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    Specific to this site: muscle, bodybuilders (natural or roid), muscle worship.
    In general: travel, writing, philosophy, food, cinema, theatre, journalism
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    6'4" 110kg
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    Married, so not seeking a relationship, but casual Muscle worship, dominant bodybuilders for me to worship, bodybuilding support chat, maybe a few regular workout buddies in central London.
    Who knows, if there is a dominant bodybuilder personal trainer out there who has a fetish to grow and enlarge his own worshippers personally - hit me up.
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    6’4 (same height) to be well under 10% body fat, and huge but natural
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    Not any specific bodybuilders. Just anyone sufficiently huge, tall, and who likes being muscle-worshipped.
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    To be an occasional or regular submissive worshipper to huge, superswole male bodybuilders in private.

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  1. I would absolutely love to know if there was a Personal Training scenario of this in real life. Where a very good quality, highly qualified and successful personal trainer in the fitness industry, one who knows how to get good results and is really engaging and looks after his clients also happens to have a small circle of “special” clients that he secretly also owns. He’s not a personal trainer as a cover story, he genuinely trains his clients for real, in a sincere way, but at a certain point, not only are you motivated by your own body results that you get from training, but there’s the added incentive that the more you train and the more goals you hit, the more that worshipping HIS body and the more he secretly owns you turbocharges your own motivation and drive to keep building muscle and fitness. I would totally hire such a personal trainer if one exists...
  2. Oh that is good advice. I’m an ex-journalist and so I could totally see myself being fascinated by them and wanting to get to know them. Unfortunately it’s a bit of an ingrained response in me and I wouldn’t be doing it to pry, and definitely not because I wanted to publish a story or anything like that (journalists have private lives too) but I can totally see myself just veering off course to get to know them. It kinda just feels like it would be even hotter if he knew he was allowed to say “shut up, bitch and suck my dick!” or shove my face into his pecs without any warning or being forcefully smothered by his armpit or whatever to shut me up.
  3. A glance at your profile pic (and those rather fine looking, bulging pecs) and a look at your stats would suggest you are quite a hige bodybuilder, and a damn hot one to worship too.
  4. The thing is, you are describing my own husband who has a relatively muscular body. Not a bodybuilder, but is strong, and has both good genetics and is athletic-big-fit. The trouble is, he doesn’t share my muscle worship kink. He doesn’t enjoy having to “perform” nor does he exclusively got for muscular guys. He looks at extremely roided guys and they don’t do anything for him. And big juiced up bodybuilders don’t really do it for me in terms of my “normal” sexual interests. It really is a bit of an isolated fetish for me that exists separate and outside of my normal sex life normal enjoyment of sex. It’s a bit of an outlier that I really get the hankering for every so often. so I really would only ever want to worship a giant swole steroid bodybuilder. Though, your explanation that worshippees can and do get hard at the praise and pleasure of being enjoyed by the worshipper does make me feel better about pursuing muscle worship. Perhaps even if I had to pay in the future, knowing it wasn’t entitely for the money would help. Because if it’s just for the money, that doesn’t satisfy my desire, as the worshipper, to please.
  5. Wow, your attitude is so hot I got hard just from you describing yourself. Your alpha demeanour carries over in your writing as well. This whole discussion has been really useful - and hot. I’ve never actually worshipped a bodybuilder in real life, so the process of finding one feels a bit awkward and potentially embarrassing. I have to admit I am a little bit turned off by the prospect of having to pay for it. It seems like that’s a sort of “industry standard” in how muscle worship works. I would much rather find a bodybuilder who enjoys getting their muscles worshipped as their own fetish or kink in their own right. A bodybuilder who knows they are arousing their worshipper to almost unbearable levels fuels not just their ego but also their own sex drive. I realise that I’m searching for a bit of a unicorn - but the fact so many bodybuilders are doing it for mostly financial gain does dampen my enthusiasm to “just do it” a little bit. It always seems a bit too transactional. i suppose if I ever do manage to live out a few of my worshipping fantasies, I would have to be certain that there was fairly mutual erotic pleasure happening. I’m not submissive in the BDSM sense. I’m fairly assertive - even dominant. But for me, the fantasy of worshipping a huge, roided muscle freak is kind of individual from my normal sexual fantasies, or at least, exists as its own self-contained one. Whenever I fantasise about worshipping such a huge muscleman (or ponder doing it for real in he future) I feel like I get In a very obedient headspace where I’m very eager to please and I would kiss/lick/tweak/sniff/suck wherever I was asked to. But I would need to know that the bodybuilder also derives an intense amount of genuine sexual satisfaction and gratification from the act of being worshipped, and not just “going through the motions” for the money.
  6. I agree. I don’t walk around consciously reminding myself that I’m tall. But at the most random moments, other people will bring it up. It’s not offensive, I’m not annoyed by it, but being reminded of it always feels kind or out-of-nowhere and sudden. I’m 6’4 and. I personally think I’m about as tall as I would want to be. I wouldn’t want to be taller, but I wouldn’t want to be shorter. But I definitely want to be more muscular. i feel a way bigger sense of satisfaction if and when other guys say things like “wow, dude, you look like you work out a lot”. When they tell me I’m tall, even if they’re impressed or intimidated it feels like a neutral statement of fact.
  7. Autosexual, you say? Where do we find more of your people? You autosexuals are frustratingly hard to find. Lol. Try being 6’4” and built like a rugby prop, but not being an actual bodybuilder. Trying to find a bodybuilder bigger than me, but also of muscle mountain proportions and not just “manly and fit” who gets off on being worshipped is like trying to find a unicorn.
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