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  1. "Hey, bro ... what's missing to finish the formula?" Jason shouted as he walked down the stairs straight to the basement. Jason and I have been nerdy best friends since high school. Today we are 25 years old, and we are still nerds, skinny, pale and dark-haired. Our bodies are free of hair, we have small feet and we still suffer from some old bullies. As is the case with Brad, the sturdy 6'4” tall defender weighing 290 pounds from the school's former football team. After so many years, Brad is still the same asshole bully ever. And we are still your punching bag. “Hmm… I think a touch of lemon. Dad and I like lemon.” I grabbed the bottle of fresh lemon scent. I put three drops of lemon essence into the two bottles containing the formula. The fresh lemon scent is refreshing and reminds me of my father. My massive daddy. Zac Durval is head coach of the school's football team. He was coach at the time of Brad and coach when I was high school. Dad has always been a competitive, muscular, hairy, big guy everywhere. But, he always respected me, protected me, because I inherited my mother's thin and fragile genetics. Well ... I wish I had inherited my dad Zac's strong and divine genetics, but that fate didn't give me away. As I lightly shook the bottles containing the formula, I remembered how my father always encouraged me to work harder on my body to gain some muscle, but it was always impossible. "Now, dad... I'll be as big and muscular as you," I whispered to the bottle. The liquid that formed inside the bottle became a more yellowish color, resembling passion fruit juice. I capped and put the two bottles in the bottom of the fridge. Jason and I destroyed any trace of the recipe for the miracle formula. We decided to leave a single copy in my email. "Well... now just wait for the whey ingredients to stabilize and then new life, bro" Jason grinned and gave me a high five. “New life, bro, yes, new life,” I answered the high five. “Brad will never use us as a punching bag.” “We will be the two biggest stallions in the neighborhood. I can already see it in giant letters: Jason and Fred, the massive best friends.” Jason had a great imagination. This whole situation for him was as if it had been taken from a comic. The two nerds who created muscle-transforming serum and size would change the world. It was still in the testing phase and we would be the test subjects for this miracle formula. If by my calculations everything went well I would go from 5ft high to 8'5” high and jump from 100lbs to 580lbs of massive muscles. That would also be the case with Jason. We have the same weight and the same height. After the formula we would be muscular gods, furry, fierce bears, studs with sticks so big it would barely fit into our pants. “You know, Fred… I've always imagined that day since we started building the formula. I dream of the day when I will tear my clothes like the real Hulk, watching my muscles grow to extremes and then roaring horny ... damn! Speaking of horny ... ” he tightened his groin “We'll have decent cocks hahahaha ” “You're crazy, Jason…” I punched him lightly on the shoulder. “Why wear clothes if we can get naked and feel our muscles grow? I think I'll rather go undressed and see my hard-on thumping my new abdomen ... will we have 6 or 8 packs of abdomen?” I lifted my shirt and examined my pathetic abdomen. "Oh God! We'll definitely have better abs than that.” Jason pointed disdainfully at my flat, skeletal belly. “I think we'd better get to work, bro. We have an all-night shift at the hospital.” I grabbed my backpack getting ready to leave the basement. Jason followed me and we left my house straight to central hospital. We are nurses at the city's central hospital. Since the career of scientist didn't work for either of us, we decided to help take care of people. As we enter the hospital, we see Brad coming out with his arm in a cast. Even hurt, he passed us and did not miss the opportunity for us to irritate. “HEY! If it's not the usual worms Jayson and Freddy ” laughed out loud. “Brad, that's enough. Leave the boys alone ” Came my father's deep, hoarse voice right behind Brad. Zac and Brad, since school days are classmates even with the relationship of coach and student, gym partners and bodybuilding friends. Weight lifting both just do together. There are two muscular bulls playing in the gym. There is no one bigger than the two there. "Erm... dad... hello..." I nodded shyly to my dad. "Hello boy! Have a nice shift, buddy.” He leaned over and ruffled my hair, as he always had since I was a child. "Good night to you too, little Jason," he nodded to my friend. When Dad and Brad got out of our way, we entered the hospital for our night shift. We talk more about how our muscles will look the same as my father Zac's and Brad's, or even better and bigger than them. All the excitement about growing up was taking our attention away from work, so we decided not to talk about it until tomorrow morning when the serum was stable to be consumed. "Let's focus on work, bro," I