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  1. “Gym Buddies” It all seemed innocent enough. Hayden was just looking for someone to go to the gym with him. Someone who shared similar goals. Hayden saw Trav working out alone one day. They had similar builds. Hayden asked Trav if he would spot him on the bench press. Trav was happy to help. In fact, Trav pushed Hayden to lift an all time new personal record! They exchanged numbers, excited that they each now had a gym buddy! Weeks went by, they lifted together 5 days a week! They were a inserperable duo with a shared passion for fitness. They pushed each other to new heights. Hayden (seen here on the right) was undoubtedly making the most gains! He was so proud of his work. Though he wasn’t sure why Trav’s gains never seemed to be as impressive. “Don’t worry Trav, you’ll get there!” Hayden said playfully while they were both flexing in the locker room mirror. Trav smirked, not worried about his own progress. He focused on Hayden’s developing body. In fact , Trav became obsessed with Hayden. (Specifically his growing muscles). Trav loved admiring Hayden’s biceps. He’d always jokingly tell him to flex, Hayden would always respond with a flexing pose. Trav would feel Hayden’s muscles and say “damn dude you’re so jacked”. They acted like two boys on the same football team. One night they fell asleep watching a movie at Hayden’s girlfriends house. Trav woke up to see the flickering low light of the tv. Hayden’s body was perfectly contoured and sillouhetted in the almost complete darkness. Hayden was cuddling with his girlfriend Zoe. Trav almost didn’t notice her, because Hayden’s body was so large. The shadow of his giant frame covered Zoe completely. Suddenly Zoe woke and walked to the bathroom. Hayden was still out cold, snoring. Trav watched as Hayden’s chest lifted up and down with his breath. Trav decided it was time. It was time to give Hayden the injection. He acted fast… pulled the vile from his pocket and carefully injected Hayden in his massive thigh muscle. Trav couldn’t wait to see how this impacted Hayden’s progress. Weeks went on. Hayden and Trav were still working out daily. Hayden was making HUGE gains quickly. Trav would always find ways to inject his gym buddy without him knowing. “If Hayden knew, he would be so weirded out” Trav thought to himself . Trav looked forward to every opportunity they had to spend together. He loved admiring Hayden’s ever growing physique. He’s continue to compliment Hayden. Often. Hayden liked the compliments. He liked feeling larger than his friend. At the end of a workout Hayden was showing off his bicep pump. “FEEL THIS” Hayden shouted. “THIS IS INSANE”. Trav rushed to the opportunity. He grasped the massive bicep and was taken back by how huge and firm it felt in his hands. Trav kept feeling the bicep… for what felt like 2 or 3 minutes. The both of them didn’t even notice time passing by. They were both enchanted by the massive bicep. They both were quiet… Trav looked Hayden in the eyes… paused, and started licking Hayden’s bicep. Not breaking eye contact with Hayden as he did so. Hayden seems somewhat uncomfortable but he didn’t stop Trav. In fact he flexed a little harder. Trav continued to make out with Hayden’s hunky arm for several minutes. Suddenly Hayden pulled away. “I’ve got to go, me and Zoe have dinner plans” Hayden left without showering. Trav stood there in the locker room, suddenly alone. He missed touching Hayden. He longed to feel more of him. He longed for Hayden to grow even larger. Weeks went by, they pretended the arm kissing never happened. Meanwhile Trav has doubled the dose of growth hormones and had Hayden on a strict diet to increase size. Hayden loved the growth he’d made. After a few months the size difference between them was obvious. Hayden would have Trav massage his sore muscles late at night, when Zoe was asleep. Suddenly it happened.. Trav got an erection so large it was impossible to hide. Hayden rolled over on his back and saw the gigantic erection bulging from his gym buddies shorts. Trav was embarrassed and tried to turn away. Hayden paused, reached out and grabbed Trav’s arm before he could turn completely. Hayden was so incredibly strong, Trav gasped when he felt Hayden’s ultra strong grip on his forearm. Hayden stared at the obvious bulging erection. It was quiet for what seemed like an eternity. The silence was broken when Hayden asked “is that because of me?” Trav was so embaressed he turned to run out of the room. Hayden stopped him. Grabbing his arm with his incredibly strong grip. Trav let out a sound of fear and pleasure when he felt Hayden’s powerful grasp. It was suddenly clear that Hayden could dominate him at any moment. Hayden stared down at the erection for a few moments, he felt powerful. He released Trav and they went their separate