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  1. A few months back I read a story about this dude who invited someone over with the intent of stealing from him. I remember the story was part series where a group of men met in a warehouse after discovering a way to steal size from people. I remember the main character discovers this group of men with his boyfriend and they try to stop them. The group of men were led by a specific dude who was bigger than the rest. in this particular part, One of the group members is looking for a victim to give him size and finds a neighbor who is interested in him and his new muscles. As the neighbor comes over, they play games or something and begin to talk about how the man got so big. The man responds “I can show you” and he gets the neighbor to suck him. This triggers the growth. Afterwords the neighbor is mortified and the now bigger man shows little remorse. He even tells the neighbor that he will see him again and make this a regular thing. I found this one part in the series very hot And would love to read it again. If it helps I want to say it was either in the unfinished story section or continuous story section. thanks!
  2. Does anyone know any good choose your own adventure type story centered around muscle growth, domination, worship, etc? I love the idea of being able to choose what happens to the characters.
  3. Love this story!! Can’t wait to read more from you!
  4. Here's Chapter 2! Let me know what kind of things you'd want to see in the future CHAPTER 2: The Host * 4:00pm - 8 hours before the Halloween Party * As he thrust his dick as deep as it could go into the college jock’s ass, Venom could feel the process begin. The symbiotes began bursting from the tip of his cock, spreading inside the hunk’s body. Second by second the jock was being consumed by Venom from the inside out. “Fuck man. Please let me go.” He whined as he began coughing and trying to clear his throat. Suddenly the black gel-like material began creeping out of his mouth and forming a latex mask around the jock’s face. “Relax boy” Venom hissed. “You said you wanted to be powerful like me. I’m giving you a taste of that power.” The symbiotic gel crept down the Jock’s neck, making its way back towards Venom. “You mean I’ll be powerful like you? And I’ll be able to control it like you do?” The Jock whispered with a faltering voice that sounded full of fear. As the symbiotes made contact with Venom they began to merge pulling the boy into Venom, morphing them together. With a sinister laugh Venom growled back at the jock. “You think I’d let you control this power? Venom chose me boy, so I’ll be in complete control. You said you wanted to be powerful, so WE are letting you feel what it’s like to be powerful. Your muscles will become part of our body, making us stronger and more muscular. You will feel and see everything we do, but that’s it.” The jock began to scream as the last of his face and body was consumed by Venom. “Don’t worry boy, you are now part of Venom… but I AM Venom!!” With these words, the college jock was completely absorbed by venom, causing the symbiotes body to morph and inflate with immense amounts of muscle. “Oh, how fun this party is going to be. So many humans to feed my hungry muscles” the creature hissed to himself while inspecting his newly engorged biceps. With a dark and sinister laugh, Venom bounced his pecs and left the locker room, the symbiote receding into its host’s body. *24 hours earlier* Quinn got home from the costume shop with his lifeguard outfit for the following day’s party. He looked at the clock: 4pm. Plenty of time to hit the gym and get a nice pump. After all, he needed to look good for tomorrow’s “Midnight Madness Halloween Extravaganza” that the college throws every year. He couldn’t wait to rub and flaunt his jacked up body in that little runt Frankie’s face. “Hah! Fucking loser” Quinn joked to himself before grabbing his gym bag and heading off to the gym. After a grueling workout with his bro and head of the college wrestling team Dakota, Quinn was feeling pumped as hell and ready to take on the world. “Fuck ya Dak. Look at this pump man.” He said has he stood in the mirror doing a shirtless crab pose. “The girls are gonna love how big I’m gettin.” Dakota chuckled as he sat looking at his own pump in the mirror. He had been friends with Quinn ever since the two began rooming together Freshman year. At the time Quinn was quite small. 