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    Muscle and bodybuilders as big as humanly possible
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  1. hi man, great pic!

  2. incredible body man!

  3. Thanks for following me.

    1. MrMuscleWorship


      You're welcome!

      Your post in self worship was way too hot for me to ignore you!

  4. horny as hell for muscle right now. If you're a big guy who needs worshipping, you like flexing, or you wanna rp as some big roided beast, message me!

  5. Fucking hot!!!!
  6. BigRR even reading your bio got me hard. I've added u on Skype!

  7. Just stumbled across this story, so fucking hot!!!!
  8. Hi guys, so I've just posted this intro / scene setter on my tumblr of a story I'm thinking of writing, I know it's thin on the ground right now, but as a concept what do you guys think My live-in Bodybuilder: Introduction Just shy of two years ago I answered an ad online that changed my life. It was from an 18 year old bodybuilder looking for a sponsor. Back then, Brad was a well built 18 year old. He was blonde, broad and tight, studying at college. His ad said that he was looking for a serious sponsor, who can help him fulfil his dream of becoming huge. We chatted online for months and he even flexed on cam for me a few times, in exchange for a donation to his growth fund, of course. It wasn’t long before we met in person and with little persuasion I agreed to make it a regular payment. He’d grown pretty well over only a few months. It wasn’t long before Brad had ditched college, friends and family. He’d become totally obsessed with his own mass, growing and, increasingly, in showing it off. He was spending all day, every day at the gym. He was on a constant cycle of some heavy roids and eventually ended up living in my flat after falling out with his parents over his growing steroid addiction. He’d turned into a monster of a 19 year old, and every evening now looked the same: him coming home pumped and desperate to be get off on his own mass.
  9. This is really good I can't wait for the next Instalment
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