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    Gym, getting massive, reaching my goal of 220-230, music (NIN Garbage),
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    35 5'5 190
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    Looking for like minded big buds to help urge me on to my goal and give me advice among other things like to share/bare it all. BELLY AND MUSCLE GAINER!
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    35 5'5 220-230
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    Anything involving bigger guys encouraging and growing small guys guiding the both verbally and by touch
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    Lee Priest from my younger days....
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    Singlets, Jocks, Jeans, Underwear, Bear, Muscle Worship, Growth Encouragement, Sweat, Smells....etc

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  1. “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” Part 2 Little did I know but all of this newfound giant pec and tit self worship had spilled over 3 hours of lost time! Frank was at my front door, here to take me out for drinks. Frank was an old gym bud of mine, he was always a subject of lust! 5’9 240 and just thick and hairy all around. Working out with him pushed me harder than ever. I could not stop tugging and teasing my giant engorged nipples, thinking of his mass, I closed my eyes and drifted in lust of his size and all these giant rounds of meat and fur in my own personal possession. In my mind I would not have answered the door and he would have left me in my own world of tit worship and pleasure. Moments later I would open my eyes to the sight of Frank wide eyed and mouth agape in front of me. Part of me was so embarrassed to be there, shirt and jeans open rubbing and taking full advantage of my pec growth. The other part didn’t care, it was my turn to show off my new massive pecs and tits. Frank stuttered…”H-h-holy fuck! What!? How’d you?” I couldn’t even muster up the words to relay what had just happened to me. All I could do was look him straight into his eye and begin to show off my new massive chest! I sat up straight and felt my chest fall forward due to the weight of each pec. I clenched my pectoral muscles till my giant hairy pecs were touching each other leaving a giant hairy valley for my to look down to my engorged bulge leaking in my briefs. I had spent so much time teasing and exploring my giant tits and I hadn’t even realized the pool of pre cum emanating from my briefs. My erection was pushing and rubbing against my tight wet white briefs pushing through my open jeans. Truthfully having Frank catch me increased my arousal, all I wanted to do was press each eraser thick nipple and push them towards him. Almost teasing him and displaying the distance at which my pecs extended in front of me! Franks eyes were locked on my chest, glistening and bouncing, extending inches from my frame, there was nothing else for him to focus on! I couldn’t help but want to tease him, I ran my hands down each pec pushing them down and letting the meat run through my fingers down to end of each tit. I could feel each nipple bend under the pressure of each hand and slide against my palm only to bounce out of each hand erect and thicker than ever. I looked straight into Franks eyes and brought my hands back up my belly and perched each hand under a thick tit and made them bounce for him. Pressing each each nipple and pushing them toward him. I was amazed at the control I had over each pec pushing them together with my internal pec muscle and making them bounce, I could feel more and more precum ooze out as my body was pushed forward at the weight of each pec dropping back down. I had never felt such power and heft on my chest like that before. I let my massive tits finally rest and drop down to relax after a few pectoral pumps. I could feel my giant protruding nipples weight on my hairy belly. Their weight left a visible impression on my round furry belly. I ran my hands under each tit and let them drop on my belly. Such thickness and heft only emphasized the size and thickness of my massive hairy tits on my frame. As Frank stood there in awe, I could see his eyes turn from fear to lust. I spread my legs and leaned back into my chair. I ran my hand down to my briefs and pushed out a glob of thick precum through my white cotton briefs while staring straight into his eyes daring him to make the next move. I gently bounced my pecs in a show of giant muscle defiance. My mind and body was flying on such a giant high, my body was sweating and gleaming in moisture not from the cream but my internal heat and body growth. I leaned back in the chair and raised my arms above my head and lifted my giant tits above my hirsute belly. The stench of strong body odor and sweat took over the room. I had my hands behind my head pushing my chest up in the air presenting my giant nipples in his direction. The smell of sweat and pit took over the room. I could see Frank was afraid to make the next move, so I looked him in the eyes and took giant puff from my cigar letting the smoke bounce off of my pecs and down to my wet briefs, I followed this by grabbing my drink on the rocks and slyly running my cold wet glass over my right tit and letting the cold tease my engorged nipple as I felt how newly connected my new tits were. I let out a giant moan and pushed my pecs together. The chilled glass ignited my entire body as I had never felt before. The conductivity of flesh and ice against my tit ignited my senses. Frank stood there entranced by my newfound confidence and size. He desperately tried to bounce his pecs and prove his size but it was nothing compared to the size in front of his eyes. Frank slowly walked toward me and raised his hand toward my chest…