4 years later and Dakota was proud of the man his once tiny Roomie had become. Although he had also been bigger due to wrestling and years of lifting, Dakota loved watching his buddy get closer and closer to his size. And he loved even more to see Quinn confidently antagonize those smaller than him. In fact, Dakota often instigated Quinn to antagonize “little Frankie”. Funny enough, right at that moment “little Frankie” was getting off a nearby elliptical. “Yo Q. Look at pipsqueak over there. You should go show him what a beast you are in the locker room.” The two stalked Frankie into the back of gym’s locker room. “Hey shrimp!” Quinn beamed as he corned Frankie by the shower. “Fuck off Quinn. I didn’t bother you so don’t bother me.” Frankie’s voice was weak as the intimidating bully stood in front of him. Frankie couldn’t help but notice how jacked Quinn looked. His pecs were covered in sweat and there was a thick vein running along the Jocks left bicep. Quinn tensed his muscles, Dakota in the background watching with glee. “I bet you wish you could look this good.” Frankie gave the brute a shove on the chest and walked past him. “Oh so you wanna feel my muscles now don’t you? I didn’t know you were gay for muscle, runt. I bet you liked how hard they felt.” Except Quinn knew very well that Frankie was gay. Back in Freshman year, the two were actually quite close. Back before Quinn got all buddy buddy with Dakota and the rest of the wrestling team that is. Frankie even confided in Quinn that he was gay. As Quinn watched Frankie leave the locker room he couldn’t stop thinking about their past. He didn’t regret turning into the jock he was now or even that he pushes Frankie around for not being like him. But he does wish he was brave enough to come out like Frankie was. But he just couldn’t. Not with Dakota and the other wrestlers around. They’d never understand. Quinn constantly worried that if he did tell them he was gay, they’d stop hanging out with him and teaching him to lift. Or even worse, they’d begin to pick on him like they do with Frankie. Quinn resented Frankie for the freedom he had. Despite acting cocky, he was still quite low on the Jock’s totem pole. Now if someone like Dakota were to be gay, it’d be a different story. The jocks respect him as their leader and the authoritative power he has over them. But alas, Quinn would always be just the guy who joined their group. Quinn suddenly felt a pit in his stomach as he realized he was standing there with a massive hard on. Thinking about the other Jocks pushing him around always seemed to excite him for some reason. “Yo Q! What do you have a thing for that loser?” Dakota broke the silence with a harsh tone. Quinn stood there silently panicking. What was he going to say? “Uh no man. It just feels so fucking good being so powerful and masculine.” Dakota knew Quinn liked dominating smaller guys, but not this much. “That’s sick bro. But remember I could whoop your ass in a second.” Dakota cockily cocked his head, grinning while saying this. “Ya ya man. I know. You’re the ‘alpha-dog.’ You tell me all the time.” Quinn was relieved that he got Dakota off his case. But it wasn’t without another warning. “You better not be getting gay on me bro. We have tons of ladies to get tomorrow night at the party.” With a heavy pat on the back, Dakota left Quinn standing there alone in the empty locker room. Feeling dejected, Quinn made his way to the nearby shower. The warm water running down his hard worked muscles felt great. All Quinn wanted to do was forget everything that had just happened between him and Dakota. Deep in thought, Quinn didn’t realize that the shower water was beginning to sputter slightly. Unbeknownst to him, a black gel-like substance was beginning to seep from the shower head. After a few seconds Quinn began to realize there was a drop in water pressure. He began to rub the soap away from his eyes so he could open them, but as his eyelids allowed the locker room lights to pierce his retinas the black gel shot itself at Quinn’s face. Quinn let out a guttural scream as his vision went black; the gel spreading itself around his face and the back of his head. Dropping to his knees, all Quinn could do was try to rip the substance free. Grabbing the goo-like material, he began to tear and rip at his face. But all his effort was for nothing as the symbiote continued to re-link itself. The black goo continued to slink itself down Quinn’s neck, shoulders, chest and stomach. Right as the gel reached the jock’s waist, he suddenly began convulsing. It looked as though every single muscle on Quinn had a heart beat of