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    Wrestling, Strength, showing off, control, etc.
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    6'1 219lbs
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    Very into roleplay
    Love muscle growth/theft. Typically like it to revolve around physical domination.

    Favorite scene - initially bigger guy acts real cocky to smaller guy and starts to push him around. They end up wrestling/fighting and smaller guy slowly steals muscle and ends up dominating previously bigger.

    Another is bigger guy kinda forces smaller to have sex with him or suck him off, acts real cocky and dominant then muscle/strength is transferred from bigger to smaller.... smaller gets huge and takes control of the situation.
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    250+lbs of strong alpha muscle

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  1. Could be this? https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/2910.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/2911.html
  2. Howdy all, looking for another one! Think it might be in archive somewhere but having trouble finding it. Not necessarily muscle growth related There's a bodybuilder going for a run in a park when some kid (teen i think) asks him a question maybe? The teen ends up being VERY strong and kicking the bodybuilders ass I think maybe his dad was hidden behind a bush taking pictures? I also think there's a part where the kid comes to his house (where he lives with other bodybuilder friends) and further torments him. I specifically remember a part where the kid uses strong hand to push past his solar plexus and like grabs his heart or something?
  3. I'm willing to pay to commission the rest of this story!
  4. Now THAT is a hot story! I have a weird thing for the bully winning - wish that one had a bit more description, but still HOT! Thanks for posting! Y'all got any others?
  5. Thanks y'all! That escalated to macro faster than I remembered it! In my head it was a slower growth process - not overly into macro really. Either way, thanks for hunting it down!
  6. I'm trying to find a story I read years ago - the main character was an average guy, bullied some in high school buy one guy. He left after high school for college and has a fairly successful job. He comes back to his home town years later. In a bar he finds his old bully who's bigger and more of a jerk than ever. Somehow the bully grows even bigger - i think it goes macro but not sure. Any ideas? Also looking for any story where bully wins!
  7. Nice! Great story and perfect length! Sometimes it's real nice to have one that's not multi-part and drawn out. This one fits perfectly! Keep up the excellent work!
  8. LOVE this one! Fuck the slow build of domination gets me going!
  9. Not my usual type of story but really enjoying this! Keep up the good work!
  10. Boom! What a nice surprise to login and find tonight! I love how detailed this story is and how you're not just jumping through all the emotions, etc! Keeps me coming back for more!
  11. Dude! Still loving it! The slow methodical paradigm shift over Trevor really get's me going. Honestly I'd LOVE to read some more about how big things have grown inside Seth and Jack's shorts... ? Plus, I'm kinda routing for Jack now taking EVERYTHING he wants. Keep it up and don't let the haters influence your style!
  12. Love it so much! The shift in "power" is done so perfectly in this story! Of course, I'm kinda into bully-domination type scenes, but the subtle-ness of this story is just great in all ways! Love a good role-reversal type situation! Keep it up!
  13. Fuck I'm LOVING this story! I think the development is perfect! The power struggle is HOT and I can't wait to see where it goes! Keep up the GREAT work!
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