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    Sitting at about 68 kg (150 lbs), 5'9'' (175cm).
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    While I'd like to be bigger, I'm happy with my weight right now. I'll leave the massiveness and growth to you monsters ;)
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    Frank Mannarino, Alexei Lesukov
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    Size difference,
    role reversal/uncommon roles (e.g. monstrous power bottom, dumb muscle bodyguard who adores his small master...),
    oversized body parts (obviously muscles, but even hands, feet, tongue...)

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  1. height

    Good chapter! Sad to hear this story will be ending, but I'm very much looking forward to what else you can come up with!
  2. There's the http://bc4m.club/hosts which is a single site with quite a lot of big guys (including the ones you mentioned) that are 'muscle worship personalities' as you put it.
  3. That was an awesome and hot story BGryphon! Amazing work!
  4. Tbh, the answer to this depends on who you're speaking to. People that prefer ripped muscle will like better people with lower fat (even if they have 'small' muscles), while people that prefer size will tell you to just go for building muscle.
  5. He actually posted it exactly on his day, no lateness involved.
  6. That was an awesome and hot story cutlerfan! Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. height

    Well, maybe you can't in this story, but there's always the next While it is definitely long, you keep it interesting. Good work man!
  8. Good story! Though I feel slightly dumb now, because of the many wonderful and unusual words you used as you described the smells and feelings. (That was a dig at myself, not at you.)
  9. height

    Great chapter, love the mix of humiliation and pride that Jed's experiencing. Chad's a force of nature by now. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the competition will bring out of the father & son duo. And the, by now inevitable, fall of that jerk whose name I'm currently blanking on.
  10. I guess because no one thought of it before or it wasn't/isn't a high priority thing. If you contact a mod or and admin, they may take up your suggestion. I don't think I understand your point of view here, I don't see it as dividing/alienating feature.
  11. After a bit of search, I've found this. That should answer at least some of your questions. Each member (or members belonging to some group) could start their own blog (or blogs) which can be read by people designated by the creator/everyone. I doubt we'd lose the 'follow the author' function, but you'd have more options (maybe you want to follow the blog, but not everything the author does). The consolidation of separate threads is already possible on the current forum. Because they're different. Stories are usually written by one author (with some exceptions), and 'polished'. Roleplay transcripts are usually written by two people (the roleplayers), and they can contain things like timestamps and usernames.
  12. Good story! I especialy liked the short paragraph about him defeating the basketball team single-handedly
  13. Good story and very imaginative (if you'll pardon the pun )!
  14. I'm honored that my story made you come out into the open. Thank you!
  15. It is a good story. Few typos, but nothing major. (I didn't even notice the wandering tenses.) I'll be contrarian here and tell you not to continue the story (yet), since you'd be breaking one of the rules of this storyversary. " A. create an all new story for the forum. B. must be a completed story, an ending and a beginning. C. IT CAN BE OPEN ENDED, you can add ANOTHER COMPLETE STORY TO THIS NEW ONE NEXT YEAR, if you choose to. " From: You can continue this next year, and in the meanwhile, you can work on other stories, getting more experience and the continuation will be even better.