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    Posing, posing suits, guys up for muscle talk, muscle lust, pic swap, jerk off.
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    5’,8 190Lbs
    46” Chest
    14” Arms
    11” Forearms
    13” Quads
    10” calves
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    Pic swap
    Video Swap
    cam to cam posing.
    Friendship / partner into the same things I am
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Sam Dixon / Zach Poulos / Jiri Borkovec / Chris Burnstead /
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Youth Muscle in posing suits.
    Posing in masks, small suits, and in the nude.
    Cam to cam posing as well.
    Muscled GOGO Dancers

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  1. gavinH

    Muscle Fetish Con/Convention?

    These are great ideas and i for one would welcome public masturabtion, muscle temples, and muscle for hire. The person who was the promoter for this activity would make a fortune!!! Bring it on some industrious person!!!!
  2. I ride my dildo while looking at youth muscle pics

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