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    Bodybuilding, Superheroes, I want to grow as big and muscular as possible and am in the process of doing so to become SUPERMUSCLEMAN! Love wearing my super suits whilst flexing, lifting and bulging. - Up for sponsorship and growth. Also checkout my charity work at: https://www.patreon.com/SuperMuscleMan where you will find the $15 is adult content and a lot of red bulging briefs while I Flex!
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    6ft 2, 18stone, 19" arms, 30" Quads, 48" chest, 36" waist.
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    Sponsors, friends, roleplayers
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    Superman ones of course!
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    Being the biggest most powerful superhero & superman, a grower to make me swell even bigger.

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  1. I want to say as a guy who suits up for charity as supes alot and in my spare time as SuperMuscleMan i love this story. Its so deep! The fact its in my part of the world is even better. Well done!
  2. Brilliant.. More please!
  3. That Alex Ross series was brilliant. Yes as a massive superman fan it's nice to see supes powered up and looking more like a powerlifter then a athetics boy. There was one story I can't find but it involved lex over charging superman so he became super sized and in his current form. Does anyone know of it..? This is me and I want to recreate the Alex Ross pic now!
  4. I use my phone to log and listen to music and take the rare flex pic as i find it motivates me, however i do find it annoying when the cross fitters and aesthetics boys (or as i like to call them boyband pretend nattys) are taking a million pics as they seem to be the ones who take over half the gym.
  5. Looking for sponsors for my 1st cycle.

  6. Why thanks, thats the first award ive won in ages!
  7. I love that story and wish it was continued.
  8. Ive got one in an email somewhere... Ill dig it out but its not mine to post. Send me a dm and illl forward it to you.
  9. love a transform story. Love donning a suit and becoming SuperMuscleMan.
  10. nice profile, buddy.  If you'd like to add me on Skype, i'm up for it...very into superstrength and size...esp. feeling it displayed. I welcome the add!  Cheers.


  11. Just had a morning in the gym and suited up!

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