its own, each pulsing in unsynchronized rhythms. After a few more seconds the symbiote had reached Quinn’s thighs and calves, ignoring his crotch area. As he continued to fight and tear at the goo covering his face, the jock was getting much larger in size. In fact his torso had nearly double in muscle mass. Without realizing, Quinn threw himself into the shower stall’s wall. This caused it to crack and crumble from the pressure of his immense frame. With another motion, Quinn threw his arms in the air, tearing the shower head off the wall in the process. Finally the symbiote had wrapped itself around Quinn’s feet, his legs becoming tree trunks of muscle in the process. With every last bit of fight he had left in him, Quinn gripped the gel covering the front of his chest. He gave one final tug, momentarily exposing his newly muscled and veiny chest. As the symbiote quickly patched the hole he’d just made, it simultaneously wrapped its around the Jock’s fully erect cock, using it as an access point inside his body. While the symbiote entered the tip of Quinn’s cock, flooding his scrotum, he suddenly stopped fighting completely. “Fuck” he moaned. At this point two eye-like fixtures appeared on the gooey mask covering his face. The engorged alpha slowly raised his muscled arm, inspecting every inch of it. In a single swift motion he punched the air in front of him. The symbiotic gel flung itself from his arm and pierced a hole in the wall across the room. “You’re right. We are powerful.” Quinn continued to moan. He gripped the remaining pieces of the crumbling shower stall. As he began to put some pressure, the cement melted to dust under his immense strength. “Thank you for choosing me.” Quinn said with a wicked cackle. “This world belongs to us. This world belongs to VENOM!” Quinn… or Venom roared. *a few minutes earlier inside Quinn’s head* “Hello boy. I am Venom and I have chosen to bond with you. Together we will be unstoppable. When bonding with a host, any muscle fibers I touch mutate and gain nearly 150% strength and density.” Quinn raises his arm and inspects it, verbally moaning “Fuck.” Venom continues to speak inside Quinn’s head. “And together, you have the ability to control me. We are very powerful together. I’ll show you my boy. Punch your arm towards the wall.” Quinn follows directions. It feels unworldly lifting his densely packed arm. Quinn has never felt a strength such as this. He feels unstoppable because knowing that he could do whatever he wanted to. He had so much muscle and strength that no one could contest him. Even the world's strongest man would be a child compared to him. Watching every muscle striation through the black Lycra-like suit, Quinn thrust his arm forward, cutting the air in front of him. Instantly, the Lycra liquified and shot itself in the direction of the wall across the room, leaving a crater in the concrete. Wild thoughts of power, domination, and obedience began to fill Quinn’s mind. He had become a mutant of inconceivable power and loved every minute of it. “You’re right. We are powerful” he moaned. Quinn needed to see what else his... their powers could do. He loved that he could easily crush cement in his vice grip. Quinn began to sadistically laugh. “Thank you for choosing me.” Quinn knew what he had to do. He no longer was the human known as Quinn. “This world belongs to us! This world belongs to Venom!” “That’s right…” the creature responded. “And together we will make humans submit to our authority.” As Venom began to step out of the shower, the locker room door swung open. In came one of the local bodybuilders. “Now’s our time to feed” the creature thought, Quinn’s thoughts now speaking in unison. Like it was instinct, Quinn… I mean Venom knew exactly what to do. He shot his arms in the bodybuilder’s direction. The symbiotic gel flung itself at him, latching itself onto his body. As it began to retract towards Venom, the bulky man was thrown to the ground and dragged towards the inhuman creature. Once face to face, Venom began to speak. His voice had become a mix of what Quinn’s once was, but sounded deeper and had a hiss to it. “Are you scared of me.” He taunted the bodybuilder. “Y.. yes” was all the hefty man could say. “Good boy. Fear our power” hissed venom. “Do you want to know what this kind of power feels like.” Venom said has he began flexing his biceps, leaning in so they were right in front of the bodybuilders face. “Kiss them.” The beast commanded. The bodybuilder obliged and began to beg “please let me feel the power that you