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    Stories involving young alpha male muscle guys, taking over whatever and whoever they want. Their power -strength, stamina, resistance- and sexual abilities way beyond human standards.

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  1. Hi guys, it took me long to start, but I got a new job, so that took a lot of my time. Hope you like and any feed back will be appreciated. Part 1 Solon, Ohio. Hudson family home. February 4th, 2045. 8:36 AM. Leonard Hudson turned again in his bed. He has slept little in the last few days. Nightmares haunted his dreams. He was the only witness of the failed kidnapping attempt of his best friend. It was without question a terrible experience, but the main reason that has the teen so uneasy almost a week after the event was the strangeness of it. He had considered several times about telling someone what he saw, yet he remained silent. Leonard doubted that the police would take him seriously. He was sure that even his own mother would send him to therapy if he talked to her about it. He could show them the pictures he had taken with his grandfather Polaroid camera. But he refused to do it. He was certain it will only make things worse. It will open a Pandora's box right in his house's living room. He has been carrying the well-maintained and functional old relic for several days. His family wasn't doing well financially, so after pondering on it for almost two weeks he decided his family needed the money more than he needed the memories. The problem was that he had loved his grandfather almost as much as he hated his bullying father. The elderly man understood his grandson because he was an old nerd himself. Peter Hudson left the camera as an heirloom to Leonard. The boy had a smile on his face remembering as his grandfather always argued that digital pictures were soulless things. He used to say: "You ain't no photographer until you reveal an authentic negative my boy." Two times had he visited the pawnshop but never had the courage to trade it. It was a good thing. Fate had other plans for the old and trustworthy device. It scared Leonard to show the images to anyone. He always knew Ken was different. That there was something with him beyond his hyper-developed, muscular and strong body. Something else. Something, almost out of this world. The events of that day proved it. He saw a team of well-trained paramilitary style goons use state-of-the-art weaponry to take down and restrain his friend. Then a rag-tag group of freaks took down those fully armed troopers and freed Ken. That all the soldiers' equipment was worthless against them stunned the teen. How he had taken out the old camera and snapped the entire film full of pictures, he would never know. He could remember everything from that day. The fight, the blood, the brightness of the beam weapons. He also remembered the face of the soldier he had seen killed during the short battle. Hell, he was the only dead person he had seen besides his grandparents. That would freak out anyone. But there was more. He was sure that one of Ken's freaky rescuers had known he was hiding. The man somehow perceived he was around. Leonard couldn't explain how, but he did. He saw his dark eyes search for something. Then suddenly he stared at the spot the teenager was hiding. For a second Leonard would have sworn their eyes had locked. He didn’t remember being that scared in his whole life. The memory of that moment made him shiver each time he remembered it. Then the feeling of being caught vanished as suddenly as it has come to him. The mysterious man and his team retired from the scene. The police arrived less than 2 minutes later. Leonard realized he had to do something. After much reflection on those sleepless nights, he reached a decision. He will talk with Ken. The best option for him and his family, was for his friend to put as much land as possible between him and the Hudsons. He recognized it was not nice or what a real friend would do. But with his father out of the house for the foreseeable future, it was his responsibility to look after his mother's safety. When the clock app made his green ibracelet vibrate, he has been awake for over 40 minutes. A rough draft of the speech he would use with Ken has taken shape in his head. 