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    Finding someone who practices Bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman events, weightlifting, and/or feats of strength. I also have others interest and like doing the following: football, tennis, hiking, skiing, kayaking, cycling, music, travel, architecture, landscaping, & food
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    5'11", 215lbs 52"ch, 16.5"a, 34"w, 23"th, 17.5"ca

    Looking to recover from injuries while getting bigger, leaner, & stronger.
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    Friends & More. Talk about; workouts, diets, routines, growing bigger, stronger, & more.
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    20"A, 60"CH, 30"TH, 22"Ca
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    Big strong muscled men
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    Massive, big, huge, & thick. Developed & Strong. short or tall!
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    YES! Don't we all.

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  1. Frustrated. Trying to stay positive.



      Hang in there ! Stay positive !

  2. Thanks AlMacArther & plasmatic20 for your input.
  3. Hope everyone has a Healthy 2016 full of growth & gains!

  4. Ok Guys, I'm looking to hear from anyone out there that had this injury. Their is no tears, bone spears, or calcification according to the MRI. I have had a cortisone shot, rest, iced, and 4 weeks of physical therapy. However, I seem to be worse off than before I started this whole process almost 3 months ago. What did you do for recovery (shots-ice-massage-exercises)? How long did it take? How did you sleep (position or support)?
  5. Hulkotlover, Listen to the advise you have received here. It is very good and Needsize brought up some excellent points. It about them helping you achieve your goals. If they don't: show you correct form, work with you on correcting your form, encourage you; push you, or just treat you as a source of income, and that means honoring your scheduled workout times, then it is time to walk!
  6. Yesterday I was doing a tri-set, and as I was getting ready to go to my second exercise (station) for my 2nd set, 3 younger guys who knew I was using it had moved in on it. I simple went to the other side of the gym, grabbed a bar and improvised. As I was going between stations, they just stood there and talked. They finally started lifting as I was finishing my last set. Inconsiderate and/or Oblivious.
  7. I have been on both sides of this topic. When I use three machines it is for a Tri-set. I take no more than a 30 second rest because I know someone else will want to use the machine. If someone wants to use it, I will let them cycle through (share) it, or I let them know I will be done with it in less than 10 minutes max (1-2 more sets). When I run into someone doing a tri-set, I usually expect the same courtesy, or will ask them to let me know when they are finished and just leave the weights on. What I don't like is the rude response or behavior of: talking, chatting, sitting while not using the equipment, or leaving the equipment for more than 10 minutes and then they come back and say, hey I wasn't done using that.
  8. I work in a job that is very stressful at times and used to be a majority of male employees. As the older and my generation near retirement, we try to be more healthy and fit overall as we deal with aging parents and health issues. Our younger replacements are more diverse and fit overall. More of them workout regularly and look larger than most fitness professionals. They compete in strength and endurance events, along with other community sport leagues. They like the look, so do their wives & girlfriends. A majority also have a higher education. So my answer would be that the younger generation's perception of big guys is far different and overall accepting than my generation and later. But I also work in a larger city/town population where perception changes faster than in rural areas.
  9. It depends on what your trying to accomplish, at least for me. Long steady elevated heart rate if I'm working on my cardiovascular system. Heart rate, oxygen intake\breathing, energy level. If I'm looking for fat loss its more interval and diet.
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