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    I'm primarily interested in hyper muscle growth and extreme mass. No such thing as too much muscle! Growing someone to immobility is always my goal with a rp scenario. The more extreme the better. Love cock growth and other forms of physical transformation as well. Hit me up if you'd like to chat about extreme muscle!
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    Someone to chat with about extreme muscle.<br /><br />
    <br /><br />
    Unfortunately I am not financially equipped to finance a bodybuilder right now, as much as I would like to. However, I am always looking for someone to chat with and encourage to become a muscle monster!
  • Favorite Stories
    Mass Hose, BiggNDum's MegaMuscle Gum, anything with monstrous growth leading into immobility.
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    Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Alexey Lesukov, Big Ramy, Victor Martinez, Kai Greene... I could go on! The bigger and more extreme their muscle and mass, the more I love them!
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    Monstrous, extreme muscle growth. Roidguts. Inflation and bloating. Feeding muscle. Immobility. Cock transformation/growth/shrinkage. Brain growth. Pig play. General freaky tf.

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  1. Took some time away from the Forum because life got in the way, but I'm back and more obsessed with massive muscle than ever!

  2. Maxgrow11

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Very hot! Awesome work!
  3. Maxgrow11


    Sent you a friend request!
  4. Kasich is out and Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee.
  5. Maxgrow11

    Chia Hao Hsu

    He's very hot! I love this pic of him:
  6. Hey there! I'm rarely on Yahoo anymore, but I'd love to chat. Are you Skype or KIK?

    1. GrowingCockFantasy


      Yea, Skype is jessecmichaels 

    2. Maxgrow11


      Awesome! Sent you a friend request.

  7. Hey, um, my kik is WaluigixDeandra if you wanna RP. I'm here half the time so I'm practically always available

    1. Maxgrow11


      I'll look you up! I'll be out all day today, but let's chat soon!

  8. Maxgrow11


    I'm on Kik: Maxgrow11. Obsessed with immobility.
  9. I'm looking to grow huge.230 lbs now, next step 250, I want to hit 300 ++. Looking for guys who want to watch me grow huge. I can't get too big.

    1. Maxgrow11


      I love a man with no limits! We should definitely chat sometime!

  10. Swamped with work right now. Apologies if I miss you.

  11. Moving away from Yahoo. Hit me up on Skype!

    1. JoeM242
    2. Maxgrow11


      Looking forward to chatting!

  12. Got a serious craving for extreme, monstrous muscle right now.

  13. If you're interested in extreme, freaky muscle, hit me up!

    1. DumbandBigger


      It's still too small to me :P

  14. Maxgrow11

    Sex at 500lbs

    Fantastic story!
  15. Recently moved to the Seattle area and looking for other muscle enthusiasts!


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