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  1. Your morphs have always been good, but unbelievably they seem to even be getting better. truly know what muscle should look like!188378646_YouWantSomethinKid.thumb.jpg.b0337e5d69fab7f79c900e4c70ff2ad1.jpg.31da03d631d467eb27ca8178a8e0e6f6.jpg

  2. Does anyone know who this guy is?

  3. Amazing. Of all the artists who manage to morph the muscles, you are undoubtedly one of the greatest that I have ever seen. Love. Love muscles monsters and you, with your work, very reflect my desire lot. Unfortunately you do not accept suggestions. Even so, you're 100. Keep it up, my friend. Big hug. Regis (google translator)

  4. would you ever do morphs of nude guys wrestling ?

  5. This is always the first site in the morning.  Your work is outstanding, never stop.

  6. Ever think about posting lift and carry pics?


  7. Hope everyone out there has a great week.  Peace

  8. hmm, think u can work with this stud?tumblr_o92gc0BFrE1vt5l75o1_1280.jpg

  9. Trying to show appreciation where due.  Thank you.  ?

  10. Hi Harttrainer01 -  Your morphs are amazing!  Have you ever considered morphing the impossible, like Robert Buirneika?  (He is an obsessuion of mine!)   Piotrpjs

  11. Hey buddy I just wanted to ask who these people were that you morphed thank you






  12. hey Hardtrainer01! Would it be possible to do a brief Original image vs your awesome morphed image series? I'm always so curious what you start off with, material-wise. Thanks!

  13. dude, your morphs are just amazing!

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