  2. Thanks man. Its my first and I fixed the text. Appreciate the message.
  3. A few weeks ago while flipping through a few of my old Classic Physique magazines, I found myself reading the back pages with a few old “Quick Grow” schemes promising results for sale. As a kid these concoctions and creams always caught my eye with the promise quick growth and a miracle cure! While looking through, one stood out among the rest: “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” 555-876-8008 Call Now and Never Look Back! 1982 This ad definitely gave me a chuckle and caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if it was the bourbon after work or smell of my lit cigar but something in me grew the courage to actually call the number for a gas and see if they answered. I was taken aback when someone answered and let me know that 19.99 plus shipping and handling was all that kept me from “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” I figured why the hell not, I had gotten this far and called, why not send away for it! I gave them my information and sent away for this back page miracle cure. Next thing I know a few weeks had gone, I got home to find a small box on my front door step. I never actually expected for the package to arrive but there it was! A small box stamped. “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” Well what do ya know, they actually came through and sent it! It had a been a long rough week, between work and the gym and every day troubles I needed some fun and a chance to relax. I brought the box in and set on my coffee table. After getting a few things done around the house I was finally able to settled down with a drink and cigar to enjoy my evening. I had plans to hit the bar with a few friends later that night but I had plenty of time to have a quick stiff drink and finish off an old cigar. I took a drink and started fiddling with the box, just a simple cardboard box, wrapped in twine, no receipt, no address. They must’ve dropped it off at my place for me. I relit my cigar and rubbed my chest, sore from this weeks workout. No matter how hard I tried my chest was stubborn as hell! Maybe the cream was just the ticket I needed! I chuckled internally knowing it was bullshit and at the most it would shine up my chest hair and catch some light! Figured, fuck with it all and let me try some on! I was still wearing my long sleeve from work so I slowly undid a few buttons right down to my belly. Strain from my gut pushed my shirt open and I could look down at my hairy chest, I let out a sigh wishing it would fucking grow already! I took a hard drink, put down my glass and began to open the box. A small 5 oz cream slid out with a twist cap on top. I twisted off the cap and inhaled a strong menthol scent and it flared through my nose eyes like nothing before. Between drinking and that strong whiff I was wide awake and felt my nose tingle, suddenly the cigar smoke in the room smelled stronger and my senses felt heightened. I grabbed a thick dollop of cream and sat back and gently started rubbing it all over the inside of the my pecs, slowly spreading outward and my over my nipples. The menthol took over the air and my nostrils. As I wiped down over my chest, I could feel my chest tingle and my hair stand up from excitement. The sensation felt amazing and any breeze of air would ignite the menthol burn on my chest. I grabbed more cream and lathered up both hands. Exploring and covering my entire chest, I reached down to my end of my tits and began to use my cover each nipple, rubbing, pulling and gently clamping down and tugging on my hard tits! The sensation felt on fire and I was blowing air on each nipple, my body shivered and felt electricity shoot through my chest. My nipples felt thicker and harder than ever before. I used my fingers to play with my newly thickened nipples, running my under over each meaty tip, ending with tight tugs. Blowing cool air at each tit to feel made the tingle shoot through my body! I couldn’t understand how amazing and hard my pecs felt. The temptation and new feeling on my chest and nipples gave me rush! I took another drink and sucked down on my cigar. The menthol heightened everything from my taste, touch and smell! I could feel my erection tighten in my jeans from playing with my chest. I unzipped myself to allow room for the tightening in my crotch. I couldn’t stop rubbing my chest harder and harder, the cream slid through my chest air and down around my erect thickening nipples. I closed my eyes and took in the strong scent of menthol and drifted for a second or two. While sniffing and tugging I felt my chest warm up and tense up, it felt like a flex after a heavy chest pump. I swore it was just arousal but I opened my eyes and my chest had doubled in size! The mound between my pecs had created a slick valley of cream, hair and muscle! My work clothes suddenly felt tight on my chest. I stretched it open and released a few buttons. I slid my shirt apart and my chest had reached a few more inches of girth and roundness! My hands went over each mound and reached over and around 2 inch thick nipples drooping over and gently reaching my belly. I could not help but to tug, stretch and pull my erect tits as far as I could. As my chest over flowed from my shirt all I could do was stare down between my pecs and and use my right arm to help cradle the mass in front of me! I pushed my right arm under me and slid under my giant tits! I was pushing my new grown tits up to my chin and rubbing my chin deep in a valley of hairy creamy muscle! It was everything I had every wanted. I reached over to my thick left tit and tugged hard at that newly formed thick meat of nipple weighing on my massive pec! I had to completely undo my long sleeve and cup each mass of muscle and feel the weight my growing pecs! My thick nipples slipped between each finger, the nipple thickness separating two digits with a mass of nipple. I sat back in my chair and stared down at this newly formed ridges of muscle and thickness. I couldn’t help but keep running my hands over my new massive pecs. I never thought I would ever reach this level of growth! I could grab each tit and bring them up to be tasted and fondled against my chin! A new level of total muscle growth and chest domination! As I looked down at my newly formed massive chest and giant nipple nubs I couldn’t help but sit back and molest my giant chest in front of me. I must’ve spent longer than I am imagined in ecstasy teasing my tits exploring my massive inhuman pecs when suddenly I heard the doorbell ring….
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