ways. Trav was worried he’d never see Hayden again. The previous night was just so weird! To his surprise, the very next morning Hayden called really early and demanded that they work out, “I’m on my way to pick you up!” rushing them to the closest gym … when they arrived it was clear that Hayden *wanted* Trav to watch him lift. Hayden broke many personal records that morning, his veins popped out like crazy! He seemed to be growing. He felt Trav’s eyes on his pumped up muscles . It felt so amazing . Hayden moaned, *STRETCH* his body was expanding as he lifted. He loved being admired by Trav. He loved how BIG his body compared to Trav’s. It made Hayden feel so strong and important. They made their way to the locker rooms… they were the only two there. Suddenly they were both naked. Hayden’s body being worshiped by Trav’s tongue. Trav became immediately hard. He rubbed his erection on Hayden’s body-builder physique, leaving a trail of pre cum on his massive body. They started grinding into each other… The motion of their bodies caused Trav to cum, leaving a huge load on Hayden’s abdomen area. They both stood there , all that could be heard was the sound of heavy breathing and stretching skin. Hayden felt his body tremble… he was growing! The heat of the moment had clearly initiated the growth process with aid from the hormones coursing unknowingly through his veins . Hayden flexed his body and let out a loud moan… he grew 3 inches and put on roughly 20 more lbs within minutes. Trav was intoxicated by Hayden’s growing body. He wanted him to keep growing bigger!!! “I know you’re up to something, Trav” said Hayden. Trav looked like a ghost he was so scared. “I don’t know what exactly you’re doing to my body…” Hayden paused… “ but I think I want you to keep doing it” Trav was relieved. They lay there naked, sweating, Hayden’s body continues to slowly blow up like a balloon. “Your wish is my command” responded Trav. The next day Hayden broke up with Zoe unexpectedly. Trav and Hayden decided to go to a club to help Hayden get over his break up. On their way into the club(which was on the 4th floor of the building), they boarded the elevator. They saw each other in the glass mirror and smiled. They liked how they looked together. Trav pulled out his phone and snapped a photo to remember the moment. *SCREEEETCH* The moment was cut short by the sound of grinding metal and a sudden stop of the elevator. The walls shook, lights flickered and they came to a stop. Trav attempted to open the doors but it was useless. They began to realized that Hayden was too heavy for the elevator system, and the weight had tripped the system. They were stuck for some time, unable to communicate with anyone outside. The intercom system was seemingly broken. Hayden was nervous. But also very proud, proud that he was beastly enough to stop an ELEVATOR! He was filled with pride. His body trembled again. Hayden turned to Trav and said “do it! do whatever it is you’re doing to make me a giant!” Trav slowly reached for his pocket, he pulled out a dose of the growth hormones. Hayden snatched it from Trav’s hands, quickly pulled down his shorts and injected the dose himself. Moments later he began to moan … a moan that sounded like pleasure. Suddenly the intercom worked . A voice came over the speaker and said “don’t worry guys help is on the way” . At this point Hayden fell to his knees, arms extended. The impact of his body shook the elevator violently. Trav nervously asked him not to move so much! Hayden laughed, almost maniacally, then there was silence. The silence was broken by the sound of stretching skin. Hayden’s body was expanding so rapidly, his face was bright red. Hayden moaned “GIVE ME MORE OF THAT STUFF” he pulled another dose from Trav’s pocket and injected it again in his thigh. Hayden’s shorts were already almost off.. his expanding glute muscles forced the shorts to his ankles. His expanding calves getting tangled in the ripping shorts. Hayden flexed his legs, causing the shorts to burst off his body. Revealing a thin , almost see through layer of black cloth that was his underwear. His expanding muscles didn’t let up. The underwear stretched to the point it looked like a coat of paint on Hayden’s ass and crotch area. Suddenly “snap” the underwear was ribbons. His cock flopped onto the elevator floor. Trav became hard as rock. Trav started rubbing Hayden’s upper body. His pecs were unreal! They were pushing their way out of Hayden’s tank top! They were godly. The tank top stretched to the point that you could see all of Hayden’s upper body. It was so impressive. The beastly man was sweating, his skin glistening under the elevator lights. Trav began to rub his own erection. Hayden said “let me help you with that” and pulled off Trav’s pants with a quick motion. Ripping the pants into pieces ! Trav’s little cock was