'Today is the day.' He thought with determination, before opening his eyes to the dimly lit room. Then he retracted his room's thick drapes with a quick command to the house's assistant. Big mistake. The light flooded the room and made him want to fall back to his bed. With a groan, he covered his head with his Star Wars-themed blanket and dragged his naked feet to the bathroom for a quick shower. Minutes later while Leonard was standing under the jets of cold water trying to infuse life into his slept-deprived body, Ken was standing naked in front of the main suite's bathroom. He has been looking at his reflection for several minutes. Unlike his smaller friend, he had none nightmares because he had no memory of that day's events, and that was killing him. "Why can't I remember?" His voice rumbled with tightly controlled anger. He wanted answers. "I have to act quickly or I won't ever know. This time nothing will stop me. I'll have answers." He was looking intensely to his image in the mirror, then realizing how idiotic he should look talking alone, he said, "Great and now I'm talking to myself!" He threw his hands up in the air with an exasperated sigh and then grabbed the shorts that Leonard's mother gave to him. 'Today my quest for answers begins.' He vowed as he struggled to make the white garment fit. It was loose around his waist but stretched tautly to cover his buttock. Through the fabric of the rugby shorts, it was easy to see the outline of his penis. Like the rest of his body, it was big and hard to conceal. As usual, he wasn't wearing any underwear, because he hasn't been able to find any brand that could survive one of his erections. He did his best to accommodate his male organ, but it extended down his thigh stressing the cloth. Well, he had no choice, his entire wardrobe -that wasn't much anymore as he had ripped seven shirts and two pants in the last three weeks- was in the washer, and there wasn't much of Big Ed's clothing to pick from. The pants were at least three sizes too big at the waist. The short Ken was wearing had been in a drawer for nine years. A relic from the days when Big Ed was less big all around. Leonard's clothes were not an option. Ken's forearms were thicker than his friends' legs. He couldn't go around the house naked or wearing only a bath towel neither. 'Not that Teresa would mind.' He pondered naughtily, sure that his friend's mom would enjoy the view. But it will cause too much trouble, so he had to wear the short. He tried to rearrange his cock in several positions but to no avail. There was no way to hide it. The sound of his hungry stomach made him finally leave the bathroom. "Fuck it!" He said and opened the door. "I'll explain to Leonard. I'm starving." Ken walked down the stairs and made a quick stop to take a peek at the state of the dark red sofa-bed where he was supposed to sleep. "Good. It looks like if I had slept here last night." He said in a whisper and headed straight to the kitchen. Something filled the air with a delicious aroma. I was Teresa's cocking. Ten minutes later, with steps firm and fueled by his resolution, Leonard went looking for Ken. His thin long-fingered hands carried the envelope that contained the pictures. Finding a place where he could reveal the film, proved to be a very difficult task. The guy who had helped him had believed the explanation about them being from a new sci-fi holo-movie. The man never asked what was Leonard doing with such old device, in the set of a modern holo-movie. It would have been a logical question, but he was more interested in the mint state of the camera and Leonard's money. The dirty-blond haired high school senior looked for his muscular friend at his convertible sofa-bed but found it empty. Messy as was usual in the morning yet empty anyway. He went then to the guy's next logical location. The kitchen. When Leonard stepped through the pantry's door his resolution wavered. Ken was sitting at the head of the table, on the chair that Leonard's father used to occupy. He was wearing only a short with no shirt and was barefoot. His hair was wet, and he was sitting with his back to the door. The first thing that caught Leonard's eyes, was the immense expanse of Ken's muscled back and shoulders. He remembered that they were so big that barely to fit in his double sofa-bed. The guy's body dwarfed the wooden chair where he sat, and his presence seemed to fill the entire room. His rippling, striated shoulders swelled outwards. They were one-third as wide as he was tall. But when the muscular 17-years-old sat, they looked bigger. Above them, brutal trapezius muscles rose like mesas around his thick neck. Small veins snaked feeding them all the way down to the rounded delts of his shoulders. Next, Leonard gaze moved to his thick, brawny arms. Carved triceps bulged against his tanned, flawless skin, twitching and rippling as he moved to devour the food on his plate. The thick, hard cords of muscles in his forearms bulged when he impaled the enormous serving of eggs, sausages, bacon, and pancakes that Leonard's mother has cooked for him. Veins run up in his arms too, from his forearms to his bulging biceps. The small teen was unable not see the peaks of muscle because they hid behind his mountainous triceps. The white shorts that the big teen wore looked skin tight as he spread his thick legs wide. The fabric looked dangerously stretched over his thighs and ass but still held together. Barely. Then his eyes looked at Ken's massive legs. His quads were thick of muscle and huge. His calves had the size of softballs and the hardness of granite-carved diamonds. They bulged each time that his huge beefy feet moved at the melody of whatever music he was listening as he ate his breakfast. 