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  1. I'm trying to delete my comment and I can't delete it. I'm sorry, I think I said bullshit
  2. I know it sounds crazy ... but, I wonder how the story of Woody and Luke goes so far. I imagine Mr. Olimpya's two oldest winners, muscle freaks who need help changing clothes (pulling his shirt over his head, for example) and yet Luke still wearing his Harry Potter and Woody underwear with your now even bigger PECS. Oh shit! Sorry ... I shouldn't have said that ... Sorry
  3. Oh, sorry ... I didn't want to talk bullshit by putting another pic of another athlete than yours. I think my mind went too far.
  4. Is this feeling ... passion? Loving where this is going. Thanks for the great story @muscleaddict
  5. Oh my gosh! I love where it is going. A novel worthy of publication and sale in the largest bookstores in the world. Great story! I love Woddy and his sweet / arrogant way with Luke. Too beautiful!
  6. In fact, it shouldn't be a problem at all to be gay. It doesn't make you any less professional. Unfortunately ... some still think that being gay is bad for business. Shit! It is 2019, not the last century. Sorry for the outburst, man! I love your story!
  7. The interview part 2 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Today is still 07/08/2019 Dad Kevin gets dressed up on the couch, because he'll be next. I turn the camera over to me. "Hey guys! That was my dad Tedd. Now ... let's talk to my other father. The Mr. Kevin Braston " *I turn the camera to him* "So... Dad... how do you feel today?" "Very horny ... my boy" *rubs swollen groin* Being caught off guard by my father Kevin's statement, I accidentally knock on the camera shaking. I catch my breath to lose again as I look down toward the middle of my father's thick legs. It sustains a powerful erection. Your dick is bigger than my whole body. The stick of a giant of 34ft is more than 7ft depending on the genetics of the giant. I did some research on giant porn and I've never seen a dick smaller than 7ft in length. Anyway ... let's go back to the video. "D-dad ... do not you want to take a shower before we start the actual interview?" "Oh! No dear. Let's move on with this interview, okay? Your followers must know me in every way. And one of those ways is coming back from the sweat-filled heart. So ... do you have any questions for me? Some little man wants to know what a giant lawyer's life looks like? " *He smiles, adjusting his cock under the running shorts. As you can see, he wears a yellow T-shirt, black shorts, and heavy running shoes that could shrink a small car to a flat metal mound* "Well ... dad ... hmm" *with trembling hands, I pick up my cell phone to read the questions* "Someone from South America asks if you would visit the beaches of Brazil. He says that there the giants are more ... oh my ... he says the giants are hot " I'm flushed with that question. "HAHAHA ... I've visited Brazil once. Tedd and I stayed in a hotel for giants on a beach called Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. Damn! The place is beautiful ... REMEMBER TRAVEL TO THE RIO, DEAR? " *Kevin turns on the couch and speaks loudly for my dad to listen. Tedd is in the kitchen preparing the post-workout meal, but he also responds by screaming and almost deafening me* "SURE! THAT WAS AMAZING, LOVE! YOU AND BRUNO DESTROYED THAT PLACE HAHAHAHA " *Tedd's response made my father Kevin flushed. He seemed ashamed of something* "Wow! What happened in Brazil, dad? " *The camera is focused on Kevin's face. You can see your jaw square and strong. His shameless look with brown eyes, but is laden with some lust * "Well ... hehehe ... let's start with this story then. You know I'm good at telling stories. I told stories for you to sleep ... " "DAD ... Noooooo!" *I roll my eyes* "OK! Ok! " *Raises his hands surrendering* " Let's go back to the history of our vacations in Rio de Janeiro " *Can you see the drive in short of it? That snake of a stick is stirring and getting harder* "It was January, summer in Brazil and the city is very hot at the time. When we disembarked in the port of Rio de Janeiro, the ship that took us almost fell. It was an aircraft carrier that was turned into a cruise. The navy was using these ships and adapting to transport the giants. Aircraft are not yet designed to fit a giant, so ... we travel from ships, large ships. Well ... going back to history ... when we landed, the ship almost turned. One of the giants was drunk and had to be restrained by the local police who entered the ship. The weight limit of the ship was surpassed by the giant policemen and there began our adventure hehehe " *Kevin Bounce pecs smiling at the memory of his arrival in Brazil. Dad Tedd comes back bringing another bowl of food and sits next to Kevin. The two return to rival who appears most in the video, but the focus is now on Kevin. Tedd nods at the camera, but he knows he was not supposed to be here .... and he has not yet bathed* "Honey, is this more cereal?" *Kevin points to the bowl* "Oh yeah! I'm really hungry, but I left you more at the kitchen table, sweetheart. " *Tedd turns and kisses Kevin's face* "Rum ... rum" *catch the giants' attention and Kevin turns to the camera* "Can you continue the story, Dad Kevin?" "There is! Yes ... yes ... then when we disembarked after the confusion, we were taken by the city guides, all of normal size, to the Ipanema Golden Hotel. It is one of the few hotels in South America specialized for the giant public. The place was very comfortable, do you remember dear? " *Turns to look at Tedd* "Course! That was the best stay in our travels. The food was great, a little spicy, but very tasty. " *Tedd licks his lips after eating another spoon full of corn and oatmeal cereal* "It was the best seven days of our lives!" *Kevin pecs bounce and stares at the camera and me* "When we settled into our room, we asked for a service that the Hotel itself offered: The giant guide. We left the hotel and met Bruno, a retired bodybuilder who had become a giant since the first changes in the world, just as Tedd and I, Bruno was an old giant " The story seems to be interesting and in the video you can see and feel the excitement of my dad Kevin in telling his adventures. As I edited this video, he almost entered the room to see what the reactions of the followers of the blog would be. Anyway ... I almost had a room destroyed by my father's gigantic ass. "And for your excitement with the memory, this Bruno must be ... hmm ... let's ... hot?" "Oh little boy, do you understand your Big Daddy here, huh?" *Kevin pecs bounce again smiling at me* "Bruno was a formidable giant. If you looked at him he would say he was a mafioso, but in fact his tattoos were just to scare. Bruno was sweet, playful and very sexy " *Tedd agrees with Kevin's words by just raising his left thumb* "After Bruno met us in front of the hotel, he took us to a bar called Giant's Cavern. We drank a lot. The place was very good. The drink was great and everything was served by people of normal size. With the exception of the bar man, he was a giant who made the drinks and helped the little ones with the weight of the full glasses. The place was a gay bar, like every giant bar and nightclub. We sat down and started to see a striaptese show. All the dancers were of normal size. And man ... when the party started to get wild, the drinks hit our heads, Bruno and I decided to go up on stage ... and that's when it all happened hehehe " *Kevin smiles at the memory* "Was it funny?" *Frowned.