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  1. Jay


    Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback on the story so far. Special thanks to @dredlifter for some help with this part. Part 2 *** The next day, John woke up to find himself gazing at his new roommate fast asleep on his bed. At first, he thought he was still dreaming, until he remembered the previous day. He felt a slight wave of dread in his stomach. But in that moment, he was distracted by Jordan's naked body. Jordan's bobbing, 8-inch erection was connected to his washboard abs by a string of fluid. He had one beefy arm propped above his head, tufts of hair on display. He had the biggest chest that John had ever seen in person, with the perfect waist to go with it. John found the jock fascinating to look at. His own 5-inch dick was fully hard just admiring the other man's physique, and his rising and falling chest. "Ugh, gross," he thought to himself, "don't be a creeper." He rolled over in his bed so he was facing the wall. What was that guy's problem, anyway? Going to bed like that, there's no way John wasn't going to see him. Unless that was his plan the whole time. Maybe he likes being watched. Maybe that's why he shows up to a doctor's appointment in a stringer tank top. John sighed, and climbed out of bed, trying not to look at the jock. He rummaged through his posessions as quietly as he could until he found a towel and some clothes. Then, he snuck his way to the en suite bathroom, trying not to wake his roommate. The bathroom was quite roomy. Not only that, John found there was even a sauna attached to it. There was a sign on the door to the steam room with some health warnings. Apparently, it was normally used to treat muscular problems like persistent muscle fatigue. Maybe he could persuade the doctors to let him use it at some point. For now, though, John was happy with just a shower. With a sigh of relief, he stepped under the warm water flow. He took his time. He'd been thinking over the doctor's offer last night, but honestly it didn't seem like much of a choice - it was an offer he couldn't refuse. That means he was stuck with his new roommate, maybe for a few weeks. He would need to get to know him at some point. What if they didn't get along? His roommate's confidence and self-assuredness was hard for John to understand. But he couldn't deny, it made his dick hard. *** Jordan was woken up by the sound of his roommate rooting through boxes. He decided to pretend to be asleep. He noticed John trying to sneak past him while stealing glances at him. Jordan couldn't help but grin. The kid wanted his body, it was obvious. His morning hardon glistened with pre-fuck. He had only cum 8 hours ago but it felt like it had been weeks. He'd been noticeably hornier lately, but what Dr. Ben had told him had fired him up even more. The idea that maybe he could become MORE powerful and muscular was, he had to admit, a huge turn on. And, although he wasn't totally happy about it, he would rather be sharing a room with a gay twink than growing his body by himself. God, he hoped John was a cocksucker as well as a muscle admirer. Fuck, his body would provide the perfect contrast to his chiselled perfection... and make him feel even bigger and stronger and more masculine... Jordan was stroking his cock while listening to the shower starting. "Boy, that guy was small. He looks like a kid next to me." The thought made him horny. He wanted to measure John and compare stats. Is it weird that it turned him on? Did it matter? He needed to get off so much these days, any fuel was welcome. He started to lazily jerk his cock. Thoughts about his roommate filled his head as he did. He would love to be able to overhead press his roommate, flex their muscles against each other, pull out the measuring tape... maybe he could talk the kid into some kind of massage... fuck, maybe they could compare dick size, and... "Ah, SHIT!!" He'd got carried away feeling himself up and thinking about his new roommate, that he blew a huge load all over his body. His dick kept firing load after load, all over his chest and stomach. Panting and grunting the whole time, it must have shot 7 or 8 times. Trying to catch his breath, he looked down over his ripped torso, now dripping with spunk. He needed to use that shower badly. Fortunately, he couldn't hear the shower running any more. Glancing at the door, he saw John standing there in nothing but a towel, red-faced. "Oh... hey buddy. Shower free?" He asked with a grin, jumping up onto his feet, sauntering over to the kid. Dang, he really was tiny. "I made a big mess, excuse me while I freshen up a little." He cockily wandered past the speechless John with his half-hard prick still drooling onto his beefy legs. *** The doctor and his team were looking over the first body