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  1. http://charlesreeza.tumblr.com/
  2. I loved it. Especially Aiden at the end. Love the idea of a super shy guy hulking out and becoming a superstud. Also love that it ended with the two of them holding hands. Well done Ace!
  3. Also, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, this is an altered reality male/male conversion story: https://www.gayspiralstories.com/wiki/show/1mnGZgIOYlQPlZ32KdBsGvzIANEXhgFqjXl06OIcp4d0 It's not as heavy on the muscle as I'd like, but the quality of the writing is decent enough.
  4. Did someone say my name three times? Retroactive Changes on the Kindle Store
  5. Very hot beginning. Is everyone going to be unaware of the changes? Really excited to see where this goes.
  6. Nice work Ace! Very dark and twisted, and very hot.
  7. Holy shit! I haven't been on here in forever and then I find this. So damn hot. I'm in awe all over again every time I read one of your stories at your ability to keep the sex so hot and so fresh. I'm absolutely loving this story.
  8. There's my Troublemaker on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UEZNMTM And my Computer Generated: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DKI953W
  9. I've been dying to read another AKA story. Loved it! Muscle growth and the reality altering were very hot.
  10. http://hughmichelsen.tumblr.com/post/86785641583/how-was-i-supposed-to-know-coach-would-do-that-i
  11. I don't have a link but I think it's one of Absqrst's stories. The guy's name was Thor.
  12. Gah! Had to edit the above because I screwed up one paragraph. These reality altering stories are difficult to plan out and difficult to communicate as outlines.
  13. Got a new story idea I’m kicking around, but am having trouble giving the characters some hurdles to overcome. Any ideas or suggestions, based on what I’ve cobbled together below? Characters: Abe - The boss. Small man. Napoleon complex. Very petty. Very wealthy. Rich - slightly overweight. Not strong. Gay. Envious of super hot guys. Works for Abe. Friends with Tucker. Outspoken and defiant, mostly under his breath. Tucker - a decent looking guy but nothing special. Not muscular or particularly handsome or breath-taking. Middle of the road. Not overweight but not too skinny. Used to be overweight and is very sensitive about what he eats. Also gay. Works for Abe. Friends with Rich. Shy and quiet. Curtis - narrator. Works for Abe with Rich and Tucker. A little on the ugly side. Skinny and short. Gabe - Abe’s office admin / secretary. Hot - toned and lean. Straight. Hates Abe as much as the rest of them. Too cool for school and doesn’t usually socialize with them. He’s on his way to better things, even if he is just the secretary. Angela - Abe’s boss. Very attractive. Very bossy. Like the warden of the prison in Orange is the New Black Season 1 and 2. Story outline: Abe is in charge of the department with Rich, Tucker and Curtis. He treats all three of them like shit, lording the fact that he’s their boss over them and constantly threatening to fire them. Takes credit for their work and demands that they work overtime regularly to make himself look better. Also wants to sleep with his own boss, an extremely hot woman who is also a jerk. Rich, Tucker and Curtis all complain that they could do their own job as well as Abe’s easily without Abe, and in less time because he wouldn’t be getting in the way and changing his mind and making them change things constantly or forcing them to slow down and explain everything they are doing so he understands. One afternoon Rich shouts, excited. His download (of MasterMaker/MasterPC/Chronivac) just finished. Abe shows up and tells him to get back to work. Rich doesn’t talk back at all, which is unlike him. He acts like he’s sick and hightails it out of there. Curtis considers asking Tucker out, but doesn’t, because he mistakenly thinks that Tucker is into Rich. The next morning, Rich is absolutely huge, muscular and so intimidating. Abe avoids him, asking Curtis and Tucker to do all of the work. Rich smirks. Curtis (the narrator) doesn’t notice anything as being different. But Tucker, when he sees Rich, is shocked. Asks him what the fuck is going on. Curtis tries to calm him down, because he doesn’t want Abe to come down on them again. Rich tells Tucker to chill and he’ll explain everything later, which confuses Curtis, who still doesn’t realize anything is different. Rich walks around the office all day like he owns the place. He doesn’t get any work done, constantly flexing and taking selfies. Goes shopping for even more revealing clothes at lunch, which he shows off seductively to Tucker and Curtis. Curtis rolls his eyes, used to this kind of behavior from the extremely hot Rich. Tucker