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    Southeast Asia
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    real profile.
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    Drawing, speaking different languages and muscle
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    5'10", 198 lbs (kinda chubby, with a decent amount of muscle if I lose all the fat)
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    People I can share stuff with. Oh, and a good motivation for me to start working out
  • What are your dream stats?
    Same as it is now, but mostly muscles AND a flat stomach
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    Any story that grows the deuteragonist instead of the main character
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Jeff Seid
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    Muscle. Muscle growth. Clothes ripping

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  1. Sora18

    Teacher grows

    I think it's called The New Professor - A Forced Growth Story Here's the link:
  2. Looks like you put a whole lot of effort in writing this; I appreciate that. Spoken like a true pro! And thanks for the awesome advice
  3. This pretty much answers my question. Good going, you pointed out every part I'm having trouble with and listed out good solutions at the same time. This probably will help a lot. Thanks, man!
  4. I'll be honest, I'm not fit. Just lucky enough that I can look good in some clothing, but put me in the wrong clothes and I'll look flabby all over. Also, I have the what's-the-point-of-doing-this-I'm-just-gonna-quit-anyway attitude whenever it comes to putting effort in working out. I'm lazy af and I wanna change that but I need some motivation. And if you got any tips on workouts that doesn't require weights, I appreciate if you do tell me. Sorry if I ran off topic at the end. P.S. I've been a lurker without an account for quite some time and I find this website really helpful.

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