'Dam! I should be used to this already.' Thought Leonard. 'But by the holy socks of the last holo-film reincarnation of Gandalf! It's impossible not to be in wonder with this son of Mordor.' Then he remembered one phrase his friend had told him when they first met. "Get used to speaking while in a state of awe buddy because if you don't, we won't be talking much." How right he was with that statement. After the usual wave of wonder passed, Leonard realized something. The shorts that Ken had on belonged to his father. That made him pause for a moment. He knew the guy didn't have a lot of clothes. 'Well, is not as if Big Ed will come looking for them soon.' He reflected with a mixed feeling about his father leaving the house. The man was abusive, and he could not forgive him for what had forced Ken to remove him from the house. He had slapped his wife so hard that Teresa had ended on the floor with a bloody mouth. Leonard feared back then that Ken would kill his dad. The look of unmitigated anger that the giant shoot to Ed was murderous. The unapologetic man foolishly squared himself to face the muscular teen. The showdown ended quickly and was very anticlimactic. Ken wiped the floor with Leonard's father in less than one minute. Then threw his battered 6 feet 1 inch and over 220 lbs body out of the house's front door. Big Ed had called several times apologizing, but Leonard's mother was adamant. She didn't want to see him again. Teresa made her point clear during her husband's last call. She said, "I have taken a lot of your crap over the years, Ed! You behaved like a fucking ass with me and with Leonard. But hit me? Really? Fuck you! I'll never accept that, and I don't want to see your sorry ass ever again! Ah! And you better don't get ideas. I have pictures of what you did and witnesses too. If so much as even try to fuck with me, I'll press charges and suit your sorry ass! Now fuck off!" But despite all that, the man was still his father and having another guy wearing his clothes at his house while he sat in Big Ed's chair seemed wrong. Troublesome. Awkward to put it lightly. His mother, who has been busy cooking more food for Ken and noticed her son at the door interrupted Leonard's line of thought. "Sweety! What are you doing there?" Asked Teresa after she served a new load of crispy smoked bacon to the young titan sitting at her breakfast table. She had the usual unwavering adoration in her voice she always had for her younger son. Not that she loved Leonard's older brother Kevin any less, but she liked Leonard better. Kevin took too much after his father. "Dear, you look awful!" She exclaimed worried as she ran to embrace her son. "Ah! Mom!" Complained Leonard as his mother hugged him, then checked his face, and felt his forehead looking for his temperature. "Well, you have none fever. That's good. But you are pale and those bags under your eyes..." "I'm fine mom. Really." Assured the teen as he moved toward the table. He felt slightly annoyed by her display of motherly love, but deep inside he loved it. It only made him more aware of his need to protect her. "Yes, I get it, you are a big man. I can't get my head around the idea that you'll be 18 in two weeks. But today you'll eat all your food and will rest at home. Let's get color back on those cheeks. OK?" "Sure mom." Leonard sat across his friend, and both exchanged head nods. They were usually more effusive. However, both had many things in their minds. The small teen used his ibracelet to send a text message and saw Ken's eyes' focus change as he read it in his retinal implants. Parts of his digital-tattoo shimmered as he mentally drafted and sent his answer. Additional parts of the tattoo changed color when he gave the command to deactivate his ear implants. 'Man! I would kill for having that kind of tech!' Leonard thought for the 100th time. Ken had told him he got the implants as a gift from a friend with deep pockets. He had never wanted to elaborate on the topic though. A sharp head-shake from Leonard answered Ken's question. It meant not here. Ken knew something has been bothering his friend for several days. Leonard has been distant and moody. The huge teen noticed he had slept little, and it worried him. Leonard's ominous message increased his uneasiness, it reads "We need to talk today. It is important." 'He knows. Dammit! He knows!' The muscled teen screamed in silence. Ken forced himself to remain calm. He liked Leonard very much and didn't want to lose his friendship. 