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  1. Bruno

    Natural muscle boy

    Hi everyone. Im New here, and I dont know the english language Very well, but I have some stories about a Young muscular boy I meet at my youth. Sorry my english, but Focus at the story I want to share you about my neighbor and his natural muscle body. The first time a see my new neighbor I was in chock. The boy my age in that time, about 18 yo. He is a very sportive, atlete, with a incredible lags, man. I never see lags like that, with a big and protuberant muscle shape, really impressive! One day after college he was in trouble with some heavy stuffs in his car and I came close for help him. He was Very swety, under his white and weat t-shirt I could notice a perfect six pecs ABS without flex. Shit! Carring up the refrigerator his t-shirt seens to me Very short for his muscle body. His big ball biceps was almost ripping the t-shirt. That I wish!! When we put the last object at the floor, he thanks me for help and ofert a Glass of water. In that moment his left pec bouce a little bit under his t-shirt, the suficientilly to make me horny. I could feel my dick wake up so fast. Dam, a little pump! We start a conversation about his life. Only he and his mother lives there, but she is almost always at the job. I could notice that his right arm has out of t-shirt when he touch the wall. Hello, big bíceps, I think! Man, I was hipnotized, and he notice that! What should I do? I ask if he work whit his body, he told me he is a soccer player, but he loves calistenia. When he say that he flex his right biceps, so that big ball in his arm smached e almost repart and two. A real (BI)ceps with 2 big muscle strachs. Impressive. Beautiful! Masculine. To Hard, huge and strong biceps for a 18yo boy. Perfect shape My cock almost explode under pants. He came to the backyard and he show the first thing he instal at home, a bar. With no cerimone he up the bar and repeat 10 muscle up with good tecnique, and when came to the floor simply take off his t-shirt. I could see every single muscle of his arms, shouder, chest and toned pecs, and his ABS... Wow! Like a rock, his 6 pacs abs now are shinning of swety. And than, a doble biceps flex! Now its a factura, he is Very exibicionist. What a view!! Lucky mine. ......... To be continue .... I Hope You liked my storie. I really would like to share you more of that great muscle experience.
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