay76.
  4. An Update... I am actually starting to lose much more fat progressively quicker.... I ride everyday, sometimes 2 or three times, but, at the least, once.... I know the scale lies, though, I did make a mini goal weight to get down to, and, am now just 15 pounds from it..... I'm actually loving returning to myself..... and, having fun doing it.... I am going to have such a good revenge body.... Oh, and I'm even riding when it's cold out.... I let nothing stop... especially since I'm making real progress. And that was just a small update. Thank you, Starflare5.
  5. Ok, I'm just going to lay it out.... please stop getting offended if I won't date your sign...... I know that's what's upsetting some people, and, quite frankly, I don't want to talk about it. I am 40 years old and almost 41. I know what works for me in a romantic relationship, and, too many times, whether I am dating them or not I mind you, I have learned that those signs do not work for me. Please, I've had exes try to prove me wrong, and, I have given them the benefit of the doubt, and, still end up getting burned sometimes horribly. To me, it's not even a big deal, but, to some of you, it is. I'm just going to come straight out and say it, if it upsets you that much, maybe you should ask yourself why it upsets you? This is the last time I will talk about this part of the subject and I'm sorry if I've offended some, but, seriously, please, I'm asking kindly, don't bring it up anymore. I've had to many upsetting things happen in my past and current situation to know exactly what I don't want, and, what I do. Now also, by many things, I have been told that I am meant to find love late in life, so, hopefully, this next year is my year. Thank you, PlugNplay76
  6. How do I travel.. and keep up on my bike rides/workouts? Since I travel ALOT for work, I thought I'd cover this for some of you. Technically, I don't workout on the road. Luckily my job gives me notices sometimes weeks ahead of time before I take a long trip, so, in the week, or, few days ahead of that trip, I double up, sometimes, quadruple up on my rides or workouts, then, just coast while I'm on the trip.... This actually does work for me.... In fact, I'd say I've actually lost more fat on this little "workation" I've been on for the past week. Even if you don't think you have the time to get your workouts in, you can always make the time and plan, plan, plan.... I actually am missing my bike though and cannot wait to get back.... There you go, PlugNplay76.
  7. Strange, but, good side-effect.... Ok, just to let everyone know, all I've been working is legs in bike riding, however, my entire body appears to be slowly blowing up.... to the point to where others are starting to notice. I apparently also lost 5 pounds of fat, but, gained it all back in muscle.... THE SCALE LIES, ALL LIES, LOL.... Anyway, apparently some friends told me that my shoulders are getting broader and my arms thicker.... I like this... I just need to keep getting rid of this belly. Anyway, there's an update... More to come... PlugNPlay76.
  8. Somewhat of an update: My non-diet - diet.... Ok, even though I'm not technically on a diet, I've noticed that my body actually is. This is actually my first time experiencing this. My body itself is restricting what I eat. I can no longer eat a large French fry or tots with my meal. Usually all I can eat is the main sandwich, and that's it. When and if I get Taco Bell (Or any other Mexican food for that matter), I'm having to curb what I usually order. This is all completely new for me, though, I'm not calling it a bad thing... Just different for me.
  9. An update - New work shirts, new reasons.... Just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm right on track, and, I'm finding I'm not as hungry as I use to be, so, I'm actually dieting without actually being on a diet. If I order a burger and fries, I end up giving the fries to my dog. This also works for me very well with my job when I'm on the road. I actually can't bring myself to eat everything that comes with my order. The ONLY exception to this is In-N-Out Burger, which, I don't mind. I also don't eat lunch and haven't for awhile. Breakfast is usually only a bowl of cereal, milk, and, of course, coffee. In addition to all this, my job has sent us new uniform shirts that are a lycra/polyester shiny blend, and, don't fit well..... However, I can clearly say that if I had started this new regiment a week later, I probably would not fit into these shirts at all.... and, they're slowly starting to fit me better and better. When I get to my goal, they might be more loose on me, which, I don't mind. Interesting thing I noticed today: Even though my legs are gaining muscle, they're actually looser in my pants... Anyway, that is what's currently going on, Thank you, Starflare5/PlugNplay76
  10. A side note about my journey - Turning a condition into a positive: I am hypoglycemic. For people that don't know what that is, it is the exact opposite of diabetes with almost very similar symptoms. I discovered I had this condition in my teens after having viral meningitis. Before I learned how to control it, I would have dizzy spells every morning if I got up too fast, sometimes, would be whited out and blinded temporarily by them. With diabetes, too much sugar can kill you, with hypoglycemia, not enough sugar can kill you.. or send you into a coma. I never ate that much sugar when I was a kid... never really had the desire for it.... Still loved chocolate and soda, but, never let it really control my life or anything.... I always could drink and eat a lot of sugar, when I did, and not gain a pound, and, well, now I know why. I can also drink a lot of alcohol (it's sugar) and not get a hangover, and, being shitfaced doesn't last long (unfortunately). Some unlucky, or, lucky hypoglycemics cannot smoke weed, or, if they do, it does absolutely nothing for them, and, if they are drunk, it will sober them up.... Not a good thing because of the above. I am one of those soles. Black Coffee for me is actually a dietary supplement. Coffee contains just the right amount of caffeine to make your body burn more sugar (and possibly fat) quicker without over doing it, however, tea, on the other had, has more caffeine in it that coffee, believe it or not, and, can cause a hypoglycemic to go into meltdown. Orange juice and lightly sugared candies (such as gummy bears or worms) are always good to keep around. Hypoglycemia is also directly connected to anxiety. When someone's blood sugar is low, they may become extremely anxious, or, even freak out. It has happened to me a few times especially when driving for work on a long trip..... It feels like I'm mad at everybody, especially other drivers on the road, and, in my mind, I keep picturing the worst case scenarios that could possibly happen to me. If you see someone acting erratically, or, overly anxious, give them something sweet like juice. It could be the signs of hypoglycemia and the possibility that they are nearing a danger point.