'I didn't want this to happen. Shit! Shit! Shit!' Leonard tried to focus on his food, but his mind kept asking how will Ken react when he tells him he has to leave? Surely we won't get mad. Probably sad. But what will happen if he doesn't want to go? What then? It wasn't like he has the means to force him out of the house. 'What would I tell him?' Asked Ken in his mind with his eyes on the food, which for once wasn't vanishing almost at the speed of sound. 'Maybe is something else. But what? There are no problems at the school. I took care of the bullies, got the coach and the principal off his back. There are no repercussions from the first-day massacre. All the football team members I put in the hospital are clear what will happen to them if they tell on me. Or if they point a finger to Leonard.' He then asked himself if it may be Big Ed's departure, but he knew no much father-son love existed in their relationship. However, that line of thought took him back to his initial theory, and that sent chills down his spine. "There is something wrong boys?" Asked Teresa when she returned from the laundry. "Leonard you haven't touched your breakfast, and Ken why is still food on your plate?" The surprise on her face was clear. The time that took her to put the clothing in the drier, was enough for Ken to devour twice as much food. "Nothing mom!" "Yes Teresa, everything is fine." At once the muscular guy realized he had called the woman by her first name, and his head quickly snapped to watch Leonard's reaction. The older but smaller teen has a surprised look on his face. "Your mom asked me not to be so formal..." Explained Ken a bit too fast. "You know... Mrs. Hudson this, Mrs. Hudson that..." Teresa stepped in mid-sentence and confirmed what Ken said with a spirited argument. "Sure, honey. I was getting sick of being called Mrs. Hudson in my home. I have a name you know. I was a person before becoming Mrs. Hudson too." Then she turned to the shirtless guy and putting one of her tiny hands on his muscle-packed right shoulder she continued in a softer more affectionate tone. "Besides, he is around the house all the time, helping me with stuff, and we are all friends. Don't we?" Then after a quick sigh, she removed her hand and moved to check on the state of the family's groceries in the fridge's pad. 'Low as usual' she reflected bitterly. They were out of milk, bacon, potatoes, fruits, salt, coffee, and the last smart-pack of eggs in the fridge reported only 5 units left inside it. So she reviewed the suggested menu the house assistant proposed for the following week, approved the list of ingredients needed, and added 7 additional packs of eggs to the order. "Ok boys, I requested an express delivery for the groceries. The drone will be here in less than 30 minutes. Now, eat all your food." She commanded. Then with a friendly pat on Ken's round and rock solid deltoids, she left to take care of the house chores. 'Control yourself, woman!' Thought Teresa, chastising herself as soon as she left the kitchen. Her son should not learn about her feelings. It would destroy him, or at least hurt their relationship beyond repair. Once again she needed to harness all her inner strength to control her desires. For the 44-years-old woman, it was a constant and excruciating battle to hide her attraction for Ken since day one. She had to be the good mother, but the young man's masculinity drove her crazy with lust. The woman wanted to touch him, taste him, smell him. She found sexy every single thing about him. The way the house's old wooden floor creaked under his weight with every step he took. His secure heavy strut made her legs weaken. When she saw him walk, she had to fight with all her will to not stare at him dreamily. Each time Ken used the stairs that lead to the upper floor, she relished in the view of his hard round ass. Teresa seized those opportunities to stare at him at her leisure. The way he lifted any piece of furniture as if it weighed no more than a feather and how his muscles bulged when he did that. For Teresa, it has become a common occurrence to just stood to watch with her mouth hanging open in awe and desire each time he did it. Nothing would have caused her more pleasure that go to him and lick every veiny muscle of his body. Teresa remembered the first time Ken showed her his strength. It was a Sunday back in the days when the muscular teen didn't live in her house. He was just the unexpected new high school friend of Leonard. She has been cleaning the house and needed to move the refrigerator to sweep behind it. Usually, her husband helped her with that, but Big Ed was out of the city. She struggled with the 250 lbs appliance for 12 minutes but had moved it only a few inches. Suddenly the kitchen's door opened, and Ken walked