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  1. Once again you have caused an "explosion" at my laptop!! You truly are in tune with all of the super strength lovers on here. I love, love, love that you included the super lung power! I think I'm dehydrated now from "fluid" loss. I sit here with fingers crossed, saying my prayers that there is another chapter coming. Londonboy, you're incredible!!
  2. Absolutely incredible!!!! Pushes every button for me man. You are an amazing storyteller!!! I cannot wait for the next installment!! Secretly wished he had used some super lung power to blow that "softball" up like a balloon for those boys. I'll be watching for the next adventure of our mighty mouse!
  3. As always you nailed it!!! I cannot wait to see him go after the bad guys. So many options and opportunities to put that strength to use and of course show off!! Looking forward to the next episode.
  4. Yeah, Dude. Love that super strength stuff too. Really cool when he picks that fat guy up with one arm. LOVE IT!

  5. Yes!! One of my favorite parts as well. I loved when he foiled the actual criminal robbery by snagging the truck himself even with them firing at him. lol 


  6. Wanted to share the title of a great movie for super strenght lovers. "They Call Me Jeeg" Petty thief becomes a "super criminal" and has a lot of fun with it. The fun starts at 27:03 in the film. Hope you guys enjoy!

  7. FANTASTIC!!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. Hope you get it done soon.
  8. No way is that an ugly mug. A beard on a man with muscle is nothing but HOTTTTTTTT. What are you studying big guy?

    1. SeaMusc


      Hahaha I always just call it "my ugly mug" :-) Im in a Doctor of Nursing Practice program (FNP). I love it...but it keeps me too busy.

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