scan results. The boys had been well behaved. The scanning pods involved immersing their bodies in fluid for half an hour or so. It was relaxing, like a jacuzzi. "The scans are what I expected based on the symptoms. For John, it seems like the infection is struggling to take hold. Probably, there was insufficient muscle mass to begin with. Now that the body's defence mechanisms have kicked in, it's hard for the virus to infect more than 10-20% of the available tissue. "Jordan, on the other hand, is fully saturated with the virus. You can see the tissue itself is denser than we would normally expect. We will need to run some strength tests in the gym this afternoon to gather more data on this. "Blood testosterone results are within expectations. John - 105 ng, Jordan - 1585 ng. "Viral presence in the endocrine system is still relatively constrained, so Jordan's numbers are likely to go higher as the virus progresses. However, the testosterone levels alone don't account for Jordan's growth. Even people taking synthetic testosterone don't pack on mass like he does. So, there must be other mechanisms that are further stimulating muscle growth. We should keep an eye out for this in future tests. "John's testosterone levels can't get much lower, so I would expect them to remain fairly stable. "Let's take some strength measurements next. I want to see how much strength John has been able to preserve. I'm also interested to know how effectively Jordan can operate his expanding muscles." *** John was panting with exhaustion from the workout they were putting him through. This was tougher than the workouts he had been used to - a mixture of high intensity and volume. Jordan was on a bench, watching, looking bemused. "John, your strength is actually excellent considering the state of your immune system. I've never seen anyone in your condition capable of lifting these numbers. We'll do our best to preserve as much as your strength as we can." John beamed. "... really?" was all he could muster in his exhaustion. "The runt is stronger than he looks!" Jordan said with a grin. "We don't want to overdo it," the researcher said. "We'll call it here, and we'll do another session in a couple of days. Jordan, you're up." "Finally!" Rather than go straight to the showers, John decided to stick around for a bit. He got the feeling that Jordan wouldn't mind an audience. "Yesterday, we took some general measurements, but today let's start with some strength measurements. Let's warm up on bench press..." They started with 1 plate - 135 lbs total. It was pretty close to John's 1-rep max. Jordan, of course, made it look effortless. "I can barely feel it, doc," Jordan said as he pumped out a dozen reps. "Alright, stay there. Let's try 2 plates." Jordan pumped out another dozen reps. "Bit of a pump now, doc, but it's no sweat." Slowly, they worked there way up to 3 plates. "Jordan, you said the best you'd ever benched was 330 lbs? You're now benching comfortably over 300lbs." "Ohh, ffuck yeah..." Jordan murmured, seemingly only half in the moment as he grinded out 5 reps. His face and body was damp with sweat. John was watching in quiet awe as the research assitant continued loading more weight. Jordan finally topped out with a 1-rep max of 405 lbs. He cried out a roar of primal fury as he pushed the bar through the air. John was in shock. John could deadlift 150lbs less than Jordan could bench. "Not bad, Jordan, but you can probably do better. With training, we can probably add another 50lbs as your neural systems adapt to the rapid muscle growth. And you'll start to see your weight increase as we up your calorie intake. That should quickly carry over into strength gains." "Huff.. come on, doc... we can go heavier... hit me with all you got..." "I've seen enough, Jordan. The worst thing we can do is injure you. What you need now is rest and recovery." "Geez... if you say so..." Jordan rolled his hulking frame off the bench. He glanced at John. "You still here, squirt?" John blushed, barely able to make eye contact with the sweaty behemoth. "We should freshen up, don'tcha think?" *** As he stepped into the communal shower, Jordan could hear John washing himself in one of the private cubicles. "Yo, John, are you in there?" "Hmm?" "Can you give me a hand with something?" John turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He opened the cubicle to see Jordan in all his naked glory. The shower area had cubicles, but also a shared shower area, where Jordan looked like he was about to wash himself. Only the two of them were in there. "Bro, since I started hulking out, it's hard for me to reach the middle of my back. They don't have any brushes or anything. Can you reach back there and soap it up for me?" "Uh, sure thing, buddy," John said, a little apprehensively. He soaped up both his hands