possess.” Without a word, venom nodded and began to cackle. In one swift motion he tore the Lycra leggings off of the bodybuilders legs, exposing two pillars of food for the creature to consume. “Relax!” Venom commanded as he turned the bodybuilder around and began fucking him in the ass. Venom no longer had to fear being gay like Quinn once had. He was too powerful to care how anyone ever treated him again. Shortly after he had begun thrusting, the creature could feel the process begin as the symbiotes shot from his cock and spread themselves inside the jock. Surprisingly the man had little protest as the gel began to seep out of his mouth and pull him into Venom. Minutes later the two had fully merged. With a growl, Venom began to pose and flex in mirror, erotically watching himself as his muscles once again pulsed like heartbeats. With each passing second the consumed bodybuilder’s mass was being piled onto Venom’s frame at a rate of 150%. The creature looked more inhuman than ever; his biceps now towering at 25 inches, lats 2x the width of his waste, pecs sticking 6 inches out past his chin, quads thinker around than his waste, and a 6 pack of abs which was morphing into a set of 8 that very moment. Inside the creature, the bodybuilder could feel every single bit of this mutant’s power. His cells were being dispersed throughout Venom’s muscle fibers and nerves as if they were his own. He had now become Venom and the bodybuilder loved how it felt. He was ready to assume this creatures role and control it; but he was unable to move. Beginning to panic the bodybuilder cried out “why can’t I move?!” Venom began laughing as the bodybuilder lost all ability to speak, becoming a lifeless entity that could only feel anything Quinn/Venom commanded his body to do. Shifting into a most muscular pose, Venom roared and hissed wildly “who’s next to devour!” Venom thought to himself for a second and smirked. “Oh I know exactly who…” With that Venom followed his instincts again and let the symbiote recede inside of him, revealing a now gigantic Quinn. He wasn’t the same Quinn though. His eyes were sinister and he exuded an alpha attitude of testosterone filled arrogance. His jawline was a lot more defined and he was covered in thick hose-like veins. The new Quinn pulled out his phone and began to text Dakota: “Hey Bro. We should hit the gym tomorrow before the party. I want to get a nice pump in! Meet at 4?” As he waited for a response Quinn decided it would be fun to see what his new body could do without the symbiote suit. He loved how it felt to walk through the gym and have every guy staring at him like he was a freak of nature. First he approached the bench press. At first he grabbed 6 45lb plates, which ended up being easier than he’d ever expect. Next, he added 4 more plates and began grunting through 450lbs reps. After nearly 30 reps, Quinn had lured a crowd of onlookers. By the 50th rep, the symbiote infused jock was pumped beyond belief. Quinn let out an aggressive outcry, throwing the barbell to the floor and flexing for his admirers. Even without the symbiote suit he was a god. Suddenly his phone buzzed: “Ya man! Let’s get jacked for the ladies!” In a baritone rumble, Quinn hissed “Oh you have no idea!” *The Following Day* Quinn anxiously awaited Dakota’s arrival for their ‘pump session’ which the symbiote infused jock knew would actually be ‘his personal pump session.’ Sitting on a nearby bench, Quinn repped out several bicep curls, checking his phone every few minutes. Clad only in a skintight Under armour stringer top, his newly symbiote infused muscles were bulging beyond belief. Anyone who passed by was immediately drawn to Quinn’s thick traps which were causing the stringer to beg for mercy. With a simple flex, he could make its threads snap and slide off his body, but he figured he’d wait for Dakota to show that off. Right around 4:10pm, Dakota strolled into the gym, not noticing Quinn’s unrecognizable stature over by the weights. Quinn eye’d the wrestler as he made his way into the locker room. Without hesitation and ready to feast, he trailed Dakota inside. “Hey Bro” he hissed in an arrogant manor. “Who’s top dog now?” “You’re such a jokest-“ was all Dakota could get out before turning around to the behemoth that was now Quinn. The two locked eyes for several seconds before Quinn broke the dumbfounded jocks silence. “What? Cat’s got your tongue? Shocked to see your ‘little’ protégée looking like an unstoppable juggernaut of muscle?” Quinn’s upper lip curled as he resisted showing