in. He had visited the house only three times before, but he didn't knock or give any warning. It was as if he owned the place, like if he may do whatever he wanted in her house. His arrogance should have offended her, but she found confidence like that incredibly sexy. It was one thing she had liked in her future husband when they meet in College. The teen noticed the refrigerator and asked about it. When she told him about her predicament, the teen swiftly moved past her and bending his legs he hugged the machine and lifted it clean from the floor. The ripped muscles that curved along his arms bulged with the effort. But his face remained relaxed as if such a feat of strength meant nothing to him. Big Ed always puffed and groaned when he had to move the refrigerator to help her. He pulled and pushed it but never held its entire weight off the floor. The married woman couldn't stop from casting a look at Ken's massive body. It was magnificent and filled his black shirt almost to its breaking point. Her heart quickened, and for several seconds she didn't move or emitted any sound. One of Ken's eyebrows rose in question, and when she still didn't react, he spoke. "Mrs. Hudson, are you going to clean now?" "What? Oh! Yes, yes! Of course. Sorry. Silly me. Lord! That should be heavy." "What, this?" He asked, followed by a short, deep laugh that resonated deep inside her body. "Not at all." He said with no sign of exertion in his voice. "I may even borrow it later to help me warm up for my squats." Then he raised the machine higher, careful not to bang it with the roof, and performed 10 squats with perfect form. "Do you see? This is a toy for my muscles." Teresa's pulse thumped wildly, and her juices soaked her panties in response. The corners of the teen's mouth lifted in a knowing smile. With a naughty wink, he let her know he'd seen her pure female reaction. That night she had fucked her husband as a madwoman thinking of Ken. The married woman had her first orgasm in over a year as she rode the father of her two children. From that day on, she took every opportunity to ask Ken for his help to move furniture whenever he visited or hung around the house with her son. And without fail, those days ended in amazing nights of sex for Big Ed. Teresa loved also the way his naked torso moved with every breath when he slept. She loved to sit close to his sleeping form at night and look at him, sometimes for hours. Several nights -even when Ed at home- she took advantage that Ken was a heavy sleeper and caressed his striated muscular chest. Occasionally, she couldn't control herself and peppered his pecs with small kisses. She had thought about licking his nipples too but didn't dare to take the risk. The way his big cock strained the cloth of any pant he wears made her feel light-headed. She salivated when she crossed him in the mornings before he relieved himself. Those morning-wood moments were priceless. She loved how nonchalant he acted about it. He even winked at her when he noticed her eyes locked in his crotch. Big Ed stumbled on him early in the morning twice and got a good view of his package. The first time he saw it, the man's shock at the size of it muted him. He wanted to protest the lewd display but he could not utter a single word. It looked more than twice as big as his. Several days later, when a second sight happened, he talked to Ken about it. The muscular teen told him he could do many things, but fight biology wasn't one of them. "Sorry, Mr. Hudson I can't make it smaller." He argued with a smirk. "But let's be honest." He continued whispering in confidence. "Whom that has one this size would want to?" Then he winked mischievously and patted the back of the man of the house with barely concealed condescension and walked to the bathroom. Big Ed never mentioned it to Teresa nor Leonard, but his uneasiness around Ken rose to new levels after that. Teresa had always been proud of her culinary skills, so naturally, she loved the way Ken devoured her food. He ate at least twice as much as her husband, and she liked that in Ken it will turn into more muscle instead of an extra layer of fat. She admired as his arms and forearms' muscles moved and twitched when he forked his plate's content. And the sensations that washed through her body when he hugged her thanking a good meal almost overwhelmed her. All that hard manly brawn surrounding her threatened to drive her mad with barely contained lust. Sometimes, she even got to kiss the beautiful chest she fancied so much. Teresa also found sexy everything else about him. His deep rumbling voice. His dark spiky hair. His tanned complexion and cocky attitude. She even found his tattoos hot, and she hated tattooed people. Thought them filthy and cheap, but she found herself sometimes mesmerized following how each trace of digital ink