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    Sitting at about 68 kg (150 lbs), 5'9'' (175cm).
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    While I'd like to be bigger, I'm happy with my weight right now. I'll leave the massiveness and growth to you monsters ;)
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    Frank Mannarino, Alexei Lesukov
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    Size difference,
    role reversal/uncommon roles (e.g. monstrous power bottom, dumb muscle bodyguard who adores his small master...),
    oversized body parts (obviously muscles, but even hands, feet, tongue...)

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  1. I enjoy doing a handstand. It's fun to be inverted once in a while
  2. Great chapter dredlifter, I really enjoyed this one and I don't think you chewed off more than you can bite. I do love how Chad is very much dominant, but he's not a jerk about it. Most of the time. And even if he is, it's for the best, really.
  3. I think blog format would be better than thread format for my anatomy posts, so I would appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the like! 

    1. flamedelft


      No problem, good luck on your growth journey.

  5. Nice chapter, looking forward to the Lake house. The light gray text is a bit hard to read (without highlighting it) on the light theme of the forum. edit: now it's the exact same shade as the background.
  6. Awesome job man! But you didn't copy the thing right, there's a lot of repetition of whole paragraphs and jumps (sometimes in the middle of a word).
  7. What date was the competitionof the tenth chapter? Or how much time is there until the July competition? You're doing great, I'm really enjoying the story.
  8. For me, the 'lifting weights in the gym' is a bit abstract. I'd like something more like tight bear hugs, lifting me off the feet, overpowering me/resisting me (as long as it's consensual).
  9. AFAIK, there is no part 2 yet.
  10. I don't think it was a mistake creating the thread. There are definitively big guys into small guys. Some are into it more, some less. Personal experience, I had a relationship (no domination involved, just vanilla boyfriends) with a guy who was twice my weight and a few inches taller (though he was more fat than muscular), and he definitively was into me. And some are into being dominated by others, you should check out @achilles's tumblr beastpup.tumblr.com He's a massive guy and he's in a d/s relationship, with his Sir/Master (can't remember right now), who's quite a bit smaller than him. Also check out http://bigbulltrainer.tumblr.com/, which is about d/s relationships, but it's from the Sir/Master point of view. I'm not sure how this would make you feel not worthy of not getting muscles yourself, if you were working out (and you didn't have to get big yourself), it could be a motivation/support for the big guy, who'd then make more effort to grow.
  11. The only bad thing about this is the shortness of it. I hope we'll get a continuation!
  12. Nice story, I really liked it, and I hope we'll get more from you!
  13. Nice start, but the text is unreadable in the light theme unless I highlight it, if you could remove formatting, that would be nice.
  14. I'll check it out later, but the warning for gay material is unnecessary here
  15. Not sure if you'd be banned, but yeah, most people here would probably not like a story that has allusion to "conversion therapy". Also, Greek gods transforming a gay man into a straight man? In my opinion, that doesn't seem very plausible to be honest.