* "Has the stage held the weight of the two of you?" "Oh no! She could not take the weight and collapsed. The stage was made to handle the weight of little people like you, my son, but we were drunk. We were college kids back then and we were making our first trip as giants. They were crazy times of adaptation. The good thing is, all the little ones that were on stage were not crushed. Then ... we apologize to the bar owner and he said okay ... that the giants liked to play more closely with the little dancers. I was relieved that I did not kill anyone " "Destruction without deaths. That's important, is not it, Dad? " "It sure matters, boy!" *The two giants say in unison* "So ... after the stage collapsed and everyone was drunk, what happened to you and Bruno?" "I fulfilled my dream. My foot fetish was made. " *Kevin smiles mischievously.* " After we got back to our table while the nightclub cleaning staff cleared the rubble, we got a courtesy service from the bar owner. A group of six full-size staff offered us a massage. Our feet were revered by those small hands and tongues and soft " "So ... normal-sized people massaged your feet?" *I'm holding the camera, but with wide eyes* "They not only massaged, but also licked, kissed and ... loved it. Damn! Feeling that those small, fragile people were at the mercy of my will was a great feeling of POWER. I did not control myself ... none of us controlled. Each of our feet held a little man from those under our stinking, sweaty soles. We spent the whole night with them under our feet. We get all kinds of worship, kissing and licking. It was amazing" *Kevin strokes his gigantic cock over his shorts. He can not resist the memory. Tedd joins him, after dropping the bowl of cereal. The two giants are starting a masturbation session in front of the camera. I take the camera, turning the lens to me* "People ...." *deep moans in the background* "I need to hang up ... my parents are very excited and I do not want to be their new toy. So, good bye!" *I quickly turn off the camera* _____________________________________________________________________________ I'll tell you what happened after these interviews. Kevin and Tedd masturbated and fucked around the house. I had to lock myself in my room, because when they were wild, for my safety, it was better to be inside my room that it did not suffer any damage (except for the intense tremors). I went to do a research on this Bruno, the Brazilian giant. I discovered that he is now married to another giant named William Martins. The two live in Rio de Janeiro. I took the liberty to invite the two of them to spend Christmas with us this year. They accepted and sent pictures of the two, separately, so that I was getting used to their sizes. And guys ... they're huge. I'll leave below the pics that they sent me by email where you can check with your own eyes of what I'm talking about. After that interview session with my giant parents, I was invited by Darren, my friend from the school's games club, to sleep at his house this weekend. My parents have not approved yet, as Darren lives in Small Village which is a giant free zone. (I'll talk more about this place another time, oka?) Let's play Halo Wars 2 and a little Giant Stomp City. And there's also Josh *sighs* who called me inviting him to have ice cream with him. Well ... I accepted, and then I write to you about my encounter with my giant crush. See you soon, guys! Bruno: William Martins:
  8. I have a saying with me that is like this: behind all the armor of hate, in the background inhabits a garden of love
  9. I realize that this new roommate from Woody can become a great friend, or a lover, and then the two will become muscle freaks together .... oh god! My mind is crazy LOL
  10. Amazing! His writing is wonderfully delicious. When you posted on twitter about this story I was so anxious and now I want more of this. Perfect start, man!
  11. The heat of the city of Rio de Janeiro is unbearable, and in the summer it is even worse. Today the thermometers mark 107 Fº. You can fry an egg on the asphalt and melt butter on the balcony of the apartment during the summer. Hot shit!On the train, transportation I use to get to work, every morning is this: hellish heat, crowded cars and lots of excitement in the early hours. Before I even get to work, I'm drenched with sweat. My crumpled suit, my long-sleeved shirt sticks to my body because of the intense sweating caused by the high temperature inside the wagon.When I get off at my destination station, I breathe a sigh of relief. I tie my tie and I go to the company where I work. I am an administrative assistant. I walk a few meters away from the train station. For a person like me, of great bodily proportions compared to others, it is difficult to feel comfortable in crowded places with lots of people. At 6'7" tall and weighing 330 pounds of muscle built with a lot of effort, dedication and assiduous hours in the gym, I feel suffocated in small places.I walk through the revolving door of the building where I work, past Elaine the receptionist who greets me with a kiss on her cheek. She knows I'm gay, but we're friends and our greetings are always her lips on my square face. Going up the elevator, I notice people wring their noses at the strong smell of my sweat. Some even cover their nostrils with their hands, exaggerated. I raise my arms and smell my gun. "It's not too bad," I think to myself. My grandfather always said something about the family men: "We are big guys, and big guys have strong sweat. That is, they stink like a fucking sock." Words from my great grandfather Donny. He was big as a six-door closet, my father was his size and I grew larger than my grandfather. Even though I was gay, my old Donny was proud of his grandson's Herculean form.I enter the room that I share with Lucas, my friend and lover. We always go out together after work on Fridays to relax a bit, and every day we meet in the gym in the evening. He's incredibly sexy. Lucas has blue eyes, measures 6'4 "tall and weighs 286 pounds of defined muscles. Unlike him, I have a bit of body fat, but Lucas is massive and thin. He raises his head and runs his hands through his dark, short hair before crossing his gaze with mine. As usual, he always brings a cup of coffee as soon as I enter the room."I put some milk today, my dear. I know you like it" hands over the cup and kisses my cheek.At work we are responsible, so just a simple kiss on the cheek and nothing more. Out of the office he sucks my dick like no one else in this world would do."You always doing the best, my little big love"We sat at our tables, facing each other, and we continued our activities. From time to time I pecs bounce to Lucas and he does the same to me. We love our massive pecs, and we love to worship. Working alongside a big man like me every day is a satisfying stimulus.