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  1. Well the contests where boardshorts are the uniform aren't bodybuilding contests technically, they are "men's physique" contests. Personally I think the men's physique class is a joke. First of all is that it actively covers up most of the leg giving the message that you don't need to even work them, that all upper body is fine. Then I think the guys who make up that class could clearly be bodybuilders but suffer from the afraid to get too big mindset.
  2. I'm genuinely envious, even jealous, of those of you who can honestly say you enjoy your workouts. That's an experience I've never had. I hated working out. It was a necessary evil like going to my job every day, something I had to do and never something I wanted to do. Runner's high from working out? Never had it. Beginner gains? Never got them. Benching triple digits within your first few months? My bench never got that high at all. Now I wasn't your typical beginner who quit after only a few months. I worked out for three years and still had nothing to show for it. Its impossible to stay motivated when you never feel good about what you're doing and when you never experience any improvements. I remember my last day in the gym vividly. I was lying face down on an incline bench doing reverse shoulder flies using 20 lbs dumbbells, which had only increased from the 15 lbs ones I had started out with three years before, and my depression kicked in and I actually started crying there on the bench over my lack of any gains. When I finally composed myself, I racked the dumbbells, went to the locker room, and went home, and realized that I was done.
  3. There's only been one guy who I dated for any serious length of time, and I told him about my muscle growth fetish. The lesson I learned was don't do that again. A few weeks after being together we were in a "tell anything and ask anything" mood, and he told me of his fetishes. I thought a couple of them were pretty damn odd, but didn't say so. That made me feel okay with saying I was into muscle growth. Well he proceeded to tell me how strange it was and used it as something to make fun of me for the rest of the time we were together. We ended up going our separate ways a few weeks later, and while it certainly wasn't solely because of him belittling my fetish, it was one of many contributing factors. As unpopular as it is to hear, I do think some people are meant to be single, and I say that as someone who falls into that category. I think its society constantly drilling into our heads that everyone needs to be in a relationship to be normal and happy that makes us feel that way far more than anything nature intended. I decided a long time ago that I'd rather be happily single than stuck in an unhappy relationship just for relationship sake.
  4. I had no idea that gay.com had closed, but frankly I say good riddance to it. I say that as someone who was not only a member for several years, but someone who was a paid member. I watched the site decline from their claim of being a dating and GLBT news site into just a typical hookup site, and I left there something like ten years ago. One of the biggest jokes in my opinion that I saw while there was their short-lived "Met On Gay.Com" column, where couples who had met through the site told their story about meeting and their relationship. Well first of all, there seemingly weren't any parameters that needed to be met to respond, because I got tired of reading about 19 year olds who had been together for a month and were sure they'd met their happily-ever-after partner. I wanted to vomit every time I read one of those as I couldn't help thinking "come back in a couple years when you're more mature and if you're still together then, then I might put some faith in your story". I also had to laugh when in a fairly short period of time, gay.com made a big deal about reaching 1,000,000 members, and shortly later made a big deal that their "Met On Gay.Com" column had its 50th submission. Do the math. One hundred people out of one million people thought they met someone of value there. Pretty pathetic odds if you ask me.
  5. My most vivid memory of having a "growth reaction" actually wasn't to the Hulk himself, but happened to a TV commercial that had a Hulk-like sudden muscle growth in it. I think I was probably about 12 at the time, so still young enough to be watching Saturday morning cartoons but old enough that "things" had started happening to my body. Well anyway, I'm watching this cartoon and then this commercial comes on, and I was completely mesmerized by it and grew what I'm pretty sure was the first boner I ever had, or at least ever had while awake to experience it. Well a few moments later the commercial ended and I sort of snapped out of my trance and I discovered that part of me actually grew. At the time, I was too young to have any idea what just happened or why or what it meant, and I was actually totally freaked out by it. Soon enough it went away and I was glad I was back to "normal", but after that point, every time that commercial came on, the same thing happened. Then I discovered that it would happen when I watched the Hulk reruns on the SciFi Channel, then I discovered that it would happen to any muscle growth anywhere, and it didn't take long to put 2 + 2 together!
  6. My own thoughts for a favorite hulkout go back to the first hulkout in the first movie, though I remember an episode of the TV series where Banner is talking to a therapist about trying to contain the beast, and describes what hulking out feels like while in a trance. They show the first movie hulkout in flashback as he's describing how it feels, and he gets so agitated that you see his eyelids start fluttering, he jumps out of the chair, and then hulks out again, so its almost like two hulkouts in one!
  7. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I don't need and in fact don't even want to see a Hulk porn. Watching the Hulk pound his junk into someone else is not of any interest to me. For me, the hulking out transformation IS my porn!
  8. I suspect you might be thinking of the movie "Hunk". Normal geeky guy is a flop with girls, so he sells his soul to the devil to become a girl magnet, and the devil turns him into a studly hunk. I don't remember him turning dumber though. As I remember the movie, he knew who he was and was enjoying his new body, but by the end of the movie, the clichéd bit about what's on the inside is what counts makes him want to go back to his normal self. By today's standards, the new body doesn't look nearly as impressive as it did then, and even by the standards of the day the guy was definitely no bodybuilder, but the transformation scene sure did a number on this pubescent boy!
  9. They did make a porn about him just a couple years back. Its called simply "The Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody". I do not own a copy, nor do I intend to buy one, but a friend of mine into this same interest did buy it and said its awful. There's only one transformation, and its so badly done that you can see people's hands on the side of the screen pulling on his clothes to make them rip. Then the entire rest of the video is the Hulk simply rampaging around F-ing every woman he comes across.
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