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    6'1", 150 lbs, white
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    Muscle Growth, Muscle Worship, a Muscle Daddy/Mentor or Sponsor to help me get big, Juicers, Steroids, Hypnosis
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    200 lbs, muscular, tan
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    Muscle Growth, Muscle Worship
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    Arnold, Lou Ferigno, Lee Priest, Bob Paris, Jay Cutler, Cody Montgomery, many others
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    Muscle Growth, Muscle Worship

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  1. If you want to help me grow muscle, my wish list is at http://a.co/eJyHPDB  and I welcome any more suggestions to help me get big.

  2. Help me grow muscle by donating to me at PayPal.me/EdSmithMuscle

  3. Wow! Hope I can build a body like yours!

    1. Mrizom


      Yes, please. Get big and ripped. Like me.

    2. Ilovemuscle74


      I welcome any advice from you to help me build a muscular body like yours.

  4. Ilovemuscle74

    Dumbing Down Chat Buddies

    I could use all of the above.

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