suddenly exposed, pulsating in Hayden’s face. It seemed so small compared to Hayden’s pithon on the floor. Hayden didn’t think twice about the size, he simply loved how hard it was, he loved that HE was so desirable! “WORSHIP ME! “ Hayden cried out in a deep voice. Trav was quick to listen to his master’s orders… running his hands over every crease and crevis of Hayden’s incredibly defined physique. Hayden grew so large he was suddenly filling the elevator completely. The rush of filling a room with his body was amazing. Hayden kept growing, his cock suddenly hard. Hayden’s body pressing Trav’s pathetic body against the mirror, breaking the glass. The elevator was making deep groaning sounds, the cables were about to break. Suddenly the elevator fell, Hayden’s body managed to cushion the fall for Trav. Hayden pushed the doors open and burst out of the shaft onto the first floor. Trav was in his right hand. Trav loved the feeling of being carried and protected by his giant. Hayden staggered to the street, breaking walls and glass doors on his way out. He stood on the street 13 ft tall. A god. Traffic stopped, Hayden could hear gasps from strangers. He felt their eyes on his naked body. He felt the admiration, the admiration of hundreds. “BOW DOWN TO YOUR GOD” he roared at the onlookers. “Worship my SUPERIOR BODY” . Crowds gathered, then news cameras. Trav knew that all this attention would make Hayden unstoppable. Hayden loved nothing more than being admired! Trav, still in Hayden’s strong grip of Hayden’s right hand began to worry that Hayden would grow TOO large. He imagined Hayden standing taller than the city buildings. He thought of the power… he thought of the consequences. He knew this was his fault. The destruction, the chaos, was all because of Him! Suddenly Trav didn’t mind. He became excited at the thought of his very own Hayden becoming a monster. It’s not like he hadn’t imagined it before! His erection returned with full force. “GROW! Hayden, GROW!” He shouted up to the beast. GROW!!!
  2. THE COCK RING Rex was a little guy… average height, small build. No more than 150 lbs…. He’d always been envious of bigger guys. While at the college campus gym, he found a connection that was willing to hook him up with testosterone and human growth hormone…. His contact told him that this blend of drug was unique and experimental… there was no guarantee it would work. Rex decided to give it a shot. At first he didn’t plan on doing it long… he just wanted to get over a plateau at the gym. He promised himself he’d quit once he gained a little muscle. After only 2 days of treatment, his body began to change…more rapidly than he could have ever anticipated. His growth was alarming. He’d never grown body hair before… when he woke up on day 2, his entire body was covered in a short layer of fur… He admired his masculine features in the mirror. He rubbed the fur… caressing his entire body in awe. His muscles had already began to grow. He felt so horny. He felt so… powerful….His changing body put him in a constant state of sexual arousal. His workouts were so intense, they were almost euphoric. He was lifting more than he ever thought possible. He was outgrowing gym clothes daily. Guys would gather around him at the gym to watch… you could almost SEE his muscles growing! After 2 hours of lifting, onlookers would swear he was bigger than when he had started. They were right. He was growing at an outrageous rate… Most of his growth taking place in his sleep. He was constantly eating, going into severe credit card debt just to feed himself! Soon, Rex could only think of lifting… lifting and growing. He was becoming the man he’d always wanted to be. Nothing else mattered! His scrawny frame blew up to that of a bodybuilders in about 2 weeks. He had gone from 5′8 to 6′4… 150lbs to 280lbs. His size was truly astonishing. Whatever he was taking must have been special. He realized the potential he had to grow larger, there was seemingly no end to what his body could become. He knew he could be bigger… he felt it inside. He craved growth! He would dream of being the largest man on earth… standing as tall as sky scrapers.. He’d wake up from these dreams gushing cum. The thought of unstoppable growth made him so fucking hard and horny. His workouts were so rigorous …he’d leave puddles of sweat around the gym… as well as puddles of cum that would drizzle down his leg from his aroused state. Fortunately, his cock was not growing at the same rate of his body. It was fairly easy to hide his erections when compared to his giant body size. After 3 weeks he was enormous. He’d quit his job and dropped out of his college classes. He lived at the gym. He lived to grow larger. There was no satisfying the Giant’s desire to increase his size. He was insatiable. He was obsessed…he was amazed at his new body. He wanted MORE! By