stares all day, dumbfounded. Abe, their boss is an even bigger dick today than in the past, because he’s intimidated by Rich. Curtis doesn’t notice, but Tucker and Rich do. Abe even spills some coffee, because he’s a little clumsy, and blames it on Tucker. The next day, Tucker is shocked when he sees Abe mopping the floor. Curtis shakes his head, wondering what is up with Tucker. Abe’s been the janitor for an entire year. Curtis is surprised that Tucker knows his name, because they don’t usually talk to him. Tucker asks who their boss is, knowing. Rich swaggers in, wearing a suit custom tailored to his exquisite form, big smirk on his face. Tells them, jokingly, that they better get to work if they want to keep their jobs. When Gabe comes over to tell him about something, he ogles him appreciatively. He’s even flirty, which Curtis has always thought was inappropriate. Gabe pretends not to notice, but doesn’t like it, Curtis knows. Rich goes into his office eventually but shortly after, Gabe comes to fetch Tucker, who goes into Rich’s office for the rest of the morning. Tucker comes out, super hot and muscular now. Big as a house and as intimidating as Rich. Still shy and quiet. Rich comes back out with him, and tries to get Tucker to have a flex-off with him in the middle of the day. Then his boss, Angela, shows up. Wonders why no one is working. Takes Rich into his office and chews him out and then leaves. He leaves shortly after her, angry as hell and humiliated. Curtis finally screws up the courage to ask Tucker out, something he’s been trying to do for weeks. Tucker agrees, quiet and they both share knowing glances all day. Instead of going out, Tucker follows him home and they have mind blowing sex at Curtis’s place. Curtis can’t believe how lucky he is, and can’t believe how self-conscious a muscle stud like Tucker is. Despite the transformation, Tucker still thinks of himself as a shy, insecure fat man. The next day, Curtis gets to work and walks into the bathroom. Rich is getting his dick sucked by Abe, the janitor. Talks down to him, calling him a dumb slut. Takes him a few minutes to even notice Curtis, who can’t help but get turned on. Rich winks at him and then sprays his load all over the janitor’s face. Curtis stumbles back out, hits the wall that is now Tucker. Tucker asks him if he’s ok, and he nods, but doesn’t say anything. When Rich comes out seconds later, followed by the janitor, Tucker figures out what just happened. Rich goes to high-five him, but Tucker leaves him hanging. Rich goes back to his office, a little annoyed. Tucker is dumbfounded. Asks Abe if he’s all right. Abe shrugs. Job’s a job. He can’t afford to lose his. And it’s not like he has much dignity. He’s just a stupid janitor. Tucker’s angry and marches into Rich’s office. Leaves the door open and everyone can hear him telling Rich he’s gone too far and destroyed that man’s life. Rich tells him to mind his own business. Tucker storms out. Everyone else goes back to work. During the afternoon, Abe gets called into Rich’s office numerous times. Next day, Curtis gets to work and sees there are two janitors: Tucker and his boss, who Curtis thinks is named Abe. Remembers Tucker because he’s so big and sexy, bursting out of his janitor uniform. Tucker is quiet and shy. Abe, now his boss, is just as much of a tyrant as he was before Rich made his changes. Rich watches Tucker, wondering if he really doesn’t know. Rich even makes a mess somewhere and calls Tucker to clean it up. Tucker dutifully does, not knowing that Rich is purposefully targeting him. Curtis doesn’t get it either, because he doesn’t know what’s going on. Feels bad for Curtis, who he thinks is a big sexy sweety. That day, Angela shows up for her weekly fucking by Rich. They all hear it and all know it’s happening. Later that day, Rich calls in Gabe and makes a pass at him. Gabe gets angry and quits on the spot. Says he’s not spineless like the janitor. Threatens to sue Rich on his way out. Somewhere around here, Abe would spill Rich’s coffee all over his laptop, destroying it, and robbing him of the only copy he had of MasterPC. Questions: Given all of the above, I’ve got a (hot) sequence of events, but no underlying theme to the story, no real character development and no significant challenges for any of them. The only real candidates for any kind of development are Rich and Curtis, because Curtis isn’t directly changed by Rich and because Rich is in charge throughout. But I’m not sure what to do with either of them. Should Rich learn a lesson? And if so, what should the lesson be? Is there a challenge he should face that he keeps putting off and then can’t face it without help from his friends after he’s lost MasterPC?
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