**********************I return to my home after an exhausting day of work. I agreed with Lucas that we would meet at the gymnasium at seven thirty in the evening. I put on my clothes for practice and go to the gym. I feel my sneakers and shirt a little tight, at last they are new. Maybe because they're new clothes are tight. My sneakers are made to order, since my 18 foot size hardly exists in normal stores. My shirts and shorts are also great, my thighs do not fit into any clothes, and my arms tore the last shirt they try to try in a store. Since then only buy clothing in stores for obese people. They are loose clothing.Carrying my gallon of isotonic, I walk through the entrance doors of the gym. I meet my workout buddies, some girls ask to take pictures with me, because my fame to be the biggest in the gym is great, just like me. Some smaller kids also ask for pictures and I do some poses, I like to boast about being big. For being the greatest. In the leg machine, meeting Lucas and our friends André and Rick, they are also gay. Do you know the cool thing about being gay and very big and muscular? You are respected and no one messes with you. That's why we are the greatest in the gym. Andrew has the same height as Lucas but weighs 297 pounds and has many bulky shoulders, and a hairy chest, since Rick is a little lower, is 6'2" tall, yet he weighs about 313 pounds of defined muscles and toned.Using the leg machine is Lucas, my big lover. It pulls over 1500 pounds of weight to your legs. The repetitions are short, but the series are intense. This is the first time I've seen pulling this all on the leg machine. Franzo the forehead watching him in his exercise. André and Rick say to me, "How can he manage to get this all over?" I shrug, because I do not know the answer. He finishes his second set of ten reps and gives me the place. Hesitus, because the most weight I get on this machine is 1200 pounds."Are you afraid, big Tonny?" Lucas teases me. And he knows full well how I get instigated when I'm challenged."Fear does not exist for me" I do a more muscular pose, which we call a crab pose. I take a deep breath and position myself on the machine. Surprisingly I can raise the 1500 pounds of weight, and I am impressed not only by this, but because it seems slight to me."Are you feeling that?" Lucas walks over to me and puts his hand on my shoulder. "It seems light as a simple brick to us, does not it?""That's weird... I do not need to put too much force on my knees to push it" I bent my mouth into a smile full of doubt.André and Rick watch us quietly."I noticed something happened as soon as I got home. My clothes were tight and I almost tore the shirt I wore today at work " Lucas comments and his tone is impressed and curious. It pecs bounce to give emphasis on the item: rip the shirt.I pull the dumbbells out of the machine and sit facing him."I do not know, but that happened to me as well." I put my hands on my chin, thoughtfully."It can only be one thing, my dear." Lucas rests his callused, sturdy hand on my broad shoulder. "We had a growth spurt." He smiles openly."Come on! Do not be crazy, Lucas. We're not old enough to have growth spurts." I stand up and stare at him, eye to eye. Eyebrow arching "How do you stand at the height of my eyes?" I take a step back."I grew up, Tonny. I do not know how, but we've grown. You... " points to my chest "Not much in height but in strength and muscles for sure"André approaches and speaks:"He's right, big Tonny. When his painting pointed at the door of the gym, we saw that it was not the same "he knocks twice on my shoulder."I can not have grown up in muscles..." I turn on my heels and walk to the gym and when I see the numbers coming up, I blink several times not believing. The scale weighs 370 pounds. I increased 40 pounds in a few hours. I feel strong, and my clothes tight, but I thought it was for protein shakes, but it was impossible to gain so much weight in so little time."Bro, this is incredible," cometh Andre. "I want to know what you're taking. Please share with us," he almost begs."Man, this is fantastic. You are now the most muscular man in this gym, the strongest and ..." Rick walks up to me and sniffs. "Also the most stinky... fuck, brah. You look like you do not shower in a long time." He wrinkles his nose in disgust at my strong smell."My smell is from a real man, you asshole." Without warning, I pick up his head and take him to my armpit. Holding his head from behind, I force Rick's nose into the hairs of my stinking armpit. "You smell a real man, you fagot."He walks away, coughs a little and then wipes his face with his hands, but not before he has swallowed a few drops of my stinging sweat."Damn it!" He yells, pounding my chest like a concrete wall. "Big Tonny, you asshole... your sweat tastes like dead pigeon urine." He stretches his tongue trying to clean it, but it's late, bad taste and salty was already coming down his throat.Then the unexpected happens. The loops of Rick's yellow tank shirt loosened. Its trapezoids swell unusually. We all stood staring at Rick's instant muscle growth."What the fuck is that ?!" Andre comments by touching Rick's new traps and shoulders "You just sniffed Tonny's sweat and grew..." he turns to me "Raise the armpits, great Tonny, I want to drink until the last drop "I raise my hand in a stop sign to Andrew, who is as impressed as I am."That can not be happening." I shake my head in negative. "I thought it was just a legend""Legend ?!" Lucas says with wide-eyed "What kind of legend?"I fold my arms."The legend of the men of the Silva Giant family" narrowed the glance at Lucas and at Rick, both older than Andre.*****************************The stories about the men in our family, which my grandfather told when I was a child, always fascinated me. They made me understand why I was always the biggest kid in school, and the biggest teen on the high school football team. All men in our family receive the Giant surname, on account of my great-grandfather's grandfather. With each generation, a family man was born with a power. No one could ever explain where such power came from, but we keep this secret always safe. My grandfather said it was better to hide than to show the world what they would never understand. The explanation my grandfather gave was that: in his excretions, sweat, saliva, sperm and strong scent, contains an enzyme (never discovered the name was then dubbed a Giant enzyme) that can make other men grow. Sometimes this power is increased by the factor: worship and flexion of muscles. An old family member who was a physician discovered this enzyme, but kept his research buried. After all, he was also a Giant. But only one Silva Giant was born with increased power: excretions + worship factor, and he was murdered before he was even 30 years old. He was my grandfather's brother, therefore, my father's uncle. At the time of the assassination, my grandfather told me that all the Giants of the family were angry and decided to take justice with their own hands, all the villains of the city were beheaded, but without guns, the giants used their hands. The rebellion of the giants, as it became known, was the event that the government has always kept secret, since all of us, Silva Giant, have been living in a way that is usually among other people. It was not all men who had this enzyme, most of the time we were only born big even with a "blessed" genetics, but that power was not past for everyone. And, according to my grandfather, it had been almost 100 years since he was born one since his brother, the first Silva Giant, with that power... well, until now.