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  1. I'm glad that you're continuing the tale of Bud and Connor. Always great to read their tales
  2. What a start to a weekend! Keep going!
  3. So, if you've spent some time on the internet, you've probably come across Dylan 'Noodlesandbeef' Hafertepen. He's even registered on this forum. He has several pups under his 'care' (it's supposed to be a BDSM thing, but if you actually look at it, it's thinly-veiled abuse). From the outside, they may have looked like they were happy growing family. One of them, Jack Chapman, died recently. The long story is in this investigative piece: https://www.thestranger.com/features/2018/11/07/35073826/death-of-a-kinkster The short story is in this video, which looks at the death through the eyes of Jack's mother:
  4. Awesome writing! My theory that their growth is caused by the thing that comes natural to them. For Wes it's being the boss (and drinking cum), for Marcus it's being in the centre of attention. And for Froy, I'm guessing it might be submission, which was being denied ("don't call me sir") up till now. If I'm right, I'd be delighted if Froy's growth would overshadow the other two afflicted.
  5. He's not on this forum. He posted the rest of the story on another mg forum, then he deleted it and published it over on amazon.
  6. I kind of get the feeling that the third guy wasn't as precise while making his wish, and may get a bit more than one older superman, which would be fun
  7. Damn, I started (and didn't finish) a story with a similar premise a while back. Definitely looking forward to what you'll cook up
  8. Well, I think the name of the story should be "Ivan the Wonderful" I loved the change in Ivan from the shy, small guy to the shy, big guy and then to the confident and dominant big guy. I'd love to see more!
  9. Seconding @jtchef, awesome story! There are some typos and wrong phrasing, but it doesn't take away from the story. Good job!
  10. flamedelft

    Abs problem

    The (un)evenness of the two rectus abdominis muscles ("the six pack") is, as far as I know, unchangeable, since the divisions are made of tendinous tissue going across the muscle fibers, and there's no way to move them. If Lou Ferrigno could rock them, so can you!
  11. As with any movement/community, there are always going to be various viewpoints and measures of radicality. I view combatting fat shaming (direct or indirect) as very good, as it's very often more of a hindrace to getting thinner. And the impact (stress) applies to non-fat people as well. From what I've heard, being fat can also get in the way of getting medical help, as some doctors will blame any- and everything on the extra fat, even if the person came with something unrelated (such as a cold). Depictions of fat people more varied from comic relief, food-obsessed, or 'the farting warrior' (in videogames) also wouldn't hurt. And as a (rather brutal, imo) counterpoint to @CardiMuscleman, I think caring for thin people that live into their nineties costs a bit more than caring for fat people that generally have lower life expectancy.
  12. I'm not sure how clear it will be, but the point of view is switching between the two guys. Hope you guys enjoy this one. --- I was partially listening to the radio playing some pop tune that was on as I focused on pulling my chest to the bar I was hanging from. Three... four... five. I let myself descend somewhat slowly, and at full stretch I let go and landed on my feet. I took a few breaths and then reached for my drinking bottle. I was done with my workout, time to go shower and head home. As I was drinking, I heard someone clearing their throat behind me. I turned and looked down, and then a bit further down. I look down on most people, but this guy had to be at least a foot and a half shorter than me! "Hi, can I help you with something?" "Hi, I'm Eddie. I was watching you, and you seem to have a good form, would you mind giving me a few pointers sometime?" Why, flattery will get you everywhere my new friend. "Thanks, sure, if I'll be able to, I can answer questions or give you pointers. Randall." I reached out with my right hand balled up into a fist. He bumped it with his own. "Sweet! Thanks man, when are you going to work out again? I can't wait to stop bumbling around here," he asked with a toothy grin. I gave him my number and told him I'd be here in two days. I wasn't a proper gym rat, I just went into the gym three days a week. Just maintaining my lithe muscles was enough for me. --- Randall did as he promised, he answered basically any question I had. In a pretty short amount of time I went from haphazardly pushing and pulling on weights and machines to having a proper workout plan. It seemed