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    Muscle, power, size, strength, dominating, being the biggest, strongest, hardest, toughest alpha there is - no man can beat me
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    295lb walking power house meat head - I'm bigger than you
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    whatever interests me
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    Too big to fit through the door
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    Any where the bully wins
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    Rob Terry, Ryback, Brock Lesnar, Bluto
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    That'd be telling

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  1. Bruce, Bruce, Bruce - AWESOME UPDATE. Sometimes in life people are just bigger and stronger, fact. Sweetest revenge is to let Bruce see how happy and in love they are whilst he is all alone.
  2. I think Bruce will out muscle them both - the dude is just a god
  3. good to know Bruce the man is growing too sweetest revenge would be to take Bruces muscles away from him, not outgrow him
  4. Hey Alphabrute! Always great to see one of the truly huge guys on here! Hope ya have a great 4th!

  5. I hope Brett gets super strength from Sammys cum
  6. Hey dude what's up how old are you 

  7. nice one for the follow stud

    1. BRUTUS1


      cool, mister


  8. Hey big guy.  Great profile and pics.  I am wondering if you ever think about/get into using your size and power to totally destroy a guy...crush him, break him, toy with him and get nasty!  Lemme know your thoughts.  -Dave

  9. Love the muscle name and attitude big guy

  10. helluva profile and pic, big guy.  love the name too.  let's chat.

    1. xxxlalphabrute


      cheers bro - message me

  11. cheers for the follow bro

  12. cheers for the follow

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