waved at Jason. "And after work ..." Jason did a double bicep pose, forcing his arms, but nothing came up. I smiled and threw a clean towel in his face. We usually followed for hours without knowing what would happen next. ************************************************** ***** "FREEEEEEED ... bro ... you need to see this" Jason shook me. It was time for rest, taking a nap when my friend ran up to me and shook my shoulders screaming for my name. “Oh fuck… Jason… what the fuck is going on? The end of the world? Have we been invaded by monsters? ” I yawned and rubbed my eyes. "A monster ... that's right ... that's right ... you need to see it for yourself, bro" Jason pulled me through the hospital corridors. I grunted and pulled my arm back as we stopped at the hospital reception. TV was on on the news channel. The image I saw was a creepy thing. I only heard of such monsters in comics, fairy tales or even Japanese movies. Was it a movie? No ... it wasn't any movie. The news featured a mature, massive man with huge muscles and a pair of huge, hairy pecs who was "playing" in the city center. The giant was almost 150ft tall and his body would make a Mr. Olympia bodybuilder shit with envy. "How is this possible?" I choked. “They say this giant passed through the region where we live. Do you have any idea who that is? ” Jason whispered in my ear. There were three helicopters capturing the images of the titan. There was another helicopter that was military and was also monitoring the giant's movements. Some buildings only reached below his pecs. The giant was smiling as his deep laugh was caught by the news helicopters. There were people on the roof of the building waving wildly at the giant. He looked down and smiled with a thumbs up. His face was not completely apparent on camera, but we can see his perfect toothed smile framed by a thick gray beard. "Shit ... I've seen that smile somewhere" I said staring at the TV. Spotlights with bright lights protruded from the monster's titanic body. His huge pack of eight was covered with gray hair. The lights jutted lower as we caught a brief glimpse of the huge monolith the giant sported between his legs, and the vision was very rapid, as soon a huge black stripe was placed on the news broadcast. A horde of sighs echoed through the crowded hospital reception. "Jesus Christ! You saw the size of that… oh shit…” sighed one of the local doctors. Suddenly I feel a chill down my spine as they catch the giant's words. His deep, booming voice makes my body tremble. He has a lot of power exhaling even by the tone of his voice. “HEY, LIL FRIENDS…” he cleared his throat trying to control the tone of his voice. “Oh .. Well… I'm sorry about that, but I'm not here to hurt anyone. I just want to have fun with my new size hahahaha ... and think that I got this way after drinking a lemonade made by my son. This is very crazy hahahaha ” Then, to prove some point to people, the giant raises his arms and did a double biceps pose. He let out a short roar as he flexed his arms hard, but then lowered his arms and flexed his powerful pecs. The people on the building roof applauded and waved. The giant smiled and waved back. Then he looked up toward the helicopter lights and his smile grew more mischievous. "Want to see something cool a giant can do?" Everyone on the roof waved excitedly. At the hospital reception, we were all amazed that a man had become such a massive and ... sexy giant. Wait ... did he say he drank his son's lemonade? Shit! I felt the air drain from my lungs. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. "This can't be happening," I choked out. "Fuck! Did he get a helicopter ?!” shouted one of the doctors. I looked back at the TV and saw the moment when the giant pulled a helicopter from one of the news agencies between his fingers. He tore off the propellers as if they were made of paper, and carefully places the crew on the roof of the building. People scream, scared, but the giant doesn't care much. The giant realizes he has caused some commotion, so he quickly warns that he will not hurt anyone by calming people ... or at least trying to calm down. "I'm still getting to know my strength all this size," the giant smiles, a mischievous smile. Before he took off the helicopter's propellers making the business stop working, the camera caught his face. His strong jaw was full of a dense gray beard, his nose a little crooked from years of soccer practice and fighting, his sea-green eyes from tropical beaches, and his mischievous but seemingly tender smile. I would recognize that face anywhere. That smile was unmistakable. That giant was my father Zac. The giant took the helicopter between his fingers, examined it carefully to see if anyone was still trapped inside, but it was all clear. He turned to the people, who were now his audience and who later became faithful followers, and said that he would test his strength once again and that no one needed to worry. He placed the helicopter in his palm and slowly closed his fingers. You can hear the creak of metal being twisted by the