I gained strength every workout. Randall said that it would peter out. It was still daunting coming up to him. He looked like he was two feet taller than me. Well, maybe not two feet, but when I looked straight ahead, I was looking at the base of his sternum. We've drawn more than a few chuckles when we were chatting, as people found the difference between the two of us funny. It was striking, to say the least, since I was 5'2" and very much fat, and he was 6'8" and model-like slim. I've out-weighted his 190 by about 60 lbs. I had wanted to start working out for almost a year, but only recently I've took real steps. I have wanted to shed some fat, gain some strength. Possibly even gain the ability to run for a bit and even jump. I somehow never really could jump, which was a frequent point of mockery throughout my school-years. I've asked Randall about trying it out, but he said that it'd be better to shed some weight, as it could be dangerous to the joints. But a few tries on my own couldn't hurt, right? "Ow," I groaned as I fell face first on the ground. "Eddie? What are you- come on, buddy, let's get you up." He offered me a hand, which I used to help me get up. My right knee and face burned, my knee from the scrape I got, my face from the embarrassment of someone witnessing my attempt at jumping. "What happened?" "I tried jumping." "Where did you jump from?" "The last step." "Oh," he squinted, then he looked up in thought. "Well, maybe you should start with something easier, like jumping jacks. And maybe somewhere with a soft landing, don't want you to get hurt and discouraged. Also... well, with your weight, you might want to be careful, jumping is pretty hard on the joints, so if you get any aching in your legs, you have to pause, okay?" "Yeah. Hey, I... thanks, man. For not making fun of me." "Of course, buddy! Gotta support the growing man!" --- We synchronized our workout schedules, so we could go to the gym together. We were becoming fast friends. Eddie took to all the exercising like a fish to water. He very rarely complained about muscle soreness, even if I pushed him a bit more. I told him about cardio, which he tried out that same day. Since it was a leg day, I told him it was not the best idea, since his legs would be worn out already. He didn't listen to me, and when he got off the exercise bike five minutes later, he was gasping for breath, and almost fell down. I made him sit down and waited fifteen minutes with him, getting him an electrolyte drink. After that, he stubbornly and jerkily got up despite my protests, and practically crawled to the locker room. Changing took almost half an hour, but after that it seemed it was okay to let him leave. He promised me he'd stay and rest at least ten minutes in the car before driving off. --- I got myself a heart rate monitor to see how my heart responded to the cardio. I read up on it on my own. Shortly after starting the cardio, it was around 110, which was higher than normal. A few weeks later it was around 100, just on the upper end of the normal scale. It was nice to see progress even that way. One morning a few weeks after that, just after I woke up, I measured my resting heart rate and it was 85. After I jotted it down into my journal (I kept track of personal records, measurements and other progresses), I went back to the bed. I had some time to be lazy, almost an hour before I had to leave for the gym. And it was weekend. Hmm... might have a quick jerk off to start the day off nicely as well. A few minutes later, as I lay breathing deeply to recover from the great orgasm, I started thinking. Basically everything was improving when I started working out. I felt like I had more energy, I even started waking up before the alarm in the morning. I even moved the alarm about 30 minutes earlier by now. Orgasms were better, more intense, and it seemed like I could control how quickly they came. Like today, I wanted a quickie, and came in a few minutes, at other times I had a lot of time, and even without edging or anything, I just... let the orgasm build, until I cried out as my nervous system overloaded with the pleasure. Even the soreness that followed the workouts lessened over time. At first it was crippling, but recently, it was more like a few twinges throughout the day, rather than the pain that followed me every day, whenever I even thought of using the muscles I worked earlier. As I sat up, my hand brushed over my right knee and I remembered that it was the one I scraped when I fell from the last step. Jumping was an area I definitely improved a lot in. Jumping down from stuff was now easy. Jumping up or into the distance was still something I needed to perfect, but hey, I was happy. This exercising thing was a lot