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  1. 6. Saturday Morning - Ace You wake early and head to the garage gym to clean. The Bear and Matty will head here first thing and you want it perfect. Your ass is sore. Pleasantly so. Your master, Matty, split that hole open wide last night, just like every night. His needs are limitless. He is a Muscle God and a Sex God. You are the luckiest fucktpy. Meeting Ace was the best thing thats ever happened to you. [Begin flashback] You walk into the Cuff, the biggest gay bar in Seattle, hoping to find what you need. You're handsome and tall and strong. You are the strength coach for the Boston Red Sox and in town for a 5 game stand. You're masculine catnip wherever you go. You know it and own it. You have no end of suitors but in the end they always disappoint. They want you to take charge, you have a confidence and ease about you from a life at the top of the heap. Captain of this, King of that, Validictor this. Always excelling, always conquering. You order a beer and take a pass around the bar. You can feel eyes on you and men trying to catch your eye. But nothing and no one draws you in. You hang out at the bar, watching men play pool. Thinking about your day, thinking about needing a MAN. Then HE walks in. Motherfucker is as wide as he is tall. Wearing wrestling shoes, a bright red string tank, and camo compression shorts. He is on display. Arms, traps, ass, quads, chest, calves, delts, abs, .... You suck in a full breath of air and realize you've stopped breathing. And that he's staring right back at you. He says goodbye to some bears that greeted him and walks straight towards you. "Hey big man, you're new here. Id remember someone as goodlookin as you" You are at a loss for words. You are never at al loss for words. He is 5-6 inches shorter than you but you feel so small. "I'm Ace. Im in town with the Sox. I-I-I'm the strength coach" You stammer "You're incredible" The man, the beast in front of you spreads his arms wide "What, this? Yeah, it's something else, ain't it?" He brings his fists up into a double bicep and your hand reaches over. You need to feel. Your mouth hangs open. "Holy....." Your cock is as hard as steel and leaking. You've never been more turned on. What is it about him? You've met muscular men before. You're around athletes all the time. "Well, I'm Matt. Let's grab a beer, Ace. Tell me what its like working for the Sox." You ramble on as Matt's hands roam over your thick, juicy ass. The line is long and you just keep talking. And he just keeps listening, his hands kneading your ass. Your cock throbs. So. Turned. On. "What can I get you, Matt? What do you like?" "I like this ass, boy!" He slaps your ass hard "But I'll take a Mac n Jack's" You buy the beers and hand one to this MAN. Your hands touch and all you feel is electricity. "Take this shirt off, big man. Only fair since you've seen all of me" You take off off your shirt. You have a strong body. Lean, tight. Physique model quality. But now you feel not good enough, small next to this MAN. You realize that you want nothing more than for him to take you. Show you how strong he is, how powerful. His energy is so strong. Stronger than yours. Alpha energy. Finally. He runs his hand up your body, making pleased sounds, then puts his hand on your cheek. "Nice. Very very nice." FUCK FUCK FUCK. You cum in your jeans and your knees buckle. He looks down, then up. And his smile broadens. The dirtiest smile youve ever seen. This Man's cock thickens in his shorts. Fuck, it is big. Beer can thick. You feel unsteady. "Woah there, big boy. I know what you need." As he grabs his massive tool "Fuck these beers and follow me" He takes you to the alley, pushed you face first against the wall, and pulls your jeans down. He spits on your hole, you moan like a bitch, you growl like an animal, and you roar when he enters you. "Oh fuck, sir, oh fuck. Its so big. Youre so big. Please give it to me. Please." In rhythmn with his thrusts. "Please" Thrust "Please" Thrust "Please"... [End flashback] You pull at your leaking dick. Youve quit your job. Youve left the whole life you've built. To serve your Master and through him The Bear. You are complete. You take care of all their needs so they can grow. Cleaning. Cooking. Supps. Finances. Laundry. Your greatest joy is to anticipare their desires. You are finishing breakfast when your whole world comes into the kitchen from the bedroom. Your Master, a paragon of muscle and power at 270 (offseason) and The Bear, masculinity defined at 300. "Your pre workout is ready, Sirs. And your meals will be ready when youre done with your morning lift" Your Master kisses you. "Good job, boy. We are working chest. Do you want to join?" "Not yet, sir. I dont have time to grow yet. Not while you have needs that must be met." He smiles at you with affection. "Okay, Fuckmeat. But when you're ready to grow. Just tell me." One of his fat fingers has worked its way into your ass and you moan. The Bear calls from the garage. "Gotta go, Meat. Ill be back later. I need that sweet ass" Slave dick hardens and you smile. Life is good.