pressure exerted by the giant's fingers. Then he opened his hand and showed everyone a twisted iron ball. "FUCK! I'm so strong ... I think I'm unstoppable hahahaha ” People on the roof of the building, at the hospital reception and even at the White House, were startled by the giant's statement. If he was discovering his unstoppable strength and dominance, he was short of wanting to claim the world as his own. But, I think we were rushing. Zac was my father, I knew him very well and I know he would do nothing to harm anyone. At least I thought I knew him well. "Oh shit ... my dad is a giant," I swallowed. "Did he take both bottles, Fred?" Jason stared at me. "I don't know ... how is it possible that he got that big?" “If he only had one bottle, maybe the other one is still there. We can use to reverse this and...” Suddenly a commotion hung over the hospital. People were scared and were pointing at the TV with trembling fingers and wide eyes. I stared at the TV one more time and what I saw made my heart stop. If it wasn't enough for my dad to be a massive giant ... there was another titan out there matching him. And this new, muscular titan, a huge god with a dick bigger than a boing 737 performed first. "HEY RUNTS ... HERE IS BIG BRAD AND I ARRIVED FOR FUN" THE END.
  2. This is a quick story about the little son's reunion with his giant daddy. ************************************************************************************************************************************ Everything is complicated in the life of a person my size. Simple everyday things like grabbing something off a shelf becomes hard work. Being only 4'9” tall is like being a dwarf, almost an ant, when I'm around my dad and my little brother. (Yes, my little brother is much bigger than me). Every time I visit them on the farm, I'm the target of weird jokes like John's and the beanstalk. My dad is the biggest giant and I hear his deep voice echo through the house. "FE ... FI ... FO ... FUM ... I'm smelling daddy's puppy" I left my Big Papa's house to work after I graduated high school. Then I graduated from a community college and today I'm a good accountant in a small business miles away from my family giants. It's embarrassing to live around people who are more than twice their size, so I preferred to live away from them. My dad can't understand that I needed to get this far. He calls me every day asking if I have eaten and slept well and if I'm taking a coat when I leave for work. I am still a baby to my Big Papa. For him, the family has to be united. It had been a while since I had spoken to them. Almost 4 months without news and refusing my father's calls. My dad was upset and sad with me, and I even understand how he feels, but everything is complicated for someone my size. I feel so emasculated beside them and it's like my manhood goes down the drain when I'm close to both of them. So I regained some of my courage and decided to go visit them for the holidays. I locked the door of my little apartment, an apartment adapted for someone 4'9” tall, and went down the stairs of the building. The taxi is already waiting for me. With some difficulty, I got in the car. I don't do very well getting on high cars. The driver looks at me strangely, as if to understand my small size. I'm used to getting those looks already, so I don't care. I point forward and speak at once. “For bus station please” I inform the driver. *************************************************************************** It was almost eight hours and travel from the city where I live to the city where my father's farm is. I got off the bus right in front of the entrance to the dirt road. Now it would be a thirty minute walk to the farm. I looked at the sign and saw the name of the farm carved in wood with the drawing of a flexed muscular arm that read: "Rhodes Family Farm." Yes, my last name was Rhodes, like the colossus. This is so ironic when it comes to me, a little human. For my brother this surname is more appropriate as it is a 9'5” tall colossus. Walking along the path, past big trees, with my backpack on my back, I decide to rest a little under a shadow. I pull out my canteen and drink some water. I close my eyes and keep feeling the warm breeze of the place, at least I'm under a tree. I rest my head against the tree trunk and take a deep, relaxing breath. Minutes pass and I hear the rustle of fallen leaves on the ground. I open my eyes and realize I'm looking at the biggest, most swollen bulge I've ever seen. I quickly get up, grabbing my backpack and stepping back. I needed to look closely, to see exactly who it was. I swallowed hard when I saw the size of that man's thighs. They were huge thighs about the size of the tree trunk I was lying on. I looked up at the groin and something pulsed from inside the man's jeans. (How can there be any clothes that contain that huge thing?) He wore jeans, torn and dirty, at least he looked dirty. From the cracks in my pants I could see that his massive thighs were covered with thick hair and his groin gave off a strong smell, and a tuft of