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    1) My time zone is Eastern Time UTC: -5:00/-4:00 2) I would like to be a moderator because I feel as if I have grown quite fond to the community and wish to see it grow and thrive. I'm on all the time and as such I feel as if I could look over the chat with ease. Also, I feel like it's time for me to give back. 3) I believe i'm qualified because I've had experiences with moderating in the past, like in KiK or even other Discords. I'm often known to be as a mediator and I keep a collected approach to most things so I aim to help those with quaralls and needs, always trying to find solutions. I'm virtually on all the time. Also, I feel as if I could tackle on the roleplay issue, or rather the lack of roleplay the community seems to be having as of late. I would gladly become a mediator and almost like a matchmaker for those struggling to find compatible partners, if such a system would be allowed.

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