  11. Isn't it what we're all looking for though?
  12. An Update.... The underwear don't lie.... Hey guys, I am quite happy today with my progress, and, thought I'd share it..... First of all, I realized something: The older you get, the more you cannot trust the scale and there's actually a reason for that. I found that in some things, I come from a family of late bloomers, or, late peakers biologically. It doesn't surprise me since my father was much older than my mother and they created me when he was 60, however, because of this discovery, I've noticed a few new changes, like, for example, I think I'm producing more testosterone in my body than previously, which means that my muscle development has actually increased at 40. Now, after that long explanation, let me tell you why I cannot trust a scale.: Basically, every bit of fat I lose is being replaced with muscle almost immediately, which means, my weight may not change, and the scale may not accurately reflect the changes in my body. One of the key things I have taken into consideration is the fact that my clothes started to fit better even though my weight had not changed. This was something that actually surprised me today. I wear tighty whitey underwear to be honest, and, had a pack of underwear that hadn't actually fit me for the past several months. I ended up grabbing a pair out of that pack today and trying them on... and, they fit. I had little, to no issues getting them on..... It was a moment of joy for me. It actually meant that what I'm doing is actually working even though I couldn't really see it yet. It's actually the first time I realized to myself that I can do this. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know, and thank you for supporting me.
  13. Hey guys, I have been a very, very, very long time member of this forum ever since it was a group on Yahoo! I love this place, and the guys here. Lately, I was off the site for awhile and decided to make a comeback... to everything. First of all, due to mostly my personal life, I was severely lacking in my fitness goals, but, that's all changing, and rapidly (THANK GOD!). I think I was hovering away from this site because of that and that it was a little bit of a reminder. Due to this, I gained a lot of weight, and not the good kind. I tried to keep up an everyday routine, but, fell short on that also, but, no more. In my personal life, I ended up with an embarrassing tyrant of a boyfriend who paid no attention to me, but, wanted to basically keep me fat so that he thought I wouldn't go anywhere else. I still live with him at the moment, but, am preparing to leave. He does not know that he's a soon to be ex, and, for the moment, gonna keep it like that. As far as my fitness, I am happy to say that my insane metabolism is somehow making a comeback as well, which, I totally did not expect and is a surprise. Just to give you an idea, I currently weigh 275lbs. which is down from 277lbs. just 2 days ago. I'm hoping this trend continues.... As far as working out, all I'm doing currently is bike riding and going to hold off on the weight training until I at least get down to around 200 or something. I have always had, and look forward to having great legs again by the way. If you would like, I will keep people updated as my journey continues.... I am also still on the search for real love and someone that will accept me chubby or skinny.... This is about to sound like a dating profile, and, I apologize if it does, however, I need to clear the air on some things.... As a lot of you know, I am currently temporarily stuck in a relationship that I am not happy in due to my financial and living situation, plus, he does not know that I plan on leaving him, also, wrecking my car did not help matters at all. I do also plan on moving back to ...California, which, if some men would give me a chance to explain my story, they would realize that when I offer to reach out to them, it's only a limited time offer and they need to grab me if they can, when they can, especially if they want to keep me. I want everyone to know that I absolutely am not a slut, even though I talk to a lot of men on all these apps, but, nothing seems to happen. Now, yes, I am absolutely in the pursuit of the true love of my life since it seems I still have yet to find them, even though, I have come close. I want to find the man I will marry. My ideal mate physically would be someone built tall, big and thick, either muscled or chubby, with huge, thick arms which are a massive turn on for me, and, preferably, a top... Not a size queen - 8.5 inches is my limit... personality wise, I want someone that is sweet, and totally loving and affectionate without being afraid to be in public, just a little rough in the bedroom, and, absolutely not the jealous type because I'd be only into them. They also must be completely understanding of my situation, and, possibly looking to steal my heart. Sign wise, no Aries, Virgo, or Scorpio. Even if you don't believe in signs, I know for sure that those signs and I are absolutely not compatible in a romantic relationship. Sorry if this offends anyone, it's just experience. Finding this kind of guy seems almost impossible even though I'm not asking for much, and, there is so much more to me to get to know and love as I hope to of them. It sucks and all I want is true love. Is it out there? Thank you all, Starflare5.
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