thick hair also protruded from his pants, a masculine smell of sweat from working all day. I looked down at the man's feet ... I don't think I can call this man anymore ... man. He was huge and above world average for a big man. He was a monster, a titan, a colossus. His feet were so large that my two feet together were still insignificant near those furry, strenuous odor feet. He flexed his toes and crushed some dry leaves and ants that walked unaware and unaware of the giant. I swallowed hard when I saw his huge toes. Panting, I almost gave in to the urge to throw myself to the ground and sniff his foot. It was all so strong that I almost gave in to my macrophilic instincts. "Hey, little buddy... are you lost?" The hairy colossus bowed, its great mass descending from the heavens straight to me. Your hairy pecs filling my vision more. His face framed in a thick, black beard. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and his brown eyes almost jumped from his giant head when he recognized me. The same thing happened to me ... I mean, my eyes almost jumped when that manly square-jawed face stared at me closely. The giant stepped back without taking his eyes off me. He tried to say something but couldn't. Approaching his thick index finger, thicker than a sausage, he touched my forehead and gently brushed my hair. “OH SHIT! BEN is that you? My big bro is back! ” The giant's expression began to change. From a surprised face a smile full of tenderness sprang to his manly face. I watched as massive, protruding vein arms wrapped around me and lifted me into a hug. I touched his biceps, and they were bigger than basketballs. His forearms, larger than hams and still a thick layer of dark hair covered his arms. It was hot. I felt my head being pressed against something that was so hot and smelled strongly of sweat. You pair of huge hairy pecs. My head was buried in the crack, or rather, my head was buried in the valley between the hairy giant's pecs. His sweat slipped into the cleavage of chest soaking all over my face. It was inevitable not to taste a little of the hairy giant's sweat. "Hmmmm ... please ... hmmmm" I tried to say but I'm useless. “Awwww… my little brother is back! I LOVE YOU SO LITTLE BEN ” That was when my chip dropped and I began to realize that in fact, that hairy giant, with hard jaw, manly face, hairy and sweaty pecs, thick and hairy thighs and calves, with giant feet was nothing more than my little brother, Brock I was hot from the heat that Brock's massive body emanated. He squeezed me for a few more seconds before pulling my head away from the cleavage of his hairy chest. Still lifting me in the air as if I weighed less than a packet of cookies, he caresses my hair and with eyes full of happiness, bent and kissed my forehead. His thick beard brushed my nose as his thick lips curled into a kiss that almost swallowed my head. “Arrgg… Brock… is that you? Damn… you're huge, ” I choked out. “Hahahaha! This is your little brother, Ben. What do you think of me?” He flexed a biceps that was bigger than a basketball when flexed, bigger than my head. “Holy fuck, Brock! Your arms are thicker than my head. ”I touched his biceps. “I have worked a lot outside. On the farm there is a lot of weight to carry and I can always have a pump at the end of the day. ” He stopped talking, and with his eyebrows together he stared at me for a few seconds. "Why are you here? You didn't come to fight Dad or me, did you? ”His voice was hoarse and dark. "Oh God! No, Brock, of course I won't fight. I want… well… I want to apologize for so long without talking to you ” I shrugged and lowered my gaze. I was embarrassed and still raised in Brock's massive arms, I was far from the ground, but when I swayed my feet I felt something hit me. I tried to look down past Brock's pecs and saw that my feet were on top of the bulge that inhabited Brock's groin. It was fat and large and throbbed under torn jeans. This was even bigger than a rainforest snake. "Jesus Christ," I whispered, scared. “Good!” He smiled happily again. “Dad will be happy to have his eldest son back. The old man is kind of sad missing you ” Brock set me down, but then thought it would be better to carry me. Each step of Brock was like six steps of mine. He had a point, even though I felt terrible about being a made man, but having to be carried by his younger brother like a baby just to keep up later. I didn't fight, but was frustrated when Brock carried me into his arms along the farm access road. “Brock… I'm so sorry,” I swallowed. “I didn't want to spend so much time talking to you guys… I love daddy, but I was feeling suffocated… with all your size… and fuck! Look at the size of the thing you have between your legs. ” I covered my mouth quickly knowing I had said a big bullshit, but Brock smiled and flexed his big cock. He really wanted to show me how big he was and that I could do nothing but accept the fact that he and Dad were giants everywhere. He looked at me like he wanted to prove that point ... and he did it. “We're big, Ben… it's our nature. We are HUUUUGE ” Brock let out a short roar and flexed his pecs, arms and ... cock. His cock almost tore at his pants. I wasn't ready to see, at least not then, my brother's titanic mast. We walked in silence along the way. Sometimes Brock would stop for some fruit and ask me to put it in my backpack. Well, it wasn't so hard for him to get the fruits almost in the crown of some trees. After a walk that lasted at least twenty minutes, we arrived at my father's farm. A very green place, an orchard stuffed with green apples, a great pasture for cows and for Lance, the farm's breeding ox. The barn was in the background, almost on the small hill. The farmhouse was big, huge, to fit my father and brother inside. Made of oak logs, the house resembled Paul Bunyan's storybook. Brock set me down on the porch of the house and said he would call Daddy. Brock stepped back, his footsteps sending little tremors across the porch as he left and went near the barn. I approached the porch guard, climbed on one of the logs so I could better see where my brother's giant was going. That was when he entered the barn and quickly left with my father. They both looked like a younger version of each other, my father actually looked like a more mature and taller version of Brock. He wore a black and white flannel shirt, like a chessboard. Her leather boots were worn and his jeans were faded. With the sleeves of his shirt folded, his hams-size, fur-covered forearms were visible. Dad had a shiny bald head, a thick gray beard, a gray hairy chest. His tired, manly face gave way to a happy smile as he spotted me on his porch standing on one of the logs. His heavy steps quickened. He spread his arms as he approached the porch and at 12ft he covered more space with his quick steps. Within seconds he descended the barn hill and climbed onto the porch. My jaw almost dropped when I saw Dad in front of me. Its bulge was almost three feet above my head. If near Brock I looked like a child, near my father I was like a little doll. I could smell his strong smell from one day hard work on the farm, which came from his swollen groin. The balls were struggling to stay in my jeans and I swear I saw them fluttering as he approached me. His leather boots gave off a strong odor that almost made me pass out. I swallowed hard as I lifted my neck to try to see past the beer gut and the pair of massive hairy pecs that were on the bridge making the shirt burst. How are there clothes to contain so much mass without breaking? "D-daddy ... I ..." I gasped and before I could, my dad leaned over and took me in his arms. Tears were in his eyes as he squeezed me in his embrace. And just as it was with Brock, my face was sticking in the valley of my father's pecs, but now they were bigger, more massive and hairier and sweaty pecs. I had a lot more of Dad to admire, but what I remembered. He was huge. “OH SHIT HOLY! My little boy is back home. Let's have a party with everyone in town ... I want everyone to know how good it is to have my puppy back. ” Dad hummed with me in his arms, his pecs flexing in my face as he spoke. I was beginning to choke on all that hard, hairy mass squeezing my face. I think he had noticed that he was choking me because I just grunted. He lifted my head from the valley of his pecs and met my eyes. Dad had brown eyes, almost honey-colored, and with tears welling up in the corners, he sniffed his nose and stared at me for a while before kissing me. And with your kiss, I say that half of my head went into your mouth. "Dad ... it's hard to breathe ..." I choked. "Oh ... sorry ... hehehehe ... I'm excited to have my son back" He called Brock and with me still in his arms, we entered the house. Dad sat on the couch, and I swear I heard the couch creak with its weight. Brock sat in an elk-horn armchair in front of us and I was sitting on my dad's lap. His thigh was so big that I could sit there all day. With a giant hand behind my back to protect me if I dared to fall, Dad began to talk about how he missed me. I tried to apologize, but he wasn't interested because he said there was nothing to be sorry about and that everything was fine again. I stared at my dad for a few seconds as he tore up in happiness and realized that I missed him too and everything in that place. "I love you, Daddy" I snuggled into his massive hot torso. “Awww… I love you too, puppy. The giant daddy will always be here for you, my little boy. ” "And the giant brother too." Brock nodded and smiled. I was at home, not only for New Year's parties, but because I loved how big they were always, massive, imposing and affectionate. I felt back home where everything is big and I'm a squirt, but I'm protected by two muscle beasts, two loving giants. THE END
  3. Soon we will have more of this story
  4. Oh my gosh! This story is so amazing. The characters were perfectly drawn. Woody's talking pecs are so hot and fucking awesome. The bodybuilding show was perfect to see the boys posing. I just think this story should be published, maybe a Netflix movie or series. Thank you for this masterpiece of the muscular world!
