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    Muscle, muscle growth, forced muscle growth. Saline, synthol and silicone!!!!
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    6'2", 200lbs
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    I need someone who will pump me up with synthol, silicone and steroids until I'm too big to move.
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    Growth. Synthol. Silicone. Pumped cocks. Extreme pecs.

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  1. Nevertoobig

    Unbound Beast Inc: Side Effects May Vary

    "I'm going to go do one hell of a fucking work out until Mike shows up at opening in a few hours, but for now I think Ian is ready for round two. I know I fucking am." Any chance of round two?
  2. Nevertoobig

    extreme muscle growth stories

    An0n12, you are my hero! Thank you for these awesome additions. I forgotten some and some were new to me. Awesome!
  3. Nevertoobig

    extreme muscle growth stories

    I didn't know this. But totally hot and my dream I hope to become true!
  4. Nevertoobig

    extreme muscle growth stories

    Thank yiou for this awesome collection! I already know most of them, but it is great to read them all again. I love stories with immobility!
  5. Nevertoobig

    Raijin: The God of Thunder Thighs - Chapters 1 to 3

    Yes, please finish this story. A few more doses should do the trick!
  6. Nevertoobig

    Resident Muscle

    I can't wait for more!
  7. Nevertoobig


    You can grow me. And keep me growing forever.
  8. Nevertoobig


    Wow, Achilles! What you wrote down is exactly what I dream about every night. I would love to be someone's meat and be grown to immobile proportion and be used my Sir wishes. I don't think this story will be topped this year. You have my vote for Best Story of the Year!
  9. Nevertoobig

    Growing Together

    This is awesome! Please please please continue!
  10. Nevertoobig


    Once again a wonderful story!
  11. Nevertoobig

    Finjen's Fantasies

    This is awesome! I can't wait for your next installment of obsessive growth and immobile muscles!
  12. Nevertoobig

    Shocking Brian

    Please post them! Or I could review them for you?
  13. Nevertoobig

    Shocking Brian

    You really wrote this story? It is one of my alltime favourites! Did you write any more?
  14. Nevertoobig

    Enhanced muscles and futuristic porn #4+Finale

    This is awesome! Finally a great immobility story again. I kept imagining it was me growing that big. I would love to be immobile. Thanks for this story!

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