  2. 5. Saturday afternoon - The Bear You ease your 300 bulk into the hot tub at Mantamar, the hot gay beach club in Puerto Vallarta. Your boys, Matty and Ace, are off playing in the surf but you just wanted to relax and enjoy the scenery. Matty exceeded all expectations and won the NPC West Coast Classic. 260 lbs of beef, paper thin skin, hose thick veins. He was a masterpiece. Getting his pro card made your boy so happy. It made you proud and horny as fuck. You brough the two runners up home with and watched while Matty owned them. He flexed as they worshipped and then seeded them one by one. You say back, let Ace suck on the bear cock while you waited. Then once the two bodybuilding pros were worn out, you stood up and took your masterpiece into you arms, and kissed him with deep passion. "Take my hole, you beast. I need that God cock to fill me full of your might" The Bear Cock thickens in the hot tub as you daydream about how your Boy fucked you to heaven. You take a sip of your bear and look around for talent to take care of your needs. Two beefy bears from Toronto look at you with unconcealed lust and 3 shredded muscle queens keep casting glances your way with curiousity but they dont scratch the itch you have right now. But then you see him. Older, your senior by a decade or two, but so well kept. Silver beard and hair, tan (but not too), and thickly muscled. Hard to tell in the pool but he looks 5'10'' 200. You wait until he glances your way and tip your head back in a bro nod. He smiles and points at himself. You smile back and stand. Revealing everything that you are. 22 inch arms, 20 inch forearms, 65 inch chest, 35 inch quads. You are ALL mass. You chat with the senior stud, your hand fondling his surprisingly firm ass. A thick finger working its way into his hole. "My boy and his toy will be back soon. You want to head back with us? I need to fuck" He laughs at your forward nature but does not disagree. The bear cock throbs as you exit the pool. Your hand on the back of your new stud to steady him as Matty and Ace arrive. The thickness of the senior stud in on full view but he doesnt care and no one else blames him. He stand between you and Matty, overshadowed by 560 lbs of manhood. Life is good. You fuck well into the night and the Bear Cock is pleased.
  3. Hey boys Hope youre enjoying these vignettes. I am writing them down in 10-20 bursts on my phone. What do you want next? Back to Bear? More Matty? See whats up in Ace's head? New to writing so feedback is totally appreciated.
  4. 4. Sunday Afternoon - Matty's Time You gaze into the mirror as your veiny jock dick plows Ace. He is prone on the bed as you open him up. Your arms and chest fight for space. Your Bear Master has helped you build so much mass. You have become what you've always dreamed, A Jock God. 5'6'' 225. Your whole focus is on how massive you are, how your muscles harden with each thrust. Ace grunts and moans underneath you. Forgotten meat serving your needs. The jock dick explodes. You roll off Ace, your tall and lean wolf. 6'0'' 200 and lean. He isn't as big as you and the Bear. By a long shot. He's built for speed on the bases and has the fullest tightest ass that can never get enough. You slap his ass as you walk out into the kitchen and see your Master. "You done in there, boy? Ace must be wore the fuck out. Drink this and join me in the garage" You chuckle and take the carton of egg whites. Reminding you of that first day. You notice him immediately. Bearded and oh so handsome. But you never imagine that a beast like that would be into a smooth pup like you. You work hard but your eyes are always drawn to him. His obvious power. His thick chest. The way he benches 315 with ease fills you with both lust and jealousy. You finish your lift and see the object of your obsession working arms. Fuck, he is so thick. What I wouldn't give. You sigh with longing and head to the locker room. When you exit the shower, you see the Bear at the sinks and he is even more stunning unclothed. Thick thick chest over a strong masculine belly. Big arms, big ass, big, Big, BIG. You cant help yourself and walk towards him and take a sink across. When you look up, he is looking straight at you...and then he flexes those massive arms. Thick tricep hanging down and a thick softball peak. You stare. You are stunned. Your cock is immediately hard as a rock. And before you realize it, he is gone. You try to pull yourself together. What did that mean? Is he just a cocky meathead? Could he be into you? You head back to your locker and dress. Then hide so you can see the exit. You wait til the Bear leaves. You head out and stand behind him waiting for the elevator. But he doesn't turn around, doesn't acknowledge you. Fuck. It was probably too much to hope. He's so tall and big. You know you're handsome and strong and lean. But not usually one who catches the eyes of the muscle bears who drive you crazy. You stare at his thick, thick ass. God, he is so strong. You enter the elevator. It keeps everything in you not to stare at him but you don't want to be a fuckin creeper. Then he speaks and your heart leaps. Is he flirting? Should I flirt back? Panic and desire and need and uncertainty flash through you in an instant. and you make a choice... "....like you" You smile as you think back on how insecure you were and how much you've changed. You are 40 lean lbs bigger, you live with your Master and your fucktoy, and now you get to head to your garage gym to grow even more. Your master wants you on stage at 240. He says you'll get to own his ass if you win. You've gotten a real taste for topping and dominance with Ace so now that thought drives you. But still, you cant wait for that 8 inch bear cock to seed you and own you after heavy squats. 5x5 at 400. "Hey Daddy, let's do this" The jock dick thickens.
