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  1. Aronymous

    AJ & Noah

  2. Aronymous

    AJ & Noah

    Love it. Just want to give you a tip, so you can prevent what I often see happening in other stories: don't give the readers what they want too quickly. Now AJ & Noah are 'together', but where is the tension, the secrecy, the mystery ; ) . Be sure that we're big fans and always waiting for the next part, and I can handle a few episodes without. But those qualities in a story are important for readers to keep wanting more, to want to know what happens next, in the long term. If you don't somehow cause conflict or reasons for the previously mentioned qualities to occur, stories can get flat and repetitive. It then loses a sense of purpose, so to say. You've done really well on those qualities so far, so just want to make sure you continue to keep doing that.
  3. Aronymous

    AJ & Noah

    You cant leave me hanging like that, man. It crushes the soul.
  4. Aronymous

    AJ & Noah

    So well written. Good pace, realistic and oh so relatable..
  5. If I'd have to have one point of constructive criticism it would be that in your art style the body is already really quite muscular from the start. They look like my real life goal physique lol. I just think if you'd sometimes start skinnier, the transformation would be more realistic and therefore appealing (to me at least).
  6. Aronymous

    The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 8

    Most of the time when pasting text you can opt for 'paste text without layout' (cmd/ctrl+shift+v)
  7. Aronymous

    The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 8

    Feedback. How about not using custom fonts and layouts. There's a reason the standard is the way it is, and it's readability.
  8. Aronymous


    Writing someone elses story is kind of not-done.
  9. Aronymous

    Blue Pill Part 15

    Are you changing the font size? Because it appears way larger on my devices on your last two chapters than on other stories and it's quite annoying.
  10. Hi. I'm looking for a long story on here that's about a guy getting a message from a high school 'friend'. The friend ends up moving in with him, in return for helping with diet and working out. The friend however has a secret job as an escort. His new -lady- escort boss gives him pills that help his body with growing. The friend in turn gives some of those pills to the main character who then buffs up. I've used the search function with multiple key words and even went through all of the pages on the story subforum but just can't seem to find it. Thanks
  11. Aronymous

    Story Length Poll

    A short story (shorter than 3x screen size) does nothing for me. It's the details that make it hot. 'He drank the bottle, he grew, he came' is very boring. Stories with actual exciting story lines and story-important details or backgrounds are the ones you want to continue to read. Not just because you feel like j/o.
  12. Aronymous

    Public Relations

    I'm so lost.

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