an arrogant smirk while trying to keep a stern face. “But… how” was all Dakota could get out. “So you wanna see how I became such a stud do you? Are you aroused by my godly stature?” Quinn loved mocking Dakota for the very same thing he was being mocked for yesterday. “You see boy-“ Quinn no longer felt the need to refer to Dakota by his human name. Instead all he saw was a boy who was about to be food for the creature inside of him. “-I could actually show you how to be as powerful as me.” With these words Quinn grabbed the door to the locker he was standing next to and tore it right off of its hinges. “Would you like that?” he hissed at the boy he once idolized. Quinn’s stern look was no more as the monster flexed his traps and his stringer snapped and rolled off his body. Standing there shirtless, he began tensing his pecs, causing the striations to slowly ripple underneath paper thin skin. “Y- yes! C’mon man! Show me how to be as strong as you Quinn.” Dakota pleaded with the inhuman freak in front of him. “Well if you insissssst” Quinn began letting the symbiote come out to play. Dakota watched in horror as black gel began seeping out of Quinn’s orifices, spreading itself across his shirtless body. The tentacles quickly linked themselves together forming a spandex suit around the jock’s muscular frame. Once fully suited, Venom began to speak. “You see boy, I’ve been blessed with this power. And there is only one way to give you a taste of it!” With these words Venom launched his arm at Dakota, the symbiotic tentacles flying towards and gripping onto the jock. As they began dragging Dakota towards a now fully erect Venom, the tentacles shredded the jock’s clothes off his body. “You’re a monster-” Dakota screamed, only to be interrupted by Venom. “-I know I am! And I fucking like it!! I bet you’ll like it too!” “Please let me go” the jock kicked and begged at his tormentor. “Don’t you want to know what it feels like to have the power that I do?” Venom taunted and sneered while flexing a bicep. The jock was almost face to face with the creature at this point. “I do.” Dakota moaned. His eyes were transfixed on Venom’s massive bicep. He wanted to feel what it was like to possess that kind of strength. “Then open up boy! I’m hungry!” The monster belted as his symbiotes turned the jock around. Venom proceeded to slam his gel covered dick into the jock, starting the familiar feeding process. As he continually thrust his dick as deep as it could go into Dakota’s ass, venom could feel the symbiotes bursting from the tip of his cock. The gel spread and wrapped around its prey’s internal organs, consuming him from the inside out. “Fuck man. Please let me go.” Dakota whined as he began coughing and trying to clear his throat. He was terrified and began to doubt if power was worth this. Venom no longer cared if the jock that he idolized knew he was gay. The human fears that Quinn once had didn’t matter to the inhuman beast he was now. Venom knew he could do whatever the fuck he wanted and could fuck whoever he wanted to with the power he now possessed. As the black gel began creeping out of Dakota’s mouth and forming a latex mask around his face Venom hissed, “Relax boy. You said you wanted to be powerful like me. I’m giving you a taste of that power.” The symbiotic gel crept down Dakota’s neck, making its way back towards Venom. “You mean I’ll be powerful like you? And I’ll be able to control it like you do?” Dakota whispered full of fear, his voice faltering. As the symbiotes made contact with Venom they began to merge pulling Dakota into Venom, morphing them together. With a sinister laugh Venom growled back at him. “You think I’d let you control this power? Venom chose me, so I’ll be in complete control. You said you wanted to be powerful, so we are letting you feel what it’s like to be powerful. Your muscles will become part of our body, making us stronger and more muscular. You will feel and see everything we do, but that’s it.” Dakota let out a guttural scream as the last of his face and body was consumed by Venom. “Don’t worry boy, you are now part of Venom… but I AM Venom!!” With these words, Dakota was completely absorbed by venom, causing the symbiotes body to morph and inflate with immense amounts of muscle. “Oh, how fun this party is going to be. So many humans to feed my hungry muscles” the creature hissed to himself while inspecting his newly engorged biceps. With a dark and sinister laugh, Venom bounced his pecs and left the empty locker room, the symbiote receding into Quinn’s body.
