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    Muscle Growth (obviously), Muscle Domination, Muscle Theft, Super Villains, Arrogant/Cocky Muscle Men, Muscle Worship, Muscle Dads, Other Muscle Roles (cops, firemen, etc.)
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    Muscle Role Play, Worshiping Big Muscle Guys, reading fun Muscle stories, a muscle daddy to call my own, and advice on bulking up myself.
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    Jay Cutler or Flex Lewis
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    Compression/Skintight gear (wrestling singlets, jockstraps, under armour, etc), forcing me to worship, trash talking bodybuilders, muscle men who claim their 'god,' super villain's with giant muscles using their strength to take over the world.

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  1. Muscle theft, muscle theft, and more muscle theft, with a nice appetizer of revenge.
  2. Regan! Cause he is just such a stud!
  3. Regan because he is soooooo good looking and I'd love to see what the syringe turns him into
  4. I’m sooo looking forward to the next installment!
  5. I’ve gotta go with Regan as well. There is something so sexy about a big alpha guy with a beard. And seeing that beard poking through is such a tease!! Can’t wait to see the alpha he turns into after the serum!
  6. Fuck it would be so hot if the main character grew massive and began dominating bruce. But then somehow Bruce gets a hold of the serum and becomes a dominant alpha god! Can you image the already cocky mass monster once he has that super serum flowing through him!
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