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  1. You're right, rat. https://www.deviantart.com/magnusmagneto/gallery/39234310/Mother-Knows-Best
  2. There was a pretty good story about a single mother and her son. She says he's lazy and challenges him to fitness comparisons. He's so confident he will always be stronger that he just plays video games and eats junk food while she works out like crazy and gets huge. She humiliates him and forces him to serve her. I can't remember the title.
  3. After an exhaustive hard drive reorganization, I did find it. For those interested, it can be bought here: http://tinyurl.com/parwyd2
  4. I'm looking for a story about a cop who becomes obsessed with a librarian who is growing big after starting to work out with a bigger guy he catches having sex in the library with his girlfriend. I think it was a pdf book, rather than just a forum post. I might have even paid money for it. I'm convinced I can find it on my hard drive if I just knew the title!
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