as Jordan turned to face away from him. Even relaxed, Jordan's back was wide and intimidating. Jordan carefully rubbed the thick muscular centre of the back, then rand his hands up along the jock's wide lats. Jordan sighed as he was rubbed down. John's small hands were surprisingly smooth for someone who lifts weights. They reminded him of a girl he met who gave massages. Man, he could use a massage from time to time... he felt his dick twitch from the thought. "All done, man," said John. Jordan turned around and John found himself face-to-face with Jordan's thick eight-pack. "Nice job, bro, cheers. I owe you one. Hey, am I going crazy, or do my pecs look bigger to you?" John gazed up at the fat slabs of muscle protruding above his face. "Your pecs look amazing," was all he could say. "No, I mean, did they grow already? Dude, I think I'm seeing things, haha. I'm pretty excited about all this," Jordan said with a smirk. His cock bobbed at half mast, brushing against John's torso, almost like it was nudging for attention. "Sorry about that, little dude. My dick has a mind of its own. I've been horny for weeks now. I thought that the gym would help, but honestly, it just made it worse. The doc told me I shouldn't ignore it, he said it might be important for growing, or something. But it needs attention, like, two or three times a day. Hope you don't mind if I jerk off in our room." Jordan's fat cock was fully hard and leaking now. "Hey, little man. You know, you can go ahead and touch it, if you want..." John swallowed. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. He cautiously wrapped his hands around Jordan's cock. Jordan let out a deep growl as John ran his hands up and down, appreciatively. Of course, he had large, low-hanging balls to complement his large endowment. John's own 5-inch cock was rock hard already under his towel. John kept moving his hands up and down, marvelling at the firmness and thickness of the length. Jordan was uncircumcised and the extra skin made his dick look even longer. John felt a pang of inadequacy at the thought of his own, circumcised cock. "That feels really good, dude... how about I take over and you can play with my nuts?" Jordan's cocky grin never left his face. John wrapped one hand around those bull balls. He couldn't get over how much bigger Jordan was. Bigger in every way. "Oh yeah, just like that. Oh fuck. Pull down on my balls, dude." Jordan started jerking himself faster. "Pull down harder, god damn it... fuck... FUCK!" Jordan's cock sprayed seed all over John's chest and face. Jordan had to choke back laughter at the smaller man's shocked expression as he got a surprise bukkake. "S-sorry, buddy, I'm not good at controlling myself yet. I'm just, so horny all the time. Hey, why don't you go clean up, and I'll meet you back at the room?" "S-sure thing Jordan... I'll see you later..." "Oh, absolutely, little guy. Once I've had some time to rest and recharge, we can have some more fun."
  2. Jay


    Hi guys, I've been lurking here for a while, and this seems like a really cool community. I was inspired to attempt writing a muscle-growth fetish story. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think. I don't know how much time I will have to write, so unfortunately I can't say when part 2 will be ready. *** Part 1 *** John sighed as he looked himself up and down in the mirror. He was sick of how plain he looked. 5’9”, skinny arms, slight belly, no muscle definition. Maybe 170lbs. He felt painfully average. He looked at the campus gym flier on his desk. There was a picture of a smiling, ripped athlete on the cover. Thick corded arms poking out of a bulging, campus-branded tank top. John had made a couple of aborted efforts in the gym in the past. Would this time be any different? With a sigh, John sat down and dialled the number on the flier. What did he have to lose? *** “Coach, you gotta agree. I am outgrowing this team.” Coach raised an eyebrow. “You're telling me you want to make varsity next semester?” “Hell yeah, Coach!” Coach had to admit that Jordan had improved a lot since he'd joined. The brawny teenager had the right build for a linebacker, but when he joined all he could do was throw his weight around. Maybe that worked in high school, but not so much at the collegiate level. Still, he trained hard and learned quickly. Coach had to admit he had talent. “Ok, kid. I’ll consider it. But you know, you’ll have to take your training to the next level. No more of this crap on the weekends.” “Shit, coach. What are you saying?” “Watch your language, kid. I’m saying you’ve put on 30 lbs so far this year, but how much of that was liquid calories?” “No way, Coach. That’s not fair. You know your varsity team drinks like fish.” “Yeah, but they know how to keep the weight off. Look, kid, I can make you a deal. If