  5. One of the best stories I have ever read in metabods. Congratulations on the great creation.
  6. The Son of the Giants Blog - 5 My First Visit to Small Village - Part 01 _____________________________________________________________________________ Today is 11/19/2019 Hello guys! All right with you? I must apologize for my disappearance from the blog posts here, but I had to resolve some issues with my parents about which college I go to. Well ... the college of choice was Bunyan University. The same college Josh and his friends, Dustin Jacob will, too. At Bunyan, I'll get the chance to be the best writer and journalist in the country. There is the largest and the best and highest rated journalism and literature course. Besides being a mixed college, just like my school. Mixed University: Made for students of size and for giants. Well ... I think I've already mentioned part of what I'm going to post today, but first, let's go to my account of my first visit to Small Village and how fun it was at first, but then I got into a big mess ... if it's who understand the infamous pun. Come with me, guys! _____________________________________________________________________________ It was Friday night, the wind was cold but still pleasant. After much insistence, my parents, I mean ... my father Tedd, almost locked me in my room. He didn't want me to visit Darren in Small Village. According to my father, relying on his police instincts, that part of the city is in danger because it is the periphery. There are many cases of violence, theft and other bad things recorded in the Small Village area. Few cases reported, but there are. So my dad Tedd is not liking the idea that his only son frequents that place. But, after much talk between Darren's parents and my parents, even unwillingly, I was released to spend a night at the house of my full-size human best friend. My parents know when to use size and massive muscles to intimidate me ... the discussion was, let's say, heated. Anyway, after the moment of family discussion with my parents, I put the backpack slung over one shoulder and was placed inside my father Tedd's car. He demanded to take me to the entrance of the walls of Small Village where Darren would be waiting for me. It was a huge Hummer, fitted with wheels as big or bigger than a bicycle. Tedd set me on the passenger seat where my dad Kevin was ... he actually put me in a smaller, size-adjusted chair and tied that little chair to the passenger seat. It felt like I was lost in a sea of leather and I swear I could feel the musk of my Kevin's ass. “Oh God… riding a car is so embarrassing at times, but smelling Daddy Kevin's strong scent on the leather of this seat… makes it all the more embarrassing” I shook my head to ward off inappropriate thoughts about the smell of my ass. from my father. “HAHAHAHA… don't be silly, Lil Scott. Your father Kevin washes that hairy, hot ass he has. What you are actually feeling is the residual smell of a real man.” To prove his point, Daddy Tedd rubbed one armpit and after rubbing it well, he wrapped his fist around my body so that I could smell his armpit impregnated with me. "Arrggg ... DAD ... noooooo ... pleeeeease ... that's disgusting" I dropped my head on the seat back after his hand let me go. "If it was the smell of Josh's furry well you would love to feel it, wouldn't you, little man?" He winked at me. "Er ... well ... I don't know" I felt my cheeks heat up. Smiling, as if he had won a chess game, Daddy Tedd heads toward Small Village. He drove down the highway that was made for the giant cars. As Darren lives across town, it takes a while and I may have time to talk more with my dad Tedd. "So ... Small Village was created after the big chaos, wasn't it?" I said looking at my dad Tedd. He was sitting driving his Mega Hummer and still towering over me like a titan. He takes a deep breath and looks at me before he starts talking. "Yes. The big chaos. Those were terrible times when the growth serum exploded in the world. I remember that a special group of local police forces entered, that is, invaded the outskirts, destroying houses and places suspected of being gang dens and gangs of criminals ... that was ... extreme, but I thought it necessary. " I felt a twinge of fear when I heard my father talk about the event that was a kind of watershed between the full-size human population and the giants. The school's storybooks tell that special forces from local police were called in to dismantle organized crime and drug gangs in the region and elsewhere. Abandoned buildings and empty warehouses were destroyed without the slightest hesitation by the giant policemen. Some houses on the outskirts that served as drug addicts' lairs were also crushed ... with the people inside. “Innocents were crushed, daddy ...” “It was a small side effect that served to: Reduce crime. Eradication of drug trafficking. Decrease of violence. I agree with everything that has been done and everything that can be done to have a peaceful world. I think of you, little boy ... ” He smiled at me tenderly. Tedd cared about me. Like every giant, when in possession of a little human like me, the term "protection" began to be taken to extremes. It