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  1. Do some studying on how your body is designed. Your biceps have two heads. Each can be targeted with exercises. Triceps have three heads. Again, an emphasis can be placed on each head. Also, learn about the Brachialis Muscle. Targeting this muscle will help it grow and add size to your arms. /hint, hammer curls. Regards, Swolegoal.
  2. Don't tell your body this is the last rep, let your body tell you.

  3. Research T.U.T. or "time under tension". You can add a drop set to the end of most exercises. For example you could do a warm up set, three working sets, and then a drop set. I like to do 3 drops for 4 total sets in my drop set. It's extremely helpful to have someone there to help you change the weight, otherwise, you're getting too much rest taking the time to switch the weights yourself. There isn't a right or wrong number of reps per drop. My personal preference is 8-10 reps. The weight should be heavy enough to make getting to that number a challenge. A good workout partner will be able to gauge your ability and adjust the weight accordingly for each drop. Regards, Swolegoal.
  4. Exactly! It's not about moving weight, it's about muscle being stressed through a healthy range of motion.
  5. Try doing skull crushers on a bench angled between 30 and 45 degrees. Have your arms tilt slightly backwards. The bar should not hit your forehead, but rather the very top of your head. This will both emphasize the tricep and take pressure off of the elbow joint.
  6. If you jump from 3000 to 5200 calories a day, chances are, you'll fuck up your metabolism. Small increments. Assess whats going on with your body. Repeat.
  7. Do some research on cardio and cortisol. Lower exertion cardio will trigger less cortisol production than a HITT type cardio session. If mass is your goal, the proper type of cardio is essential. Two days of CrossFit a week may be counter productive to gaining serious mass. Relatively heavy weights for resistance tells your body mass is necessary. Light weights and HITT tells your body the mass isn't necessary. Train for size. How many pro bodybuilders do you see doing Crossfit? If you need to do hours of HITT cardio to stay lean, chances are your nutrition is off. It all boils down to your priority. Regards, Swolegoal
  8. Use a stand up tanning booth.
  9. While it's masculine and rugged to workout shirtless, remember to whipe down the bench pads before use. You can catch some truly nasty shit from sweaty benches.
  10. When the ribs are immobilized, this muscle brings the scapula forward, and when the scapula is fixed, it lifts up the rib cage. Thanks for the clarification. Every day there is more to learn! Regards, Swolegoal
  11. To truly lift properly you need to understand how your body is built. your chest has two main parts. Lower and Upper pecs. Both are Pectoralis Major. Some incorrectly call Upper Pecs Pectoralis Minor, This is incorrect. Pec Minor lies beneath Pec Major and is attached to the 3rd 4th and 5th rib. Pec Minor is more involved in expanding the rib cage during breathing. Pec Major (Lower) attaches to the Sternum. Pec Major (Upper) attatches to the Clavical. Both pecs then cross over and insert into your upper Humerus Bone. The function of the Pecs is to pull your arms forward and across your torso. The Upper pecs are involved when this pulling motion is also in an upward direction. So, Declines and Flat exercises for Lower Pecs, and Inclines for the Upper Pecs. You'll find that you'll not be able to move nearly as much weight with your Upper Pecs, this is simply because it's a much smaller muscle than your bulky Lower Pec. Points to remember: The angle between your torso and upper arms should not be 90 degrees. It should be closer to 45 degrees. In other words, your body should not be making a "T" shape. This is extremely hard on your shoulder joints. Keep your shoulders back! Pretend you're Superman. How does superman stand? Shoulders back and down, Chest high. Keeping your shoulders back will put more emphasis on the pecs and less on front deltoids. Think of PULLING from your elbows, not pushing with your triceps. During chest movements the primary muscle worked is Pec, secondary is triceps and third is front deltoid. The goal is to use triceps and delts as little as possible. If you think push, you'll activate much more tricep than if you think pull from the elbows. To understand this, think of how you PULL with a cable fly. You should be pulling from your elbows, not your hands. At the end of the day it's physically impossible for a muscle to push, Muscles contract and PULL. If you think PUSH, you're sending the wrong message to your body. Take the word "PUSH" out of your vocabulary. Goal one should be to BUILD a chest. Too many guys with small chests are worried about outer, inner pecs. You need size first, then worry about sculpting. Concentrate on Upper and Lower pecs. Thats sufficient until you've added real size. Don't put the cart before the horse. As a bodybuilder, everything should be about form. You're goal is not to move the weight from point A to point B. Your goal is to flex a muscle under resistance through it's range of motion. Don't get caught up in weight moved. Your body doesn't know what number is written on the weight. Your body only knows resistance. Use appropriate weight. Regards, Swolegoal
  12. Tim, your input to the site will determine the balance of Actual Bodybuilding Discussion VS Muscle Worship discussion. Take part in the bodybuilding parts of this forum. Contribute! Regards, Swolegoal
  13. Put the Umph in Triumph. 

  14. http://www.goldenaesthetics.com/
  15. Fear often masks itself as procrastination.

    1. ThickRick


      And I am procrastinating about things I have to do before I leave tonight to see you. Wonder what that's about. No, I know. I'm just overwhelmed. Can't wait to see you.

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