  5. 3. Friday Midnight You wake to pleasure and growl. A hot mouth on the bear cock. "Hey Matty" "Hey Daddy" He stands. Backlit by the doorway in the dark bedroom. Your cock hardens to steel and leaks pre. He has grown so much in the past 2 months. His cycle has taken hold and he has packed on 20 new lbs and broken 200. It looks so good on his 5'6'' frame. You put your hands behind your head and grin "Flex for me" He turns around and begins, the tease. Rear double bi. His front shoulder mounding up, his 19 inch arms full and huge (no more lacking in the bicep area. Rear lat spread. You need to reach down and begin stroking your thick 8 inches, sticky with pre, as his wingspan blocks the light from the hallway. You growl "So big, puppy. So big." Your boy turns, smiling. "All for you, Daddy. All for you" Front double bi. You moan and increase the speed of your stroke. His arms look even better from the front. Veiny and peaked. The lil bastard's bicep clearly splits into two peaks. And it drives you wild. You get out of bed, take his arm into yours and lick his still flexed, steel hard bicep. "Are there big enough, boy?" "No, sir" "What are you going to do about that?" "Obey your commands, sir" "Fucking right" You crawl back into bed. "Finish your demonstration, puppy" He moves through the rest of his routine ending with a mid blowing most muscular. Your hands remain behind your hear. Your hand has left your throbbing cock alone. You are so turned on by your boy. Matty's eyes keep focued on your massive 20 inch biceps, thick and hard. He cant get enough of his Bear God. You have grown too. Inspired by your boy, you now tip the scales at 260. Your chest is oversized and tapes in at 60 inches. So thick your nipples point down. Perfect height for the boy to feed. Mounded traps frame a thick 23 inch neck. Powerful, linebacker size. "Come worship me, boy. And pleasure your God" "I have a surprise, Daddy. Something I found out tonight. May I bring him in?" You chuckle "Sure, pup" Your boy has been getting unending attention. His handsome farm boy face and Adonis body is everyone's type. And he loves the attention. You are his Alpha and you know he needs to express his own Alpha energy. We have been talking about him finding his own project. A beta of his own to mold. He comes back with another man. "Daddy, this is Ace. He wants to grow." You smile in approval. Ace is quite a specimen. Baseball player build, taller and lean. Handsome face, beautiful eyes. If your boy is Chris Evans, Ace is Chris Pine. "Then come feed, boys. The work of growth will begin tomorrow but tonight is for pleasure" The two pups descend upon you. Worshipping your mass and power. The Bear Cock roars in approval.
  6. 2. Friday Evening You walk onto the weight room floor. 6'2'' 245. It's leg day and you see your boy at the squat rack warming up. You smile as your cock thickens. His ass looks so good in those shorts. You think back to your first day together. You walk into your condo and head into your kitchen. Your body still pulsing from the workout and filled with joy and lust from the walk with this new boy Matt. He seems to be a solid kid with a real lust for growth and bear muscle. You strip off your shirt. "Join me, Matty. I want to see what I'm going to be working with" 5'6'' 185 and shredded. Great abs, quads, ass, tris, chest. Pup needs work on traps, bis, calves, and lats. You run a hand down his hard body. Enjoying his beautiful smooth skin. Your blood is pumping in your ears. You open the fridge and grab two containers of liquid egg whites. "Bottom's up, son. This is day one of your transformation" You bring the container to your lips, locking eyes with your boy, and chug the full quart. Some of the liquid dribbles down into your chest hair. The boy impresses and takes the full dose. You palm the back of his head and draw it to your chest. "Lick me clean, boy" The boy begins to worship his new master. The Bear Master who will transform him from a fit pup into a massive beast. You drop your shorts and the hard, dripping bear cock jumps and slaps against your belly. The boy kneels You smile to yourself. The past month has been very good. You and the boy get along well, in the gym, in the bedroom, and everywhere else. You walk up and slap the boy's ass. "Ready for me?" He beams at you "Yes, sir. Just finished 5x5 and 225. Ready to work!" "Good boy, let's see if we can work up to a single at 365 today. Ready for big man weight?" "Hell yeah, Daddy. Let's do this" You rap knuckles and begin. Your rhythmn in the gym is smooth. Limited talk to limit rest. The gym is to work. To grow. To transform. You have taught the boy that we are embracing our destiny to become GODS. The boy will be a beautiful shredded Adonis and the bear will be a massive Hercules. The best that manhood has to offer. You spend 30 minutes at the squat rack and the boy hits 365x2. You burst with pride (and lust) when he fearlessly drops into a second rep after a shaky first. "So fuckin good, Matty. Let's see those wheels" You stand side by side in the mirror, shorts hiked up, enjoying the pump, the size, the blue veins pulsing under the skin. You lean in and whisper "Let's go, pup. You need my seed to grow" He grins at you, adjusts his hard jock dick, and walks ahead of you to the locker room. You are, once again, glad for a tight jock. The bear cock needs to own your growing boy. 5 lbs in a month and you can see it in his traps and arms. You always do like arms that are just a little too big. You undress, side by side. Both of you hard. Turned on. 9pm on a Friday and the locker room is silent. You walk naked together to the shower and he worships you under the spray. Your powerful furry thickness his entire world. His reason to be. His reason to grow. And you take him there, hard and fast, his body smashed up against the cold tile. He cums as you fill him, grunting. You clean up and head home. Satisfied....for the moment.