*********************************"It's a joke," André says, shocked. "This looks like story out of comics.""Darling, this can not be real..." Lucas frowns, holding my hand."Guys, that's the only explanation," I tell Andre. "You met my father, did not you?"He shakes his head confirming." He was a fucking old man""My grandfather was also huge and lived more than 100 years... my father was 60 years before the plane crash that killed him, and he always seemed to be 40 years old. He had muscles so solid they looked concrete. Does not this seem strange to you? By Brazilian men's standards, we, Silva Giant, are completely different ""And after 100 years, you, the youngest of your family was born with this enzyme that can help other men grow ..." Rick stares at me for a second and then continues: "Only men can grow not women, right? ""Yes, only men""Thank the gods!" He makes a sign of thanks, like a cross, and we laugh in Rick's playful way."What I do not understand is how I've grown more than you and even more than Rick," Lucas says with a hand on his chin.Eyes widening, I stare at him and the other guys."It can not be... it can not be..." I say nervously with my hands on my head trying to process all this. "Lucas, our adorations ... when we love our pectorals at work and you still kissed my sweaty face... that's it... I'm the strongest Giant in my family after almost a century..." a crazy thirst , insane of power takes over my body. I feel a desire to avenge the death of my predecessor and make the world pay for what makes gays like me. "A new God was born" I have a double bicep and my friends accompany me in another poses.Rick flexes his pecs.Lucas grinds his abs.André becomes hypnotized.The three of us began to grow slowly. It's like some kind of bond that we have after each of them has experienced my excretions and worship. The other students are frightened by our roars and our gradual expansion. Andre walks away a little, he is frustrated by not being on our back growing as well. Have fun with your kid face that is missing the fun. I stop flexing and the guys stop. We are the same size and with larger muscles, so big that our clothes scream for help, our sneakers fight bravely to resist the spread of our stinking feet."ANDRE, MY FRIEND" my voice is deeper and more powerful "I'M SORRY..." I clear my throat to try to speak lower "I will not leave you out, although I always wanted to see you like this, like an insect... HAHAHAHA "Rick and Lucas laugh along with me and the sound of our laughter makes the gymnasium's windows shudder. André is at the height of the middle of our abdomens. And he's 6'4", he's a very tall man."YOU LOOK LIKE A SMALL DOLL" Rick strokes his lover's hair teasing him."You asshole..." he pushes Rick's hand away from his head.We played with André, we took him seriously. He gets a little annoyed, but not to the point of being upset with us. We were always friends."Okay, little André ..." I reach out to him "Join us, my friend"I pull Andrew and I stuck his nose into the cleavage of my pectorals. I slide his head from side to side, so that my strong scent permeates him. I lift Andrew's head and kiss his face, I deposit enough saliva in his mouth. The other guys moan loudly, stroking the middle of their stuffed groin. André walks away and swallows everything I gave. He puts his hands on his waist and then the "magic" begins. His shirt rips as his muscles move. His sneakers cry with the expansion of his feet and the strong smell of his sweat becomes more evident, more rotten. The lint left in his shirt, he rips out with a mighty roar, and we roar together. André flexes his biceps proudly and with his new deep baritone voice he says:"THANK YOU, BIG TONNY ... BUDDY" He smiles biased and pecs bounce.*******************************After our first growth spurt, with our shorts and extremely tight shoes, we returned to practice. We trained for hours, the repetitions in each exercise increased, consequently the weights also. In the end, no one else in the gym could train because all the dumbbells were being used by us 4, the super giants. The owner of the gym, Claudio, a middle-aged man, called us: super giants, and asked us to leave so that the other students could use the machines and weights of the gym. I, the strongest of all, said no, that we would only leave when we wanted to go."WE ARE THE BIGGERS MEN IN THIS PLACE, BRAH... Nobody can tell us what to do" I leaned my finger on his narrow chest and pushed him until he fell to the ground. Out of fear, and out of respect, he let us train in peace. Our scales were inhuman. All 4 are measuring 8'3" tall.Weights:Rick: 432 pounds of pure muscle. He's the thinnest of us, and his triceps are oversized.Lucas: 473 pounds of massive and lean muscles as well. It has one of the most bulging and hard pecs I have ever seen.André: 480 pounds and looks like a bear. It has a protruding belly, but due to regular exercises it is hard as stone. Her thighs are incredibly large as oak trunks.Finally, I, Tonny: 518 pounds of massive muscles, arms larger than the head of a normal human being, and a butt so hard and large that my shorts did not hold and streaked."BOYS..." Andre says, dropping a weight on the floor, not caring about the noise or what could break. A THOOOM is heard throughout the gymnasium when the dumbbell is thrown on the floor. "I want MOOOORE" flexes the biceps "I need more... do not you feel it?" He kisses the spikes of his biceps."That's incredible, buddy... I know how you feel" I do a front lats spread in front of the gym mirror.The boys accompany me, and soon we will not fit in front of the mirror. We play pushing each other to take the mirror and Lucas ends up balancing and falling over the bar. His huge body destroys the glass counter and crushes several utensils."Oh my God!" Shouts the owner of the canteen with her hand in her mouth."Your troglodytes. Look what they did," her son complains seriously with Lucas who stands up and stares at the little man."It was not my intention" my lover wipes away the broken glass from his arms and back, no matter what he did.Impressively, he did not cut himself. The power we have now is spectacular. Our skin is almost impenetrable, like steel or other stronger metal. Imagine when we grow older? I slowly approach Lucas."I apologize for the damage," I face the cousin's son. It is so small that it reaches the height of our groin. Rick and Andrew join us.The confusion is armed. Four muscular and extremely strong giants gathered around a tiny man who resolved to be brave and unloving his own life."You fucking brute..." he shouts with his index finger in a frown. "They've finished with the counter in my mother's canteen" squawks.Sure the laughter with the hand in the mouth, and the boys do the same. This mouse is so small."I told you it was not intentional. We were joking, I got unbalanced and fell, that's all." Lucas shrugs, but tries to be sympathetic to the situation, just try, because deep down he does not care about what he broke.If I know my lover, he does not care what he causes around the younger people. He always says, "I'm big and I need space, if you're in my way, be careful not to turn a stain.""Little