the end of week 3 he was approaching 7 feet in height, his massive hairy body weighed in at 350 lbs. He felt unsatisfied with the size of his cock, which had seemily stayed the same size through the entire process. Frustrated by how tiny it looked compared to his new giant size…he decided something needed to be done. He’d heard about penis pumping, and using cock rings to enhance his size. At this point all he cared about was growth. He’d do whatever it took to have the biggest penis in the world. While in the middle of his workout, he removed the drawstring from his gym shorts. He went to the locker room of the gym, pulled down his briefs and discreatly tied off the base of his dick with draw string. He’d heard that cock rings would help force the blood and expand his cock. He’d been told that if he really “pumped” his dick with a cock ring on, his cock would grow. He figured a rope would do the trick! As soon as his dick was tied off he felt a surge of energy rush through his body. The effects were almost instantaneous. His cock responded to the “cock ring”… it was growing quickly. He couldn’t conceal it in his gym shorts. It was so full and erect it was pulsing and shaking… as if it had a mind of it’s own. His cock was harder than it had ever been! Each vein bulging and glistening with sweat and pre-cum. His balls were becoming heavier… expanding like balloons! He fell to the ground, moaning! His voice getting deeper with each pulse of blood he forced into his cock. The growth was not limited to his cock… He felt the surge corse through his entire body, he flexed every muscle , his body expanded so quickly he burst out of his gym shirt. His gym shorts quickly burst from the pressure of his expanding waist line and bulging package. His briefs were all that remained on the giant’s body. A crowd started to form… everyone was amazed by the giant man growing on the locker room floor. His briefs suddenly burst off, the elastic band broke into several pieces and was shot around the room smacking the faces of the onlookers. They kept his shreds of clothes as souvenirs… feeling lucky to have been smacked in the face with the clothes of a giant. They could taste the sweat and scent of the beast in the fabric… There he was … the naked beast in all his glory. Sitting in the middle of the mens locker room at his college gym. His tied off cock was expanding and stretching. The beast was putting all his energy into thrusting blood into his tied off cock. Each pulse would send chills throughout his body. He moaned in pleasure, his body increasing in size. His voice getting lower and lower until he sounded like a lion roaring. He was no longer Rex, he was a BEAST. A gigantic godly beast! The growth was unstoppable at this point. Tying off his cock had apparently triggered a process that was irreversible. Soon his 8 inch cock was 3 feet long… the rope he’d used to tie his cock was under intense pressure. “SNAP”… the rope burst! Sending pieces of rope flying across the room. With the burst of the rope, his cock immediately filled with blood… expanding from 3 to 5 feet in length in one sweeping motion. His legs were expanding… His moans were so loud people had to cover their ears. His quads and glute muscles were ENORMOUS. He was so heavy he could not stand! His ass was soooo bigg! The weight of his lower half was so immense he could not stand! He didn’t care… he was so focused on his growing cock. The beasts growing body was truly tremendous, a specimen to behold. He was growing at a shocking rate… he was drenched in sweat. His giant ass was passing gas, but he had no shame. These were the farts of a god… a growing grunting beastly god… his bodily functions were to be celebrated. Soon his body oder was so pungent it permeated the entirety of the gym. The beastly scent was intoxicating to all who smelled it. He must have been 600 lbs, likely 10 ft tall! His cock was a monster, a giant veiny monster. You could hear it growing… the enormous cock head was spurting out pre-cum constantly. It grew across the floor of the locker room, knocking over shelves. The crowd of men were at a loss for words. All they could think to do was worship the god-cock. Licking it, rubbing it… Using their bodies to wrap around it and squeeze it. The men removed their shirts, tied the shirts together to create a “cock ring”… they tied off the monster cock with their make shift rope.. The beast growled so loudly the walls of the building shook! The naked men were rubbing their tiny cocks on the beasts body… “You shouldn’t have done that, you tiny insignificant idiots!” The beast roared…. Tying off the cock sparked a growth surge so intense, the beasts entire body was shaking. His shaking body was knocking over lockers, smashing in metal… destroying benches. He was growing so quickly! His cock hardened like cement, it literally felt like