you can lose 15 lbs before the start of next semester without your strength going to crap, I’ll put a word in for you.” “Oh man, Coach! Thanks! I won’t let you down!” Truthfully, Jordan had never spent a lot of time improving his diet. But he had friends who had cut before. He was 220 lbs and 6’2”, it couldn’t be too hard to lose 15 lbs. *** John wasn’t totally new to the gym, so induction was pretty simple. He had a free trainer session to get him started. His trainer looked like a strongman, exactly the kind of build John dreamed of having. “Do you have a goal, man? Just trying to get fit?” John was distracted by the hairy, brawny forearms of his instructor. “Um, I wanna be less scrawny, I guess.” “A grower eh? Ha, I’ll give you the same program we give the football team. You need a nutrition plan?” “Uh, sure. Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m doing with my diet.” “Hey, don’t sweat it. We all start from somewhere. It’s $17 for a meal plan if you want.” Screw it. “OK, sure, that sounds good.” “Sweet! Ok, let’s go into my office and talk nutrition and programming...” *** The first two weeks of the cut went amazing. Jordan was eating 2500 calories, which was a 500-1000 deficit by his calculations. He looked and felt amazing. He couldn’t stop smiling in the changing room at the campus gym. He’d had abs before, but they were really cut now. He could tell that he was destined for the brick abs you see on the fitness magazines. He also noticed more vascularity on his forearms. They were one of his favourite body parts, naturally veiny but they were responding even better to the cut. Not only that, but his lifts had actually gone up dramatically. He didn’t know how to explain it but somehow he had broken a plateau. He was already one of the strongest players on the team, but now he was varsity material for sure. At the end of the second week, he confidently stepped on the scales in the locker room to check his progress. 228 lbs. Well, that was confusing. But maybe the scale was busted. Or maybe it was just a fluke. Like, the wrong time of day or something. There’s no way it could be right. He had missed the biggest kegger of the semester for this. No way he could have GAINED weight. He was on his best behaviour. It had to be a fluctuation - tomorrow it would be down for sure. *** The first couple of weeks, John was sweating like a pig after every workout. His form was sloppy at first but he got into it pretty quickly. The bigger problem was honestly the nutrition. His trainer had him chugging gainer shakes every day until John felt like he was going to throw up. Still, every weekend he did the prescribed meal prep; every morning he measured out his shakes and supplements; every meal got logged in the food diary. And after a couple of weeks, he did feel stronger. His lifts were going up and his arms weren't quite as scrawny as before. But his daily weigh-in hardly changed since he started. In fact, it had gone down slightly. John had gotten noticeably leaner - 165lbs down from 175. His PT said this was fairly normal for beginners and probably just "newbie gains". But just to be sure, he'd upped John's daily calorie intake by another 10%, so it was now sitting at a little over 3000. John had never eaten so much food so regularly, so he was pretty confident this would work. *** Jordan had been dieting for 6 weeks. He was eating so little now that he felt dizzy after every workout. He had started logging his meals and he was barely eating 1500 calories. But he was still gaining weight, albeit slowly, sitting at 232 lbs. He was freaking out. The semester was almost over and there was no way he could meet his target. Well, not without taking performance enhancing drugs... but then he'd fail any tests, for sure. When he looked in the mirror, it didn't make any sense. He was obviously in the best shape of his life. He looked big and cut, with more vascular forearms then he had ever seen. With a growl of frustration, Jordan resigned himself to confronting the coach about this next time he got the chance. *** John had run out of calories to add to his diet. It felt like his life had revolved around eating, or meal planning. At least, until the time he ate too much and threw it back up. That incident caused him to go back to the drawing board. Was this fitness thing working for him? Well, he couldn't deny he was in the best shape of his life. He had a six-pack for the first time. Admittedly it was a pretty slim six-pack, the kind of thing you see on athletic teenagers, who play soccer but never set foot in a weight room. Still, he was proud of it. That, and he was the strongest he had been in a long time. But something was off... His progress in the weight room had plateaued way earlier than the internet seemed to think it should. Yeah, you can't compare yourself