friend..." André speaks, our furry-breasted bear resting his big hand on the little man's shoulder. "We're big guys, one thing or another will always break our back, so get used to it. It is not intentional... not yet "smiles maliciously.Andrew's devilish grin was an omen for what would happen soon. The mood of the canteen's son calmed down and he realized he could not deal with us."What do you mean by 'still'?" I ask, staring at Andre."Let's grow more, shall we not?" He says putting his hands on his waist."Yeah... but, do not you think we're a nice size?" I scratch my head.Lucas squeezes my shoulder and says,"Ah, my dear... do not deprive us of this power. Let's be the greatest men on earth, and I know you like to be the greatest "stampede my butt."Listen to your boyfriend, Tonny. Come on, brah! Let's GROW" André explodes on a front lats spread.We repeated the poses and began to flex. Within minutes, what was left of our training clothes disappeared. Our sneakers exploded in a loud 'BOOM' sound made our thick, stinky fingers appear. It did not last long until our feet were completely free. The stench stunned the others, but they did not grow, I only activated that power for the four of us.From the floor to the ceiling of the gym it was a height of 55ft and we were already playing the uppermost part of the gym center. Lucas even teased putting his hands on the ceiling and forcing the plaster lining, casually he opened a hole in the ceiling with his hands and pieces of white plaster fell to hit some small ones that insisted on being around us. Claudio, the owner of the gym, ran scared, many students and staff followed. The inquisitors stayed to take photos and record videos of our growth. Soon, we were on the internet for the whole world."Do you think we're about how tall?" Rick asks looking up at the ceiling. The tip of his nose touches the plaster ceiling."Almost 55ft, I think, or more," I say flexing my abdomen "Want to know what I think?"They turned to me in expectation, their eyes glittering."Let's grow... MOOOOOORE"We roar and flex our muscles in varying poses. Rick: double front biceps. André: to flex your thigh-sized thighs. Lucas: pecs bounce along with me, but I crunch my abdomen frantically. The walls of the gym, like the plaster ceiling, begin to crumble. Our roars are scary to the little people who do not understand how we got so big and still growing with no sign of stopping. Desperate, people run like insects fleeing death.*****************************The 'crack' of the walls breaking apart, it's like classical music to my ears. A symphony of bricks, concrete and plaster being crushed as we grow, leaves me with a wild excitement. My dick starts to leak, very pre-cum. The liquid is thick, translucent, and with a strong smell even stronger than my sweat, it comes out of the crack of my cock like honey that runs from the hive. The boys stop their push-ups, our clothes can not resist, at least what's left of them, our underwear ripped like paper with the expansion of our muscles and cocks, and now we're naked. Rick, André, and Lucas come closer to me and look directly at my dick from which it smells attractive, like a mating call."Oh man... that smell coming from his monstrous mast, excites me." Lucas caresses his erection that grows with tubular veins and begins to leak as well."It's like you're calling us to fuck... the smell of your dick is wonderful," Rick growled nibbling at my shoulder and also stroking his own cock."That's so exciting, great Tonny." André worships my cock and strokes my thighs."Oh, brothers... I think I'll cum soon, but I do not want to go that far now. In fact, I want to test another growth factor, my sperm... " I let out a deafening groan."Hmmm... yes, my dear Tonny... your sperm must be so much more powerful than your pre-enjoyment." Lucas caresses my swollen cock thick with a twenty-gallon barrel, and still growing."I need to fuck you... NOW" I growled and pulled Luke by the waist kissing her fleshy lips. He grabs my neck and returns the kiss.Embrace Lucas with strength and our bodies stick together, sweat increases and we drink from it. Our caresses are intense. He runs his big, callused hands down my back until he reaches my muscular ass, runs his thumb around my hole making me moan loud. The stick full of protruding veins leaned against my cock and we roared through the kisses. The sensitivity of our genitals is extreme, and the slightest touch, we feel small outbursts of pleasure through our grown bodies.I turn Lucas back and push my swollen, larger mast in the middle of his ass. With her right hand she stroked her numb nipples, and with her left hand she moved her dick. I pull closer and he opens his butt exposing his big, hot, sweaty hole. Without hesitating, for I have no more doubts about my growth, I put my purple cock in Lucas's hole at once. He screams, roars and moans with pleasure. The movements within Lucas are rhythmic, and I slowly accelerate. He rests his hands on the floor crunching the concrete floor of the gym, I think we're now weighing tens of tons.In position 4, ready to be fucked by me, Lucas seems to be raised to another level of arousal. Your sweat also smells strong, pungent, it makes my dick grow even more inside him. I speed up the movements and then I look like a jackhammer punching a hole in the ground. Lucas's interior is tight, hot and ... delicious. My sweat runs down my body, so I begin to lick myself and almost instantly begin to grow past the roof of the gym once and for all. I feel the warm night air of Rio striking my face when my head goes over the ceiling, then my shoulders, and then my chest overcomes the roof."FUCK... THIS IS AMAZING" my voice sounds like a timid thunder and I see people running without understanding what happens.I hear the sirens from afar, eye to the side, and I see cops with their guns in hand, ready to shoot and defend the little insects of this hot city like hell. I look down from the gym and see Andrew and Rick, their faces sullen because they have not grown older."HOW WILL, MY LITTLE FRIENDS?" Laughter mightily making smaller people cover their ears.Lucas still has his hole buried in my cock, and I decide to impale my lover. I hold his muscular waist and lift his heavy body until my cock holds him in the air. He gets impaled and weak from so much heat, his legs swaying in the air. I feel it is time to grow more, so I accelerate the going and coming inside of it and without taking too long, I cum."AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH... FUUUUUUUUUCK... UUHHHHHHHHHH... I GONNA CUM"Dust inside Luke liters and gallons of hot cum, thick and powerful. It's snapshot to see my lover's growth. His muscles building right in front of me as if in magic. I hear his bones crack, his feet lengthening, breaking the wall in front of him. He howls like a lion during his growth spurt. I pull my cock out of its tight hole and turn it over to me, it's already at the height of my chest as I rub your nose at the cleavage of my mountainous pecs. He moans and licks every stretch of my chest and then we paste our lips into a fiery and frantic kiss. We exploded into another growth spurt, now together, as it should be. The roof of the gym is below our waist and the debris serves for Andrew and Rick to come up and watch us