was as if the giants had a need to care for and protect full-size humans as if they were… pets. The thought of being a giant's pet gives me the creeps. “Dad… I can take care of myself. And I am strong. See my biceps ” Sitting, pinned to the miniaturized bench, I did a double bicep pose. Well, to a skinny boy like me, my biceps look like two lumps of olives. “HAHAHAHAHA! You're very strong, big boy. I see that" To tease me, Dad keeps his left hand on the wheel and his other hand goes down to me. With the tip of his thumb, he squeezes my chest. The tip of your finger is too big and I can see even the cracks of his digital. I feel the pressure on my chest, I'm almost out of breath as he pulls his fingertip away. I start coughing, but I recover well from the pressure of Daddy Tedd's finger. This muscular giant has as much power at the tip of his thumb as a battle tank. “Cof ... cof ... cof .... arrg ...” "You're fine, little boy," his tone was worrying. "I'm ... phew ... I'm fine, Daddy" I smiled and raised my thumbs at him. “Hehehe… good boy! Well, back to our subject. After the big chaos, the government decided to remake the periphery. Villas designed and guarded by giant security guards were created and called Small Village. In some places it is called Free Village because it is an area free from the movement of giants ... ” “In order not to cause further trauma to the residents of the periphery, the giants were forbidden to circulate without permission through the designed villages. Wow! This is so dystopian. ” “Well… you live in a world where giants are real, my son” he stopped in front of a large guardhouse. “Maybe you should get used to the inevitable reality. Look. We have arrived ” Daddy Tedd pointed to the village gate. It has a big, very big gate that protects the entrance. What I saw at the outset are normal homes, suburban homes like any other. Then I see a giant, huge, with an expansive beer belly that almost makes the shirt of his uniform tear and pop the buttons. The arms were so thick, even bigger than a wrecking ball. The biceps were almost tearing the shirt of his uniform. His forearms were covered with hair just like his chest. With the shirt open at the top I could see part of the thick hair. That giant was a fat bear with the arms of a giant bodybuilder. His thighs the size of tree trunks were tightened by the pants of his safety uniform. A black pants with a yellow stripe. To sustain that thick, massive torso one would not expect smaller thighs. His short boots crush the gravel of the village entrance as if made of paper. THOOOM ... THOOOOM .... THOOOOM ... He starts walking towards where we are and I think my eyes are seeing too much. I'm pretty sure I saw something moving in your groin ... it looks like someone's silhouette. "Oh God! He has a human trapped in his bulge…” I almost choked. He approaches my dad's Mega Hummer and his belly slams the car window. I can't see anything but that huge hard belly with popping buttons. I can see its bulge a little more and the silhouette moves. Yes, someone was trapped in that giant's underwear. “Wow! He's huge.” I widen my eyes. The potbellied giant leans in and I see his face. His beard is black, dark, he wears a cap from the security company that manages the village guard. His eyebrows are thick and his smile is playful. This giant looks familiar to me. He clears his throat before speaking. “How's your old pig doing?” He reaches out to my dad. “This pig here is in the mood for a rematch on the mat, huh? What do you think?" They begin to smile and greet each other like old and good friends. My dad Tedd wrestles in the police. He knows a lot of people. But when I look closer, at least close to where I am, I recognize where this giant is from. "Wait... you're Jacob's dad, Josh's best friend on the football team" My eyes almost pop out. "How have you been, Lil Scott?" The giant rubs his thumb on my head. “I'm doing fine, Mr. Spancer. I am going to visit my friend, Darren. He lives in the house ... ” “32. I know where your little friend lives. My Jacob and his little friend Darren are very ... let's say close hehehe ” "Oh ... hmm ... I didn't know ..." "Good. Chief Tedd, I'm taking your son to see Small Village. Rest assured, he will be safe here with me. I'll be watching during the night shift and ... let's mark the rematch on the mat, okay?” “Just mark the day. And take good care of my son ... I'll rip your head off.” Before I could say anything, the skilled, giant hands with fingers thick as fire hoses caught me from the car. Carefully, the giant guard lifted me until I was very close to his chest. Even in the cold night, being close to Hall Spancer's thick hairy chest makes my whole body warm. I smell the strong smell of man, the smell of a real giant exhaling from his body, his uniform. I nod to my dad, who starts his Mega Hummer back home. I look up past the pair of thick breasts, the thick hair sticking out of the uniform opening leaving the more dominant, authoritative Spancer giant. The presence of the giant is imposed only by its size. It was a challenge to stay close to this giant and not have a hard on. I tried to hide my little erection "Let's go for a walk, little boy" he smiles