better than I've heard. --- We were grabbing a post-work out meal, Eddie was digging happily into his plate and I was rambling on about a thing that pissed me off yesterday at work. After he was mostly done with his plate he suddenly pushed it away from him. "Full already?" "Nah, just needed a break, wanna ask you something," he said with his mouth still partially filled with the meal. He dramatically gulped it down. "I've been thinking lately... would you like to go on a date with me? I like you, and I think the feeling's pretty mutual, but I could be wrong." "I, uh, " I stammered, "um, okay." "Really? Sweet!" And he went right back to cleaning his plate. --- Randall was lying down next to me, still catching his breath as he looked at me with awe. I didn't pay much attention to him because I was in throes of my fifth orgasm in the two hours since we started. I took a few deep breaths, took a nearby water bottle and drained it, as I absentmindedly smeared the cum (there was quite a lot of it) over my belly. I smiled with the thought that the belly was firmer than before. "Dude, that's amazing!" My smile broke into a full-on grin and I turned to him, grabbed him closer and french kissed him. I put my upper leg around his and we continued kissing and cuddling. After a while, he broke the kiss and smirked: "You do know that you're still poking me, right?" "Sorry, I can't help myself," a small lie, as I was now pretty confident that I could somewhat control my dick. I just didn't want to. Not like it really bothered him, as he grabbed it and started playing with it. "You're like the battery ad bunny," he laughed, “you can just go on and on..." "As long as I have the fuel," I said as I took another bottle and gulped down half of it. That was the last one I had, three others lay empty on the ground where I tossed them. My water intake was really high in sessions like these, but I haven't seen any negative consequences. Unlike that lady who died because she drank too much water too quickly. I do try to pace myself, though. As I looked at Randall I saw him looking down at our legs. "What are you looking at?" "Have your feet been always this big?" I looked down as well. They didn't look as tiny in comparison with his as they did the first few times we had sex. "They grew recently, I even had to buy new shoes. I think I went up two sizes." "Wow, that's cool..." “You’re not saying that with much enthusiasm…” He looked up at me, “You know I worry about your health. Feet growing in adulthood could point to a hormone imbalance or something.” “And you know I’m going to the doctor every second week, so I’m under constant surveillance. He always does the blood tests. I’m always healthy. I’m lucky the needle stabs very quickly, they’re gone the next day. Otherwise I’d be looking like a junkie.” We cuddled a bit more before I opened another topic. “Speaking of the doctor, he’s saying my heart’s great as well. Blood pressure is a textbook case, and the resting heart rate is down to fifty-five. Well, ‘resting’ at the doctor’s office, excited about the progress. When I wake up, it’s around forty-five.” “Geez, you’re a proper athlete now,” he grinned. “Wanna go for another round Mr. Bunny Athlete,” he asked as he reached around and squeezed my butt. --- I looked at him as he was going through a set of bench press, moving the 225 lbs like it was a warm up even though we were at the last set of the work out. Sure, he was grunting softly and breathing hard, but he wasn't really trying. "Eddie, I think we should push you more. You don't look like you're trying anymore." He re-racked the bar with a clang and sat up. "Yeah, now that you mention it, I am getting stronger, and lately I haven't been all that tired after our work outs like before. I think it's a good idea." "Alright, I'll think of a more intense plan for you, Mr. superman." "I'll hold you to that." "Already? Damn man, we upped the lifts by at least 20 lbs all across the board and you're already adapting to it. That's insanely fast!" "Do you think there's something wrong with me?" "Do you feel alright?" "Well, to be honest, I feel much, much better than ever before. I think I'll go get checked up again." "Good idea. I'm really hoping it's nothing bad." --- On my way to the gym, I texted Randall while waiting at a red light, with a huge grin on my face: [dude you wont believe this!!!!!]- -[sup man?] [cant wait to show you what we found out at the doctors, this is fucking amazing!!!!]