better."Ah, brothers... you're fucking idiots." Andre curses with his permanent annoyance."HAHAHAHA... LIL ANDRÉ... take this"I turn my cock's head down, and squeeze from the base to the tip to expel the remains of hot sperm still inside my giant tube. The thick dripping drops on the destroyed floor of the gym and I watch André and Rick run into the puddle of semen that forms. They smear themselves, drink what they get and then begin to flex, but before they lick at my sweaty feet.Their bodies expand more and more. I smile when they approach the height of my chest, but something happens, and they keep growing more and more. I erect my neck, Lucas does the same, we are impressed as the two expanding in height greater than Lucas and me. I stand at the height of their navel. Stroking my short hair, Rick lets out one of his jokes:"WHO IS THE BIGGER NOW, LITTLE TONNY?" His laughter can be heard throughout the northern part of the city of Rio de Janeiro.They begin to walk, destroying the remaining walls of the gym. I feel the vibrations of his steps.BOOOOM ... BOOOOM .... BOOOOOMThey approach a 10-story building and without warning they punch the building. The dust rises over their exuberant bodies, exciting me. They laugh with an evil tone in their voice, the police begin to shoot at the giants, but the bullets look like mosquitoes on their skin. It is so insignificant that they feel nothing. After destroying the building, they step back and end up stepping on houses, cars and people. The destructive and bloody feeling is exciting and addictive. I see in their faces the joy and indifference in destroying, crushing and stepping on the lesser people. I want this for myself, too.I turn Lucas to my face and kiss him greedily. He accepts my caress and we begin to lick my sweat and the remains of my still warm enjoyment on the tip of my cock. Immediately I feel the growth appear at full strength. We roar in the middle of the licks and rise to the level of titans, bigger than Andre and Rick who already walk toward the seafront of the city. Lucas and I overtook the residences buildings of the north of the city, buildings with more than 20 floors are at the height of our waist. Lucas is smiling amusingly, he likes to show who has more strength, has always been like this and now he begins to make blows more blows on the buildings. His closed fist is larger than a wrecking ball.I hear sirens in the distance, but I do not care, nothing else matters to me, besides showing the mediocre world that a gay can be big, strong and imposing. There is no better way to demonstrate power in this size, it is as if nothing could stop us, and in fact, nothing can stop us now. Looking south I see a trail of destruction, a lot of dust, explosions, screams and many rubble, this was the path made by Andrew and Rick who were heading towards Leblon beach. I follow the same path ending the destruction caused by my friends. "Fools! They can not do the job right "I think smiling and leveling neighborhoods with my gigantic feet. Lucas follows me and during the walk he picks up several people in his hand and smashes them by closing his fingers on them. Once dead, he deliberately cleans his hand and captures more small people."These little shit are so weak. With a breath of mine they break. Exempt! "Lucas dwarfs the little ones in his hand.In a few minutes we reached André and Rick who were already leveling part of the noble district of Leblon. Not all the money, nor the luxury that the residents had in their apartments was defense against the fists and feet of my friends, they were maddened by the power. I do not judge them, I do, and I want more."THEN, YOUR SHITS... FUNING WITHOUT US" like thunder, my voice falls on them looking upward with wide eyes."How... ah, damn it!" André grunts, dropping half of a building on the ground that he plucked."Brothers... why do not we get together?" Rick says.Sometimes he had a glimpse of worthwhile ideas. It was rare, but I realized that it would be interesting what he would propose."DID YOU THINK WE WOULD NOT GROW MORE? RASCALS "Lucas's voice broke, he raised his right foot and then crumpled it over the rubble, killing all life that could exist there trying to save himself, who knows?"I'm telling us we grew up together. Hands, we're gay, muscular and giants. We can grow more and more and master the shit of this world"I put my hand on my chin, pondering Rick's idea."What do you think, Lucas? Sounds like a good idea. Gay giants dominating the world. That sounds very interesting to me"Lucas kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear:"These guys are our friends, I think we can trust. And gays dominating the world, it will be the best revenge against all the discrimination we have suffered in the past, my dear "It will be our revenge. That's what I thought at first, but in fact, I wanted to dominate the world anyway, to be the pride of my grandfather, my father and the Giant Silva who were killed in the past. I'll be the owner of everything and I'll have three butts to fuck all I want, and that's better than any gay revolt."Come on, boys. I'm going to fuck each one of you and let's... GROW "*******************After fucking each other's ass, we grew in size equality and with muscles so large that we looked like they came out of a morphed image made in photoshop. We weighed hundreds of thousands of tons, and our height reached 16,000ft ... yes, we now measure 16,000ft tall and soon we would grow more.The city of Rio de Janeiro was in ruins. The world's best-known postcard, Christ the Redeemer, had turned a doll into my hands. I first plucked off the head and then the remains of the city's most famous statue. I went up on the mount where the figure of Christ stood and spread my arms in the same pose. My friends applauded me and laughed at the joke. There is no god, we are the true Gods and now the world will be ours."How about a visit in another country?" Rick asks."I want to get to know France and enjoy to crush the Eiffel Tower," Andre comments by scratching his hairy pectoral."Where are you going, my dear?" Lucas kisses my cheek."Washington DC. Let's have a last visit to the president. " I smirk.********THE END********
  12. The Interview - Part 01 Today is 07/08/2019 How have you been? I hope everything is fine, because here it is perfect. Today, as I promised weeks ago, I'll videotape my giant parents. I also invited Josh *blushing* but he had to visit some colleges with his father, the coach, Mr. Walker. Well, I guess it's just the three of us. I'm sure it will be fun for you normal-sized kids like me to know more about the giants 'lives from the giants' own words. I've packed everything in the living room. Well ... all I could reach. My house is all designed for my giant parents. I have my room that was designed for the standard size. I live in that loft inside the giant house. With some effort, I climb into the chair facing the sofa and adjust the focus of the camera. I brought some snacks to stay here with me. I do not know! Maybe I'm hungry talking to my favorite giants. The couch fits my two parents, seated and even comfortable if we compare their sizes. Oh ... I can hear the heavy footsteps of someone approaching. They sure are. The two would go out for a run in the park nearby in an area designated for giants. With the heat you're doing and how my parents get sweaty ... I think I should get some kind of cloth to cover my nose ... Too late! They are already here ... they are sitting on the couch and you will see soon ... the two are sweaty and talking and smiling. I'll turn the camera on and play. I'll be back soon, guys! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Turning on the camera. Adjusting the focus and see the sweaty, swollen and hairy bodies of my parents* "Streaming started! And today ... I'm here, in my house. Look at that, guys ... " *I show parts of the room on the camera for you to see that there are not many strange things. Just a home in size ... extra* *Snapping of giant fingers. I turn the camera to my father Tedd* "Let's get started, boy?" *He pecs bounce the hairy chest* "Oh! Yes, Dad ... well ... " *setting the camera one more time* " Guys! These are my parents, Tedd and Kevin. Let's start with you, Daddy Tedd. My followers want to know: what is the life of a giant cop like? " *I set the focus on Tedd. But only the top of the pecs to Tedd's face fit the camera. He scratches the hairy pec while looking for the right words to answer* "Well ... being a cop is incredible. From a very young age, I wanted to be a police officer. Helping people's safety. And after the change of the serum, this whole giant thing makes me more proud than I am. I can hold two thugs in each hand with ease. This is amazing! And you still have these arms ... " *At this point, Daddy Tedd flexes his arms in a double biceps. His hairy armpits exude a strong scent of sweaty giant man. It even looks like the smell of the school locker room* "You're amazing, honey." *Kevin kisses Tedd's right bicep* "You like those babies, though, sweaty, do not you?" *Tedd teases Kevin by flexing the ball of his arm while he kisses * *The scene makes me ... horny, but I try to hide my little erection with a cushion* "Hey ... huh ... can we continue?" * Nodding with his left hand * "Oh, little boy! Sorry for your horny parents. You know that after the morning race and training in the gym we're ... horny hahahaha "Kevin smiles and caresses the groin that houses a snake ... a huge thick snake in his shorts * "Well ... continuing ... Dad, can you tell me your full name and your measures for my followers to know? It's just something they asked for a lot ... hehehe " "Oh, boy! Of course I do. " *Tedd pecs bounce once more before focusing on the camera.* " My name is Theodoro Benjamin Breston, I'm 45 years old, I've been in the local police for 16 years. I'm 35'7" tall and weigh over 12,355 pounds. I have some fat on my body. " *He hits the beer belly, the sound sounds like a little thunder.* " My father used to say that a man without beer belly is a man with no good stories to tell. He was right hahaha " "This is so incredible, Daddy! You're fucking a beastly giant "* she smiled, but I covered my mouth *" Sorry, dad. I did not want to say the ugly name " "Hahahaha ... it's okay, little boy! Daddy knows you like all that weight and your little friends like it too, are not you guys? " *He nods at the camera * "Huh ... well ... let's see ..." *I compose myself* "Daddy, what's your take on the people who are against the giants? Do you think they can gain more space with that thought? " *Dad looks at Kevin. The two have a sad and worried look. I touched a serious matter, but I need to know their opinion * "Well ... son. The giants are worried. We are becoming concerned that more normal-sized people feel threatened by us. You know that's not the point. The giants modified by the serum are not violent to the extreme. This condition was removed when we changed size. That is why I support that more giants come to the congress, to municipalities and municipal and student chambers. The giant police union is meeting with firefighters to launch a candidate for state government " *That was not smelling good. And it was not the strong musk of the two giants in front of me * "Dad ... are you going to be that candidate?" *My tone of voice is worried* "I do not know yet, my dear. But, whatever I do, it will be done to protect you and your dad Kevin here. " *He squeezes Kevin by putting his arm over his mammoth shoulders* "So ... well ... I love you, Dad, and whatever you do, you'll have my support" *I smile blushing* *Daddy Tedd waves to me with a wink. And Kevin's eyes are wet* "Do you have more questions from your little followers?" *Rubs his hands* "Yes! Yes ... let's see here ... " *I pick up the cell phone and read the questions from the followers* " Well ... Carl, it's from the interior of Texas, and he wants to know how you do to punish the bad guys?" *Tedd's eyes bulge with excitement as he remembers the punishments he gave the prisoners. He has a cruel side to anyone who breaks the law. He hates dishonesty and thieves, but murderers are his favorite when it comes to giving a lesson, punishing* "Oh! That's a good question. " *He leans on the couch and scratches his swollen groin* " I have a technique for every infraction, a crime committed. The more heinous the crime, the stronger the punishment. Many do not know, but in states where the death penalty is law, giants are used for that purpose. We are not violent, but in the face of the cruelty of crime we have become the pursuit of justice " *he points to the camera, as if he wanted to give a warning to those who think of committing a crime in the city* "Wow! It's a good thing I'm on your good side, Dad. "He nodded, "You're my pup, boy! Now ... let's take punishment techniques. First: " *raise the gauge* " If you are caught stealing cars or stealing shops, you will be placed in a tank with the dirty socks of all departmental police. It will remain there for a few weeks or until the sentence is decreed in accordance with the law. Secondly, if you get caught drunk driving, you'll be stuck with the bathroom soap in the apartment. You will be used to help clean our bodies during the bath ... and man ... if you take me or David, you run the great risk of curling up in our chest hahahaha" *David is Teddy's partner in the city's police department. He is as hairy and strong as Tedd. The two are massive bears that ensure the security of the south side of the city* "And ... is there more punishment technique? If someone gets caught invading someone else's house, what happens? " "Hmmm ... this is easy and for me it's the best" *Daddy Tedd rubs his crotch hard and his cock squirms under his shorts* "If some smart guy gets caught up in private or public property he'll be confined to our briefs with our cocks as fellow shorts hehehehe " "Well ... I think Carl's answer was satisfactory" *I swallow dry* "Let's go to the next question and this comes from afar ... oh ... come from Brazil ... a boy named Tonny ... he asks how much a giant spends eaten in a single meal? Can you answer Daddy Tedd? " *I just looked down for a second to visualize the question on my cell phone and when I get up, I see Daddy Tedd eating a bowl full of oats, bananas, blackberries, milk, corn cereal and honey. The bowl would fit 4 people of my size and there would still be some space left* "Well... I'm hungry ... so I guess seeing that bowl of post gym cereal will respond ... I make 7 meals a day. Only for breakfast I eat the equivalent of a meal made by a family of 8 people. That's the first time the big lunch hehehe ... BUUUUURRPP ... sorry guys, I'm a little hungry" The recording continues as I watch Daddy Tedd devour the bowl of cereal. He is now stroking his hairy belly. After training, Daddy likes to rest before going to the police shift. I'd rather let him rest. I nod to him, telling him that the interview has been successfully completed. "Thanks dad. Thanks for doing it for me, big guy! I love you " *I smile at him* "You're my boy! Keep being that good boy. Daddy, I love you too, boy. *He nods at the camera and gets up from the couch. He goes to the kitchen* Dad Kevin gets dressed up on the couch, because he'll be next. I turn the camera over to me. "Hey guys! That was my dad Tedd. Now... let's talk to my other father. Mr. Kevin Breston " *I turn the camera to him* "So ... Dad ... how do you feel today?" "Very horny ... my boy" *grunts, he rubs his swollen groin*