hugged and clung to the shape of his muscles. Her son had explained to her that the ink composition included some kind of tiny computers. That was the reason Ken used no visible devices to interact with all the digital resources around him. But above all, she loved his body odor. She couldn't describe it in words. It wasn't earthly or musky as they described it in those cheap romance novels she used to read. It was something deeply pungent and so pervasive that she had to change his covers every single day or the smell will spread all over the living room. Sometimes the fragrance left by his body was so potent that she had no choice but to lock herself in the laundry room to masturbate several times. She knew she was head over heels for Ken. And if it were not for Leonard, she would let the muscular guy walk naked around the house. She would also let him fuck her at every room, and over each piece of furniture. She would let him do whatever he wanted. He would become the master of her and the house. But she had to protect Leonard, so she had to keep her actions and desires on a tight leash and be very careful. 'Good God! I can't believe he is younger than my younger son.' She thought all the time. Ken was almost two months younger than Leonard. That meant that in two weeks when her son turns 18, his friend -the source of all her naughty dreams- will be yet seven weeks and three days away from his 18th birthday. "That's it! I need one." Teresa said as she ran to the master suite's bathroom to get a release with some of her toys. She had become used to do that whenever she thought too much about her houseguest. When Leonard and Ken finished their silent breakfast, they put their dishes in the sink and went upstairs to the Hudson family's younger sibling's bedroom. The small teen walked point, his big friend followed him with a subdued attitude. Something very uncharacteristic of him. The teens walked over the black and white tiled floor, passing the doors of the house main suite and the Hudson older son's bedroom. Then they entered the long corridor that connected the house's second floor to the annex that Big Ed has built over the garage. At first, the man had thought to give it to Jeremy, but his favorite son didn't want it. He wanted to have the room he shared with his younger brother for him alone and argued that he will be out to college in less than a year. He didn't want all the hassle of another moving. Jeremy liked pushing the embarrassment that was his wimpy brother, out of the house's main area. Leonard took the room without hesitation, the opportunity of getting out of his brother night pranks thrilled him. Teresa proposed once to let Ken sleep in her older son's room, but her husband refused to allow it. That was his favorite son's room and nobody will use it. Ed argued that the Champion -his nickname for Jeremy- should have his room ready for him, whenever he came home. All his trophies were inside the bedroom, and he would be very mad if some guest damaged any of them. With Big Ed gone, Ken has been thinking about some changes in the order of things but had not pushed for it. The time was not right yet. Also, he didn't know where his plans will take him in the near future. He has kept spending the nights he slept alone in the house's living room for the time being. The red Ikea geno-leather sofa-bed will stay his nominal bed for the time being, and the big Sony holo-screen his companion on those few nights. He was a little fed up of having to take his fuck-buddies to hotels or having to settle for quickies, performed in places not designed for a good satisfying sex session. He liked to take his time when he has to get his rocks off. He wanted to extract every drop of pleasure from each sexual encounter. For him, 20 or 30 minutes was not enough. But he had to cope with the situation until he could convince Leonard or move on. Teresa was not an issue. He knew all he had to do, was to drop his pants and she will agree to anything he wanted. Back in Leonard's room, the 5 feet 4 inches high school teen stood next to his bed. Then he took a deep breath that made his 123 pounds body tremble and turned to face Ken. The young muscular jock was walking at a slow faltering pace through the hallway. It was easy to see his reluctance to enter the room. The big guy was almost as width as the corridor. His vast lats looked like they were about to send his muscle capped shoulders straight through the walls of the narrow passage. 'Dammit! Why am I acting like this?' asked silently Ken in his mind as he walked. 'I am a fucking alpha! I should tell Leonard what to do and be making fucking sure he obeys me!' However, he knew if he did that he will get what he wanted, but at the price of losing the only person, he could call a friend. He may force Leonard to do as he says, but it would change forever their relationship. Their friendship will be over. 