  5. This is my first story I've ever posted on here! Let me know what you think and what you think I could improve as I move forward with writing this! If you have an suggestions on where the story should go, don't be scared to leave those too! I'm still brainstorming where this might go! The AntiHero Chapter 1: Frankie no more... Frankie was just your ordinary lad. He wasn’t too muscular, not too athletic, and not at all coordinated. In fact the only thing he had going for him was his devilishly handsome face and his charming grin. Other than that Frankie was the definition of average at best. This was a big difference compared to Quinn, Frankie’s longtime rival who consistently one-upped everything Frankie tried to do. Quinn was a lad’s lad. He had the good looks, fit body, and boyish charm to get any girl swooning. He knew it too. Quinn exuded confidence and always walked around like his shit didn’t stink. He’d consistently take sexy shirtless selfies with a seductive grin for his Instagram and other socials. Day by day, Frankie could do nothing but watch his rival get all the attention and praise. Frankie was sick of living as the “average at best” kinda guy. But he didn’t know how to change it. For months he went to bed wishing every night that something would change. That he could become the better man. A real “man” among the “men”, if you know what I mean. Halloween was quickly approaching, and for once Frankie wished he could be the hunk at the costume party that was strutting around in a seductive getup. But alas, once again it would be Quinn who would most likely come dressed up as some sexy superhero, a spartan warrior, or a chippendale dancer. At least…. this is how it was supposed to be. But sometimes plans change and people change too. In fact, Frankie’s wishes may just be coming true after so many months of hope. Soon he’ll be this “man” among the men. And soon he’ll be the one strutting around the costume party in a sexy head turning getup. It was on Halloween morning when the mysterious package that would do all this arrived at Frankie’s door. Frankie was sitting and watching TV just like he does any other day, when the doorbell rang. He wasn’t expecting anyone or anything, so he was quite off-put when he opened the door to a package at his feet. He looked around for a few moments before picking up the box and bringing it inside. “Maybe it was dropped at the wrong address” Frankie thought. But alas, his name and address was on the box. Curiously, Frankie began slicing open the taped up edges with a box cutter. “I wonder what’s inside” he pondered under his breath. As he flipped open the cardboard lids, Frankie was not only taken back by what he saw, but also beginning to feel a pit of rage in his gut. “Fucking Quinn’s such an asshole” Frankie snarled through gritted teeth as he pulled out the contents. He held up what looked like a military vest and then threw it aside. His face became redder and redder as he went in for the second item in the box. He wrapped his hands around the leather straps and metallic clasps. He instantly knew what this was. “The prick thought it would be funny to get me a bane costume.” Knowing it would look awful on his slim frame, Frankie was infuriated and humiliated at the same time. There was no way he could go to the costume party now. “I bet Quinn is probably gonna wear the same costume too, just to show me up” Frankie internally sulked. He threw the mask aside, not noticing the note that was sitting at the bottom of the box. Hours passed as Frankie sat defeated, stuffing his face with junk food. The annual Halloween party was in just 45 minutes, so at this point Frankie couldn’t even think about getting another costume ready. He felt every negative emotion in the book. He was ashamed with his physical form, but also loathed the fact he was gonna miss the opportunity to attend this event. That’s when something strange happened. His phone began buzzing to a mysterious text from an unknown number. “Put the mask on Frankie, we will be one soon. Just be patient.” “What the fuck is this shit. Is he really texting me from a fake number now?” Frankie growled. “You know what fuck Quinn. I’m going to go to the party dressed as bane and be perfectly confident. That will show him.” Frankie stormed over to the box and grabbed the mask. He began to pull it over his head, and it immediately fit quite snugly around his jaw. As Frankie squeezed the mask over the back of his head, he felt a several slight stings, almost as if he was being pricked by several needles in the back of his skull. “Must just be my hair getting caught” he thought to himself. But Frankie was quite wrong. The second Frankie put the mask on, his fate was sealed and forever changed. Almost immediately, Frankie began to feel an enormous amount of pressure in the back of his head and temples. At first he thought he was going to pass out, but this sensation was quite different. Frankie felt buzzed, and quite energized. Without warning, the pain began shooting down his spine and then out towards his lats. As the pain wrapped itself around his rib cage, Frankie could feel a heat flooding his body. It went down each arm into the fingertips, through his legs, and even into his groin. “What the fuck is happening to me!” Frankie squealed in a high pitch scream of terror. He grabbed the back of the mask and attempt to pry it off his scalp, but it was just too tight. Even more, it felt like the back of