  13. Today is 7/3/2019 Hey! Hello everyone! I am very happy with the comments from all of you. I have received such deep affection from others as tiny as me. I've heard of a lot of stories involving giant relatives, but I'll leave those stories for another day. Today I had a space in my time to write here. I will tell you what will happen at the parent meeting that the school does once every 6 months. And today is this day. Well, I study in a normal school like everyone around my age of 17. In some physical aspects, the school has adapted to receive some giant teachers and also some giant parents who frequent the place. I'm a part of the school newspaper (and that's why I'm using the blog), I really enjoy writing about school life. I know that for many high school is a terror, but for me it's really cool. At our school we have a giant football team. The BulllGiants are at the top of the regional school league table, but I will speak of them soon. I'm just going to cite here my teenage passion, the team's quarterback and the high school runner, Josh. He is the strongest giant on the team, has blue eyes, black hair, tanned skin, hairy pectorals and thighs so thick that even my father Kevin is envious. Josh is gentle, like all giants, but he's kind of playful. In addition to eating a lot, lifting weight and sleeping like a bear, Josh loves hot chocolate and likes to go to the drive-in watching old movies. *Sighs* Returning to the meeting at school. I'm sure it will be a bit tumultuous. The meeting will be held on the school's sports court where the giants can fit without problems. The school's sports court is 85 feet high and bleachers that can fit up to two giants sitting in each row. I've been called to a meeting too. Some of my colleagues were also called. It was more a matter of urgency because Brandon Vergas, editor in chief of the school paper, did a story that put the giants' character in check. So the emergency meeting. Brandon has always been an activist against the giants. He is the son of Roger Vergas, a veteran of the war who did not get the serum and so is angry with those who have been modified. Brandon and his father are so cruel in their opinions that they even managed to raise a small riot against the giants who live in the city. Our town is a few miles from downtown New York, where my father Kevin works. Even being close to a big city, our city has few giants. But the mutiny made by Brandon and Mr. Vergas was to draw the attention of the community. I'm sitting on the bleachers of the sports court, I'm on the safe side of the normal-sized human side. You will not believe it, Josh is joining the court along with his giant father, Mr. Walker, who is the coach of the team. Mr. Walker has a black beard, blue eyes like Josh, and a muscular body with a good layer of fat. They wear a baseball cap (the face of a muscular bull snorting). *Oh my God! He saw me and is approaching ... I can feel the ground trembling with Josh's footsteps * I will put the portable camera I have in action to record and show you while I talk to Josh. _____________________________________________________________________________ "We're recording, big guy!" *Nod to Josh to look at camera* He is sitting in the stands in front of me, in the sector where the giants must sit. He turns and looks at me. Can you see your blue eyes? They're beautiful, are not they? *Sigh* "I read the first post on your blog, lil Scott" *Josh smiles, a deep laugh* "Oh shit! Did you read what my father Kevin wrote? " At this moment my cheeks turn red with embarrassment. That was only for my normal sized readers, not for the giants to read. Right now I want a huge hole that I can stick in and never leave. I cover my eyes to hide my shame. "Awww! Do not be ashamed, lil buddy. You're cute when you blush hahahaha " *Josh jumps the mountain pecs as he smiles at me ... or at me* "That's so embarrassing, big Josh. My father Kevin should not have written that about ... " "On the feet being cleansed by small, soft tongues like those of a normal-sized human? Dude! That was incredible! I did not think Dr. Kevin Breston was so turned on in these difference-sized things " *Josh smiles and gives me a wink* "They're jokers... it was not for you to have read that, Josh" "Come on! Scottie ... I'm a giant, you're a little bit and I love talking to you. We are friends OK?" "According to the last issue of the school newspaper ... the giants should stay away from us, the little humans" "Damn! That insignificant shit from Brandon should have a lesson " *Josh clenches his fist so tightly that the veins jump. I focus the camera well on his fist* "Hey, big guy ... be easy, okay? Not all of us, of normal size, are prejudiced. Here is my case: I am the adopted son of two giants. Besides being giants, my parents are still homosexual. We are a full plate for Brandon's hate speech" *Josh's eyebrow knit together in an uncertain expression, but with a certain amount of anger* "Did he say anything against you? Because if he messes with you, do not hesitate to tell me. The BullGiants are eager to show Brandon's little shit where his prejudice will take " I swallow hard, my hands shake. You may even notice that the camera shakes a little. I've never seen Josh so angry. I decide to turn off the camera. I'm telling Josh that the meeting at school is about to start. The teachers come in first, the full-time teachers. Then enter the gigantic professors: Coach Walker, Mr. Dooley of Mathematics and Director Sanderson. The giants take their reserved places at a safe distance from those of normal size. Then the parents come in. Giant parents come in first. Altogether there are 8 giant parents, most of them are parents of some athlete of the soccer team, and have my two parents. And finally, some students and two other football players are joining Josh. They are looking at me, Dustin and Jacob, two giants as attractive as Josh. They wave and sit. I nod to my father Kevin and my father Tedd. The meeting will begin and God help us, because Brandon and his father, Mr. Vergas, have just come in and are carrying banners with phrases of hatred of the giants. I need to hang up now. The meeting will begin. And I promise you that this weekend I'll record a video with my parents and Josh. They want to tell you more about how they feel about size difference. See you guys soon!
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