'God! People have to deal with this crap every day?' Thought Ken with frustration. 'No wonder they are so stressed, and the world is so full of angry people.' Yet he realized that he found that kind of resilience worthy of respect. Going day after day negotiating with others using only ideas and words, was remarkable. When he wanted something, he used his strength or sex appeal to get it. For him it was natural. People usually gave him what he wanted. 'That must be the reason regular people seek power, any kind of power, so desperately.' Ken perused about the other sidekicks he had in the past, and how they didn't mean the same to him. Then he wondered once more what was different about Leonard. At first, they had the usual relationship alpha-sidekick. The huge teen had awed the smaller one on their first meeting in the high school's hall and later consolidated his power over him, with a classroom take over. But the guy had grown on him. He had on multiple times surprised Ken with his intelligence, wit, and loyalty. He couldn't help but laugh at his constant use of references to classic movies and holo-shows. He seems to have one for each situation. Then, one day it had hit him like the proverbial wall of bricks, he realized that he cared deeply about Leonard. Since that day he had to adjust his tactics and actions to keep his friend out of harm. It made things more complicated, but he realized he didn't care. Leonard was his friend. The troubled muscular youngster stopped at the door frame, leaning against the doorjamb. His hulking, almost naked torso filled the frame. However, his usual cocky attitude was missing. At once Leonard noticed Ken's penis stretching the fabric of his shorts. He has adjusted his tool side-wise because if he let it hang, it would surely show the head at the bottom end, right next to the team's logo. A quick flash of annoyance crossed Leonard's mind, thinking his mother could have seen it. But he got over it almost immediately. There were more pressing matters. "Close the door, please." Leonard's voice was firm. Letting out a resigned sigh Ken moved to comply with his friend's request. *******
  2. Homo titanicus saga Hi guys I'm working on this idea of huge muscular guys popping up all over the world. This post is a little intro to the saga, hopefully gets some interest on it. This post has no muscle growth, just a little reference size for the main characters of the story. ... The main story is set in Earth in the year 2045. Things are about the same as now, just a few more gadgets, a few less countries, some wars between now and then, no more UN but the ECN (Earth Council of Nations). Most nations carry business as usual, with different levels of freedom and development, hunger and waste, death and fashion. Food is grown mostly at AI-controlled vertical buildings rather than horizontal land. State of the art facilities with hydroponic plants for fruits/vegetables and in-vitro cloned meat had replaced farming due to the world's growing need for greater food efficiency to cope with its ever expanding population. Self-driving iUber taxis had taken over 70% of the first world's roads and sky transport lines. Biotech implants are common, and humanity has become dependent of a vast variety of smart apps to help them interconnect with most public and private services. In the midst of all the world changing events that came to pass a few things went unnoticed. The sudden vanishment of one research facility, worth several billion dollars, including the several hundreds of scientists, medical and med-tech personnel and support staff that worked in it. The crash and bankruptcy of the 8th bigger European pharmaceutical conglomerate, that was also linked to that facility. The chain of fatal accidents and natural deaths suffered by several executives and high government officials all over Europe. Tragic and apparently disconnected events, that came to pass in the span of less than 45 days at the third quarter of 2028. The world was too busy with all the political and economic changes to care. At the beginning of the year 2030, other smaller events unfolded. Too small and separated to be connected by any casual onlooker, but in fact deeply linked. Young men started to disappear all over Europe. By 2033, a grand total of eighty-six teenagers had vanished from Portugal and Ireland to Finland and Greece, even in Turkey one 14-years-old boy was missing following the same pattern as the others. There was no apparent relation between them, and the local police agencies couldn't see the pattern. They labeled the cases as missing people and moved on. However, had them been more inquisitive they would had found that some of the missing boys were born in clinics owned by the fallen corporation, and the rest