- -[k, am parking at the gym rn] When I reached the gym, I rushed into the locker room, knowing Randall would be there. I got to our usual spot, and seeing him turned around, I snuck up on him, and lifted him in a bear hug from behind. We both let out a whoop, he because of the surprise, me because I was so happy, and because I've never tried lifting a person up before. Well, an adult person at least. And it wasn't hard! I laughed and shook him a little before letting him down. He turned around, his grin matching my own. Both our moods improved without fail when we met each other. I reached out and brought his head down to mine and kissed him, and then pulled him a bit further, so I could whisper in his ear: "I am growing taller!" At that he slipped my grip, took a step back and started to stare at me. "No way!" "Yes way! Look," I motioned with my hand from the top of my head towards his body. When we met, I reached the base of his sternum, and now I reached his armpits. "Are you for real? That's so awesome! What did the doctor say?" "Well, he found basically no anomalies, I am a healthy man, with everything in order, other than my growth, both in strength and now in height." "I'm glad and thrilled to hear that! Maybe you'll even outgrow me!" "We'll see," I said, "well, let’s stimulate more growth in me!" "You're on, bud." --- Eddie's body certainly rose up to the challenge. It wasn't instantaneous, but whatever challenge we threw at him, he sooner or later overcame it. He is 5'8" now, 6 inches taller than when we met. His muscles blew up as well, filling out all that extra space. He is 257 lbs as of the latest weigh in. He has a 'one-pack' as he calls it, a layer of fat covering his midsection and hiding the separation of his abs, but it is very solid. His pecs now thrust about two inches farther than his belly. He is twice as wide as me now, thanks to his thick lats and his shoulders that remind me of bowling balls, both in shape and in hardness. His arms look like thick columns that could hold up buildings. And with the rate his strength is increasing, they very well might happen soon. His forearms are flexing with the slightest movement of his fingers and hands. It can be mesmerizing. His fingers thickened somewhat, and I swear they lengthened as well, but we don’t have any point of reference we could measure that against. He walks with a very slight waddle, which he sometimes exaggerates. His quads have a fairly high separation, and the chords of his hamstrings bunch up and squeeze with his every step. And don't get me started on his ass, it's so round and inviting, and when he's squeezing it as I lay down on him, it lifts me up a bit... Like I said, don't get me started. His calves are now without question bigger than my thighs, the two diamonds firmer than a punching bag. I've actually used it as such. It started with me joke-slapping them one time, but then Eddie wanted harder and harder... He always thanks me for the gentle massage, the cheeky bastard. Anyway, his feet are now the same length as mine, size 12US. His are wider though. On his shorter stature, they look gigantic. Well, if he was skinny they would, but with all his muscles... they look appropriate. He looks fucking amazing. But as amazing as he looks, his... abilities are even greater. He didn't have any jumping ability to speak of when we met, but now he could easily clear my head with his feet from stand still. With a running start, he can jump around 60 feet away, clearing at least twice my height. Even though it looks like his muscles should be slowing him down, he can still keep up with me on a bicycle easily. In a hilly terrain, he's even faster, because he can leap from hill to hill, and he sometimes uses the trees as well. We found a secluded area in the nearby forest, where we made him a measured out track so we could test how long he could run for. We ended the test after four hours of him running at almost top speed, because he was only just starting to breathe a little harder than normal. His cardiovascular system improved like you wouldn't believe. From what he told me, before we met each other, he had a heart rate somewhere north of 110 per minute. When we measure it now, it's between 10 to 15. The lowest I could find on the internet was 26. Athletes normally have between 40 and 60. When we did that test earlier, we measured his heart rate. It was 25. Though it is hard to take these measurements, since the rate returns to his normal within half a minute. His breathing slowed down as well, now he inhales about 4 times a minute. His skin toughened up as well. He says the nurse sometimes has trouble piercing it with the needle, and he doesn’t get scrapes or cuts anymore. Even if he did, they’d heal very fast and without scarring anyway. His nails are tougher too. He noticed that when he was cutting them one day. Ruined a few nail scissors that way. He switched to small bolt-cutters. We tested his resistance to blunt damage, and he’s passed with flying colors. I still cringe