  7. OMG! I don't even know what to say ... so many emotions that I'm choking.
  8. TonnyGiant

    m/m Magic cookie

    After an agonizing day at work, Joshua was finally home. As soon as he walked through the door of his apartment in the city, he found his boyfriend taking up all the space in the room and his now huge feet obliterated the kitchen walls. The apartment was getting tiny in the face of the massive muscle mass of her boyfriend Tomy. Hesitantly, Joshua approached her boyfriend's huge, massive thigh. With shaking hands, he touched the hot skin and felt the firmness of the massive flesh. "Jesus Christ, what happened to you Tomy?" The giant tilted his head, which was already tilted so as not to smash the ceiling, and looked at his little boyfriend. "I think I grew a little, Baby" He showed it to little Joshua and a packet containing two white cream-filled cookies. “WHEN I EAT A COOKIE I BEGAN TO INCREASE MY MUSCLES, AND THEN I EAT THE SECOND AND NOW I'M HIGHER ... LET'S GO, BABY. EAT ONE OF THESE AND GROW TOGETHER WITH ME! ”He thundered and the apartment walls vibrated, knocking the shelves to the floor. Without thinking twice, because he loved his boyfriend deeply, Joshua ate the first cookie and soon his muscles were so large that his clothes turned to lint in a matter of seconds. Joshua roared, let out a thunderous belch, and then ate the second magic cookie. Minutes later, Joshua and Tomy became muscular gods who had no intention of stopping growth. They were now extra, mega, titanic. The city was at the mercy of the two muscular giants, one with hairy chest and one smooth, and both beautiful. “I NEED A KISS, MY GREAT BABY” Joshua thundered pulling Tomy's head “FUCK, MY WELL! SO ALL THE SHIT HUMANS SMALL WITNESSED OUR LOVE STORY ”Tomy replied with an evil smile on his face and kissed his gigantic boyfriend. “WE CAN FUCK THE WHOLE CITY, WE CAN DO ANYTHING, BABY” they laughed and the city structures shook, trembled. Some buildings crumbled like wet toilet paper only with the impact of the sole of the titans' giant feet. The skyscrapers didn't reach the toes of the giants in love. It was a matter of seconds until that city disappeared from the map altogether. And then, what would be the fate of the world?
  9. Oh my gosh! You cited one of Brazil's greatest bodybuilders, Mafra. Here he is known as Big Mafra ... thanks for that Big Mafra
  10. I'm trying to delete my comment and I can't delete it. I'm sorry, I think I said bullshit
  11. I know it sounds crazy ... but, I wonder how the story of Woody and Luke goes so far. I imagine Mr. Olimpya's two oldest winners, muscle freaks who need help changing clothes (pulling his shirt over his head, for example) and yet Luke still wearing his Harry Potter and Woody underwear with your now even bigger PECS. Oh shit! Sorry ... I shouldn't have said that ... Sorry
  12. Oh, sorry ... I didn't want to talk bullshit by putting another pic of another athlete than yours. I think my mind went too far.
  13. Is this feeling ... passion? Loving where this is going. Thanks for the great story @muscleaddict
  14. Oh my gosh! I love where it is going. A novel worthy of publication and sale in the largest bookstores in the world. Great story! I love Woddy and his sweet / arrogant way with Luke. Too beautiful!
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