the mask was latched inside his skin where the pinching feeling was felt. The pain was rapidly increasing and that’s when it began… Frankie heard a loud crack as an unbearable pain shot down his spine. He let out a blood curdling scream as his spine began stretching his frame taller. “No! Make it stop, please!” Frankie whimpered as he fell on his hands and knees to the floor. “I don’t want this anymore!” He slammed his hands into the floorboards as the unbearable pain shot to his lats and ribcage which began cracking and spreading wider apart. To Frankie’s surprise, his hit caused the wooden board to crack and splinter. “So fucking strong” Frankie moaned animalistically. There was an evil gleam in his eye for a second, but he quickly snapped out of it. “No! Did I just fucking do that.” He winced. “This isn’t me. I’m a gentle guy.” He sat on those words for a few seconds before beginning to snicker to himself. “I’m not gentle. I’m fucking powerful and dominant” he growled sadistically. As he said this, the pain moved into his chest and biceps. Interestingly, the pain wasn’t bothering Frankie as much. He actually liked how it was beginning to feel. Every second he was feeling more and more manly. More authoritative. More godly. Frankie snapped back into reality when he saw the veins in his forearms begin to plump. As they pulsed in rhythm with his heartbeat, they grew green in color and began to push against his tightening skin. Frankie watched in horror as his forearms and biceps grew thick and solid. A spider web of veins entangling around them. With his voice trembling, he whimpered “please no more!” He stood up and once again tried to rip the mask off. Despite his arms being much stronger, the mask still wouldn’t un-latch itself from the back of his skull. Frankie was beginning to feel angrier than ever. But with this anger came a feeling of power and an even greater desire for more power. He began puffing his chest out, giving his pecs room to expand into big, veiny globs full of muscle sinews. Frankie’s Black T-shirt was stretching to its limits. Any onlooker would have just assumed he was wearing an athletic compression shirt if they didn’t know it was once quite loose fitting on his frame. “Fuck this feels so good” Frankie growled while throwing his head back, letting his pecs and lats extend to their full size. At this moment, his shirt snapped open and slid off his arms. In one swift motion Frankie threw his fist at the wall, creating a crumbling crater in the cement and wood barrier. Frankie cackled and sneered a cocky grin. Frankie moved to a nearby mirror to see the god... - I mean “man” - he was turning into. Upon seeing his reflection the real Frankie suddenly came back. “No! This isn’t who I’m supposed to be. This is a monster. I’m not…” He stopped talking, transfixed on his expanding legs, which he now didn’t even notice were in a great deal of pain. In a deeper octave than just seconds ago he muttered “I AM a monster.” The hulking beast emphasized the word AM. As the last of the masks venom spread through his body, Frankie let out a guttural and baritone growl raising his biceps into a double bicep pose. “Fuck ya! I am a monster! I am fucking bane!” Bane felt an instant urge to use his strength… to break something. The first thing that came to mind was the couch his former self was sulking on all night. With a single hand he lifted the 900lb object over his head. “I’m so strong... So powerful. This feels fucking fantastic!” As he said this, Frankie… -I mean Bane - brought the couch down onto his knee, cracking it in two. He no longer feared the beast he was becoming. In fact inside little Frankie was beginning to lose himself to the power that he felt. He loved that he had become an inhumanly strong god among men. He loved that his muscles were absolutely bulging with striations and chiseled beyond belief. And most of all, he loved that he was going to show Quinn what a real “man” is supposed to be. Frankie grabbed the vest that was sitting in the box and tried to strap it over his shirtless torso, but there was no way it was going to fit. “Fuck it, I look better shirtless anyway” he snarled. Then he noticed the note sitting in the bottom of the box. He picked it up and read it aloud with his dense, baritone voice. “Frankie, I’ve chosen you to become the next King of our beings. Just put on the mask and you will be Bane. Attend the party as Bane and I will find you. Then we’ll merge and become strong enough to rule this world and force everyone to bow to our power! I know you want this Frankie. You always have, so just put on the mask.” The note was signed “Venom.” Bane’s bloodthirsty growl said it all. Deep down, the last bit of the innocent Frankie faded. “You’re right Venom. I was born to be a fucking god! I may have been Frankie, but from now on my worshipers will know me only as Bane!!!!” And with that… little Frankie was no more.
  6. Muscle theft, muscle theft, and more muscle theft, with a nice appetizer of revenge.
  7. Regan! Cause he is just such a stud!
  8. Regan because he is soooooo good looking and I'd love to see what the syringe turns him into
  9. I’m sooo looking forward to the next installment!
  10. I’ve gotta go with Regan as well. There is something so sexy about a big alpha guy with a beard. And seeing that beard poking through is such a tease!! Can’t wait to see the alpha he turns into after the serum! ?
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