a bit when I remember how much it hurt my hands when I slammed a sledgehammer over and over into various parts of his body, while he just grinned and bore it without even blinking. Last, but certainly not least, his dick. It didn’t grow, but as it was a thick 9 incher from the beginning, that wasn’t necessary. But it certainly got a boost as well. As we were having sex once, I mentioned it felt firmer, and he said that he was experimenting with lifting weights with it too. From then on, he (as well as I) took great pleasure by twitching it noticeably inside my butt when he fucked me. Then he strengthened it so much that when I was gripping it as hard as I could, he could ‘shake my hand’ by twitching it. The power in it was incredible. --- I hoped Randall would like the special date I prepared. I've recently found out this old abandoned flooded mine. I staked it out for a few days, but it seemed it was forgotten, since no one showed up, even though it was the perfect weather for swimming. From two sides the pool was walled off by two steep cliffs, which I had a fun time scaling. Rock climbing was easy for me, since I could easily just crush in my own handholds, and if I fell 30 or 40feet, my body took the hit easily. If there were loose and sharp rocks under me, it was unpleasant, but my skin, muscles and bones were strong enough to withstand those. I had the idea that it would be a nice surprise for Randall, so I didn't tell Randall yet, just asked him if he would go on a date in the near future to which he answered “Absolutely!” It took a few days to set up, even with my pretty quick speed (if I didn't use a car that is) it took me around three hours to reach it, so I took vacation for those days. First, I took in the sight. It was pretty amazing, when you paused to look at it. There were plenty of spots that would be great place to set up a picnic blanket. I picked one under a tree. I made a mental note to myself to get a plastic tarp or something to hang above us, so no bugs would bother us. At home, I read up on engraving and rock-carving a bit, to get a better idea how to... write my message, into the rock walls. I thought that might impress Randall. I did a small test, and found that while my fists were strong enough to punch into the rock, the end effect wasn't how I wanted it to be. I took a small but sturdy chisel, and that turned out to be more precise. I could just jab it in, and chip away at the rock until I could form legible words. Much better. After I was done chiseling the message, I had to do a bit of an acrobatic stunt to cover it up, it wasn’t hard, but it was somewhat awkward. I took a large tarp to, hang over the sentence and secured it with pitons I pushed in. I loved having that kind of power, where I could just push things into a rock. Thankfully there was a clear stream nearby that I could drink from. I jerked off probably a dozen times every day while I was there. By the second day, I had to find different jerking off spots, since it was starting to smell. Not that we both didn’t like the smell, but I thought it might not be the greatest move to have a date out in the nature, and all we could smell was my cum. There were lots of small streams of precum flowing along the rock wall as I was chiseling away. The rubbing of the rock on the head of my dick that was sticking straight out didn't help any. I couldn’t do much about that, just wait for rain to wash it off. Then I looked around for some boulders so I could show off to Randall. There were some nice ones I could easily grip (or make grips into without splitting). I explored the floor of the pond by my hands (the water wasn’t all that clear, and whenever I found a sharp point, I smoothed it out. It was tedious, but doable, thanks to my ability to hold breath comfortably for around twenty minutes. There’s a dude who did it for twenty-four, but that was with breathing 100 % oxygen for half an hour before his try. If I did the same, I could probably go for over an hour. I was sad that I didn’t have more than a few days, because then I could take the rocks that were no good (or that I destroyed while making sure my stunts would work) and make sand out of them. But it was too time consuming. With all that prepared, I told Randall that we could go, and we drove by car, chatting easily on the way. I was driving, just in my shorts, and he took great pleasure to always have a hand on me, groping me, trying to get me hard. I was prepared for that, so I just unzipped my shorts, let myself go hard, and then start smacking the steering wheel audibly with it. That made him go red in the face and mutter an apology. But I didn’t miss the hungry look on his face. He immediately noticed the tarps on the rock walls, and asked