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      To help raise funds I've introduced a monthly contribution option called Pateron. This service allows you to pledge a monthly contribution plus allows me to offer you some rewards for your contribution. If you have any questions you may PM me. If you'd like to make that contribution please click on the image below:      
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      NEWS: Discord Server & Clubs (aka Groups) are back!   08/19/17

      Hello everyone I'm back with a couple big updates! Firstly we now have a Discord server, this is a real-time chat messaging client you can run on your phone, desktop, or anywhere. It's a pretty powerful desktop application that enables people to chat together, and with multiple channels you can find people interested in what you're interested in. If you don't already have a Discord account it's pretty easy to get one, just click the following invite link to get started: https://discord.gg/Ahzu9jC Secondly I'm proud to announce the return of Groups, it's been renamed to Clubs and is now available here: https://muscle-growth.org/clubs/. This system is entirely user generated and allows users to create groups of their own based on any subject they want. Go ahead and try it now, visit the link above to get started if you want to create or join a group!   As always thank you to all of our donators and Patreon contributors who keep the forums going! 


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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Bodybuilding, fitness, muscle growth.
    Airsoft, cars, education.
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    Length: 5'9 (175cm)
    2016 Nov: 141lbs(64kg), start bodybuilding
    2017 Dec: 164lbs(74kg), 15-20% BF.
    2018 Jan: 159lbs(72kg), 15,1% BF. Start Flex Challenge.
    2018 Feb: 152lbs(69kg), 13,9% BF.
    2018 Mar:
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    Inspiration | Motivation | Dedication
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    +200lbs(90kg) at 8%BF
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    https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3760-my-twin-moves-on-chapters-1-12/<br /><br />
    https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7468-if-the-shoe-fits/?page=1<br /><br />
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    Joshua Taubes
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    +++++Muscle growth by any measurable means or trigger, occurring over a period of time or in stages.
    +++Cock and ball growth.
    +++Huge ejaculations
    ++Being worshipped
    +Orgasm denial
    +Instant muscle growth

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  1. Thanks for the follow mate.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. GymFox90


      How is busting through plateaus even possible? :o

    3. Vinny190


      Sometimes changing up training. Sometimes eating more.

    4. GymFox90


      I change up training and diet every month nowadays. :P

  2. Grow A Boyfriend

    That was a great and hot read!
  3. Yeah, he also writes really good (furry) muscle growth stories. They're on his FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/superwaffle/ On top of that, he creates muscle growth animations as well: http://omgsuperwaffle.tumblr.com/ Unfortunately, lately he's been inactive, likely because of health issues. He hasn't posted any stories or updates of the game I'm afraid. Since the game is currently still an alpha version.
  4. Today's Gripe: Gym Etiquette

    After reading all this I'm so glad with the local warehouse gym with few gym goers and equipped with ac muahaha. On top of that, everyone knows everyone at this gym, so it's easy to ask. i.e. no aholes present.
  5. Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 14 of 14

    Dammit! I was going for a tryout and started reading the first chapter. Ended up reading the whole thing. Quality stuff here!
  6. Frosty

    It doesn't happen often to encounter an adult muscle growth story that is hot AND funny! I enjoyed this!
  7. Ménage à Trois

    Nice! Happy New Year! Can't wait to read more.
  8. Ménage à Trois

    Uh ooh... keep going bruv, you're keeping us in suspense here
  9. Greed Demon Pt.3

    This is one of my favourite series! Can't wait for more.
  10. My Twin Moves On (Chapters 1-12)

    Wow, one of the best stories I've read here. The first part hit me in the weak spot: the feeling of being jealous of someone's progress and fearing the loss of your 'rank'.