to every guy in the gym, but still. Most full-grown men should be able to squat 200 lbs, right? So why couldn't he he break past 175? But the real worry was the amount of weight loss he'd gone through. Despite eating WAY over his resting metabolism, he'd somehow managed to LOSE 10 lbs. How is that even possible!? He had looked online and seen some freaky stuff - tapeworms and drugs that make people burn crazy amounts of calories. Could something like that have happened to him...? No way... that had to be paranoia. He would just go talk to his PT. He must have run into this problem before. *** "Coach!" The man was benching iron by himself after practice. He had been expecting to have the gym to himself. With a loud grunt, he heaved the weight into the rack. Jordan had never seen so much weight loaded onto a bar in real life. The bar was visibly bending under the pressure. He did a quick bit of mental arithmetic on the plates stacked on the bar - that was, what... 350 lbs total? "What's the big idea, kid?" "S... sorry coach," Jordan mumbled. Coach's former linebacker physique was pumped and intimidating. "Listen, can we talk about the varsity team..." "Oh yeah, how's that going? I heard from your teammates that you're a changed man. Your performance has improved lately as well." "Coach, I know you're not going to believe this. I tried, I really did. But I haven't been able to lose the weight you wanted me to." "Huh?" Coach was confused. "How is that possible? You're, like... the most cut guy on the team right now." It was true. Jason was noticeably more vascular, with a more defined 6-pack, than anyone on his team. (And, truthfully, most of the varsity team as well.) "I don't know what to tell you, man. I've cut so much food I feel like crap all day. I get dizzy every time I work out. I think something might be medically wrong with me." Coach frowned and crossed his thick, hairy arms. "Geez, ok. Look, let me book an appointment with a doctor and we'll get you checked out. Until then, stop going to gym and I'm going to pull you from the team." Jordan looked devastated. "Sorry buddy, I have a duty to take care of you. It won't be a long break. Who knows, the extra recovery might be good for you." The jock sighed in frustration. It wasn't what he wanted to hear. But Coach was right, and he knew it... *** John's trainer got him a bunch of bloodwork done and a physical at the campus medical centre. The physical confirmed what John had thought - the young man had anomalously low body weight, not dangerous exactly, but lower than would expected of a normal man his age, especially given his physical regimen and diet plan. The working hypothesis was that John had an eating disorder. His vomitting incident was evidence that his body had started rejecting food. The most likely explanation was psychological. John was admittedly confused by this. If anything, psychologically he felt the opposite. He was actively trying to get huge! But the doctor said that the brain worked in mysterious ways... So, John waited to hear back from the clinic. Sometimes, he felt despondent. The doctor said that if it was an eating disorder he might have to be hospitalised and fed intravenously. But for now, they were waiting for some bloodwork to rule out some more obscure alternative diagnoses. In the mean time, John kept working out and eating as much as he could force himself too. He was sitting at 162 lbs, down from 175 at the start. He still looked healthy - he even had vascular forearms for the first time in his life. But he did feel noticeably lethargic and weak. Every time he finished a gym session, he was so exhuasted he had to crash onto his bed as soon as he got home. He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep lifting weights like this. *** Jordan was the most restless he'd ever been in his life. He had been training weights since he was 15 and taking a break was driving him crazy. Usually he enjoyed taking time off, but then normally he had hobbies to distract him like skiing or surfing. But Coach had forbidden it. He had way more energy now that he was eating a normal diet. But he couldn't spend it doing stuff he enjoyed. He spent a lot of time alone in the house. He found he had a lot of sexual energy, so he hooked up with a few girls from around campus - some friends of friends, some tinder matches - but it didn't satisfy him for long and it was a lot of effort, so more and more he found himself jerking off by himself. Of course, to start with, his masturbation was fuelled by porn. But as the days passed, watching women's bodies wasn't doing it for him any more. And men's bodies didn't exactly do it for him, either. There was really only one body that turned him on, and it was his own. There was no question that Jordan had the best natural body on campus. By this point, he