  7. Just had an amazing workout and this short scene occurred to me. Wanted to get it down. 1. Early Sunday You walk onto the gym floor. 6'2'' 240. A Bear Daddy on the rise. A few months into focused attention on growing strength and size. You are enjoying the gains, the increased power, the reminder of your masculinity and dominance. You swagger in and survey the room. You will be smashing chest and shoulders today. Any worthy pups today? Yes, a shorty but thick. Great chest and calves. A cleanshaven redhead. He looks put together for 9am on a Sunday. You have a good feeling he may be growing boy in search of a master. You get to work. Super sets, drop sets. Decline bench, military press, cable machine, hammer press, db press, db flies. Your pump grows and grows. Sweat soaks your tshirt. You smell your own musk and the bear cock thickens. You can feel the eyes of the clean shaven muscle boy on you. When you look up, he is often turning away. You cock thickens further. He is working hard himself. You are impressed by his focus...on his workout and on you. You end the workout in front of the mirror with cross body hammer curls. Pure vanity. The Bear Cock is steel hard and leaking in your tight jockstrap as you gaze on how thick your shoulders, arms, and chest are. A true Man. A Muscle Bear growing into a God. You come out of your self worship and see that the boy has left. Ah well, another day. You head to your locker, strip off your clothes, enjoying how the sweaty shirt clings to your pumped body, how awkward it is too move with muscles too pumped and shaking. You walk to the shower, towel in hand, cock half hard swinging between your thick thighs. The shower threatens to bring you to full mast again as your soap up. Every movement reminding you how thick you are. Your hands roaming over a furry chest, thick and hard. Your arms and shoulders like steel. You savor this feeling as a reminder for when your motivation fades on difficult and long days. Any sacrifice is worth this feeling, this masculine testosterone-soaked feeling. You towel off and wrap it around your waist. Standing in front of the sink, you survey what you are building and you are pleased. You have a belly, yes, but it looks powerful when it is overshadowed by a thicker chest, capped by mounded shoulders, and thick thick arms. You shavr your neck and cheeks, enjoying how difficult it is with your still pumped arms. When finished, you take off your towel to wipe off the excess shave cream. Dropping the towel, you step back...wanting to see it all. The self lust rising again. Just then, you feel a presence behind you at the opposite sink. And its the boy. Unbidden, your cock thickens as you see his thick lil smooth ass in the mirror and all you want to do is FUCK. You chuckle. He looks up at the sound and your eyes meet through the mirrors. You raise your arms into a double bicep flex, your eyes leaving his to gaze on your size. Just a quick flex but a test. How will this tasty meat react? ... ... ... ... It all happens in milliseconds but your heart leaps. His gazed stayed. He wants it. He needs it. You pick up your towel without acknowledging him further and walk to your locker. Your test in pumping hard. Something is getting fucked today and deep. This pup or another. Your needs must be met. After getting dressed, you head to the elevator and as you wait you hear someone else exit the locker room. Is it the boy? You don't find out until you enter the elevator and turn. It is the boy and he is looking good. Red hair slicked up, clean shaven, blue-red flannel, jeans showin off his bubble butt... The door closes. You raise an arm to scratch the back of your neck. Your thick bicep strains the threads of your tshirt. "Great way to start a weekend, eh?" You say The boy looks down then towards you. "Sure is" He says quietly The bear cock thickens and you tell him your name. "I'm Matt" he responds "You were working harder than anyone in there today. What's driving that, man?" You ask as the door opens. "Just wanna get big" He says as you both exit the elevator. A pause "...like you" You smile and know it's on. "You free? I think I need to show you just how big I am" "I am" he responds The bear cock thickens *To Be Continued*?
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