about them, but I told him it’s for later. We had a nice meal (we brought some ham sandwiches, and some grape juice mixed with sparkling water). Then we cuddled for a bit, and then I said that the main event would start now. I took off my pants, standing in my nude glory. I looked awesome, if I do say so myself. Bulging muscles everywhere, twitching with my eagerness to show off. I let myself become hard, and started leaking pre like a faucet. I gulped down a gallon of water from the car trunk, which made my one-pack bulge out, but it would last me some time. First, I picked up a boulder that was about half my height in diameter, and did a few overhead presses with it. Then I let one hand go, and beckoned Randall over, as I kept the pace of the, now one handed, presses going. He was by my side immediately, rubbing and groping me, licking the skin over my muscles as I flexed for him. Since he was still wearing clothes, I grabbed him by his belt after a while, and did a few presses with him as well. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my hand as I let him down. I lowered the boulder on the ground, and he jumped on me, as we kissed hard for a few minutes. Both of us were breathing heavily now (I from excitement, him from me holding the kiss for so long). I moved to another boulder, this one was as tall as I was. I moved around it, so I was hidden from Randall, pressed the head of my dick into a hole I made earlier, moaned loudly with delight as the feeling of penetrating a hole so tight and firm brought me to a new height of arousal. I twitched my cock, and heard a gasp from the other side, as Randall saw the big boulder go up. He ran around the boulder to confirm his suspicions, and when he saw me from the side, the boulder supported by nothing but my dickhead, he moaned louder than I did, and did a few hip-thrusts. I let him recover before I moved onto doing dick-curls with the boulder. He wobbled nearer, and leaned onto me, as I wrapped a hand around him and brought him closer. He put a hand on the boulder and I stopped the dick-curls, and let him try to press on it and move it, but thanks to the weight of the boulder and the strength of my dick, he couldn’t move it. By then, I could see the pre leaking out of the small hole, so I set the boulder down, and pulled myself free with a loud pop. “So I see you appreciate how strong I am, huh?” “Holy goodness, man, I knew you were super strong, but this… geez…” “Wanna feel it for yourself?” “Uh, sure,” he reached out to grab it, but I gently pushed his hand away, and pressed myself against him, wrapping my arms around him lightly. “Now, take a seat,” I said with a grin. His jaw dropped slightly, but he widened his stance so his knees wouldn’t knock into me, and started crouching, but was stopped soon in his descent by my prick. He hugged me around me neck, and then I felt a bit more weight on my dick, as he lifted his feet off the ground. I hugged him closer to me. “Feeling good?” “Yeah, buddy, this is incredible.” I walked around for a bit, which he loved. Even the bouncing when I twitched my cock, but soon he told me he had to get down, as it was a bit uncomfortable. “I think we’ll need to saddle that big boy before I ride it for longer next time.” I laughed, “Alright, alright, but the big boy will be ready whenever.” I thought for a few seconds, and I smiled. “I think this party is reaching its peak. Would you please step this way?” I motioned towards the pond, and led the way into it. I waited as Randall got rid of his clothes and came to me. “Now, I want you to look the other way, while I remove the tarps. And no peeking, whatever you’ll hear, promise?” “Okay buddy, whatever you want.” I swam to the rock wall, and grabbed onto it, climbed a few feet, then checked if Randall wasn’t looking. Satisfied, I made the climb, and removed the lower row of the pitons. Then I moved slower, holding onto the tarps, scrunching them and then throwing them up over the cliff one by one. I teared up a bit as I revealed the four words and a question mark. When I was done, I canonballed into the water below, and then swam back to Randall. I hugged him from behind. “I love you, Randall, you know that, right?” “Yeah Ed, I love you too.” I let him go, and took a few steps back, “Alright, you can turn around now.” He turned around, squinted at the walls, his squint relaxing, and then he smiled and I saw his eyes water. “Absolutely buddy, I will.” --- Well, here you go guys, hope you enjoyed it, please point out any mistakes you've found, and any comments and critique are always welcome!
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    That's okay. Though I hope you'll post more stories
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