was 250 lbs of 19 year-old beef. His 48" pecs jutted out over his killer 6-pack. He had a perfect adonis belt and thick arms. Naturally hairless except the wispy growths in the pits beneath his wide shoulders. His 34" waist gave him perfect proportions. He could easily give up football and do bodybuilding instead. Fuck, he knew some guys on juice who were competing, and he was already bigger than they were. Jordan spent many evenings in his room practicing flexing his muscles. It was honestly bothering him slightly. Until recently, he would get laid regularly, and masturbate every once in a while as a backup. Now, it was reversed - he found admiring himself to be a lot more satisfying than having sex with women. They just didn't excite him like his own physique did. *** After about 3 weeks, Jordan and John both got a phone call telling them to come to the medical campus immediately. When they arrived, a pair of hospital staff escorted them deep into the facility. Along the way, John noticed a bunch of biohazard warnings. The two of them sat in a waiting room for 10 minutes. John was in awe of the muscular stud in front of him. He looked like a wet dream made into flesh. He was wearing shorts, trainers and a tank top, that left very little to the imagination. Jordan didn't really pay much attention to the small, unimposing Jordan. He thought that he looked kind of gay. "Twinks", Jordan thought to himself, "that's the skinny gay thing, right?" Eventually, they were called into a doctor's office. An athletic, middle-aged man greeted them. He had quite a serious expression, and spoke solemnly to the two students in an Eastern-European accent. "Boys, you can call me Doctor Ben. You've been called here because you both had bloodwork done, and the results were quite unambiguous. I'm afraid to tell you that you've both been infected by a virus. Unfortunately, it's an extremely rare disease for which there is no known cure. It seems to exclusively target men, preferentially young men. "The good news is that we believe it is not life-threatening. Typically, the infection lasts 2-4 months before leaving your system. You will need to be quarantined until the infection runs its course. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to continue your studies - you will have to repeat this year's education. "The virus is known as 'adonivirus', a reference to the Greek god Adonis, although the name can be misleading. The virus takes over cells primarily in adipose and muscular tissue, although it has a preference for muscle tissue. How the course of infection progresses varies depending on the immune response. "The body naturally tries to fight the infection by 'eating' its own fat and muscle tissue. The body no longer needs as much energy from food, and it will reject food if you try to overeat. Eventually, the body wastes away to the point that the virus can't sustain itself, and it dies out. The body will slowly recover, but the enhanced metabolism can persist for many years. Although it sounds bad, the long term survival prognosis is quite good, and people who survive the initial infection are typically able to maintain a healthy body weight. "However, for some people, the virus operates very differently. If your body lacks the right genes for fighting the infection, the virus can grow unchecked. "The virus starts by infecting the muscle and adipose tissue. Once there is no tissue left to infect, it begins to compromise the entire endocrine system - that's the body's hormone system. The goal is to maximise the body's ability to gain muscle mass. In extreme cases, the virus has been known to have other side effects as well, that appear to enhance the body's ability to grow beyond its natural limits. "Eventually, the virus population grows out of control and burns itself out. We still aren't sure how this happens. Unlike the immune system response, the changes that the virus makes are permanent. "In the past, doctors have tried to limit the effects of the virus, for example by artificially restoring the hormone balance in patients. However, this approach backfired - the virus simply redoubles its efforts, resulting in even more severe body changes. So, the best practice is to try the opposite approach, and 'cooperate' with the virus until it burns itself out, through weight training. "In both cases, you will need specialist nutrition and exercise plans. Because this disease is so rare, only a handful of medical practictioners around the world are able to treat it. I am the most senior expert on the virus in the world, and the government has asked me to treat you. Until I give the all-clear, you are legally forbidden from leaving this facility. "I have been studying this virus for 15 years, and I was flown here specifically to prepare this facility for you. The truth is, we have