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  1. Posted back in May? Dang time flies.
  2. Still it seems like massive overkill to start three topics with no stories in the story section, when there's not even a story yet. Keep it compact and easily browsable, y'all.
  3. Call me a negative Nancy, but this doesn't belong in the story section. It's barely a story now is it. The roleplay thread.. the story thread.. on a user blog.. in a picture gallery.. all would be more fitting than in a story format, when there's no story attatched.
  4. Since you asked for comments and suggestions, here's one: the story really needs an intro. There's no introduction of the characters, location or situation. It leaves the readers with too many questions. You can even do that by adding in a flash back, but now it feels random and rushed. It reads like it should be the 3rd chapter instead.
  5. The black on white text is quite unneccessary.
  6. Aronymous


    Am loving the upload speed as well.
  7. https://muscle-growth.org/topic/8405-the-pump-room-2-by-frklvr/
  8. Aronymous

    AJ & Noah

  9. Aronymous

    AJ & Noah

    Love it. Just want to give you a tip, so you can prevent what I often see happening in other stories: don't give the readers what they want too quickly. Now AJ & Noah are 'together', but where is the tension, the secrecy, the mystery ; ) . Be sure that we're big fans and always waiting for the next part, and I can handle a few episodes without. But those qualities in a story are important for readers to keep wanting more, to want to know what happens next, in the long term. If you don't somehow cause conflict or reasons for the previously mentioned qualities to occur, stories can get flat and repetitive. It then loses a sense of purpose, so to say. You've done really well on those qualities so far, so just want to make sure you continue to keep doing that.
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