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  1. I had the same question a while back - it’s The Gypsy’s Curse by amalianetwork on tumblr. The first part is here - http://amalianetwork.tumblr.com/post/164564658501/the-gypsys-curse-part-1 - and you should be able to get to the other parts (5 in total) using the tags.
  2. Sounds like The Rivalry by JayPat
  3. Metabods has a tag for Christmas (here). My personal favourites are A Christmas Miracle and JayPat’s I Wanna Get Huge. In the archive of the old site there’s also The Christmas Journal by FREaky, which I’m a fan of.
  4. Yes! Thank you! (I’ll have to get better at saving my tumblr finds)
  5. I thought I’d seen this on metabods, but I’ve had no luck searching for it there so I’m not sure if this story sounds familiar to anyone: A guy gets cursed (I think because he’s ‘shallow’ and only attracted to muscular guys), so that every man he looks at gets transformed into a muscular stud, but he’s then not attracted to them. I think there was a flash when they transformed, and a variety of people ended up changing - his neighbour, postman, taxi driver, etc. However there’s one guy, who I think he transformed in the bathroom (even though he didn’t look at him, he saw a flash from under the stall door), who sticks with him to help break the curse. In the end, he looks at himself in a mirror to transform himself too, which ends the curse. Does this ring any bells? I’m pretty sure it had a few separate parts, like 4 or 5?
  6. He’s on tumblr - charlesreeza.tumblr.com
  7. Was the third part to this ever posted?
  8. Thanks for reading and liking my story.  Cheers!

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