never had two cases this early in the disease lifecycle. If we are better able to understand this disease, it could be life-changing for millions of people. Not only other people who become infected, but if we are able to reverse-engineer the mechanisms that the virus uses, we could revolutionise the way that we treat obesity and frailty around the world. "For this reason, we would like to recruit you into a research study on the effects of the virus. If you agree, as an added incentive, we will waive your tuition loan and give each of you a $150,000 one-off payment. I want you to know that we are completely serious about this opportunity. "We will need to do regular checks on your blood and vital organs, and occasional body scans. But our interventions will be purely observational. We don't intend to deviate from existing treatment best practices. "Anyway, you don't have to decide right away. We can talk about this more tomorrow morning. I have prepared the paperwork for you to review in your sleeping quarters. Unfortunately, I only had time to properly quarantine a single bedroom. So, until I am able to prepare a second room, you will have to share. I must remind you that, although participation in this study is voluntary, your quarantine is not. "I'm sorry boys, this must be a lot to take in... if you have any questions, I would be happy to talk you through them..." *** John's head was spinning when he was dropped off in his room. The concrete walls were painted a clinical white, except for one wall of mirrors. There was a lot of space, two hospital beds and a couple of desks, as well as two wardrobes. Apparently John had been processed faster than Jordan, because the jock wasn't there yet. Next to each bed were some stacks of cardboard boxes. John opened one and found it contained a bunch of his clothing and possessions. There was a note attached to it. "John," it said. On the back, it said "Unfortunately, you won't be able to take any of this back with you after you leave. It will need to be destroyed. We will pay to replace them. Sorry. - Dr. Ben" None of this felt real to John. He dug through his stuff until he found his laptop. It worked fine, and the room had campus WiFi. He tried to call his parents, but they wouldn't pick up. He left them a message asking them to call right away. John was exhausted - not just from the events of the day, he was also generally fatigued, these days. Eventually, he passed out in bed, unable to keep his eyes open, waiting for Jordan to get in. *** Dr. Ben had run a full suite of physical exams for Jordan, almost as much as Coach had run when Jordan had first signed up to football. It was the first exercise Jordan had done in weeks, but he crushed it. He didn't get out until after midnight, but when he got into his room, he was still pumped with energy. His roommate looked like he was fast asleep when he got in. Jordan peeled off his sweaty atheltic gear and chucked it on the ground, trying not to wake him. The lights had been dimmed, but he could make out a whole wall of mirrors. Sweet, he thought. This place was even better than his old room! Chucking off his trainers and socks, the teen whipped out his semi-hard, 8-inch cock. Nothing to quickly burn through some energy than a quick flex and jerk-off, right? Jordan had always been pleased with his above-average endowment, it rounded off his physique perfectly. He wondered if the little twink had woken up and was watching, and it make his dick twitch. He put on a show for the mirror. Starting with a double bicep pose, his 20" arms bulging, his pits slightly damp from exertion, his large cock jutting out from his 34" waist. Then he followed it up with a most muscular. He could swear he looked bigger than last time. The realisation went straight to his cock. The huge mirror made his physique look even more awesome. As he bounced his pecs, his dick jumped to the rythm. "God, I hope the little runt is awake," he though to himself. "Oh, jesus. I'm so powerful. God damn..." After a few minutes of this, his cock erupted hands-free, all over the floor, making a faint, sloppy slap with each jet. Jordan hadn't thought about how to handle it. So as he came down from his post-orgasm high, he grabbed his used underwear and wiped it up as best he could. Although, there was a lot to get through. Jordan collapsed on his bed, naked, on top of the covers, his cock still half-hard - it was never fully satisfied these days - and thought to himself about everything. He was gonna have to break it to his parents that he wouldn't make varsity this year. Would he even be allowed to play sports now? Geez, what was he going to do with his life? After a few minutes, though, the post-orgasm high faded and Jordan faded into a comfortable night's sleep.

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