stone when you’d touch it. It was so hard, it flung up off the floor and stood straight up in the room. The cock was at least 8 feet tall… standing there like a pillar. The beasts cock head quickly smashed through the roof, bringing down wood and paneling… The room was collapsing. The beast’s cock was unstoppable…. shooting up towards the sky. Bursting through the roof of the building. The beast could feel the cold air of outside blowing on his cock head (which had managed to push it’s way through the roof of the building). People outside watched as a cock drilled through the roof of the building, shooting towards the sky… the beast’s body was growing as well. He no longer fit inside the locker room. His frame pushed the walls out, the entire building collapsing… giving way to the god’s massive body. He laid there, his arms and legs growing outward. His pecs were so enormous he could hardly see over them. Hair was growing from every surface of the beasts body… his skin was almost totally covered in a blanked of dark black, thick, curly hair. His cock continued to grow upward… towering 25 feet in the air. Soon 30 feet, then 40! Steadily expanding, becoming thicker and thicker…taller and taller. You could hear the sound of the expanding flesh. You could hear the blood filling the veins of his gigantic fleshy rod. Suddenly the growth seemed to stop. Things got quiet, the dust of the building had settled. The beasts cock was standing at about 100 ft in the air, 50 feet in diameter. It was taller than any building near it… reminiscent of a redwood tree. Students all around campus stopped and looked at the cock which towered over their campus, dominating the skyline. It was throbbing… it was beautiful. Nobody could look away. It demanded the attention of all. The beast laid there, looking upward at his enormous dick. Overcome with sexual energy, he was hornier than he’d ever been before. He was drunk on his own size. He tried to sit up, his cock would sway back and forth in the air as he moved. He needed to fuck something… he needed to find RELEASE. In one quick motion, he rolled over on his side. His gigantic cock came crashing down, smashing buildings. The smashed buildings felt so good on the beasts cock. He roared in excitement! He then flipped over to his other side, smashing rows of cars in a parking lot that sat adjacent to him. The crushed metal felt soooo good as it wrapped around his dick. He finally made his way onto his stomach, His cock aimed at the library.. He began to thrust. His cock dug into the ground, dredging into the earth… then hit the base of the library. The walls immediately collapsed. Thousands of pounds of cement wrapped around his dick, providing the “penetration” he so greatly desired. He moaned so loudly as he fucked the building to pieces. His body was starting to expand, his legs were getting stronger. He was growing taller… His body was “catching” up with the size of his monster dick. He swelled and grew, rolling around campus… destroying the last remaining buildings. He was finally able to stand. His 100 foot cock stuck out over a city block. Traffic came to a pause… people were afraid of the cock that hovered over their street. The beast was overcome with a sense of rage and power, he began stroking the base of his cock furiously. The gigantic cock was so long that it was bouncing up and down with the beasts every move… pounding the street.The beast was literally dick smacking a city block. Destroying whatever crossed it’s path. The beast was overcome with a sense of power. “ALL WILL BOW TO MY COCK” he yelled. “YOU MUST WORSHIP YOUR BEAST, OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCE”. He was drunk with power. Obsessed with his size. He was a monster. An unstoppable, insatiable, power hungry beast. There was no stopping him now. He would not stop until the entire WORLD feared his monster cock.
  3. Scott had been born with a special gift... a gift that laid dormant in his body until activated by the right person. Scott had always had sensitive nipples, and loved having them rubbed. Nipple play got him so hard! However, he didn’t realize that this nipple stimulation (when done correctly) would unleash a power inside him he didn’t know was there. Jacob was aware of Scott’s special gift... Jacob was a Macrophile...he was obsessed with giants and finding those capable of becoming giants. He’d found a few in his past, but none with the potential that he sensed in Scott. Jacob spotted Scott’s energy in a club the night before. He flirted with him and invited Scott back to his place for the night. Scott was looking forward to their evening of passionate sex. One thing lead to another, Scott and Jacob were both naked passionately fucking. Scott had never felt so good in his LIFE! It was like Jacob knew ALL the spots that turned him on! Especially his nipples! Jacob had what seemed like a fixation on Scott’s nipples. Little did Scott know... Jacob was activating Scott’s inner potential. “Oh FUCK!” yelled Scott, “How are you doing that so well??”