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    bodybuilding, fitness, cycling
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    77kgs Athletic lean muscle punk
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    Sponsors, friends, training mates, role play, chats. or anyone who want to help me grow so want to have big bulging muscles
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    to dumb down and bulk up with lean muscle and look like a fitness model. Also would like to be a 300lbs dumbjock
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    lycra, cyclist, muscles, dumbjock

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  1. yeah too dumb to now when to stop
  2. punk

    Posing advice

    Hi guys I need some posing advice and help at learning to pose. Next year I will be doing a men physiques competition and I need to practice posing. So far I found some limit stuff online and watched some videos on youtube but haven't found any thing useful. Here a link with some details about what I need to do for the show http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/6f2cbe_5eb713d7d53a49709ad25f7d2a94d63c.pdf   I really want to get started so I can build up my confidence and be the best on stage
  3. punk

    Lets get talkin

    That all I dream about these day, growing huge muscles the big the better no need to care about the other stuff that happens in thw world. All I need is the gym and food to feed my growth
  4. I'm on instagram follow me @rebelpunkfitness
  5. Hey Bro's I just did a online IQ test for a laugh and my test score came back at 80 dam maybe I am more of a dumbjock than I thought. So bro let see what you get take the test here http://www.free-iqtest.net/ and post you score below and let see who the dumbest jock here.
  6. Bro whats skype? is it some thing that get you high? All I know about is weightslifting and getting huge don't have a clue absout anything eles
  7. punk

    Lets get talkin

    I was doing my workout today but for some reason I couldn't count how many reps I done. I got stuck on 1 spent ages trying to work out what was next. Not sure what in these supplements my trainer gave me all I can see is my muscles growing but I can't count now kinda of wried isn't it. All I can think about is muscles
  8. I got a question can a partner/love one have a affect on yourself when training and how well you gain muscle? My reason is that my partner is giving me zero support here and I do feel like it is affecting in a way. I did make it very clear my reason why I wanted to take part in a body transformation challenge as I wanted to make a change in life to build a strong and confidence person and I always had an interest in bodybuilding which is why I wanted to take it to the next level this year. My aim for this year to build up my body like a fitness/underwear model type once I reach that goal I will think about where I want to do next. Also when it comes to sorting out my diet/ nutrition I get a very negatived response its difficult as I need to eat to be able to grow but I want to eat right food not junk food which my partner is happy to buy. I don't want to break up just need some advice on the best way of moving forward or is it selfish of me wanting to gain muscles and live a healthy lifestyle after nearly ending up as an alcoholic last year.
  9. punk

    Lets get talkin

    Yeah later dude got do my workout for the day or my coach will be mad at me again, you know what it like with these coaches.
  10. punk

    Lets get talkin

    Always happy to chat about this, I could even make some dumb muscle jock videos later on as I'm working on a hard training plan at the moment which will see me bulk up. I got my own home gym where I can do any thing I want
  11. punk

    Making You Dumb

    I got some dumb jock hypnosis files which I listen to some time but the affect are temporary just only after listing to them make me dumb for a short time then I'm back to normal but one thing for sure is I feel the need to lift more weights and grow bigger thats all I think about

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