through fertility programs run by the vanished research center or organizations related to it. Another interesting detail was that the boards of those organizations were formed entirely by members of the list of executives and officials who had died two years earlier. There was an additional trait that connected all the missing boys, they were highly exceptional. All top athletes with a physical development so far beyond their pairs that the word amazing didn't even begun to describe the gap. Kids of 10 years of age that were 5’5” tall and weighed 140 lbs. of hard solid muscle. Teens strong as bulls that at their 15 had biceps over 20” in size and quads close to 30”. All of them were also incredibly smart -brilliant actually- and had a perfect health. They were all free of any trace of genetic diseases in their genome, and had a crystal clear record of zero sick days in their lives. Several disappearances were made of public knowledge, because the victims belonged to rich influential families. Intense searches were made in each case, but none of them were crossed with the disappearances in other countries of the European Community. A few police officers tried to contact other agencies, but found themselves suddenly off the cases without any explanation. After a week or two fresh news replaced the ones about the missing children and the public lost interest. The families had no choice but to move on. Most kept searching with their own resources. Sadly not one of the kids has ever been found, and the kidnappers never met punishment. Legal punishment at least. A small number of similarly exceptional boys started to surface in the US in the year 2044, and dark shadowy forces shifted their attention to the land of the free, in an attempt to deal with them too. However, as 2045 unfolded of the seven attempted kidnappings only two were successful. The failed five left the outcome of four perpetrators killed and another one captured. The bodies that the police found at the scenes belonged to two MI6 active operatives, one FBI special agent on sick leave and a former Militärischer Abschirmdienst (German Military Counter Intelligence Service) officer, that was reported as KIA in Syria. No records of how did they got into American soil were found. The UK denied any knowledgment of their agents operating in American soil. Germany cannot explain either why one of their spies -specially one accounted as casualty of war- was doing in Texas. The identity of those responsible of thwarting the kidnappings was also a mystery, no federal or local law enforcement agency was aware of the operatives that saved the kids, and no traceable piece of evidence was found in the scenes. The guys were ghosts. The captured kidnapper was Christophe Morard, former Commander of the Vatican’s Pontifical Swiss Guard, and security attaché to the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See to the United States. No member of the Vatican Diplomatic Corps reported his sudden absence. They were used to his comes and goes, given that the old respected and stoic soldier reported directly to the Cardinal Secretary of State. Most of them were sure he was an Vatican Intelligence officer, but as such thing didn't exist in any official manner, they just let him be and tried to be out of his way. As the capture wasn’t done by any of their agencies, the American law enforcement community knew nothing about it, so no rescue operation was launched. That meant that Oberst -Colonel- Morard spent the last seven month of his life in a cell that belonged to the people that had stopped him from continuing his "Holy Work". The new two missing boys were Trevor Hunt from Chicago, age 13, and Alexander Zak, age 14 from Michigan. The other five kids ranged from 11 to 17, and surprisingly none of them had any recollection of the events. Their names were Kennedy, Seth, Joshua, Zack and Leonel. ... I think that organize my stories in timelines by main character is the best way to serialize the job and keep track of it. Like a TV show for each character -i.e. Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist- that eventually will cross over each other and perhaps in a new combined show -i.e. The Defenders- or a movie... At this moment I have this five main characters defined: Ken (Kennedy) Seth Joshua Zack Leo (Leonel) They are the ones saved from kidnapping in the US, but their numbers may grow as new exceptional kids surface and the fate of the European bunch -plus the two American lost boys- is discovered. I’m also working on the story-line about their origin, discovery and subsequent hunt. Hope you enjoy my work. Note: I have the order of the stories set, but I write them in no particular order. I just flow with my muse. So sorry in advance, for the chaos to come. Best, Simon
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