.... Scott was hard as rock, dripping pre cum from the constant nipple play. Scott was in heaven. The sense of ecstasy started to evolve within him.... he looked down at Jacob’s eyes, they were fierce and determined... like he had some alterior motive in mind. Scott felt his cock pulse and pulse like normal until ..”STRETCH”... one pulse pushed his cock to a new length. Then again “Stetch” the pulsing sensation added a full inch onto his previously 8″ cock! “What are you doing to me!?” Scott exclaimed.... “my cock is... fuck, is it GROWING?”.... Jacob continued working Scott’s nipples ravenously. Scott’s Cock grew from 8 to 9 to 12 inches in a matter of moments. It felt AMAZING. He couldn’t believe his eyes! He then felt a stirring sensation in his feet, his size 13 feet were STRETCHING!! He felt them stretch across the fabric! They must have been size 15′s! Then it hit his calves and thighs.... his leg muscles pulsing and tensing, growing and shaking. The sensation was unstoppable. He felt his lower body grow out of his control... he knew Jason was doing it, but he didn't know how! Scott Moaned “FUUUUCCKKK!!”.... “How are you making me so....” *his sentence was interrupted by a burp, and suddenly his voice deepened about one octave* “BIG???” “Oh God!! Don’t STOP!!!” He bellowed. (Jacob had no intentions to do so! ) Soon Scott’s upper body began taking on its new form. Each muscle expanding and growing... larger, larger... and LARGER. His entire body was sweating from the transformation. His nipples seemed to be enlarging as well, like they’d been pumped or something. They were poking out, they were HUGE! Scott sat up in astonishment. He felt his frame expand... he was getting taller, wider, BIGGER! By the minute!! Jacob was latched onto his erect nipples. *CRASH* The furniture snapped below Scott’s crushing weight!! He laid on the floor, growing, stretching, filling Jacobs apartment! Scott no longer fit on the floor so he sat up in the crouched position, his head smashed into the ceiling ... books falling from shelves, ground shaking all around them. Jacob fell to the floor and looked up at the giant he had unleashed. Scott stopped growing for a moment ... looked down at Jacob, smiled and said “we’re not even close to done!!” Scott lifted Jacobs little body up to his nipples, rubbing Jacobs body all over his erect nipples... Jacob’s cum oozing all over... making his nipple erections wet. Scott had never felt such POWER! The stimulation of Jacobs body on his nipples caused a HUGE surge of growth! The building collapsed around them, Scott towered over the apartment complex. Smashing the building with his giant feet. He held Jacob in his hand... he soon was as tall as the skyscrapers. His body kept growing taller and taller, his nipples filling with more and more fluid. Becoming so huge, they looked like satellite dishes!! Jacob looked up with a smile... “this is what I always dreamed would happen”. Scott growled as his body continued to surge with GROWTH! Veins popping out EVERYWHERE! His cock as long as 2 city buses! His nipples needed to be milked! He squeezed his right pec, a clear cum like fluid oozed out all over the town below. A crowd of onlookers mindlessly licking it up... he kept milking himself, towering over the city! Soaking the onlookers with his milk. They craved it... it sustained them! Those who’d been drinking the milk would soon transform into beats themselves. Jacob begged Scott... “feed me, MASTER! FEEEED MEE!” Scott lifted Jacob up to his chest... Jacob expected to suck Scott’s nipples with his mouth. Instead , Scott turned Jacobs little body around and pushed Jacobs tight ass hole over his erect nipple .... fucking his little hole and pumping him full of milk. His nipple tips were bigger than any cock Jacob had ever taken... Jacob had no idea Scott would be feeding him THAT way! He was pleasantly surprised. Being fucked this way felt incredible.... But it’s not like he had a choice ! Scott was the god who did whatever he wanted. Because Jacob had been injected analy, his growth was almost instant. Moaning “FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEE” as he grew to Scott’s size. The two giants worshiped each other... rolling over city streets and buildings. They were insatiable. They were alpha beasts. They were unstoppable. They’re enormous cocks dripping cum! Their nipples as as big as silos. They were obsessed with each other’s new bodies... The little people on the streets all BEGGING to be fed by their GODS! Jacob and Scott looking down... laughing... .....as if they were going to let anyone get as big as they were.
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